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I have been contacted by a member, named scoochmaroo, who tells me she is packaging up a number of origami-related instructables and selling them. She says: Congratulations! Your Instructable has been selected for inclusion in eBook. We're taking some of our Guides to the next level, and converting them into an eBook format to better share Instructables projects with a wider audience. You'll get a copy of the eBook, which you can share with friends and family -- especially those with iPads. You can see a draft of the eBook here: Before publishing the eBook, I will be writing up a description of the projects and a link back to We hope you're as excited as us, and wanted to reach out to let you know this was happening. If you don't want to be included for any reason, please write back and let us know by Dec. 9. --- I have declined. When I posted my instructable to this site, I did so under a Non-commercial Share Alike Creative Commons license. I was serious about that. I don't make money off of my work and I don't think anyone else should do so. I think that's not too much to ask. This scoochmaroo says she is selling her ebook for 0.99 cents a pop. I would like to find out if this ebook has the sponsorship or the blessing of the Instructables site. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.

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are the people who make commericals racist?

Just asking because in every single commercial (I've only seen one that doesn't, it was a febreeze comerical) when there is more than one person in the commercial, they put an african american person so that they don't seem racist, and I think that that is the real reason. The people who make commercials are probably like "oh, if we don't put a black person in then people will only think our product is for white people". Anyone else notice this? It doesn't really bother me, just something I noticed BTW I am not racist.

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With the ecnomy the way it is...WHY do you have to charge for INSTRUCTABLES???? ?

I see NO SENSE in INSTRUCTABLES when you make money from the advertisers...WHY do the users ALSO have to pay???The pro fee is VERY expensive and from what i have read it does NOT work any better than the regular program. Let me see if i have this right...You get the users who pay for an account to publish their work and then you charge other people to see their ideas?? How much of the pro fee do the people who post THEIR work on here get?? This is looking ALOT like DISH or CABLE tv. You pay for a service that is supposed to commerical free....NOW either is nothing BUT commericals because some CEO has to GET RICH off other people...LIKE the ones who do ALL the work!!! PLEASE enlighten mje as to WHY the average Joe has to pay for it????

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Where would I begin if I wanted to create a commercially available gadget (Think home automation)?

I have an idea for a gadget that I would like to market. Lets say it a home automation system with a touchscreen where you can play bluetooth music, read Rss feeds etc. Where would I begin to make it? I have indepth experience in programming but I don't understand what system I would build this upon. I doubt I would go out and buy a raspberry pi and design it on that because that is their own hardware and OS that is not mine? I fee like an Arduino is not powerful enough for a clean and intricate UI with a touch screen. Does anyone know what system/board I would use for this idea?

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What's wrong with making my own windshield/windscreen wiper/washer fluid? What do I risk if I try it? Answered

The last time I bought wiper fluid, it was $4/gallon. I don't want to spend $4, and I don't want the leftover 3/4 gallon of wiper fluid kicking around my apartment until I run out of wiper fluid three more times. My owner's manual, and every other published reference I've seen, warn of the dire and dreadful consequences of using anything but commerically formulated wiper fluid; but they don't say what might happen. So, if I fill my wiper fluid resevoir with water mixed with a bit of denatured ethanol and a hint of household cleaner, what might happen? Will the wipers cease to work? Will my car explode? Will the earth go spinning off its axis and wind up having to hang out with Pluto and the other Trans-Neptunian Objects?

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