Whats your computer like?

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Plz post here if u only use the computer

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How do you network computers together?

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how do i find my parents computer password?

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using my HTC Eris can i access my computer?

using my HTC Eris can i access my computer?

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I want to build the ultimate gaming computer, What part will I need.Remember I want the ULTIMATE computer? Answered

Like high graphic cards, good proceccors, the works.

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Computer sign on issues

I use Win XP and since Service Pack 3 I have an Admin and my own sign. How do I get rid of one of them so the computer will go directly to bootup?

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how to hack files of any drive after shutting down the computer ? Answered

How to hack the files of any drive(eg:D;/) when the computer is shut down & we don't know the password of Login Terminal

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Does anyone in cape town have any computer stuff that is not being used? even if it doent harddrives ect.

This project of mine is to provide for those who cannot afford to buy computers.Will collect it myself

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Does anyone know how to network several computers together to work as one single unit?

If any of you do know of how to do so, or if it is even possible, any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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if anybody know how we can construct this computer desk tell me plzzzzz??? i need to know how to do it exatly ????

Can i construct this computer desk or its impossible i hope it wont be i think that somebody will find answer i have some ideas but i think there are maney details missing i hope to construct it with cheap matrials and i wonder if there is any idea for more improvment ???

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how do i get past schoolblockers?

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I would like to build a low voltage op-amp circuit for an analog computer. Can it be done ? I would like to use tubes in the 12 volt range. The idea is to construct an analog computer like the Heathkit EC-1, but using low voltage tubes for the op-amps. The EC-1 is very expensive, and hard to find on Ebay etc. Any ideas? Thanking you in advance, Wayne Verish

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windows XP login without a password?

My computer was unplugged from the wall outlet for about 2 weeks and when i plugged it back in, it asked for a password to log in to windows XP even though i was never asked for one before. windows XP just logged me in automatically when i booted the computer. its impossible to log in now since i never had a password and i am hoping someone can tell me how to get around this problem without formatting the hard drive?

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ive been without technology for 5 days!

Ive been camping so ive been without technology for 5 days and now ive been on the computer for like 2hours now because ive missed a ton question: how long do you think you could live without technology?

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How do I boot from a CD on a Dell Demsion 3000?

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I think my website is hacked..? Answered

I think my website is hacked..The counter was about 250 yesterday.Nowit is 7880. LOL.

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Which one is better dual core or intel

I am confused if there is any difference between intel and dual core

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Can you hook up to the internet without an isp ?

I would like to know how to hook up on the internet without having to pay an isp for hookup..

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I have 2 computers that open in BIOS only, I cannot get them to boot up to windows can you help PLEASE? Answered

The first one is a IBM 300GL 6287 97U Everytime I try to turn it on it boots to Bios only and will not go to windows. I set new administration password and a new power on password but it still will not boot up. I am at a lost with it. The second one is a Sony VIAO PCV-100 and it is doing the same thing. Does anyone out there have any idea on what I can do to fix them. I know they are both old machines but I would like to get them going and try to upgrade them when I get the money. The IBM was built in 1999 and I think the Sony was built around the same time. Can someone please help???

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Free video editing software that doesn't use much memory?

Hello guys! I am looking for a couple of days for a free video editing software that doesn't use much space, since I have a mid-range Laptop.  I am not looking for the best of performance, just some simple software where I can cut and merge videos together, and simple things like this.  Also, Can anyone tell me what would be a good laptop to get for a lot of video editing? Or a desktop computer maybe..

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Heat sensor?

I need a heat sensing circuit that detects, if my server blows out warm air to switch on forced ventilation. This module should work as a stand-alone module without any connection to the server.

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Floppy Disk Converter?

How does a Floppy Disk Converter work? Heres my problem. I have recently bought a laptop which has Windows Vista. I have an old desktop computer with Windows 98SE. I have no floppy disk drive on the laptop. I want to save the material on the floppy disks onto a USB memory stick. I bought a USB that works for Windows 98SE only to find that you need to download drivers for it from the Internet before it will work. So I plugged my Broadband connection (which is from Vodafone) into the desktop computer to get an Internet connection only to find that the Internet is too new a version for Windows 98SE to read so therefore I cant download the drivers. Also I thought I could save to CD and then put the CD into the laptop to save them to the hard disk but the desktop only has a CD-ROM whereas the laptop has CD-RW. So that wont work either. So I was wondering if a Floppy Disk Converter would be the answer to my problem. Like do you just insert a floppy and a USB into the Floppy Disk Converter and transfer the files. Do you need to connect it to a computer. Sorry for rambling on but I have so many questions about it and I really want to know before I go out and buy one only to find that it is also useless to me. Thanks

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How remove confirm file rename

Dear all... Please help me :  how can I remove : confirm file rename on my screen computor( please see photo) xp mozilla firefox. Thank you in advance, 

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Does anybody have the pin out for the NEC Versa TXi parallel port connector?

