what is this connector for?

Quite recently ive been dabbling a bit in the world of LCDs, and when i had my laptop apart i noticed this connector on the back of the screen, next to the video input connector. i had seen the same connector before on some desktop LCD's, and just passed it off as a testing connection of some sort, but then i saw it again in my laptop and now im curious. what is the purpose of this connector? is it a seperate type of video input? or is it simply a testing connection? ive seen it on 3 LCDs so far, two of them identical desktop ones. none of them are labeled with anything, same as the video input connections.

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SMB Connectors

Does Anyone know where I can get a single right angle SMB Connector. This is the type of connector that the satellite radios use for antenna connectors. Digikey and others have bags of them but I only need one. Thanks, Jason

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favorite connectors?

I was wondering if anyone had any favorites for 1 or 2 wire (electrical) connectors that are easy-to-connect/disconnect with a minimum amount of force. I'm thinking around the 22 AWG range. Thanks!

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Fun with a Y connector

So I got one of my friends to come over, and we played with knex. He decided to have fun with a Y connector and pretended it was a nose and lip piercing. I thought it was funny, and took pictures, then I decided to post it.

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What is this connector called? Answered

I want to connect over to this socket however I cannot find available connector as I don't know the name of it. Searching on google for "double row 7 pin connector" doesn't yield results!

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Identifiying and sources of connectors

I started investigating the insides of a cheap forward facing camera thinking it might be possible to mount the camera module on some old glasses frames and connect it back to the recorder / playback unit with a cable. I was happy to discover the camera module was concted to the main board by a multi pin socket and a couple of dabs of glue. Unfortunatley I have no idea of how to identify and find a matching plug and socket to make a cable. the main body of the plug is 13mm long 3mm wide and about 3mm deep and has 15 pins on each side these pins are a little under 1mm appart. I hope someone is able to offer some help with how to identify and find another.

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How to build connectors?

I am wanting to use my auto dvd player by placing the head unit in one place, but somehow extending the touchscreen so I can mount it on my dash. Is it possible to build a connector so the screen can be moved and does not have to be connected to the head unit? The screen is removeable as an antitheft measure so all I would need to do is extend the the distance between the head unit and the screen. If I could build the connectors then extending that would be simple.?

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Phone to audio connector?

 I wanna rick roll my school, and our intercoms work with phones...i need to build a jack where i can plug my ipod in one end, and plug the other into the phone....is this possible? 

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how connector 2 transformer ? Answered

Dear all.. I have 2 transformer in 120ac and out 120ac (power20vac) I have tried connect them but not sure is good for use ???. Could you help me to know how connecter its for in 120ac and 60ac out please see photo.Thank you so much.                                                                    lam

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Looking for advice on panel mount connectors (something like banana plugs)

Not sure if Tech is the right place to post but it seems appropriate. I have been doing some breadboarding lately and in an effort to clean up my work I plan on making a box/panel with several commonly used components (potentiometers, audio jacks, DC jacks, other sockets). I would like to have some sort of quick way of connecting these components to a breadboard. I saw a post here in instructables on how to make Banana plug to breadboard pin jumpers. The only problem I have with this solution is that all of the panel mount banana plug jacks I can find are fairly pricey and somewhat bulky for what I want. Does anyone know of something like a panel mount breadboard socket? The components I will be using will have anywhere from 2-9+ wires coming from them so I would like a way to have some sort of socket or connector mounted with the component and use wires to connect to the breadboard only when the component will be used (as to avoid lots of excess, unused wires coming from my panel). A source of cheap banana plug jacks (female, panel mount) and crimp on male plugs would help as well, if I cant find another option.

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Need help identifying this connector? Answered

Hello I need some help identifying this connector? Also where do I go to find more.

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18V drill battery connector

Hi, I want to make a connector from this 18V drill battery pack to a 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC power male plug. I am planning to use the battery to act as an external power source for a camera. I still want to leave the battery pack for the drill as it is since I will be using the drill sometimes, so soldering cables to the battery connectors is not an option. Are there any other smart ideas?

