LG's Design the Future Competition

Call for entries! Your assignment: imagine the future of mobile communication. LG Mobile Phones is partnering with crowdSPRING to announce a new competition to define the next generation of mobile communication.  If you are a U.S. resident (citizen or green card holder) age 18 (or age of majority in state of residence) and older, you can have a chance to design your vision of the next revolutionary LG mobile phone and compete for more than $80,000 in awards.  Exercise your creative imagination and let your ideas be heard.  You don’t have to work for LG to make an impact on the future of mobile communication! www.crowdspring.com/LG

Posted by jdaudier 8 years ago

Unusable Competition Prize for International Winners

Does anybody know how to get in contact with the Instructables competition team? I won a Dremmel in the Remix competition and a US spec machine has been shipped to the UK instead of a EU one. I've tried contacting Instructables via the people who sent me message to confirm that I'd won a prize, shipping etc but nobody is responding. Steve

Posted by Steve99and04 2 years ago

Logging in via Facebook @ Competitions

Hi, When trying to log in via Facebook, via the competition page I get an error but I do end up being logged in. go to competition and select any competition - Select how it works http://www.begerk.co.uk/filedump/inst_step1.PNG Click on New instructable http://www.begerk.co.uk/filedump/inst_step2.PNG Click on facebook http://www.begerk.co.uk/filedump/inst_step3.PNG Receive the following error: Sorry, we just can't find that one! -   We're sorry, the URL https://www.instructables.com/account/%2FeditInstructable%2Fnew%2F is either incorrect or no longer available. Maybe you are looking for one of the following Instructables below. http://www.begerk.co.uk/filedump/inst_error.PNG I'm using Firefox http://www.begerk.co.uk/filedump/inst_FF.PNG

Posted by pete.oconnell 3 years ago

A new Knex competition (And no, this is not a thread to advertise a TGKT spin-off!)

I am just going to say before I start that this is not a flame thread, and I just want to see how everyone feels about this. I do not want any immaturity or namecalling here. Any comments, from anyone, that include namecalling will be flagged.Now, a while ago Radioactive started a competition for those who were not included in the 'Grand Knex Snob Expert Contest' (Is that right, Radio?) What I am suggesting is that we run a smaller competition for those that have not earned the title of Knexpert (a term which I feel is used too loosely these days). It can run after the TGKT, and can be run by a party that would not wish to participate. People who were in the TGKT would not be able to enter, to give the less experienced a chance.

Posted by knexguy 9 years ago

Caption competition...

No prizes, just for fun, what would your caption be for this image from the BBC Science website?Edit:Current leader:"Lindt decided that their gold easter bunny had become dated, decide to combine easter and Halloween instead"....from a very disturbed mind.EDITNew leader:"Trinny and Susannah harass Akhenaten on their new series ' What Not To Worship'."(I think there's more than a wire loose in that brain)

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Instructables Design Comp

Hi.  I would appreciate clarification regarding the entry criteria to this comp, please.  It talks about things made of wood, and being related to that recent wood care competition.  I feel sure this is just a temporary glitch. If I feel the proper details match the sort of thing I want to enter, I will jump in with both feet, but at the moment my entry would not necessarily be wood related. thanks for running such fabulous competitions

Posted by dimdiode 5 years ago

Unpublish an instructable?

I missed out on the new Zing contest by a day, and was pretty annoyed. Someone mentioned that you can un-publish then republish your instructable to enter? Is this considered cheating? or is it okay? I probably won't get round to writing anything else up before the competition closes.  - Tom

Posted by madmanmoe64 7 years ago

My Moleskine 2.0 Competition UPDATE

Moleskine's haing a contest where you can win a lifetime supply of Moleskines for your idea of how to hack them. In case you're wondering, a lifetime supply is 5 a year for 50 years. From the contest page: My Moleskine 2.0 Competition celebrates the intimate relationship between life hacking digital nomads and the Moleskine notebooks.It looks like any idea is a possibility and even if your hack doesn't work you'll at least have your Moleskine to write and draw on and that's always a good thing. My Moleskine 2.0 Competition via Make BlogUPDATE: After checking out the application form I found that all you need to do for the first part of the contest is submit your idea and email it along with the rest of the application form. If your idea is selected, then you will need to make the hack and mail it to them for an exhibition where the public votes on them. Everyone who does this will get three Moleskines.Contest closes May 31.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

What Should I Do Next? (Contest CLOSED)

This contest is now closed. I have chosen Monesterlego as the winner. (design below.) Thank you all for entering and I will do this again! (Maybe for more prizes!!!) NEW CONTEST HERE!!! (Ends: August 10,2012.)  