A friend gave me an NEC Versa TXi laptop minus the printer cable. I would like to use the computer for a robot project I am building. I plan to replace the hard drive with a solid state drive,and I don't want to put any work into it without the printer port. With the printer port available you can use it to control many devices on a robot, not to mention the 3USB ports it has as well as the fire wire. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in adavance

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where can i purchase 1.5 x 5mm tritium vials?

I have been trying to find Green 1.5 x 5mm tritium vials with no success. Does anyone know of a supplier for these?

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my uncle was given a hp pavilion ze4900 and forgot the password is there antway for me to get into it? Answered

I havae tried to reinsatll windows xp but it is still locked is ther any way to get the administrator account or wipe the whole thing with out the password

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What is this for and how do I use it? Answered

I found this a few years ago but I just took it apart to see what was in it and this is it. They are wired together to a two way plug. Would it be possible for someone explain what it is for and its purpose, and how I can use it for something? Thank you BTW I forgot to ask can I test these with my multimeter or will it be to much for it? If I can what do i Set it on to test it. Thanks

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Can I really do this or not? Will it mess anything up in my laptop? Answered

I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 With Vista and I really need to know if I can take the used HDDs out of the old PCs and hook them up somehow to the laptop a an External HDD and download or just get into the info to see whats on it? I was told that I could do it but never got the info on how to do it. I have plenty of wire and assorted connectors so all I need is someone to explain it to where a novice can understand how. So please if there is someone out there that really know how to put it all together I really could use all the help I can get. Thanks to all of you for your help and I really love this site.

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Efficiency of DIY bitcoin miners?

First, I would like to say that I do not know if this is the place for this question, but: I have just heard of bitcoin mining and started to look into it.  I have learned that pretty much the only way it is plausible is through the use of a machine dedicated to mining the bitcoins, not through using gpu's anymore apparently.  But I have seen that these machines are expensive, so naturally I would want to build a DIY one if I started this.  But are these dedicated miners even efficient? And what if they don't have the top of the line components?  I tried to look this up myself but I don't really understand the hash rates of these machines so I don't know what is considered an efficient rate.  And, in my current situation, I don't pay for electricity or internet so now would be an optimal time to do so and maximize profitability.  So, do these dedicated miners work efficiently enough to make it worth while to build/buy one? Especially if I don't pay for electricity or internet?

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I am trying to build a Craftsman tool case portabale computer and I need to know how to figure what size PSU to use?

I am using a MU440EX Motherboard from year 2000. I know it is an old board but it has never been opened until today and I know that because I cut the factory seal on it. It says the Pentium 11 processor is supporting a host bus frequency of 66 MHz. The supported Pentium 11 processor have clock speeds of 233 MHz, 266 MHz, 300z, and 366MHz. Intel Celeron Processor supporting bus speed frequency of 66 MHz. The supported Celeron Processor has a clock speed of 266 MHz. As you might already know that it supports SDRAM DIMM * 168 Pin 3.3V DIMMs with gold plated contacts *  66MHz  4- clock unbuffered SDRAM *  non-ECC (64-BIT) memory *  Serial presence detect (SPD) or non-SPD memory *  8 MB, 16 MB, 32MB, 64MB, and 128 MB modules First question- I have a Pentium Processor so will it work without being a Pentium 11 ? I do have a 233 MHz and a 266MHz and I think I have a 300MHz INTEL Pentium 11 Processors so can I put any one of the in it and then set the BIOS for the speed Processor? Would any of them work as long as the BIOS are set to the correct one? Second question is how do I know what WATTAGE of PSU should I use with this system? I have a 230W system with a on/off switch already hooked in to it from the factory that I am thinking of using but I do have a big supply of all different wattage boxes that I can use if it will not hurt it. I don't know how high I can take it. I am getting pic's so I can try and make an Instructable for the first time to when it is done so I can see what all of you think about it. I might be replying back again later when I get to the BIOS part unless I get it done on my own. Cross your fingers for me I will need all the luck I can get being my first time and all. Please answer back with the cold hearted truth so if I do make a mistake that will be the only way I will know it. Thanks to you all GREETINGS TO ALL YOUR HOLADAYS

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Is this possible ? Answered

Is it possible to make a super pc like this the total cost is $ 314.05 1.)Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green Manufacturer: Western Digital UK Price (as reviewed): £262.20 (inc. VAT) US Price (as reviewed): $299.99 (ex. Tax)_2.) 48VDC 120MM COOLING FANMinebea Electric, NMB Model 4710NL-07W-B69. 48 Vdc, 0.20A DC brushless cooling fan. 120mm x 120mm x 26mm (4.7" x 4.7" x 1"). Thermoplastic venture and impeller. Three 23" leads. UL. We have a large quantity of these new 48Vdc cooling fans. They also function quietly and efficiently at 24Vdc. Very special pricing.$1.75 need 6_3.) main pc unit/keyboard/mouse/large lcd screen Free (all ready have one)_4.)BLUE ULTRA-BRIGHT LED & RED ULTRA-BRIGHT LED & ORANGE ULTRA-BRIGHT LED =4 of each =2$ us _5.) translucent plastic drawer 6$ need 1_6.)usb extender 1$ + Tax need 4/usb 4 port extender 8$.

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Can someone help in changing motherboard and CPU's?

I wrote in a while back about the problem with it. When I plugged it in it would beep 3 times and not boot up. I changed the RAM and I get no beeps anymore but it still will not boot up. I have a motherboard and 4 different CPU's but I don't know which one will work with the motherboard. I need to see if someone can help me on that. The on that its going in is a Gateway Windows XP The motherboard is from 2000 but it has never been opened or out of the box. I can't get anyone to help explain to me in English on how to know what kind of mobo to get that I can understand. They just keep going off in the big computer talk and I have no idea what they are saying so they don't want to take the time to help me so I need to try and put this one in it. Now I need to see if you guys can help me. Here's the info on the one it going into. Gateway Windows XP Model # MF ATXSTL KTH 300SE LTD Kittyhawk # AA AS1507-805 Motherboard Date 4/02 Here's what I have; MU440EX Motherboard for Intel Pentium 2 & Celeron Processors Intergrated with AGP Graphics and PCI Audio BOXMU440EX AA 702993-403 IUMU82112710 Date 2000 1.) Intel Celeron Processor 466MHz Processor Core Speed 128KB Cache fan heatsink version # 737834-001 MM # 822441 66MHz system bus 128KB L2 Cache Duel Independent Bus Architecture MMX Media Enhancment Technology Date # 5/99 2.) Pentium Processor with MMX Technology 233MHz W / MMX Item # 0323009 MFG# BOXBP80503233 MM # 813082 FPO# L7421952 Date 11/97 3.) AMD ATHLON Processor 650MHz 200MHz system bus 128KB High Performance L1 Cache super Floating Point Unit I also have two cards that I don't know what they are for; Intel Celoron 6910161 79080161-0754 09190358 SL39Z 400/66 Costa Rica B121 Intel Celoron 6910162 79080161-0545 09190358 SL39Z 400/66 Costa Rica B121 4324 Ethernet Card RJ-45 P/N 63H2449 ASSY; SB0110240-01N 9/22/04 Intel 109X1512A2036 Sanyo Denki 600/512/100 2.0V SI 99290661-0267 Malay '98 SL3JT This is what I have and if someone could help me with what will work with what and what will not work with what. I have been trying to get this thing going for about three months now. Also if any of these do work together will I have to do anything with the BIOS. If anyone knows of any video and/or step by step instructions on this please let me know. Thank you to all for any help.

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How do I hook up a USB video cam in my truck? Answered

I have a IBM ThinkPad Ultra Port 2 Cam 2 "02K5152" That I want to hook up in my truck but my problem is getting the right power to and at the same time record straight into a video camera so I can keep a live feed going when I need it to. I guess it would be a lot like in a cop car where I can turn it on and off with a switch. I was thinking about getting a USB hub but I still need a way to get the power to it. Is there anyone who could draw up a scamatic so a novice can read it please. It would be of great great help to me to get this going. I have a lot of xtra USB ports from old pc's that I thought about putting together a USB hub my self but I don't know  where and what resisters to use because I havent gotten up to speed on them as fast as I wanted to so im still in the R&R; stage area on that. I took some pic's of the cam so you can see it and im wanting to put it in a 1995 Chevy truck. Also it will need to be removeable quick and easy because of the cold temps of winter and thiefs if you know what I mean. Thanks for any help in advance. I really love this site. D

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How to link school computers.

I want to be able to link up school computers, and send messages, like in winpopup, and send files, anonymously. I don't know it the computers are networked, can anyone helpe?

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COMPUTERS: How do you automatically reduce process on a pc?

COMPUTERS: I am trying to automatically reduce processes on my computer, I can't remember how to. Do not want to do them automatically, I have 103 process running and fear a pc crash, I run windows Vista /pc. Thanks to anyone that can help~!!!?

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I Will be Building a new computer in 2 to three days should I make an instructable for it? Answered

I have seen many Build your own computer here but all are missing one or two important and non important instructions about building your own computer. Cable management, Saftey issues, Case Modding and so on, Has this subject been done to much ? or is it safe to do another with everything on it ?

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How do i take screen shots on my computer? Answered

I want to know to take screen shots on my computer. I want to know how to take screen shots because i am going to make future instructable which will require this. I am hitting print screen and nothing happens. what do i do now?

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Can I network my two computers to share internet provided from a USB Aircard?

I have a desktop computer that is running XP and a laptop running Vista, I purchased a wireless card for the desktop and a wireless router, both are Linksys N capable, and I have a wireless printer. What is the best way to network these devices where I can use the printer and the internet on both compters? I know a little, but am still very new to networking. Is it even possible with a USB aircard?

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