DIY VGA to Composite Cable

Is it possible to make a VGA to composite conversion cable?I know you can get them off eBay for next to nothing, but I have plenty of spares of both, so I could make one for nothing.If it is possible, what do I solder to which pins?Thanks

Posted by WildBlueRhino 10 years ago

Here's an Awesome Project - Will Require Composites Work :)

This armor, looks AMAZING! And using some life casting techniques (or even sculpting a mold from foam and test fitting) - you can make your very own with a bit of fiber glass and resin and flat black paint :) Maybe an early start for Halloween? I'd personally just go for the chest and back plate and substitute the rest with football pads. In any case, just thought I'd share :)Caption that goes with image:These happy characters are Peruvian anti-riot police, who are seen here parading in celebration of Peru's independence day yesterday. Yes, they are terrifying. This makes Peru the latest entry in a long list of countries I will try to avoid rioting in. I'm still all about rioting in Canada and Sweden, however. From Gizmodo

Posted by trebuchet03 10 years ago

Composite/rca output for webcam

Is there anyway to modify usb webcam so it has composite/rca as the output?

Posted by wid-ar 9 years ago

frequency of composite video signal ?

I try to configure a tv / video card on my computer to display input from composite video (yellow plug) input when i choose any of the inputs i still have to set the frequency (above). it should be some fixed standard frequency. what is it for pal b/g ?

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

woven bamboo subsititute for fiberglass cloth

I spent a lot of time in the Philippines and saw that they use woven bamboo mats to make the walls of houses. While at the hardware store I saw fiberglass resin and remembered the article about the guy and the bambo bike. This got me to thinking if there was a way to use woven bamboo mats as a subsitute for fiberglass cloth. Mainly because I am cheap and not for environmental concerns. maybe hand woven bamboo mats laminated together for plywood, or use as a boat hull? maybe housing material?

Posted by KungFuChicken 9 years ago

Composite to VGA

I am looking into using a computer monitor as a tv screen. Is it possible to conect a composite (Yellow, Red, White) to VGA (like a computer monitor) using and adapter like this one. Has anyone done this before? What do I need to do this? , Dan

Posted by TheCheese9921 8 years ago

Computer as composite display device

Hi, Okay, here is my problem: I found in my garage a small video camera (not with tape, recording or anything, it just plugs directly into the tv to watch the area) which I had got some years ago, now I would like to start using it again, however I don't think the only tv in the house is a good monitor (it doesn't provide any recording and it already has all rca inputs in use). What I would like to do is connect it to my pc and view the video (and listen to audio) on my computer, then like this I can also record video to the HDD if necessary. The camera has a composite video output and a mono audio output. Thanks, All help is appreciated. P.S. The problem with TV tuner cards is that I already have one, but it is not with me so I can not use it, on the other hand since I do already HAVE one I am not going to buy another one. Damn it when I thought that tuner card was not going to be useful and decided not to take it with me.

Posted by drresearch 8 years ago

video card help?

Im working on a project that needs to connect to a tv, so i bought a video card with a port labeled s-video. its a 4 pin mini din connection, but i dont know how i am supposed to wire it up to connect to the tv, either through s video or preferably through composite video (the yellow plug). all of my internet searches label the pins as Y ground C ground Y and C Y being luminance and c being chrominance or something like that. i dont know a thing about this connection standard and any help would be greatly appreciated in helping me configure this to operate by connecting to the composite video connection on the TV. thanks in advance,               zack247.

Asked by zack247 6 years ago

Repurpose or upcycle sturdy composite metallized food bags

Hi everyone. I posted this on the Answers section, but thought that this would be a good place too. One of my dear cats had to eat a special food for a while and I ended up with several composite metallized bags (picture attached).  In my country there are no options to recycle this kind of material. It's very sturdy and it will take many years to break down and that's why I don't want to throw it in the trash bin. Here there are many beautiful upcycled tote bags made with regular pet food bags which are fused and/or sewn, but these metallized bags are very hard. I wondered if someone has an idea on how to upcycle, repurpose or reuse these bags. Many thanks in advance, Ana.