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USB connector 2-in- 1

Hi, Is there anyway to charge battery through USB connector as well get output volts from the same port ? any 2-in-1 type adapter or hack available.  They should be able to work through external charger . Any time of solution would be help full. Thanks,

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what is a y-connector (knex)? (RESOLVED) Answered

I need it for an instructable

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connector name (see pic)

I'm trying to replace the antenna on my Sprint Airave to get more distance (more on that later). i am trying to find the connector it uses on digikey. ive attached a picture. if you can tell me what this part is called, i'd greatly appreciate it. bonus: if you can get me a digikey/mouser/newark part number, i will post an instructable on range-boosting an Airave! also, i havent examined the pcb extensively yet, but if i slap a giant antenna on this board, will i have to put some sort of load inductance? i havent worked with near-Ghz frequencies before, so i dont know how sensitive these things are to loading. thanks, Daniel

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How to reuse the TV dish cable co Axial plug/connector

Can some one tell me how to reuse the TV dish cable co Axial plug; i want to take out the existing cable and connect with the new one. please suggest me ASAP?

Question by sanyasi 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 months ago

Twisted cymbal on Guitarhero World Tour PS3 & mini audio plug ripped off. Need ideas on repair or replacement?

Actually Daughters friend who has Wii twisted. Apparantly on Wii cymbals spin 360 degrees on PS3 they do not. She attempted to turn cymbal around and tore the wire right out of the male right angle audio connector. I have bare wire exposed and connector is fine, so likely that actual female jack on cymbal is fine, just need a way to reattach a male plug. Total amateur at anything like this so any help would be appreciated.

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psu 6+2 connector? Answered

Does a 6+2 connector on a psu do the same jobs as an 8-pin connector? thanks for anwering!

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Whats a knex T connector? Answered

Question by 9394 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Do these connectors have a name? Answered

Does anyone know the name of these electrical connection things. Used instead of soldering something together if it needs to be taken apart. They are screwed onto a bolt with a nut. the bolt passing the current to the connector which is attached to a wire.

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Are there magnetic dc power connectors ?

I want to buy some magnet dc power connectors like the ones on macbooks.  I am not going to use them on a macbook.  It will be for a quick release for my bicycle light.  I have searched the internet and have not found any, but they must exist.  they would be so useful for my project.

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Ipod headphone connector problem!?

 So, i have the 3rd gen ipod, and the contacts for the connectors to the ribbon cable broke off the ribbon cable... any good sources to get these new headphone connector piece for under $30. Thanks!

Question by led235 9 years ago

PICAXE "snap connector" kitset

Check the kids level "snap connector" PICAXE microcontroller DIY kit ! => https://www.instructables.com/id/quotSnap_connectorquot_PICAXE_microcontroller/

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Zune to Ipod socket connector

I've just got a ZUNE, love it, but all MP3 accessories seem to be made for Ipods. Has anyone seen a adaptor from Zune to Ipod accessories?

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make iphone ir connector?

I want to make a ir connector for my iphone (to use it as a remote) ex. http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/newkinetix-re-iphone-universal-remote-24-03-2010/ it looks like its just an ir led connected to the iphone but for 70$!!! no way! could someone show me the inside of one or tell me how to make one plz?

Question by tim13211 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Help With Ipod Connector Converter

I would like to know how , or if its possible to convert the ipod connector to a different plug.I know it doesnt make sense, but maybe this will helphttp://management.goemerchant.com/StoreData/n/nissanofturnersville/Images/P10_ipodwithsatellite_1.JPGFor my truck, they only make a cable that attaches to the stereo to the bottom plug of an ipod. Is there a way to convert it so that I can plug in my Sansa Mp3 player?Thanks,Newman180

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K'nex Rods and Connectors Contest

The K'nex contest that has been talked about for so long is finally going to happen! The contest will be called, "Rods and Connectors", It will be opening for submission on July 1st. The contest is the hard work of instrucables member mikeasaurus at https://www.instructables.com/member/mikeasaurus/ . I just wanted to raise awareness and help to make this contest a huge success! If you have suggestions for prize ideas visit, Prize ideas for K'nex contest - I'm talking to YOU! , at, https://www.instructables.com/community/Prize-ideas-for-Knex-projects/ . Prize suggestions are open until the day before the contest starts. Make sure to submit your best projects for the contest, I know I will, the best of luck to all of you!

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what is the connector for a servo called?

The three wire plug that you hook a servo into, what is it called? i am making an rc car and my reciver has the exact same 3-pin port like on a servo, except male, and i need to get a battery pack for it.                                                                                                                                                                          ,thanks in advance

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notebook lcd connector to VGA?

Is it possible to make my lcd connect so http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/1900/17012010178.jpg that is the connectorhttp://img121.imageshack.us/img121/6445/17012010181.jpg this part is what you put it it so what im wondering is there a way to make it to vga so that the athor end of part http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/6445/17012010181.jpg is vga?

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What for are these connectors on (older) Arduinos? Answered

On Arduino Duemilanove and some other boards (but not on Arduino Uno) there are four small plates near usb socket, numbered 4 3 2 1. On official photos they are just plates, but on my Hong Kong board there are male header pins instead. They are not mentioned in general texts about the board and I can't seem to know the right phrase to successfulli google it. What are these four connections for?

Question by Libahunt 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What are these ribbon connectors called and where can I find connectors??

I need to get a connector for the ribbon connector shown in the attached image but I cannot find what they are actually called (ribbon connector searches are just showing IDE type cables). If anyone could point me in the right direction/enlighten me on this subject that would be amazing. Thanks!

Question by ActionTekJackson 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Where can I find a magnetic power connector? Answered

I'm working on a project that would greatly benefit from a magnetic power connector similar to the MagSafe variety that come standard with new MacBook laptops. All I want is the connector itself, the male and female side. It doesn't have to be MagSafe brand and it would be better if the magnet wasn't very strong. It should support about 30cm of power cord. This is for 24V DC. I've looked on Ebay and Mouser with no luck. Does anyone know where to get these connectors? I'd rather not buy and destroy the Apple branded components that include the connector, not least for the reason that it would be unnecessarily expensive.

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Can you help me identify the 5 pins on this 2.5mm stereo jack connector? Answered

I've looked at a few data sheets for different stereo jack connectors, but none of them appear to identify what these five pins would do in a common application. I'm building an audio amplifier, and this is the connector (de-soldered off another circuit board), and I have no part number. Please see the attached picture. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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What is the correct order to fit connectors on a cat6 ethernet cable with 8 non-standard colored wires? Answered

Hi, I have a cat6 ethernet cable with 8 non-twisted wires all apparently being of different solid colors. Is it OK to attach both ends to the connectors in any order as long as both ends have the same color order? Since the colors are non-standard I can't go by any convention such as T-568A or T-568B. I am using this in my home and since it will be a one-off I don't care about convention standards as long as the configuration I use will work. By the way, do I need to be concerned about the fact that they are non-twisted wires? What's the difference anyway? I would appreciate your answer. Thanks. Oclaman

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How long can I run a wifi highspeed modem on an AAA battery using RCA cables? Answered

After seeing a hack where someone used RCA audio cable to hook up an AAA battery (either alkaline or NiMH) that would run a television set for a few minutes, I was wondering if the same could be done with a wifi highspeed modem. Two concerns are whether the simplicity of the materials might allow the battery to damage the modem and how long the battery would power the unit before running out. There is a video of the television set procedure here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rA-zhTJuFU The primary reason for using a hack like this would be its simplicity, availability and low expense of materials. The purpose would be to be able to power the modem long enough to grab and reply to vital email and other social media messages in short bursts using a wifi device (such as an iPod) in the event of a power outage. This, of course, is dependent upon whether the landline phone/highspeed internet is still accessible during a power outage.   Two other questions that arise is whether connecting two AAA cells in this fashion will increase the length of time the unit can be powered significantly and whether the increase in power would cause damage to the unit without any other materials and equipment.

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Popular 2 pin power connector for PCBs?

I have made a prototype PCB board which requires connection to a 9V battery or a wall-wart. The board is very small and doesn't have much extra space. I'm currently using a female header(as used in arduino) with 2 pins broken off into which I'm plugging in the wires from battery. In the final board, I want to be using some connector which is widely available, and PCB friendly. The one which I have most commonly seen being used is the wall-wart female power jack which is way too big for my requirement. Any popular option which is only slightly bigger than a snipped female header? -Antzy

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There's a pinout for a Grundig LC 400 camcorder DC-IN connector? Answered

Good morning  at all, I've found a Grunding camcorder (model LC 400) that works, but I've no battery charger or DC cable: before open the camera and try to understand the power schematics (and make some BIG disaster...), sombody have the connector's pinout / model / schematics? The connector's shape is like a small 12 V Molex and on the camera's bottom there's a label with operative voltage: 6 V DC or 4.8 V (battery). Thank you very much, Mattia.

Question by mcavenaghi 7 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

I broke a pin on a barrel jack

I think it is the ground pin. Looking at specs I found online http://www.cui.com/pdffiles/PJ-002A.pdf , the ground is connected to the (+) pin(?). It was the pin at the base, not the big center pin. Is my assumption correct? Thanks.

Question by phillyj 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can I connect a trickle charge solar panel directly to a battery recharger? Answered

I have a 1.8 W 125 mA solar panel, and a GP battery recharger. There is a connector that came with the solar panel that fits the recharger. I connected them and did a quick test with a bright light and it lit all four lights without batteries in the charger. Is it possible to connect a solar panel directly to the charger without some other device/inverter between the two and be able to charge NiMH batteries? I have attached a pic of the items including the information on the back of the electrical plug that came with the charger. It says input AC 120V-60Hz, output DC 12V 1.5A. The picture shows the rest. I look forward to the answer and will not attempt to connect these until I know it is safe and effective to do so.  Thank you.

Question by blodefood 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Garmin nuvi suffers an untimely end

Help me save my Nuvi.  I was replacing a battery that would not hold a charge when the screen module slipped taking with it the flexible circuit connection to the main circuit board.  My attempt to revive the Nuvi is now on life support as I'm not sure if the connection is mechanical or uses some kind of adhesive... If anyone can shed light on this pesky problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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50 pin JAE connector pinouts? Answered

i just recently got a cd drive from a broken laptop, hoping to use it in a project of mine, but i noticed that it has a very different connector in it for data transfer and power, i read online that it is a 50 Pin JAE connector, and it has 40 pins (just like normal IDE) for data trsnfer and 10 pins for power, sound, and the master/slave/cable select option. what are the pinouts of the JAE connector? the cd drive model is a HP CD-RW/DVD DRIVE model: GCC-4244N (SO5D) FW: 1.01 HW: A Mecha: A Type: MGCO does anybody know the pinouts of this drive?

Question by zack247 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Replacing keyboard's ps\2 connector. Answered

I have a very good keyboard whose ps\2 connector is missing. I mean that where the connector should be there is now naked wire. I can't find any ps\2 connector but have a spare mouse. Can i attach the connector from mouse to keyboard and if so how?

Question by Shariq92 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

is there a alternative part for the y-connector in knex? Answered


Question by knexpete 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

computer mouse, cord, connector type

Question by crazycatwoman 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Why are these brass connectors binding up? Answered

Having trouble with brass pipe connectors. I have a M+F pair of connectors I want to use to make a ~air tight connection through a thick piece of rubber.  Want to screw the parts together far enough that the hex-nut section of each part will act as a flange, and crimp the rubber in between. However, I can not get the parts to thread together far enough.  At about 1/2 the length of either, the connectors start binding up.  I can only get the two about 1/4" away from being fully seated. Why? Are pipe connectors manufactured with a slight taper to create this? Or something else? Any suggestions?

Question by CrLz 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What are motherboard pin connectors called? Answered

What is the trade name of those grouped pin posts you see on motherboards - the ones you set CMOS settings with using jumpers.... The kind that the front USB cable plugs into. Under what name can that be looked up commercially, say, in a parts catalog?

Question by Cheyyne 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Ipod connector pin out and function?

Hello! I was hoping some one could point me in the direction of an Ipod (5g preferred) connector pin out, and some info about it. I'm looking to pick up audio out, power in, possible video in the future. Thank you.

Question by Mrlzeppelin 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

laptop HDD: What is this connector called?

I have 2 broken laptops. The first one it turns on and turns off and the HDD seems to be dead. The second one is a toshiba laptop and the screen is broken. Now the HDD for that one I don't know what kind of connector it is. I want to use the hard drive for something else, if possible make it into an external. It's a toshiba it has a piece that comes off but you need it to connect it to the laptop; and when the connector comes off it doesn't have pins, but piece that sticks out. I'll post pictures if I get my camera working.

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Toy Rods and Connectors Contest: Prizes!

Hello knexers! Just a small forum topic about the price I won with the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest. My prize arrived today, and I thought it would be nice to show you a picture. To the other winners of the contest: Feel free to send me a picture off your prize (comment or PM), then I can add it to the forum topic. 1st picture: me 2nd picture: hunter999 3rd picture: knexpert#10829476 Thanks for looking! ~Sandroknexmaster~

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Is there a USB link connector that works with a DSi?

I'm getting a DSi soon (yay), but I've been trying to find a USB link that works with it. Any suggestions? Oh, and my computer can't handle a router.

Question by builder968 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago