Sound card configuration problems

Want to configure my 7.1 sound card, which is embedded in the motherboard. Run windows 7. I used to just split the 'green' channel between my small 2.1 computer speaker system and home built full range 'rear' tower speakers with passive crossover, powered by an old 2X 100W RMS Sony amp, with very satisfactory results (movies, mostly reggae music). But finally I got a nice 10" subwoofer!  Time to make a proper setup! So I tried to plug the tower speakers in the black channel, and for now, the headphones, in the orange channel (while wiring the sub into a 4 X 40W  mono setup- Parallel , I assume????). To the control panel, sound, manage audio devices, speakers, configure (5,1 for now). Works like a charm: all tests OK, can hear all test sounds.  Restart... But W Media player, as well as other players (want to customize with Foobar_X_over eventually) don't provide any sound, except for the green channel. What am I doing wrong?

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Is this the right configuration for LEDs? Answered

I am building some LED aquarium lights and I need to know the configuration pictured below will work? The LEDs are white with the following specs: Forward Voltage 2.8-3.5V, 20mA. I used an online calculator and the resistor pictured as 'R1' is 1 ohm, does this sound right? The power supply is 9VDC 800mA. I believe that if each of the 3 LEDs in a set pull 3V, then no resistor would be required, am I right? I have basic electronic knowledge, but have never designed a circuit requiring resistors.

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MCP2210 Configuration Problem? Answered

Using the MCP2210 USB to SPI Converter (Similar to MOD-1013), utility for IC runs with factory default settings for the IC but can't connect to MCP2210 I have plugged into the USB port. Computer sees it, shows it in Device Manager but lists error for it and Code 43.  How do I get the MCP2210 utility from Microchip to recognize the chip plugged into the computer?

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Symbols Configuration for PCB Libraries

Hi everyone !, I would like to know what kind of symbol configuration most of engineers or pcb designers use or what standards follow to create the symbols.I found some recommendations and i have two examples of symbol configurations , In the "Image #1" i created the symbol placing inputs and pasive pins on left side and outputs on the right side and in the "Image #2" i followed the symbol configuration of the typical application of the datasheet.Which of the two configurations is preferred or recommended to use and why?Thank you.

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Configuring Digital Scale for Bluetooth?

I'm working on a project using a scale. I would like this scale to be able to submit data to my computer via bluetooth. How can I configure my digital scale to use bluetooth?

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Will my wiring configuration work?

I'm making a guitar and it's not the first time i've worked with electric guitars, in fact it's a real hobby of mine, but i've never done a full wiring configuration before. the guitar is a bit of a mash up of various parts, they all work though! i have a techsoft design sheet of the configuration i thought may work but im not entirely convinced. The parts are basic, i made the humbucker and the other is a tele single coil, im not after any tone function, just volume and switcher! can someone help me out? Thanks!

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I'm somewhat disappointed that a site like this hasn't moved over to https by default, especially for the login form / while logged in. Further, when manually initiating https connections to I get a certificate error as you're using a certificate for, and mixed content warnings about things coming through unencrypted.  Is there any plan to correct the https configuration of the site?

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Best configuration for an AM receiver?

Hi all. I am trying to make a circuit that would help me find lost keys. It would be a simple beeper/ noise maker triggered by AM (for simplicity). I want it to be small and, if possible, cheap. What would be the best approach? Should I use the incoming signal to 'trigger' a 555 oscillator or should I send the 'beep with the signal (The transmitter can be as big as required)? Also, most of the circuits I found online were for tune-able radios. If I want to center mine at 1 MHz and if the quality of the sound is not important, how simple can I make the circuit (while still keeping it sensitive)?

