How do you connect a Presario Compaq to a SD TV? Answered


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Compaq V2000 60gb laptop Screen is broken. ...Like to save the parts..Can I use the 60gb harddrive? and other parts?

Compaq widescreen V2000 60gb HD.  500mb ram... The widescreen is broken...Can I get another screen really cheap?...Can I use this drive in a seperate case of it's own ( how much is case)...I have another Compaq widescreen I use...It's a 80Gb thou...I would like to save the parts if they are  good to use . Maybe make  something usefull.....I'm not really computer savy...But I try do stuff on my own...I have lots of time ,as I am retired....Thks...John

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Im getting the orange light of death on my Compaq, how do I fix this?

Each time I try and start my Compaq up It will beep a high pitched noise for a while until I unplug it. Ive tried changing the fuse boxes. ive tried changing the hard drives. none of this seems to work. if there is any one who can help me with this. please tell me how.

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My Compaq proliant server will not shut down

Well My Server wont shut down for some reason. when you plug it in it automatically starts. and when you hold down the power button for 8 seconds it shuts off and starts up in a second..... whats going on ??

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Compaq LCD Problem PLEASE HELP!!!

I have a very old Compaq laptop (Contura 4/25cx or something),which is not working due to a hard disk damage,so i want to throw it away. Yesterday i remembered that it's LCD screen is still working properly.Does anyone know how/if can i use it as a video monitor? Until now, the only thing i managed to do is to power on its 12V LCD Backlight.How could i connect the screen to an external video source? You could help me with a diagram,photos or something. PLEASE REPLY!!!!

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How is it I keep locking my mouse pad up on my Presario CQ56? Answered

Its happened to me 3 times and I have to shut the computer down to get it back.  Of course I did not get a book with it  because it was a display model and it was CHEAP!  Is there a key I'm hitting? Thanks

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replacing a laptop hard drive? Answered

Hello boys and girls, this weekend my trusty laptop had failed on me.  After cursing up a storm and mashing every button possible i finally found the "restore" CDs of my laptop hd partion.  I got it restored to factory fresh and was ready to rock and roll when i get an error yesterday stating that "SMART" has detected iminate drive failure or some crap like that.  After searching i uploaded new firmware for the hd hopeing it would go away.  It didn't.  I ran a self test and it said bad Hard drive. My question is as follows.  How hard is it to replace a laptop hard drive (other than switching out drives), if I burn a copy of the restore CDs will it install windows on the new hard drive or do i have to send it to HP/ buy windows At this point i am not worried about loosing any data (done did that twice already) just want a computer that doesnt pop that error message everytime i reboot. My laptop is a Compaq Presario F700 and i had it for almost 3 yrs to the day

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Compaq sd card reader not working?

Hi, I have a Compaq Presario V2000, and I just formatted it.  After the format, my Dad downloaded the drivers for the SD card reader, the WIFI, and other stuff,  but the SD card reader it not working.  When I put an SD card into it, the light lights up, but under My Coputer, there is no card.  Any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.

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Super old Compaq Presario 1600 in desperate need of reincarnation. What OS should I use?

Preferably free. THANKS!! :-)

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Compaq and HP laptop power cord compatibility? Answered

The plug for my HP laptop's AC/DC adapter has a loose connection, so I am using my old Compaq adapter.  All the specs are the same; 65w, 18.5v, and 3.5a, except for the input amps, 1.7 on one and 1.6 on the other (probably just because of efficiency).   The plugs are the same.  I just wanted to double check.  Is it okay to use the Compaq(actually says HP on it) instead of the HP one? Thanks in advance! AI

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Are the "free" laptop sites legit? Answered

 I have a compaq 610 but it belongs to the online school I am attending and I hate my families Vista desktop and I love the Compaq 610 but I dont any cash at all to buy one from comp USA or best buy.

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Where to get parts for my laptop?

I have a Compaq Presario 2200 laptop that was given to me. It has a dead hard drive and a dead CD/DVD drive. I would like to replace both of the drives for under 40 dollars. I am happy to replace them with used (but still working) hardware. The hard drive doesn't need to be over 20GB and the CD/DVD drive doesn't have to be super high speed. Unfortunately Compaq did what is called a tattoo on the hard drive. This means that the hard drive must be replaced with a compaq hard drive not just any old laptop hard drive. Because of this I was hoping to get an old compaq pressario 2200 laptop that has a dead screen or dead motherboard that still has a good hard drive and CD drive so that I can salvage. I looked on EBAY but haven't had any luck so far. Are there any other online places where I could get another old compaq pressario 2200 laptop to salvage parts from? Does anyone on instructables have one? Thanks for the help. Anyone who helps me get the parts I need gets best answer.

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How can i sign up to be a beta tester for compaq?

The question says it all.