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

Competitions - rest of the world...

 Hi, Is there any chance of any Instructable competitions that *anyone* can win? The last 3 competitions that were run were all "US and Canada only". Come on Instructables. Throw us Europeans (amongst others) a bone...

Posted by bpfh 8 years ago

'Craft Your Dream Car' Competition

A competition for those interested in crafts and/or cars. £200 prize! http://www.carcraft.co.uk/info/design-your-dream-car/

Posted by james-pushon 4 years ago

K*bot Competition

WHAT: 2010 K*bot World Championships This competition features robots made with K'NEX parts. WHEN: July 19-23, 2010 WHERE: Las Vegas NV, Suncoast Hotel and Casino. WEBSITE: http://www.kbotworld.com/

Posted by ftking_83702 8 years ago

Caption Competition - Win a Book

Want to win a book for a funny caption? Then enter this caption competition! The best caption for the picture below from our forum post about our move wins a copy of Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius by Ian Cinnamon.And the winner is... laminterious!

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Put the LED in competition - unsure of when it actually ends.

Hi Guys, I'm from Australia and am entering the competition at the last minute :( I noticed in one place it mentions that the deadline for entries is June 15th, 2009 at 11:59 PST while on another page it says Entry Deadline: 14/06/2009 Can anyone clear this up for me? am just trying to work out how long I have to get the instructable ready. My time zone is GST+8 Attached are a few pics from the instructable I hope to enter. Thanks guys :)

Posted by BradA 9 years ago

Here's One I RE-made earlier - competition (UK only)

UK postcodes only competition for kids, teens and adults to make something out of plastic "waste". Come on you INSTRUCTABLERS lets show them how its done....Calling all budding designers! Where others see re:fuse, do you see re:source? Here's your chance to show how we can all do our little bit to save planet, and pocket, with rubbish re:use ideas!1. There will be at least one prize in each age category. There will be one 'best of the bunch'.2. Prizes are not transferable, and are not redeemable for cash or exchange.3. You may enter as many ideas as you wish, but only one prize per person will be awarded.http://www.junkk.com/newsarticle.asp?slevel=0z608z609&parent;_id=609&renleewtsapf;=301I plan on entering. I have loads of useful plastic rubbish lying around.

Posted by greensteam 9 years ago

NAR Competition

The "Not A Rectangle", otherwise known as "Untangle" or simply "NAR" is easily the best single shot in terms of range due to the power transfer at the front. Because this is the only needed feature of the gun, it also makes the NAR very customisable and therefore you can change your NAR to the extreme. With enough work, you could make the gun look however you like. It's because of this that I had the idea of making this competition. Your task is to create the best looking and most ergonomic NAR. Absolutely anyone can enter, there's no limit on entries, however all entries must comply to these rules: 1) It must use the NAR mechanism, and you must prove it in picture form. 2) It must be your own design. Any NAR's with Zak's handle on them will be disqualified, unless posted by Zak himself of course. For this competition I will need 2 judges to help me decide, so if you don't want to compete please consider this post instead. Judges: The Jamalam knex gun builder freak Lowney The prize for the winner will be a surprise and will be decided privately between the judges and I. We will be accepting entries up to and including, but no later than 15th September. The winner will be announced on the 20th. You have 20 days, starting from 25th Aug. Oh wait, that's now. Well, get building! Here is a link to the instructions for the NAR, thanks to silentassassin21 for posting them: http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?852-The-untangle

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

A question of odds

Hello math gurus, here's one for ya. I'm one of the 50 finalists for the Green Science Instructable competition ( yay me - a pleasant surprise to get this far! ) , there are a total of 18 prizes, what are the odds of me winning a prize? If there was just one prize even I could work out that I'd have a one in 50 chance, but I don't know how to figure the complexity of multiple prizes. I'd appreciate an answer, please show your workings :-) Cheers, Bosherston

Posted by bosherston 10 years ago

Space contest for 14-18 year-olds - nearly $200,000 to spend.

If you are aged 14-18, and interested in satellite technology, there is a competition for you - design an experiment to be flown on a real satellite.Entries chosen will get a budget of £100,000 for development of their project.Relevant links:http://www.spaceexperiment.info/http://www.sstl.co.uk/ (this site also has job vacancies for working on designing, building and testing satellites)http://www.bnsc.gov.uk/http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7139356.stmDon't forget to make an Instructable of your entry (and winning projects?).