Posted by avictoria wo 4 years ago

How can I make cheap honeycomb core boat hulls

I saw a 'How It's Made' episode where they revealed how to make honeycomb core simply by making a paper accordion, expanding it, dipping it in resin then sawing it into cores. I WANT TO DO THAT! They said they used a thermoplastic paper as well as a heat-activated glue. But why couldn't I use a cheaper more readily available material? Does the resin provide ALL the structural strength, or does the thermoplastic paper itself provide the strength? I would assume it's like fiberglass, whereby after it's infused with resin it's super tough... but the fiberglass itself provides strength too... What kind of material could I use for this? Straight up craft paper & elmer's glue? After the cores are cured and cut, I'll sandwich them between various layers of either wood laminate, plastics, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Thanks!

Asked by jmlidea 5 years ago

does anyone know the psp composite tv cable schematic?

I am trying to make a composite tv-out cable for my psp 2000 and i can't seem to find the schematic-pinout specific information anywhere.  does anyone know the psp composite tv cable schematic?

Asked by florin_gtrst 7 years ago

How to transmit audio/video through a modded composite/ethernet cable from my computer to my television?

So here's the scenario: I have a new Windows 7 laptop, but it doesn't have any composite or s-video type ports. It does have an ethernet port/card, so I figured there must be some way for me to use that to connect my laptop to the big screen television in the basement. I followed and I came up with a new cable like the one described in that ible- an ethernet jack at one end, and a composite jack at the other end. However, I do realize that ethernet and composite have different ways of communicating and that they have different voltages, etc. I just wanted to know if there was a sure-fire way to mod my cable (resistors at certain pins, etc.), without much expense, so that I don't fry my television and get kicked out of the house. I know that I could just buy something like this for five bucks off of ebay but the DIYer can't let it go.

Asked by tech industries 8 years ago

how to turn an old Macintosh computer into a monochrome monitor (ie add composite video in) for Arduino Pong or TVout?

Can someone explain how to add a composite video input to an old black & white Macintosh SE or Classic computer (in my case a Mac Classic II) to use as a display for Arduino Pong or other projects? For info on hooking Arduino to a TV, see Maybe you could make it switchable so you can still use the Macintosh as a Macintosh.

Asked by apple-o 8 years ago

Ipod AV Cable

I was wondering what pins on the Apple 30-pin dock connector I should connect a composite av cable to get the TV to stream Netflix or movies/TV shows I have on my Ipod? I found the pinout for the connector here: Does anyone know which pins to solder or could point me in the right direction?

Posted by H20 6 years ago

Play my Xbox in my room but keep the console in my room/Wireless video?

OK so my xbox is in my basement and there it has an Ethernet cable. In my room there is no Ethernet. What i thought is that i can use a computer monitor  to play in my room (directly above the xbox. I have wireless headphones but the video is the problem. I have this thing that sends a phone line wirelessly so if i make 2 cables that send the video over the data lines, would it work. Also does anyone know if there is a cable for AV to VGA

Asked by tomtortoise 7 years ago

what shape is the most aesthetically pleasing composition to the human eye?

What shape is the most aesthetically pleasing composition to the human eye?

Asked by 9 years ago

Composite video output from PC to TV

Does anybody know how to install a composite video jack into the back of a computer to output video to a television? I just want to put a female rca jack in the back of my PC. Any ideas?

Posted by Reeper 10 years ago

Can a GameCube Portable be Built with an Audiovox D1812 DVD Player? Answered

I've been kicking around the idea for a gamecube portable for about a year now and I've finally got funding to tackle it. I read on a forum that this Audiovox would work for a gamecube portable display. Is this true? The gamecube has an analog out which I believe I could plug into the composite for the DVD player yeah? Any advice is appreciated! Also, if anyone has a screen that is sure to work I would love to hear what it is!

Asked by TriforceJunkie 4 years ago

Suggestions for bonding PVC sheets to ABS sheets, for composite armor?

I have a crazy idea for making tough plates out of thermoplastics. Does anyone have any ideas for bonding PVC to ABS plastic? Two materials will add to the strength and durability of the plate. If possible I would also like to sandwich some kind of fibers in between the two plates, such as carbon fiber. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I was planning on heat forming the sheets, then maybe pressing them together at high heat, but an easier method would be appreciated. 

Asked by ilpug 6 years ago

composite to VGA?

I want to make a projector similar to this: with a LCD panelbut it only has a VGA input. is there a way to connect things such as my playstation/xbox to the LCD panel?