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compaq mp3800 dlp projector. 1. How to retrofit a lamp with other type?2. Cables are messup, How to fix it?

Help to fix my 2ndhand compaq mp3800 dlp projector

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i want to upgrade my compaq laptop from vista to xp?

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Hp Compaq d536 power supply? Answered

My Hp Compaq d 536 spoilt its power supply of 185 watt rating.  i wonder if it is suitable to replace it with the same type power supply but of 400 watts. will it blow the mother board?

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My Hp compaq laptop has too many problems.

My hp compaq nc6220 is annoying me. It began to say power surge on hub port. I then began to freeze until i press on the keyboard area.It now doesn;t start up. I was thinking the problem was on the hard drive. Now i believe it is internal

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how can i use my compaq nx8220 without a smart card.?

How can i crack or by pass the insert smart card  into reader message? on the compaq nx8220 without the smart card or original HDD .

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I have "compaq vocalyst keyboard" without PS/2 nor midi. Is there any way to make an USB adaptator to use it ? Answered

So, I own an old Compaq Vocalyst keyboard (very similar to that one exept that mine is AZERTY). The plug was designed to be pluged into a specific Motherboard (that I trown away several years Ago). When pluged onto the old motherboard, this keyboard was used as the PC Speaker, it had a microphone (jack) plug and a hearphones (jack) plug. Is there any way to build an adapter to make that keyboard usable on nowdays computers (some USB or PS/2 conector) ? Thank you for any help you can provide :) (and sorry about my language, I'm french..) EDIT: some better pics can be found here:

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Where is the wireless hardware switch on my Compaq 8510p? Answered

Apparently it's turned off so I can't use IntelPROSet/Wireless to connect to the Internet.

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Compaq Presario v2000 Laptop Doesn't Turn On?

Hi y'all! I need a little help. I'm trying to fix my uncle's laptop. It is a Compaq Presario v2000 Laptop. It will not turn on or show any lights on the front(e.g charging, power up, ect.). I have tried blowing out the motherboard, removing and inserting the battery, and testing the DC power jack with a voltmeter. Any help will be appreciated! 

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I have an old compaq which version of ubantu should I run?? Answered

I have an old compaq which only has 4.96 gigsof hard drive and 175mb of RAM. I want to install Ubantu but the current version seems like it needs to much RAM. Please Help!

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Can I use a 6amp charger for a 6.3amp laptop?

I have a laptop that requires 19v 6.3amp and I can buy a multi-voltage universal charger with 6amps for £35 while a multi-voltage universal charger up to 8.5amp costs £59. Can I use the charger that supplies 6amp even though my laptop states it needs 6.3?

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Can't repair my computer from the boot menu

I am trying to restore my laptop to factory settings, and whenever I try to launch start-up repair it gives this error message 0xc000000f -- The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible. I tried changing the boot order and that still did not work. I have done this on my other laptop and it worked just fine, but this one doesn't seem to working. I have no clue what to do please help. Thanks, Damien.

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My internal wireless connection on Compaq Presario V5000 laptop somehow stopped working. ?

It also lost its Linksys connection but I reinstalled that.I may have deleted something when I deleted temporary files etc. Any suggestions?

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how do i reinstall windows without Cd?

My laptop constantly crashes and i read online that that means i need to reinstall. The laptop is not mine a friend gave it to me a few months ago because he got a new one. I want to reinstall but he doesn't have the cd needed to reinstall windows or the manufacturer Cd! what do i do. i have the product # and key. the laptop is a compaq brand with intel inside. is there the codes for recovery online for free to burn to a cd to reboot. i hope u know what i mean. The computer just crashes a lot. is there another ay to fix this? it used be very rare it crashed then once a month, then week, and now every other day(like 2 times mon be fine till friday, will crash always for Tuesday work fine for a week). i have nothing but the product # and key

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How to power up a Compaq persario externaly Including wiring an external power button?

I have a Compaq persario v2000 i want to make it a car computer im all but finished the last thing holding me up is how to turn it on externaly. I was wounderin if i took out the battery if there was some way to turn it on every time it recived power ie key turned on. Or how to wire an external power button to it any help would much be appriciated.

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is it possible to refurbish or speed up a old compaq presario 1220 ?

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How can I overclock my compaq?

SO I have a compaq prescario c700 laptop PC. It has an Intel celeron processor running @ 1.7ghz, this is a little slow for me so I tried to overclock it via fsb configuration software. (like setfsb) The only problem is I cannot find a program that supports my PLL (or clock generator) My PLL is a slg8sp512t, I have tried getting a program that supports a similar PLL but they all just bluescreen my computer. I'm doing this on AC popwer so the Intel speedstep function should be turned off. So my question Is does anybody know-of/have a program that supports this PLL?

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Opening a Compaq presario 1725 CRT? Answered

So I was looking around one day and found and old Compaq presaio CRT. I brought it home to take it apart for the flyback transformer inside.I found two screws on the side and unscrewed them. The monitor wouldnt open and I thought there may be more screws and took off the labels (to check for hidden screws) and couldn't find any .Prying the case open didn't work either. Has anyone Opened/fixed one and knows how to open it? Are there plastic tabs that lock the monitor together?

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how to repair a damaged hp compaq 6720s notebook charger.?

 i was charging my laptop at home when due to voltage fluctuation, there was a small spark on the charger and it gave a burning smell. i realised tat the charger is no more functioning. can any 1 please help me fix it?? is it repairable if not can any one give me an alternative instructable. i searched for it on instructable but could not find a solution. 

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What can I do with an old computer?

I have an old compaq computer, is there anything I can salvage from it and sell?

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Wi-Fi Program?

Does anyone know of a free Wi-Fi program that i can use on a Compaq running XP? cheers, -John-

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Can someone help me by explaining how to open up an Compaq Prespario CQ60? Answered

I was wondering if someone could help me on explaining how to open up a my compaq presario CQ60. The thing is that the fan noise is driving me nuts and I can't stand the fact that every time I play a game my fps drops. So I decided that it was time to open it up and give it a clean. Thank you all

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Help! two keys popped off my keyboard, how do i replace them? i have a compaq presario f700 laptop. thanks in advance!-toogers

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Can i replace a laptop screen with the screen from a lcd monitor. I understand they have to be the same size,?

Laptop is Compaq Presario QC-60 420-US

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is there a better way to cool my computer? Answered

I was given, a few years back, a compaq armada 7400. my brother took it apart (because he accidentally hit it with a sledgehammer and damaged the scroll knob mouse thing - don't ask) and decided that this "wire" was unnecessary. he proceeded to cut this wire. turns out, it was the heatsink. so, now I need to know- what is the quickest, dirtiest way to cool my crappy laptop? I want to make it a digital picture frame.

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2 in 1; What can I do with a LG KP500? And, how can I connect my old iMac up to the wifi?

Hello Nice Internet People. Ok, here I shall focus on the second question. I have an old CRT iMac (Green, its so cute) and In my room I have a Compaq Presario somethingarather. It is connected to the WiFi ( Compaq) and I was wondering if there was a way I could connect the iMac?

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How do I check the sd card reader slot on a compaq CQ 57 notebook computer that reads memory cards?

I am trying to import pictures to my computer from my cell phone! I am really struggling to get this task accomplished. How can I check to see if it is working properly? I connect my phone to the computer with a USB cord but the computer is not recognizing the device. What can I do to correct this issue?

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How Do I get Linux on a Pocket PC? Answered

I have an old Compaq iPAQ laying around, and running MS Windows. It is SD card compatible, and I was wondering if I could put Linux on an SD card, and then load it onto the iPAQ? It is the Compaq iPaq H3800 Series, it's processor type is ARM SA1110, its OS version is Windows CE 3.0, it has 64 MB of RAM, and 32 MB of ROM, and the ROM is flash, and its flash block size is 128 KB. Thanks!

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Batch file that can view hard drive temperature?

Computer: Compaq Presario S6000CL Uses: Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3 Version 2002 These computers have temperature sensors on the hard drive standard, I'm trying to figure out how to use it through a batch (MS-DOS) Script, I know quite a bit about batch but I'm kind of stuck here, I'll ask any questions in the comments, any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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keyboard removal on HP laptop?

During the memory upgrade on my HP compaq 4200, I disconnected the keyboard, the two cables are now detached from the motherboard what can I do to successfully reconnect ?

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how do i fix my keyboard on my compaq presario c715 laptoP?

The top row of letters Q-P do not work, except for the U key which repeats constantly. the same problem exists for the bottom row of Z-M with the M repeating.  i've tried numerous driver updates, checks, etc, and even system restores. Nothing has worked. And to the best of my knowledge, nothing was spilled on to it, nor was it dropped or stepped upon.  Please help. I prefer any sites or step-by-step [visual] instructions on the process if possible. thanks!

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just wondering how to use some of these cnc stepper controllers with usb ?

I dont have parrallel ports on my computer only usb. i would like to run a machine from my compaq presario laptop.

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How do I speed up my laptop?

Pentium 4, 2.66 Ghz, Compaq nx9010. I reinstall the software that came with it and it runs fast for a while and then slows down again. What am i doing wrong?

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how good is my windows theme instrucables? Answered

Give feed back rate and subcribe tell me what i can add or what needs to be fixed

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stuck dvd drive? Answered

I own a compaq brand laptop and the dvd/cd drive stopped ejecting. it won't eject by pushing the button or useing my computer to open it. it has a light on the drive that will light up when i try to eject the disc how do i resolve this?

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