What is love??!?!?!

I have liked (and been liked) by the same girl for over 6 years. I am currently in 7th grade. I am just confused if I am actually in love or not. I don't really know how to tell, is the problem. And anyway, am I to young to pass judjement? please help!

Posted by Medrephobic 11 years ago

Laser Cutting Help!

Hello, just wondering if anyone knows how you can laser cut an engraved image (bitmap) which you have taken off the internet? I am using Coreldraw, Corellaser and Laserdrw and don't have much experience at all with it. Thank you.:)

Posted by JadeyP 2 years ago

Can't comment, can't reply, can't vote!!!

I can'r reply, can't post any comment or vote! this is really confusing me. I replied every comment on my last posted ible yesterday , but now they're all gone. I've been trying to vote but that's not working either. My comments are not being posted as well! Oh, one more thing, my ibles' status are not being updated...... I feel like crying right now :,( Just found out that I'm not the only one having these problems! please, this needs to be fixed

Posted by Muhaiminah Faiz 5 years ago

I have an imitator. But clicking on their name takes me to...my page...

So "Adrian+monk" commented on my orangeboard. My first imitator! Nice. Guess now I know I've made it. Imitation being the best form of flattery and all... But when I click on their name...it throws me to my page...which is creepy. I know it's genuine, because it says "member since Feb 15, 2007". I'm so confused. Is the staff playing a trick? Or how is this effect produced? Has someone hacked the site? Or did someone join right after me and replicate my every move? Clarification would be exceedingly appreciated.

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

confusion over forum thread chronology

Sometimes it's a bit confusing.  It's kinda good that one can respond to a specific post, but...

Posted by Toga_Dan 4 years ago


If i hav a published instructable how to i get it to show up on a group?

Posted by a little crazy 11 years ago

The worlds most confusing album?

I have a CD by the artist Styx. The album is called Paradise Theater. Read this confusing puzzle thingy:A.D. 1928 = Rockin the Paradise introA.D. 1928 = The Best of Times introA.D. 1958 = Variation of A.D. 28A.D. 1958 = Outro to Half penny, Two penny.??? Why ???

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

Sorting confusion...

I'm confused about the sorting function instructables employs.Today, (jun5, 08) 11 of the featured instructables are over one year old. Two or three are from 2006.With Zeitgeist, Random, and Popular being less "temporally ordered," I'd have though Featured would display the most recent featured projects...

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Global Warming Confusion

NOAA released this a couple of days ago. Global Warming effect on Hurricanes. This is not what Al Gore told us. What gives?

Posted by Lextone 10 years ago


Would it be possible to have a board where contest applicants can post their entries. It gets VERY confusing when they are mixed with the general instructables. This doesn't seem too hard to do.

Posted by rickharris 7 years ago

Confused Crocodile

I'm a confused crocodile...I wanted to compete in the 3d money clip challenge and will still design something for it :) . After numerous times of trying to make the software work it just didn't so I'm going to try to use some other CADs that I have. With that being said here lies my confusion about this contest.The prize(s) for the 3d money clip contest is a $100.00 credit for five winners. I went to the website and there's a membership fee and if you aren't a member then the cost of services is higher. Plus, there's an hourly charge for the services and I'm basically confused as to the benefit of a $100.00 voucher/credit. Would that be enough to make a 3d print of the 3d model for the winners of the contest?

Posted by N1K1_1NC. 5 years ago

Confused about the Design Contest?

Hi Instructablers, I'm a bit confused on what to enter for the design contest. Could I enter a video project I made in Final Cut Express with some cool effects or something? I really like doing video editing and effects on my videos and stuff so it would be great if that would be eligible.

Posted by Adambowker98 6 years ago

Pro membership billing confusing

I'm considering upgrading to a Pro membership. However, the chart for upgrades makes NO sense, that I can see: Monthly - billed annually is $1.95 - x 12 = $23.40 Quarterly - is what $3.99? is that the QUARTERLY payment? x 4 = $15.96 2 year - billed once - $39.99 - best deal - I don't see it? What is the quarterly payment? Monthly? (that doesn't make sense). MJM

Posted by mjmwallace 6 years ago

Confusion about ipod GND connection; how many?

Hi everybody :)I'm a bit confused about something and I thought some of you might know the answer. When looking at the ipod pinouts at http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_pinout.shtml there are several different GND connections. The thing I need to know is this: are all these connections the same? Is there one common ground?ThanksDaniel

Posted by Twellmann 9 years ago

This forum confuse me.

What was wrong with the old one? It didn't work well on mobile devices? Why do you make me hate people with mobile devices? Some of them may be a good persons...

Posted by Waldemar Sha 9 months ago

A little confused about the Halloween Contest

I was reading the Halloween Contest rules and it said that instructables posted before the contest start dates are not eligible but there are a ton of entries that were posted a few months ago. So I was wondering did the rules change or what?

Posted by rrkrose 6 years ago

Favorites confusion

I can't "favorite" any more 'ibles!  I have 80 already, but I can't find where there was a limit.  I also tried to go back and clean out some that weren't so favorite, but for some reson I couldn't "un-fav" any.  Help!

Posted by Stoval 6 years ago

I'm so confused

How many erics are running around here? I count three: This guy: https://www.instructables.com/member/instructables-eric/This guy: https://www.instructables.com/member/+Ewilhelm+/and, of course, plain 'ol EricWho is real and who is not? Are these accounts all Eric? Or are the others fake?

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago


How are the categories arranged because there is an OFFBEAT in TECH and a TECH in OFFBEAT. Which is it? It's almost as if its a circular category. Confused....

Posted by DickDastardly71 10 years ago

heavy knex weapons

I think we should see more large knex weapons (rocket launchers, turrets, large caliber machine guns (I know perfect duck made one but if you have that many knex WOW and to make 2 WWWOOOWWW)etc.) yeah that probably confused a lot of you im getting confused.?_? P.S.sorry

Posted by woohoo659 11 years ago

silly words

What are youre silly words? mine are confusicated, facecrack, nasalcavity, woot, rig, tooten pooten, and suckface.

Posted by nerfer192 11 years ago

I confused the bank...

I just got a call from somebody claiming to be doing a survey for my bank, and he asked me to prove my identity by answering some security questions. I asked him; Before I give you some personal information, how do I know you are who you say you are? It was a remarkably short conversation...

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Which one is better dual core or intel

I am confused if there is any difference between intel and dual core

Posted by stephenward 3 years ago

New name.

My old name was "knex gun builder". i shortend it to "~KGB~". shouldnt be too much confusion.

Posted by ~KGB~ 7 years ago

Does anyone know how to use Sony Vegas 8.0

I'm so confused! I downloaded a Sony Vegas trial, trying to get a more advanced editing tool. It opened and I'm using it, but all these big words are confusing me. I'm pretty sure Sony Vegas can deliver my desired effects but I don't know how to use it! Can someone help me?

Posted by bdcoco 10 years ago

Copyright Confusion

Hi all!  New here, first post.  Hopefully I'm putting this in the right spot and it hasn't been asked.  Was wondering, so you make those little magnets with a picture glued to the back but is there a copyright discrepancy with using images that aren't your own and making it into something that is your work?  Crafts like that are tedious but not hard though it seems like if those selling things like that in shops wouldn't be making those magnets and such if they could do such great art.  Thanks for any info 

Posted by MosaicM0n5t3r 8 years ago

Not right GIF

You have probably all seen this before but, that's just not right... I can't stop looking at it. Not a bad loop sequence. Certainly confuses the brain.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

the best Internet browser

Did anyone know about the best Internet browser for windows, i was confused about: IE, Chorme, FireFox, Opera. Thank for all your help

Posted by kieutu 6 years ago

Old Search Please

 Like many other people here on Instructables, I prefer the old search. The new search has no filters at all, and anything with the specified keywords in it, no matter how far apart, will come up. If one of the keywords is in the comments it will also show up. I would like Instructables to return to the old way of searching. I understand that the new layout is simpler to new users, but the new search is confusing. If i was a new user to the site, i would be confused and annoyed at the search.

Posted by pgd5000 8 years ago

Help me please.

Can anyone help me? ugh i feel so stupid, i just need someone to talk to...please. I'm so confused. pleas

Posted by Bleccy 11 years ago

New Instructables

So what does everybody think of the new Instructables design, personally, i dont like it. Its too confusing for me. What do you think?

Posted by FFVIIBOY 8 years ago

How we make bevel gear?

I want to make straight bevel gears but i confused which type of cutter use to cut by the help of milling machine?

Posted by MubashirS2 3 years ago

Pro accounts?

I am confused about pro accounts! Do i just have to do simple things like post on a forum ect? or do i have to pay?

Posted by conrad2468 9 years ago

What Do Nerf Gun Brass Barrel Mods Do?

I'm really confused by this. How does adding a brass barrel to it make a Nerf gun better?

Posted by Aeshir 11 years ago

What Does the "Popular" Sort Method Do?

When you click explore or a tag or somethnig and a list of Instructables shows up and there's the option to sort by "Popular". Lol. I'm confused.

Posted by Aeshir 11 years ago

Help!! Im confused with contests eligibility

Hi i have a question and im sure others have the same enquiry, as everyone knows, instructables does not have a wide range of eligible countries for their contests. so im wondering if im from Malaysia (which is not an eligible country), can i still join a contest but have the prize (if i win)sent to an eligible country? Because i have a relative who is currently staying in Australia(eligible country) and i really want to join these awesome contests. Thank you, Sean

Posted by schin7 5 years ago

Hello Everybody!

Hello I Am Jason, Nice Site I Have Been Searching Through All The Cool Stuff Impressed By Some Confused By Others, Well Any Advice, Insults, Questions, Are Welcome On This Post.

Posted by Jmraub86 11 years ago

How to choose a GPS for long trips

Hi, I like to travel a lot and need a GPS, but I am confused to choose a suitable character. is there any tips for choosing a GPS sesai needs? Thanks!

Posted by irmaZ 5 years ago

Simple, yet Confusing.

I have this Soldering Iron. It takes 4 AA's @ 6V, and 8W or 11W. My reasons aside, I want to make it into an AC Soldering Iron now. I have various Plug-in adapters, and the one I chose Outputs @ 9V, 100mA. So sticking with the 11W setting, the Soldering Iron: > 1.83 Amps; 6 Volts; 11 Watts; And the plug.. > .01 Amps; 9 Volts; .09 Watts; So, what are my options? I got one.. find a plug with a higher current output :P

Posted by NarNar 9 years ago

WheatStone bridge

Recently i studied the wheatstone bridge in me physics book in class but i could not understand it properly. I asked the teacher about my confusion but he also dont know. i have posted the picture of topic(wheatstone bridge). My question is ;1.Why current I1 is following through point A to D in loop ADBA. 2.Why current I2 is following through point D to C in loop DCBD.My confusion is that why current are following through these two paths. As current always flow through level of a higher potential to a level of lower potential but here it seems opposite.

Posted by DabuHackker 3 months ago

Contests; they are getting a bit confusing

I am a bit confused...I got the distinct impression that a photo contest was a photo contest, not a 'best instructable' contest; hence the camera as a prize. Almost every contest has been based on the subject matter (and that makes sense); submit a new i'ble on how to make a better cake and win a kitchen device; submit a new i'ble on a good way to use LEDs and win a product that helps make things with LEDs easier. Therefore (for some odd reason) I thought the object of this last I MADE IT photo contest was to enter a really good (possibly award winning) photo of something you built (rather than enter an average photo of something really good). Don't get me wrong, all of the instructables entered are good, but submitted as award-winning photos...not hardly. Was this just another popularity contest? How did I miss the mark here?

Posted by Disc Dog 7 years ago

A simple decision maker

Hi    i am a very confusing guy and cant take decision easily so want to create a simple decision maker which helps to make decision whether to do or not

Posted by Rohit.panwar001 5 years ago

My entry

I entered my instructable into the burning questions round 7 contest and it has not been approved yet, but other peoples instructables have just been added after i entered mine. I am a bit confused?? :@

Posted by DELETED_JoshM96 9 years ago

Question....on Workshop of the Future contest(s)

Are there 2 contests named Workshop of the Future? they appear to be different in nature. THANKS all, for making the Titles and pictures different enough in order to make the two contests less confusing. It is APPRECIATED.

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Squid Labs?

So, from what i've gathered, you guys at squid labs just mess around and have fun building ridiculous things..the site just confused me more...so what do you guys actually get paid for?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

The Billboard Liberation Front: AT&T & NSA

See if for yourself at 14th and Valencia in San Francisco.Reminds me of slambert's awesome Look Like Your Enemy: Create signs that confuse, astound and parody!via Laughing Squid

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Contest Voting???

I'm really sorry if this is an ignorant question, however, I'm a bit confused with several of the contests as of now. Many of them are giving me the option to vote on entries.  I thought the voting phase was supposed to start after the contest deadline.  Is that not so?

Posted by TheLegoDJ 7 years ago

How would you define the term 'Development'?

The term 'development' is very complex and confusing and I'm having a little problem defining it. I wanted to know, how others define it, what are their perspectives on the term 'development'? 

Posted by Muhaiminah Faiz 6 years ago

Pardon?? (Update: some have been done)

A brief exchange between myself and Whatsisface utterly confused Keith-Kid, the poor bairn.That reminded me that, as well as the language confusion between English and American (we walk on pavements, you drive on them), there is a deeper, older division.I am from Cumberland. It's "Cumbria" now, but it's old - many of the town names are Icelandic and Viking in origin. Parts of the county were so insular that neighbouring valleys had different languages. The town of my birth is Workington - the name translates as "The town of the people of Worca" - the town, and the land around it, were a small tribal state, ruled by King Worca.So, I thought I'd lay down a little challenge.What do you think these traditional Cumbrian dialect words mean?Google if you must, but you're probably wasting your time...Thissen - yourself, youSneckShilliesHag wormSegsScruntTuppingUppies and downies - Traditional precursor to football. Played at Easter.Whisht - Quiet, be quiet - "Haud your whisht", Be quiet.Tod - Fox. You can also be "on your tod" = alone.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

How does the rating system work?

I completely don't understand how the rating system on instructables works. When I click 5 stars on an instructable that has never been rated, it rates it 3.09. How does this work?

Posted by kcls 8 years ago