Asked by slimguy379 7 years ago

Creating texture or a composite in a photo using photoshopj

I just want to show some creative steps I used in creating a photo, probably photo shop. Does that qualify as a lesson?can I enter it in the water contest?

Asked by luv2instruct 11 days ago

How do you stage composit rocket engines? Answered

I am building a rocket and i want to use two or so F engines, how do i stage these

Asked by peoplerstupid 9 years ago

How Composite Video Works

So I was doing some browsing around on Youtube the other day and I starter to wonder, how does composite video work? I read a handful of Webpages, pretty much all of which said the exact same thing more or less. So i was wondering if anyone knew how composite video works to generate an image with color and everything. Please use simple words so that it is easy to grasp (or if you DO use complex terms like "harmonics" please describe what the term means). I know that the signal level determines the color but how do you do things like pixel selection which is necessary to generate images?

Posted by Ruby Laser 11 months ago

Composites VS Plastics VS Wood VS Metal VS Antler

I've been paying small amounts of attention to making a cheap, simple composite material recently (it's on my to-do list, like 17th place) and thought i could use everyone's opinion: What IS the best material to make a knife handle from? Could it be a simple Nylon block, for its longevity, The latest Composite, or Micarta? Maybe Wood? what kind? how hard? what colour? Metal, for people like myself, who like Integrals Or for that old-world charm: Antler or Bone? All posts welcome. V

Posted by Vendigroth 11 years ago

Carbon Fiber over Fiberglass for fabric

When making a composite anything, what is the advantage of having carbon fiber instead of normal fiberglass? I was wondering because at US composites, the carbon fiber is almost 9 times more expensive that the fiberglass.

Posted by Ferrite 11 years ago

LCD loosing backlight.

My backlights fail only when I input a viveo source of any kind. If I power up in RGB with a composite video source pluged in its fine until I switch the source to composite(video1). this is true for any source. they include S-video, RGB, composite, VGA and tuner. its run on 12V, pretty much Identical to a computer monitor except more inputs. thinking maybe the inverter, any other ideas will be helpful???

Posted by mool 10 years ago

is there any way to make a computer screen into an s video or a composite yellow screen without opening the it up? Answered

I have a monitor to S-video / composite yellow adaptor (picture) and since it can use a Tv as a screen then cant it make a monitor into a "tv screen"? I think that by stripping the wire that connects the monitor and the computer tower and somehow adding 2 leads that go to a composite yellow connector (yellow adaptor in picture) then i should be able to use it as a screen. WILL THIS WORK?

Asked by ccrh2008 8 years ago

TV options?

Im looking for a "tv" under 200$. My parents won't let me get a real "TV", but a computer monitor or a portable dvd player are ok. Preferably more than 10 inch, and it needs to have either composite inputs or "mini" composite inputs. Suggestions?

Asked by Bartboy 8 years ago

Ipod a/v component and composite cables Answered

Okay, I want to have my Ipod touch 4g on the tv using one of those av component or composite cables for ipod/ipad. I have read and watched stuff on YouTube saying that you can only play music and video on tv. I want to have the whole ipod homepage on tv   so i can surf the web on the tv from Ipod. Is this possible?  Some other 'ibles' don't explain how to (without having it jailbroken)

Asked by alpe_97 7 years ago

Further reading on composition with props? Answered

This was a great walkthrough, mostly to remember what I already knew since winning a DSLR in one of the contests (thank you Instructables!) made me explore this art a lot more and even delve into video where most of this also applies.What I particularly struggle with and can't get into a system I understand however is composition in product photography using props (any items really) and various non-uniform backgrounds to fill the frame and make product shots less bland in general. Do you maybe have a good tip or further reading material for that?

Asked by Raitis 1 year ago

does anyone know how to make an adapter or buy one for coxial and composite cables. plz read description 4 more info Answered

 i need to plug two yellow composite cables into an adapter that i can also plug an australian coxial cable into as well. plz help!

Asked by lol101lol 8 years ago

comp. screen with many ports, TV compatible? Answered

Apart from a VGA plug, my computer screen has a bunch of plugs. One of these is supposed to be a composite video port, but none of my cables fit. Do I need to splice some wires or just move 5 feet to my TV? (also, I'm not sure if it's PAL or NTSC. or if this would matter.) If I have to replace the plug on the screen, that's not a problem. link to screen page [EDIT] I made a butt-ugly adapter for the composite port, no luck there. Another Edit V=Vertical, not video

Asked by Kirbsome! 8 years ago

looking for ideas on fabric composite thermal barriers ie artic sheltering?

Looking for moderately light weight, flexible,  and not too expensive Want to build a modular out building that I can take apart and transport, but be nice and toasty in the winter when using it. Thinking of a yurt type structure, but want to optimize the wall and roof covering

Asked by diverorion 8 years ago

I need a tiny screen for a pc running Debian with LXDE.

I was thinking around the size of a pip boy screen because thats kinda the idea. 5"-7" would be the best size, and vga input or hdmi as I will likely be using the raspberry pi ( when it comes out

Asked by hbjngf 7 years ago

personal media viewer screens?

I need to get a personal media viewer for my current project, but it would be much cheaper if I could make one but I don't know how or where to to get the things I need rca or vga input would be good but I could use an adapter if necessary

Asked by hbjngf 8 years ago

I need a low cost LED or OLED display of about one inch in size, capable of displaying composite video signals. Answered

I'm planning on building a cheap generation one equivalent night vision system to be used in conjunction with infrared lasers, strobes, and short-range illuminators, and I need a way to display the video coming from camera.I've messed around with viewfinders from older video cameras, but they are black and white, bulky, and worst of all, very fuzzy. The newer cameras I've hacked into have a ribbon style plug that I've been unsuccessful in splicing video signal into (though I did manage to power a few on, or at least get the backlights going). I'm unsure if this is from an inability for the display unit to display the video signal the camera is generating, or my lack surface-mount soldering skills. Does anyone have any links or advice for how to get the newer style video cameras displaying live, unrecorded video from an external source?I've heard that people have had great success with playstation one screens for displaying video without hacking, but they are much too large for my application. My hope is for the entire unit to be housed in a section of PVC about the size of a PVS14 night vision system (2.5" in diameter by 4" long), with a high-sensitivity camera in the front, disposable lithium batteries mounted in a case on the bottom of the tube, viewfinder at the back, and the wiring, voltage regulators, and switches in the center of the tube.I've seen stand-alone LCD and OLED panels for cheap (these come to mind: but my understanding is that they need some sort of controller unit to input composite video. Is this correct? I have nearly zero programming experience, just messing around with the BASIC STAMP platform, so how much more knowledge would be required in this area to get one of these units up and running? Are there any tutorials on something similar to what I'm trying to do?I can get commercial night vision in the area of $125, which means that, to be a viable DIY option, the whole unit should come to under $85 or so. With the camera clocking in at about $30, this needs to be a dirt-cheap display.Thanks for your help

Asked by Dr. No 8 years ago

video composite spliter

Hi, i have 3 portable(car) monitors that take composite video signal in, the deal is i want to link them all together to the same source.. Can i simply daisy chain them(parallel) or do i need some kind of amplifier to do the trick? If so, please provide a tutorial/instructable on how to make one.. The source can be s-video, vga, or any standard computer video analog output.. i'm not saying dvi or hdmi interface due to the fact D/A conversions being not that simple(for me)..(but please provide the schematics anyway) I'm sorry for my terrible english x) Best regards, Fábio Santos.

Asked by Exiumind 6 years ago

Which are Ecologically friendly Ultraviolet ray blockers/absorbers/stabilizers that can be used in polymer?

Hey, Working on (reinforcement) bio-composite material using bamboo fibers & starch based DIY bio plastic from starch, glycerin, vinegar. I wanted to incorporate UV Protection to my composite by adding UV protective additive in polymer mix. I searched for regular additives (Benzophenone)  that are added but I want to find if any Environmentally friendly UV stabilizers are available or can be extracted from natural sources to be used in bioplastic. (chemicals consideration) 1-PABA (p-Amino benzoic acid) & 2-ZnO Please do add your valued opinions.

Asked by charmneo 7 years ago

How to hack LCD Computer monitor into an OTA-TV receiver and Accept RCA Composite signals? Answered

Hi!We have computer monitors at home which don't have uses anymore, Is there a way where I can turn those into an LCD tv like just a normal antenna and it will display OTA free tv signals? Or how can I turn it into a portable LCD Television where it can accept and display composite signals from my iphone 4 using my AV Composite cable (yellow RCA jack)? What extra things should I buy to convert them into more usable TV?

Asked by Toyanster 3 years ago

Raspberry Pi Composite?

I have built the Ben Heck portable Raspberry Pi.  I had it working, but then I bumped the case and after that, the video will not start up.  My wiring to the monitor is all still good, and I know that it is getting power.  The only thing is, that during the bump, the video data and ground cables may have shorted.  Could this have caused the problem?  Whether it did or not, can anybody please help me fix it?

Asked by pianoman99a 4 years ago

Is it possible to hook up a device using composite video (from the red, white, and yellow tri-cables) to my computer?

I ripped open a cheap mini surveillance camera and removed the IR filter, but now I'm tied to the TV if I want to see what it does. I believe it uses a composite video cable, (the yellow cord on those red, white, and yellow three-in-one cables), to output the video to the TV. Is it possible (as in cheap :P ) to connect that cable to my computer and view the video? I'd been thinking that I would just use an adapter to convert it to S-video, but the port on my laptop clearly says "S-video Output," so I doubt that it would be able to interpret the signal. Free apps for this? I'm open to ideas.

Posted by carbon 11 years ago

Guitar Song. What da you think?

This is an original composition of mine. Hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback. Thanks, Paul

Posted by paulplaysguitar 10 years ago

DIY composite/component input switcher Answered

I am trying to build a box that lets me switch between 4 composite inputs and 1 component input. my TV has a component input where the Y jack also accepts composite video. i originally figured i could just get a six position switch and just switch the ground line but then i thought that would end up sending a video signal back into the other consoles which seems bad. i thought about using transistors and a picaxe or something but an option that only requires a switch would be much more pleasant. what would be the best option and where can i buy a switch with that many poles and throws or where can i buy transistors that will handle frequency of the video and audio signal?

Asked by Deshmal 4 years ago

Is there an easy way to convert a composite or SVHS signal to use a lcd tv as a tv monitor?

Basically i want to use an old LCD monitor as a tv... the monitor only has DVI and RGB in the form of a 15 pin HD sub D connector. (like 90% of the computer monitors out there)...  I know that there are expensive "upsync" converters but I want to be cheap...ah hmm frugal... I was wondering if anyone has discovered a cheap way to hack it.

Asked by arkangel1975 8 years ago

HELP! vga to mini-vga

I'm trying to get composite out from my PowerMac G3 (B&W). All it has is vga. Can I take a vga monitor cable (cut the end off) and take my "mini-vga to composite adapter" (from an old iBook which I no longer have) and cut the mini-vga end off and just connect the appropriate wires? I'm not really sure of a few of them.Here are the links to the Wikipedia entries (with pinouts):Mini-VGAVGAThanks for any help!Danny

Posted by just_jeepin 10 years ago

Would building a bike or a recumbent out of composite ice hockey sticks be a good idea? Answered

I'm thinking of building one without metal. Any answers or tips?

Asked by ANDY! 9 years ago

Help with Refrigeration for a (Very) Custom Bar Top

The gist of this question is this: How do I calculate the size compressor rig that I need for a cooling system? The larger context is this: I am building a bar in my living room that has some special features - Namely it has a "cold strip" running across the top of the bar - which amounts to a 4 inch wide strip of chilled copped built into the bar top- to keep your drink cold; as well as two vodka wells - which each hold a bottle of vodka in a frozen bath of (cheaper) vodka (under a glass dome). The bar top is made of Styrofoam and composite materials (I used to make Surfboards) and is basically seamless. The copper tubing will be built into the bar top - under the composite and soldered to a copper plate - which is built into the composite.... you get the picture. I have built "frozen" sculptures in the past using old fridges that I have disassembled and then re tubed. In the past I have always just winged the amount of tubing I used and thus far - have gotten away with it, and the sculptures have always worked. This time though I am buying the compressor new and want to match the unit to the need - but I have no idea how to calculate the needed compressor to the job. Any help would be great. Thanks! And Yes, I will post the Instructable when the bar is completed. :)

Posted by Rogue Gourmet 10 years ago