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Greener Gadgets Design Competition entries

Core77, in conjunction with GreenerGadgets, recently held an open design competition. (See also fungus amungus' post, Design a Green Gadget and Win Some Cash).Well, the results are in, and there are some really clever and/or far-out ideas among the entries. I figured I would cross post some of my personal favorites. Not all of these are great design, good ideas, or even work - some are just purty. Brenn10 already posted the 2nd prize winner, the Gravia gravity lamp, which has since been retracted by the designer due to it's physical impossibility :-).In order, we get:1) Grand prize winner: The EnerJar - an Instructables or Make project if I ever saw one! Now also has its own website with instructions on how to make your own: http://www.enerjar.net/.2) Arc - a very minimalistic wood surface armband/watch. Kinda like J_Hodgie's Solid Wood Digital Clock 'ible.3) Plug-in Watch - such a simple idea that if it isn't on sale yet in Hong Kong, I'm sure it will be by next week...4) Aperture - a shower head that tells you how much water you're using (powered by the flow of water, naturally)5) Powered by Play! - motion powered and operated Wee/iPhone for 5 year olds. Excellent idea, provided they can make it sturdy enough...6) Digital Tattoo Interface - definitely one of the more "out there" submissions...

Posted by Patrik 10 years ago

Rubix Cube Comp(ish)

Who can solve the rubiks cube the fastest?? IDK!! my best time is 92 seconds Who can beat it??? there is no prize, just a pat on the back The comp ends this friday(the 17th) I'll have one monthly the time of the end will always be the 3rd friday of the month. If i think your lying about your times you cant compete again until next month's contest. If you win one month you cant win the next month. \/ _ \/ ROCKON

Posted by sk8master 9 years ago

Removing entry to incorrect competition

I tried to delete an instructable, but it was entered into 2 competitions.  These competitions aren't even the correct category for my instructable and I don't recall ever entering into that competition!.  Any advice appreciated. 

Posted by Scriptone 8 years ago

Digital Media and Learning Competition

The Digital Media and Learning Competition is looking to give away $1.8 million in prize money to innovaters in the field of digital media and education.From their site:Drawing upon the innovative winning projects from the first Digital Media and Learning Competition, the theme for this year's Competition is Participatory Learning. There are two award categories: Innovation in Participatory Learning and Young Innovators. All proposals submitted to the Digital Media and Learning Competition, in either category, should be for support of digital projects that engage participatory learning in an integral way.This years details can be seen here.

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Fancy winning £1000?

It's not an Instructables competition, but it's right up our street. The challenge is to make an "alternative umbrella":Design and make an alternative umbrella using partly or wholly recycled materials. Your umbrella can be an object of practical beauty or bizarre charm, and made to any scale.Since the competition is on #1 son's birthday, we'll be entering. If you're going to be in the Southwold area in September, you could enter. If you're not going to enter, how about posting some ideas I could pinch?http://www.flyingegg.co.uk/

Posted by Kiteman 11 years ago

LEGO Mindstorms Competition - Robo Lunch Party

Instructables participated in the LEGO Mindstorms Competition today (August 29th) at SOMA StrEATFood Park.  We went against Pandora, Facebook, and Flickr.  The competition was about using the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kit to create a robot that best represented the city of San Francisco. Our team consisted of Randy, Sherry, Dave, Karen, and myself: Penolopy Bulnick. Instructables:  Robit the texting techie robot that walks around while playing on his phone not paying attention to his surroundings and running into people.  We gave him glasses (it made him look like Wall-E) and then wore LEGO Glasses ourselves. Flickr: San Francisco Icon Emperor Norton. Pandora: Two robots.  Dressed in baseball outfits.  One was the pitcher and one was the hitter. Facebook: This robot was also baseball themed.  They had one that would hit the ball and then follow a track to run the bases home. It was a tough competition, but in the end Pandora came up with the win.  We didn't leave empty handed though.  We managed to snag the coveted "Best Texting While Driving" award!  (Please remember to not actually text and drive, or you will get in an accident like our robot did.  Poor robot, should have known better.  Smashed into so many pieces.) Good job Instructables! Check out the Fast Company and CNET articles about the competition, including more information about the other contestants and images of all the entries.

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 5 years ago

International Rubik's Cube Competition

Http://www.exploratorium.edu/rubiks/ Sunday, January 18, 200910:00 AM - 4:30 PMThe Exploratorium in San Francisco, CAWatch some of the world's greatest Rubik's Cube puzzle-solvers compete before a live audience! Highlights include the 3x3x3 Speed Solve and 3x3x3 Blindfold Solve. Onsite registration lasts from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. If you can solve a cube, sign up - anyone may compete. Presented in conjunction with the Rubik's Cube Clubs of Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Stanford.