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How to configure clients with WSUS? Answered

Hi!  I am working in a tech shop, and one of the things we do quite often is download and install windows updates on client computers.  The problem is that we are in a isolated area and have painfully slow internet.  I built a server with the idea of using WSUS to speed up the update process by having the clients download the updates from a local server.  I had done this in an AD environment before at another job that I had, but when I was planning this project for this job, I forgot that I had to use GP to deploy it the last time I did it, and A.  I don't want to be configuring GP on consumer computers, and B.  Most computers that we work on are Windows Home Edition, not Professional, so they don't even have GP.  Is there a way to configure my server to "intercept" requests to and just respond within our local network?  I tried pointing a DNS A record for to our local server, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work (is WSUS a different port or protocol than maybe?).  In addition, whenever I want to sync updates on the server with that DNS entry, I would have to delete the DNS entry temporarily, since WSUS services will use the DNS server on my local server no matter what (I have tried telling the server NIC to use and as it's DNS server, and also adding an entry to the hosts file to point it to on the server, but it always overrides and uses the DNS entry from my local server). Frankly, I'm not even sure that what I'm trying to do is possible.  If it isn't, my next idea was to create a script that our technicians and I can run on client computers to quickly switch the WSUS server settings to our local server and then when we are done switch them back to Microsoft.  But would that even work on Home edition computers, or just Professional editions? Thanks for your help!

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Home automation system configuration?

I have recently purchased a used home automation system off of eBay. The whole package included the following items. 1. Amber Wireless AMB8425-M USB Stick 2. Aeon Z-Stick S2 USB Stick 3. Huawei E173u-2 Boradband USB stick 4. 3 x Zwave Socket adapters 5. 7links NAS Print/ USB Server Photos of these modules can be seen below. The seller was not aware how all these modules can be put together into a home automation system. I googled for sometime and figured out that I can setup an indoor automation solution using only the Aeon-Zwave USB and the Z-Wave socket adapters, and control them using my android phone. Can someone please help me how can i use the remaining modules and setup the automation for remote access as well ? Many thanks

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How to connect BNC_PCB mount 'configuration ' ?! Answered

I need to know the connections 

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Anyone able to help with a Raspberry Pi magic mirror configuration issue?

Hi, I'm building a raspberry pi Magic mirror using MichMich's program found here: The problem that I am having is that I can't get the clock and temperature to change to 12hr and Fahrenheit. I tried doing what it says here: But I still can't get it to change. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

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XBOX 360 Network Configurations..with a twist

Courtesy of Dr.Professor Jake Biggs, I was able to be innovative with my XBOX 360 and share my dial-up connection with my 360 through my computer. (The instructable can be found here.) However, seeing as I have a unique case, I thought this would be the best medium to use in looking for an answer. So let me explain my situation. Through much effort, I was able to procure the know-how of using my cell phone (LG Env3, not the touch though) as a modem. It is able to give me 7.2 Mbps at all times of the day and night via USB. I then realized it sets it up as a dial-up connection and decided to search out a way to share that connection with my XBOX 360 so as to get XBOX Live. Thanks to Jake Biggs, I was able to succeed in this endeavor. Now I am wondering if there is any way possible to open the appropriate ports under Firewall settings in order to get an Open NAT setting rather than a Moderate one. For those of you who play XBOX Live, you know how frustrating it is to not have an Open setting. Also it would be much appreciated if someone could help me out with the IP addressing. Many thanks to any who come by and put in their 2 cents about this. I'm open to any suggestions or theories.

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How to change Raspberry Pi magic mirror to 12 hour time and to Fahrenheit?

Hi, I'm building a raspberry pi Magic mirror using MichMich's program found here: The problem that I am having is that I can't get the clock and temperature to change to 12hr and Fahrenheit. I tried doing what it says here: But I still can't get it to change. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm having problems using T6 Config with my FlySky!?

I've just recieved my FlySky transmitter and receiver from HobbyPartz and when I use the T6 Config software to configure the settings, only the horizontal-left joystick works with T6. The left knob works but the switch that controls the left one is on the right. Here's a video to make it easier to understand:

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How should I configure my router?

How should I configure the router, what is this called, I have no idea and I am in need of dire help! :) This is the setup: /T

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How to change the configuration of a lithium cell pack ?

I’m working on a project were I have to be able to adjust the voltage of my output by 3.7 volt increments. Example: 12 18650 batteries hooked up in series and have the voltage change from 44.4 to 22.2 to 11.1 Essential I’m trying to go from a 12s to a 3s4p or 4p3s cell configuration.

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TP-link configuring issues!!!! PLS help?

I have bought a brand new TP-link wireless router but i hav got problems in configuring it, after a long conversation with the technical support from the company i could not fix my problem, some pls help me to fix the problem!!? i'm from india i use a Broadband connection provided my BSNL(ISP name) i use dynamic ip, i connect the cable directly to my computer and use internet, it is a cable modem which i use, and i can access the router via192.168.1.1

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How to charge multiple batteries in a strange configuration?