Posted by noahw 9 years ago

Green Gadgets Design Competition Winners

Core77's Greener Gadgets Design Competition wrapped up last Friday and the first prize went to a couple of friends of ours, Limor Fried from Adafruit Industries and Phillip Torrone from MAKE magazine! Their winning entry was the Tweet-a-Watt, A twittering power meter. Their prize was $3,000 which they donated to Engineers without Borders. Congratulations!To make the whole event even cooler, one of the three judges was Instructables co-founder Saul Griffith.It was a roller-coaster ride of a panel discussion at the Live Greener Gadgets Design Competition Judging at the close of Friday's Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City. After a 10-minute overview of some of the notable entries by moderator Allan Chochinov from Core77, the judges--Jeff Kapec of Tanaka Kapec Design Group, Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabitat, and Saul Griffith of Makani Power--toured the audience through 13 of their favorite projects before deliberating to get things down to the Top 3 (In pre-judging sessions, they were unable to decide on a set of TOP 10). It was a difficult journey, with the audience ultimately chiming in with shout outs, criticisms, defenses, philosophical meanderings, and all the good stuff you would expect from a wonderful, engaged audience. Link

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Is it possible to start a friendly competition or contest on an "easy to build offroad-wheelchair"?

Hello friends, I am totally new here, but I have a question, whether it is possible to ask people here in this community to think and try and build an easy to build and easy to use "offroad-wheelchair" which should enable disabled or challenged people to new challenges. for example to go into the woods or mountain. Here - in this community - is so much brainpower and ideas and idealism gathered, therefore a lot of good ideas could come out and finally help a lot of people. What do you think of this idea? Let me know All the best to you Steve

Posted by SteveMcCraft 9 years ago

First robotics group

Hi i am from team 60 and i want people involved in first robotics to talk and ask questions here so please post!

Posted by Lego man 10 years ago

Makers Wanted

Proper Television is looking for Makers to star in a new TV series. If selected for the show, you will enter a series of build competitions, including making things such as: -Modifying a lawnmower into a 70mph drag racer -Designing catapults to hurl pumpkins across football fields -Constructing Rube Goldberg machines -Building human-powered submarines Our goal is to find multifaceted individuals with aptitude in numerous fields pertinent to these sorts of projects. People with experience in things like engineering, electronics, physics, welding, pyrotechnics, construction, engines and industrial design—these are the sorts we’re looking to get in touch with. Does this sound like you? What about someone you know? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you! Email Jesse at jesse@propertelevision.com Thanks! Jesse

Posted by Proper J 6 years ago

Guitar solo competition - ENTRIES NEEDED

I had this idea in a dream yesterday night. It involved me performing live (with a jackson king V) with megadeth and doing a guitar solo, which I won an instructables shirt from. I thought about it, and I guess it could work (without the prize, of course). Your guitar solo must be 30 seconds long at least, and anywhere up to 2 minutes. It can't be in sound file format, it must be in a video with sound (preferably youtube or similar). At the end, you must state your instructables name so I know it is you. You must also play to a backing track. I will post examples at some point, but you can make them yourself if you wish. I will need: 3 non-participating judges, preferably with musical experience. (Rap does NOT count Dj). As many entrants as possible! I will be entering as well, so I will not judge. The solos must be marked on: Musicality /10 Technical skill /10 Scales used /5 (1 point for each, 5 being maximum) Complexity /10 Fluency /10 Enjoyability /5 Total: /50. The Judges: HIVLTGE1 ajleece logic boy All entries must be in by March 1st 2010, then judging commences. The player with the highest total mark out of 150 is the winner, and will receive a prize of some sort. Perhaps a patch from a pro member, or a rating. This is chosen by each of the judges. Good luck, happy soloing!

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

Gigabot Giveaway

Do you have a BIG idea to make HUGE difference through LARGE format 3D printing? Gigabot is giving away one of their large format 3D printer in the Great Big Gigabot Giveaway!  To Enter: Create a video explaining how you would use Gigabot for social good. Your idea should be original and support a local community or organization. See more details here.

Posted by Carleyy 4 years ago

Design The Robot Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Well the time has come, thanks for all the fantastic entries, they were hilarious, really they should all win but i have chosen the top three and i will award the patches1st Place -amakerguy2nd Place -bounty10123rd Place -originalwynneCongratz to all who entered, im sure the robot loved his makeover :D

Posted by =SMART= 9 years ago

Lego FIRST competition

Well, today I went along with Caitlin's school robotics club to see them participate in qualifying rounds in order to advance to the New York City city-wide champs. Woot, they made it enough in the rankings to advance and fun was had by all. It was my first time at one of these things and it was pretty well organized considering the number of teams shuttling back and forth between rooms to do the robotics challenges/missions and presentations to judges. Kids use Lego Mindstorm NXT robot kits and build/program them to accomplish a list of tasks to be performed in the "pit". Of course, everything can go wrong from your batteries not being charged, pieces falling apart, programs not working, forgetting the laptop charger, and worrying about the school bus making it home before the snow storm. Fourth graders did research projects and presentations on how robotics impacted environmental issues. Fourth and fifth grader teams did the robot challenges and presented their robots to the judges. The FIRST program is really to have fun while using technology, learn something, and to develop teamwork and good sportsmanship. One of our teachers even wrote up a school cheer and song just for Robotics. The second pic is of another school who happened to have a live team mascot(where else can you wear a propeller beanie and be proud?). The amount of geek-strogen present was incredible. This happened to be Tetranitrate's stomping grounds but I didn't find any evidence of charred walls. I might just have to make Robohoodies for all the kids when they compete again in March. Anyone else out there doing Lego FIRST robotic league?

Posted by caitlinsdad 9 years ago

Christmas K'NEX Contest

Hello, I became pro for two years yesterday, and I have given away 2 of my 40 patches, and I doubt I will ever give them all away without hosting a few contests. The contest is to submit an Instructable (Must have instructions) that is Christmas themed, and send the link to me by private message. The winner will get a specially made patch. The runners up will be featured in a guide. The deadline is January 12th 2011. Thanks, Flannel UK

Posted by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Total Views Count - 09/12/2010

Hi everyone, Here's this week's total views count. Thanks for reminding me DJ Radio! Will probably need a nudge again this time next week. I'll be giving out the patches later, promise! I've got a backlog to get through :D J Instructabler 02/12/2010 09/12/2010             Gain canida 3,945,508 3,979,254 33,746 scoochmaroo 3,266,244 3,330,104 63,860 Honus   2,460,240   Kiteman 1,717,186 1,724,099 6,913 Plasmana 1,584,898 1,594,582 9,684 Tool Using Animal 1,553,648 1,559,798 6,150 zieak 985,048 993,460 8,412 killerjackalope 945,469 950,877 5,408 gmjhowe 940,703 946,357 5,654 SaskView 817,530 822,739 5,209 lemonie 767,929 772,378 4,449 ChrysN 545,450 562,253 16,803 mikey77 552,440 556,915 4,475 jeff-o 503,269 519,495 16,226 PKM 512,510 516,020 3,510 laxap 441,050 443,825 2,775 belsey 371,930 379,268 7,338 depotdevoid 361,262 365,139 3,877 Jayefuu 338,601 341,528 2,927 ModMischief 322,738 324,050 1,312 reukpower 283,636 285,744 2,108 Spl1nt3rC3ll 276,102 276,980 878 KentsOkay 241,454 242,393 939 Doctor What 210,110 211,800 1,690 AngryRedhead 200,182 203,135 2,953 Ninzerbean 160,463 162,169 1,706 comodore 152,967 153,848 881 Lithium Rain 145,196 146,681 1,485 BrittLiv 136,199 141,781 5,582 Kaelessin 137,508 138,844 1,336 yokozuna 135,132 135,592 460 Lynne Bruning 129,481 130,442 961 Hiyadudez 126,909 128,615 1,706 bertus52x11 120,625 122,128 1,503 The Jamalam 119,467 119,966 499 thermoelectric 99,092 100,255 1,163 RavingMadStudios 95,975 98,148 2,173 Goodhart 88,575 89,168 593 DJ Radio 86,242 87,178 936 janw 77,762 78,601 839 MichelMoermans 59,730 60,457 727 Killer%7ESafeCracker 57,377 58,153 776 jen7714   56,308   TNEN 45,503 45,783 280 kelseymh 44,859 45,092 233 Shadowman39 43,817 44,853 1,036 Sunkicked 43,180 43,493 313 beckervdejazz.com 39,901 40,359 458 Berkin 36,881 37,259 378 TungstenRose 34,434 35,410 976 knuckel 30,943 31,421 478 nickodemus 27,190 27,532 342 MotaBoi 24,065 24,393 328 artificialintelligence 23,988 24,334 346 TSC 23,257 23,912 655 peguiono 23,320 23,565 245 m6233555m 23,395 23,521 126 Knex_Gun_Builder 21,347 21,493 146 jwystup 20,540 20,949 409 lilyfrancis 19,914 20,446 532 plane phanatic 19,909 20,107 198 Derin 19,808 19,992 184 CrayfishYAY 19,587 19,844 257 kcls 18,738 19,655 917 steveastrouk 17,380 18,818 1,438 WARLOCK76 17,898 18,428 530 possum888 18,185 18,346 161 tombuckey 16,562 16,813 251 zascecs 16,535 16,612 77 tornado96 14,958 15,337 379 ynze 14,150 15,233 1,083 knexsuperbulderfreak 13,432 13,501 69 floris2burn 12,814 13,043 229 uberdum05 12,092 12,186 94 Legofanatic 11,841 12,082 241 qazwsx755 10,566 11,008 442 NachoMahma 10,531 10,580 49 masterochicken 10,003 10,232 229 FrozenStar 10,074 10,154 80 acidbass 8,858 8,976 118 lizzyastro 7,428 7,582 154 Kryptonite 6,383 6,469 86 cherishcherub 5,543 5,614 71 zero.gx 4,746 4,794 48 moocowdog 4,554 4,655 101 jamesdude 3,927 3,952 25 slithien 3,363 3,461 98 megametal8 3,025 3,074 49 RNB 2,507 2,698 191 cj81499 2,446 2,456 10 tbcross 2,254 2,404 150 solarblade90 1,991 2,046 55 Megatron56 1,647 1,755 108 shadon 1,016 1,068 52 randomguy65 857 906 49 dombeef 676 719 43 AwesomeSwordGuy 375 451 76        

Posted by Jayefuu 7 years ago

International CYNETART competition

Call for Entries for the 14th Festival of computer-based art CYNETART || entry deadline 28.02.2010 TMA Hellerau hosts this international competition of CYNETART, inviting artists and art groups to present their projects, every two years. They can apply with projects that fully utilise digital technologies in their conceptual, creative and performing processes, thereby opening up opportunities for digital performance and their relationship to factors such as time, space, physical presence and social encounters. An international jury with representatives from well-established media culture institutions and experienced scientists with a background in media art history will decide about the winner of the CYNETART-award and the sponsorship award. It will also decide on the award of the artist-in-residence-grant funded by the Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts. Further information/ Entry Form: http://t-m-a.de/cynetart/wettbewerb?lang=en  

Posted by TMA Hellerau 8 years ago

Jamatar Competition! VOTING NOW!

Meh. I've had my avatar for a while now, and I decided to see if I should change it. I tried to make myself one, and it turned out... ok. So, I have to have 10 entries. Make an avatar for me and I will submit the first 7. Then, when we have 10 entries, It will be time to vote! So, yeah. Check the avatars, see which one you like. Don't vote yet! Pretty soon, I will have my self a new Jamatar!EDIT: Voting now! Start voting, one allowed each, vote with the number! And closing date = May 31st, one year after I joined =)

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago


We are hosting our first makerspace only competition! This is a great way to build up a collection of projects that can be submitted in a build night application. The competition is open to all project themes, but we are looking for feature worthy projects. Rules: The entry must be a featured step-by-step Instructable. See below for more information on what it means to be featured. You can submit an entry before it has been featured, but it must get featured by the time judging starts to be considered (I would recommend doing this!). All entries must be published between 11/11/2014 - 1/19/2015 Only makerspaces are allowed to enter - not individuals. Although, individuals can submit projects on behalf of a makerspace. A makerspace may submit as many Instructables as they like to the competition! If an Instructable has been submitted for a build night it cannot enter the competition. Featured Instructables: This featuring checklist explains everything we look for when we feature an Instructable. Please only pay attention to the step-by-step section. Here are some other resources for posting great Instructables: How to Use the New Editor How to Choose a Great Project Title Take Great Photos with an iPhone Basic Photo Editing Prizes: We have two categories of prizes: Living + Outdoor and Technology + Workshop. Check out the categories to know what section your project fits into. Living + Outdoor Grand: Sony Alpha a5000 Mirrorless Digital Camera First: Dremel 200 Runner Up: 5 Instructable Prize Packs (t-shirt + stickers) Technology + Workshop Grand: Sony Alpha a5000 Mirrorless Digital Camera First: Digital Storage Oscilloscope Runner Up: 5 Instructable Prize Pack (t-shirt + stickers) Dates: Submit projects between November 11 - January 19th using the form below. Winners will be announced on January 26th. SUBMIT ENTRY HERE

Posted by Carleyy 3 years ago

How to crowd-source the perfect cheesecake

Http://instructablesrestaurant.com There exists a strong believe that in due time, with the power of the principles of crowd-sourced knowledge, we will be able to create the perfect cheesecake. Or the perfect anything really. In fact to see if a crowdsourced Michelin star cheesecake is achievable we open up a cheesecake competition, starting from a few simple ibles shared on Instructables, and with the help of the tasting crowd. Feedback please!

Posted by arne hendriks 8 years ago

Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 3

"Necessity is the mother of all invention. Competition is the mother of all necessity." -Oblivitus The Challenge: Build a weapon that can survive being dropped as many feet as possible without breaking (30 or 50 feet for example). You will need video proof for this (the best way to do it is probably to throw it up in the air, DON'T HIT ANYTHING). Remember that how well it fires is also very important in this competition. Rules: 1. You may enter as many knex weapons as you like. 2. You may not enter siege weapons. Criteria (in order of importance) -Performance (how well it fires) -Innovation (how many feet it can be dropped from without breaking) -Appearance A weapon that was posted before the beginning of the contest will decrease its chances of winning. Grass is fine for dropping the gun on. However, dropping the gun on a harder surface will score bonus points. If the gun survives falling on more than one section (for example; on drop one it falls on its barrel, and on drop two it falls on its stock) the gun will score bonus points. Deadline: August 1st. Judging: I'll pick the winner. Rewards: The winner will receive my 5 star rating on their slideshow or instructable. The real prize, however, is the satisfaction of winning. The winning weapon will be announced in a forum on or shortly after August 1st. Entering The Contest: Post a link or photos of your weapon on this forum to enter. I will be posting a new contest near the beginning of each month until further notice.

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Underlying goal/purpose of having contests

What is the fundamental purpose of having Instructables Contests?To me, the idea of having contests in the arena of DIY is a tad odd. One of the biggest reasons I like to make things and do my own projects is that it is purely creative, and it is not in the least bit competitive. We all get to put in our two cents and help each other out and grow our collective knowledge. No matter how you spin it, for every 3 winners in a contest there are still dozens (hundreds) of losers. Of course, that's not saying that the losers have bad projects, but they still lost. Game over.One possible reason to have contests is to prompt more Instructables to be made in a certain category. Thus we have Burning Questions. But who says that the best "how to add" Instructable is submitted during the contest. The "best" one during the competition will win, but that's entirely relative to the competition. Now we have a WINNER "how to add" Instructable, which looks quite a bit more appealing to click on than any other similar submission, even if the others contain little snippets of awesomeness here and there that are above and beyond what is in the "winner." Now you have failed to capture and direct people to the best source of help on "how to add."There are many other reasons not to have competitions, but I'll leave it at this for now so that I don't write a book.Instead, why don't we try "Challenges" that have no deadline. Instructables can challenge the Instructables community to do projects in a certain category (just like contests) to push their agenda (reusing bottles, answering common questions, etc.). If you leave the "vote" feature active, you can then see them ranked by user preference, while never closing the field to new submissions.Let's get some friendly debate going! woo.

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First robotics

Hi im lego man from team 60 and i set up this form topic for people to see who from instructables is on a First robotics team. you can also post your questions here too. See the group:first robotics

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Instructables, Contests and Copying

Copying and rehash are not things often regarded as good for do-it-yourself communities, yet Instructables is currently quite accepting of things that would fit under this umbrella and in some cases even sponsor it. I hope to convince the administrators that new rules need to come into play--particularly with regard to competitions. I'll discuss why unoriginal projects are a problem, lay out the causes of this and present some solutions that the administration could pursue. Copying is a problem for Instructables because making your own example of someone else's creation with no alterations does not advance development at all. In many cases, these copies even infringe on copyrights. In competitions, such as ones on Instructables, copied projects can become popular and even eclipse original designs; this discourages originality. An author might ask himself why he should bother investing time researching and developing a project when he could just as easily locate an existing design and copy it instead. In many cases, the causes of copying can be innocent, such as when a child who posts his friend's favorite paper airplane design (which actually originates out of a copyrighted book, for instance). While innocent, this action still proves unhealthy to the DIY community. There are also less innocent types of copying as well; such as those who knowingly steal creations and post photographs or links to media of creations not of their own design. While this latter type is less prevalent on Instructables than places like YouTube, it still occurs due to embedding. To discourage unoriginality and encourage advancement, Instructables staff should make a few changes to how entries are looked at as far as appropriateness goes, as well as what gets featured or judged a winner in contests. Projects that are not original should be recognized as such. It might be appropriate to outright disqualify an entry or issue it a penalty or rank reduction in judging. It is not advisable to feature unoriginal designs. These sort of steps could encourage people to contribute rather than copy. I hope I have inspired thought in others regarding this. I have talked about the problems of copying, why it happens and how it might be addressed--hopefully it is.

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K'nex Challenge 2: 18th Sept - 11th Oct - FLIGHT

After the success of the last contest, Gmjhowe, =SMART= and myself decided we'd go for it and launch a second contest.The first we really enjoyed and saw some awesome entries. This time we've decided to make the guidelines a wee bit looser so you can use your imagination more. We'll be setting a category for you to design and build within and then provide you with some example ideas to get you started. And this category is....FLIGHTAnything plane, helicopter, glider, flight related is allowed. Please read the rules carefully.Rules:Your entry must do something. It can't just be a model of a plane or a helicopter. We want them to move or glide or have spinning parts or be functional for something else around the house but be aircraft themed.Entries must be over 50% knex. The remaining can be paper, glue, card, tissue paper.... anything!To enter, write up a full instructable of your construction process with clear pictures and descriptions. Post the link here.Please steer clear of guns. That's not what this is about.Starting and closing dates are GMT.What the judges say goes!Have fun!Judging - 12th Sept - 18th SeptSuggestions:A propellor. Small and compact, if you design a good one you might get extra kudos if your design's then used in loads of other entries.A ceiling plane. With a plastic propeller on the front and the top attached to a string to the ceiling, this plane will fly itself around in circles on a string.Paper plane launcher. Probably the closest you'll get to a gun.A vertical launch rocket. Rocket being a rocket model not a meagre collection of rods.While knex by itself might not be light enough to fly.... perhaps you could run some string through the middle to make it appear to glide.... Mum's washing line might be of great help.Prizes:There will be patches for prizes. Gmjhowe will be uploading them soon.

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The Adobe Software Design Competition

Right, i have decided to throw a competition. But, it wont be happening unless people are interested in this competition. By Adobe Software, I mean: Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, even Dreamweaver. So, if you are interested, post saying that you are interested.

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Robot Competitions?

I'm thinking about building a battlebot (ant/beetle weight)but I'm not sure if there are any competitions near me. I live near the San Francisco Bay area, if you know any competitions please tell me!!!  The date right now is June 16, 2012

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Extending Competions to SA???

Are there any plans of extending these competitions to South Africa?

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Competition: Put-ewilhelms-head-on-a-book/cd/dvd/video-etc-cover-competition

This is my competition to put ewilhelms head on a media cover. See the example below. Entries must all be in by the 28th Feb, and voting finishes on 30th April. The winner will get a mention and all of their instructables, forum topics and groups will receive a 5 star rating as a prize. This is my entry. Post your entries in the comments!

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banner competition for my website

Http://www.marcogrilli.com/thenerdling/ i have my website and want a good banner for it but im crap with photoshop so here is a competition whoever makes the best banner will win a pro account on my website and recognition in the footer or somewhere maybe your website in the dropdown thing under home in the menu the specs: 940X200 pixels needs to be nerdy i would like it to have electronicy stuff

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National Science Bowl teams used my Trebuchet for a competition

I received an awesome comment. A high school teacher used the plans for my Quick'n'Dirty Trebuchet as a lunchtime competition project for teams competing in the National Science Bowl. The teacher made up kits of the parts: masking tape, dowels (I used chopsticks), paperclips, toothpicks, string, a binder clip and a weight. The teams then had to assemble it and held a throwing competition. The winner averaged over 20'.This is why I make Instructables, and most specifically why I made this one. I wanted it to be easy and cheap, no special hard to find parts, work well, while still being a real Trebuchet. I loved the comment.Here it is:My school hosts a regional competition for the National Science Bowl for high school students every year with the winner going on to the national competition in Washington, DC. This year I was in charge of finding some sort of competitive project for the teams to build and compete with during the lunch break. I chose your quick and dirty trebuchet and made a kit for each team. I made a few changes to your plans. I used 12" long 1/4" cut dowels instead of chopsticks since I didn't have a cheap source of chopsticks. I did not give them rubber bands and instead they were to tape the paperclips on for the axle. They were given a 200 g weight with a loop of string taped to it for the weight. The projectile was a mini binder clip with a loop of string tied to it. The complete kit contained the 9 dowels, a roll of masking tape, 4 paper clips, the 200g weight with loop of string attached, mini binder clip with loop of string attached, your printed instructions as a guide and a sheet explaining the rules of the competition.It worked out quite well. The teams were given a copy of your plans as a guide and 20 minutes to build their device. The competition was they were to launch the projectile three times and it had to land inside a track 4 foot wide each time. The distances of the two best of the three throws were added together for their score with a foul (outside the lines) counting as zero distance. We had 12 teams participate and the winner had a score of about 44.5 feet. They all had fun and I think learned something too.

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