Hi all,  Basically I'm planning on making an electric motorbike within the next year or so and need to know how to charge the batteries. I'm planning to have 8 batteries altogether, 4 batteries connected in series, then the 2 sets of 4 connected in parallel to up the capacity. How would I go about charging this configuration? The batteries are going to be high capacity, deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries. Cheers, - Will

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Xbox One Raspberry Pi 3 configuration

Hello everyone,I am working on a project that requires me to interface the Xbox One wireless controller with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Running Raspbian Jessie and not Retropie). I need the controller and the pi to execute programs on button press and drive motors with the joysticks, I have installed Xboxdrv in my pi but am unable to connect the controller to it. Please suggest the required steps I must take to get this working.

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Wireless usb adapter & router setting/configuration

Hey all, I hope everyone is good & happy..........................I need just basic instructions on , From my cable broadband modem to> , My Router>the WIFI antenna (about 400 ft. from my home)>my laptop (where I presently have to use the USB port to get any signal)>what do I do now to configure all the settings correctly? I sure could use some more advice guys please help...... Thank you all................................ Mel5656

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Is there a simple way to build a configurable TOSLINK delay?

Some TVs require 3 frames for the interpolation of tweening frames (and then there is also processing overhead time). With frames coming in at 1/24th for film or 1/30 for tv then 2 or 3 frames out of sync can look horrible and add several hundred millisecond delays. The TV's SPDIF is already delayed and works great, but downscales DTS to stereo (I hate you Blu-Ray!). So I need a delay on optical that bypasses the TV to get DTS to work.   I've done some research and found that the following products do a audio delay to help with sync problems with LCD TV (esp 120Hz) and TOSLINK on older receivers that can't add the required lip-sync delay. The consumer level delays are made by: Felston - $250 J.S. Technology (UK company) - £79  Alchemy2 - $400-$450 Primare -£200 Bottom line, what does this take to develop: A TOSLINK receiver and transmitter. A MPU that can receive the serial stream store it in internal memory and read at a configured offset to transmit. Has anyone take up a project like this and be willing to post the intructions here. I hate to buy a new receiver just because of this, that would be wasteful.

Question by j_a_s_p_e_r 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to configure LM317T to deliver 5 amps?

Hi guys, I'm new to the site. I wonder if someone could help me resolve my problem. Well, I'm trying to build a Laptop AC Adapter, but I can't get these components right now: -A Transformer -A voltage regulator other than LM317T and I have no experience with other ICs. So I'm using a DC to DC converter. The input power supply is a Z12 Lexmark printer AC adapter. It gives a DC output current of 830mA under 30 volts (actually it's 37.5 volts, I've checked this with my multimeter). However, the output I would like to get is 4-5 amps under 19.5 volts. I would like to mention that I've already given it a try. But the output current I've got wasn't enough to feed the laptop. I've used an LM317T and adjusted the voltage with a 6.6k resistor and a 47k potentiometer down to 19.5 volts. If there is a way to boost up the current with a joulethief or using a set of transistors or parallels LM317Ts, please tell me. Also, I hope that you give me the part number of all the components to match up with the LM317T because I must use this type of regulator. Thanks for your help and please consider my situation.

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D.C input resistance of a BJT transistor in C.E configuration?

What will be resistance across base and emitter of BJT in C.E configuration

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Change batteries from serial to parallel configurations with switches?

I have a 5s4p battery pack.  The cells are 3.7 nominal voltage lithium ion cells.  In a serial configuration it is 18 volts nominal.  If I wire it in parallel it is in a 1s20p configuration and 3.7 volts nominal.  I had this awesome idea to use switches to change the configuration from 5s4p to 1s20p.  I want to do this because then I could charge whole pack with a 3.7 volt charger.  Better yet, I would not a balance charger. Once I got to trying to design the switch configuration I was amazed at how complex it would have to be.  The only way I can think of at the moment is to use 4 single throw single pull switches to isolate the cells and then use 5 double pole single throw switches to connect all the pos and negs together.   Does anyone out there know how to make a circuit which could work with with one circuit board and one switch?  It could switch between 18 volts serial to 3.7 volt parallel? Thanks

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How do I Configure a Adjustable Voltage Regulator? Answered

Hello! Im working on a project that uses a 9v battery to power a circuit. I would also like to power a circuit with the same battery. But this circuit was designed to run off 2 AAA. I've gone searching and It seems like I was only needing a Voltage regulator to step down that 9v to 3v ish.  Problem is that I couldnt find a output 3v one! So I had to buy an adjustable one from Fry's Electronics. And I don't know how to configure this! haha, this is quite a problem. And documentation on this product is horrible. Can anyone please help me out?? Product is NTE1900 3 terminal positive adjustable voltage regulator. Input is 9v, I want an output of 3v. How would I set this up? Thanks!

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Tesla coil configuration. Audio amplifier power supply?

If I am to use an audio amplifier as a power supply for a Tesla coil could I do without a spark gap and primary capacitor? I will be operating the coil within the audible spectrum (1Hz - 20KHz) so an amplifier fits the bill. It's a 2 channel magnetic field power amplifier rated for 750W per channel. That's 750RMS not 750IFL. (If lightning strikes) The current would flow as follows: Power Amp> 4ohm Load> NST 5000v 60ma> RF Choke> Primary Coil> Secondary Coil 1. Do I need a capacitor bank between the RFC and the primary? 2. Can a few feet of 28AWG galvanized steel wire act as a reliable resistor for the 300W current? What about 750W? If not, what can I substitute? 3. Can the amp hold together? I need it in one piece. Please point out the flaws. Thank you

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how to configure lcd nokia 3310 to an ATmega8 with bascom avr?


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Configuring LED in a series, where do I place the resistor?

If I was going to a configuration of 3 LED lights (10MM), do I need a resistor for each or only for one? And if only for one, how do I calculate for the resistor I need, i.e., does the resistor need to take into account the output of each LED and multiply by 3? Very new at this, trying to learn as much as I can. All advice is greatly appreciated.

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How many resistors do I need to use for this configuration? Answered

I am soldering 5 standard Radioshack LEDs together to a 9v battery. How many resistors should I use and where? Should I go Battery-resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-Battery? Or something else? Thanks. :)

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RBG: Shotgun Style

Yes, it is the only shotgun rubber band gun that I know of. It is based off of the Remington M870 and can be easily modified to be both be in an entry shotgun configuration, with tactical buttstock, or in a "Breeching weapon" configuration, with no buttstock. In the first picture, it is in the entry configuration. In the second picture, it is in the breeching configuration, but with the buttstock shown to show how it could be carried in a briefcase or something similar. There is no difference whatsoever between the two, other than the obvious difference in the buttstock, but less obvious, the breeching configuration has more mobility in the cocking hammer, so it works better. I am sorry for the lack of pictures of the internals, I will hopefully be posting them in the future.

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how do i configure incredimail with windows live, I cant send email from my incredimail.?

I get an error server does not suport ssl connection

Question by mepp 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to configure spoilt vga cable of crt monitor from another good crt vga? Answered


Question by mauricewarebee 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Electric Bike project, what kind of configuration should I use?

I'm planning to make an electric bike and have to select between many options, and want to know all the options available. Where should i put the motor? What kind of configuration (assisted, or motor only, etc.) should I use? I am actually making my old bmx to electric. It will weigh about 100kg with me on it, and the batteries and all. I want it to do at least 20-30 kmph. Im having a tough time selecting parts, and would really appreciate help.  

Question by ppanchal1 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

3 Phase supply

What will be configuration to supply 3 Phase 460 V power into these strings having voltage range as shows in the pics. It can be either star, delta etc configuration. It should be balanced. Answer will be highly appreciated.

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iPad now is the price?Wanted to buy the iPad, and how the iPad configuration is better?

Had never used the iPad, please give advice

Question by lifechristine 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How Can I Configure my xda Atom Exec Wireless Conncetion?

I have a xda Atom exec device and i am facing a problem connecting it to my wireless network at home . the device detects other networks around me but it does not see my wireless network.. who can walk me through the correct steps if there is any or , what do i need to modify in my wireless router settings , i have a TP-Link router . thank you in advance

Question by DoubleY 8 years ago

How to prevent transistor saturation?

I am trying to create my own audio amplifier. My problem was when i have large signal amplification the transistors becomes saturated, as a result the resulting signal is already clipped. This problem usually occurs when i use a transistor at CE configuration. Using CC configuration prevents this saturation problem but it also makes amplification very hard. When i use CC configuration one of the two transistors becomes "useless" because collector current becomes very low and based on further analysis it seems like only the last transistor is doing the job.

Question by codestroy7 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

i wish 2 build a wind gen like the diy 1000 watt, but i dont get what the wye configuration is, & was it 2 or 3 plates?

I wish to build a wind generator like the diy 1000 watt, but i dont quite get what he's saying about the wye configuration, and was it three plates or two?

Question by Gr82Bake 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

custom battery

I need a 12 volt rechargeable battery configured like a 9 V  but it can be longer,,,I need as many amps as possible........maybe connect two 9v and cut it possible? I'm dumb about these things so be gentle.....I have 8/ 1.2Volt batteries configured in a plastic holder..but the voltage is not working out.......any way to boost the voltage on the 1.2 batteries with out a lot of bulk?

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Windows 7 Setup error:Windows setup could not configure one or more system components.?

Hey, I am trying to install Windows 7 RTM, legally, Have my legal product key with me.So it installs, i have the ISO image, i mount it, and run the setup from there, that is how i did it with the windows 7 RC, And it worked fine.But now, It gets past the first part, installs fine, Second part, Fine, 3rd part where it is at "Completing installation", At about 99% done, It gives the the following error:Windows setup could not configure one or more system components.Then it restarts, and ends there.I tried re-downloading twice, I tried Re-installing 4 times, No avail.Any help? Ideas?Thanks~ReCreate

Question by ReCreate 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how to make an ordinary computer a server?

To make an FTP server ?? what softwares needed? system config required? steps required to do it?

Question by AjayPhilips 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Any one here have an idea as a configuration to turn on a Astec AA20790 computer power supply?

I have two ASTEC power supply, but I don't know how turn this on, I want the 12v output with my cnc printer, but in internet and youtube they don't have so much. Please, can you help me my with give me some diagram or configuration with this power supply. I try to put a resistor with com and 12v cghs something like that. But the power output stay in 0v and the fan stay too in low power. This russian guy put a cable but he doesn't say how active the output, I think is the same thing I wanted to do but doesn't turn on. Thanks a lot and some kisses.

Question by paberu 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

CNC Homing

Hello, I work on CNC Alamode project, raspberry pi and Alamode is configured to control 3 stepper motors: My configuration: Raspberry Pi Alamode (Arduino compatible), 3 stepper motors and 3 EasyDriver. Everything works, grbl is ok. Here is my story: I wanted to install a homing system, I first started with the x axis, as in the drawing, it worked well, it has stopped the motor, but I realized that the current 5v  passed directly on Limit X (D9), without 330 Ohm resistance. Then I put this resistor like a drawing but now the homing no longer works. My question is: Have I damaged my card, knowing that everything works? Can I redo my original configuration without resistance? My last statement :  4.96 Volts between limit x (D9) and Ground. Thank you for your help.

Topic by end3x 4 years ago

Solar Cells? Answered

Is this a good set up for a series/parallel configuration? when I test it with a multimeter the voltage was around 2.5 v each cell produces 3v@40ma. so something is wrong here.

Question by dominick.j.pezza 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

"Contactless Dynamo" / Wind generator showing weird multimeter readings? Answered

I am trying to replicate this, more or less, It's a setup using hard drive magnets and the coil from a relay to generate electricity.  My problem is that every configuration I have tried gives me weird negative and positive numbers(around -20  to 20, constantly changing while the magnets are spinning), and only in the hundredths of volts setting(on the multimeter, the volt, and thousands of a volt settings show nothing).  I have tried using: hdd magnets and round magnets (8 of them in a N-S-N configuration);  a relay coil, a small transformer coil, and winding my own coils 3 times.  The hand-wound coils have approx. 159 turns, 200 turn, and 250 turns, all with thin very thin enamel-coated wire, as it's my understanding that thinner wire will output more voltage.  No matter what configuration, I get the same erratic readings.  What am I doing incorrectly?

Question by chrispaccord 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

I want to make a system in my car that notifies me when one of my lamps is out. ?

I know there would have to be a capacitor involved and perhaps a relay system. But in what order and configuration?

Question by ADPone 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago