I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer

Posted by cremolada 9 years ago


Is there a way to see how many votes someone has for an instructable?

Posted by kooljo 4 years ago

Enter existing instructable into contest

How do I enter an existing instructable into a contest?

Posted by TexasBaconMan 6 years ago

idea for contest

How about a "make some sound" contest

Posted by Microbe 7 years ago

Hi! I want to enter a contest.

Hi! I'm from South Korea, which is located in Asia. I saw the teacher's contest and I wanted to enter the contest. But the contest said that only US and other few countries can enter it. But I really want to enter a contest! Can Korea also enter a contest? 

Posted by dudalsdjaak 6 years ago

Contest Entrees which barely fit Contest Theme

Sometimes a contestant barely fits the contest theme. Sometimes it clearly does not. Can an entry be disqualified for not being of the theme? Some projects seem to get votes for being cool regardless of whether they are entered in the right contest.

Posted by Toga_Dan 4 years ago

How is a Contest Made?

How are contests created? Could I start one if I wanted to?

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago


Does anyone know why there are no more international contests ? (all contests are limitied to entries from the US, Canada, UK and Australia)  what happened ?

Posted by sitzikbs 6 years ago

Max Contest Entries

There has been some question about the max number of contest entries allowed in the contest FAQ forum. There are few ibles that have won a Halloween contest and then are entered in more contests that equal more than 3 total contests. Until now, it seemed that Halloween  was the exception to the rule. However, with this example, it seems that there is a bug in the contest entry system. This ible has won a contest and is entered in 4 more.

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

Where did Contest go

Where did (Let it glow) contest go ? judging ended on 10 January 2015...we are still waiting for results, but where are the entries? where is the contest itself? why totally vanished from this website ? 

Posted by goldenshuttle 3 years ago

A new type of contest

I think there should be a Leatherworking contest, to see who can make the best leather objects. Why should there not be one, there is a sewing contest last I checked.

Posted by McGyver2 7 years ago


Is there a time limit for how long after you publish an instructable, it can be entered into a contest? (if not, there should be...maybe a year) Is there a limit to the number of times the same instructable can win a contest? (if not, then it should be limited to once)

Posted by explosivemaker 5 years ago

wrong date on contest

Hi.  I just wanted to let you know that the date on the "Make it Move Challenge" is off.  On the main Contests page it says that the deadline is July 17th, but the headline under the Contest Info says "Enter Now! Contest Closes July 10." 

Posted by ejp1087 7 years ago

Contest list

I dont see the contest list anymore on instructables. Neither it is on facebook. Can any one enlighten me why is it removed?

Posted by sabu.dawdy 2 years ago

Can I joined in Instructables photo contest

I'm from Thailand.It's not in the list of your condition.Can I send entry to the competition?

Posted by Hansaphoto 5 years ago

diy drones contest not taking me in!

My instructable has not been taken in one contest for days now what should i do!?

Posted by pawanvs99 5 years ago

A few contest entries appear twice in Make it Glow Contest

Hi - I noticed that my entry and one or two others are posted twice in the Make it Glow contest.  I can't figure out how to un-enter one of the two duplicates of my Spinning Blinking Tardis entry.  Suggestions?

Posted by lmperkins 4 years ago

duplicates in contest entries list

I noticed when browsing contest entries, there are some entries that show up twice consecutively, see screenshot I know it's not intentional

Posted by frank26080115 6 years ago

Can i participate in multiple contest with one project ?

Please sagest me ASAP 

Posted by AmitK14 1 year ago

Contest Etiquette- Reposting Old Instructables

I noticed that some authors will repost an old instructable in order to enter a current contest.  Is this frowned upon?  Are there any rules around this practice? Thanks, Kris

Posted by The Papier Boy 7 years ago

Build My Lab Contest Question

I was wondering if this contest is just about building things or could I enter something along the lines of advice on ergonomic use of microscopes.  I noticed on the contest page under Judges Prize -Lab Hacks it mentions "Do you have simple solutions to common challenges around the lab?..Help make life in lab easier and safer for everyone....".  This would seem to fit but not sure since the contest seems to focus on building equiptment. What do you think?

Posted by ChrysN 5 years ago

Contest prize help

Hi I won first prize in the Halloween photo editing contest and haven't heard a single thing about getting that prize in 7 weeks. However, i did contact instructables about 2 weeks ago asking what had happened and was informed that they were getting stock and it shouldn't be that much longer. I'm just curious is this normal for contest prize to take more then 7 weeks to reach someone.

Posted by sircaptaintigerotter 5 years ago

Contest Ideas and Suggestions

Just thought I'd start a forum topic for people to post contest ideas under one topic.  I did a quick search and found questions about contest ideas and multiple topics that are specific to a single suggestion.  So, I am posting this as a starting point and will add ideas for any contests here from now on.  And hopefully it won't just be me posting : ) If this does exist somewhere already, let me know! Thanks!

Posted by annahowardshaw 7 years ago

Help!! Im confused with contests eligibility

Hi i have a question and im sure others have the same enquiry, as everyone knows, instructables does not have a wide range of eligible countries for their contests. so im wondering if im from Malaysia (which is not an eligible country), can i still join a contest but have the prize (if i win)sent to an eligible country? Because i have a relative who is currently staying in Australia(eligible country) and i really want to join these awesome contests. Thank you, Sean

Posted by schin7 5 years ago

How To Enter a Contest

Entry:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           So how do we enter a entry to a contest? First u must have  1 or more  your own INSTRUCTABLES project(s).Than click on CONTEST tab and select a contest that a project u want to be enter. Click on Enter Contest or Entry and click on 1 project u want to submit to the contest. The contest will end with a date and the one that has the most vote win prizes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Prizes : The one who wins gets prizes the rest get a t-shirt or nothing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            How to Vote: So click on Vote Now and vote the instructions u like and u can vote more than 1 but not to much                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THX for reading and u are welcome to see my instruction projects and plz subscribe!!! : )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Posted by JessicaL10 3 years ago

Contest to win a PC

Someone PM'd me about a contest to create something new with their old PC.  I was going to enter but unfortunately it is only open to US residence.  I thought I would pass this along since there are a lot of Instructables posted that would be eligible for this contest (provided that you are from the US).  The prize is a PC. Here is the link:

Posted by ChrysN 6 years ago

contest update

Im just wondering what happened to change the end date of the contest. i was trying to look to see where there was a post or something and couldnt find anything. does this mean it will be judged on the 10th instead judgeing announced today? im just confused how it the contest is changing its making it hard for me to keep up. thanks in advance - Nate

Posted by DjProToJeeX 10 years ago

I am not able to enter Full Spectrum laser contest

I am not able to enter my instructable in the full spectrum laser contest. Can  you please help me out. I posted it on Mar 18, 2014 and it is within the dates they have mentioned.The following message appears.

Posted by BakeitUp 4 years ago

Contest criterias

I tried to post this earlier but either something went went wrong or I was too blonde to find it, so if i is adouble plese ignoreand delete! My intention was to enter the Make it Glow contest with a better and more complete version of my forever Light. But after checking some entries I decided against it. There are a lot of totally unrelated entries in the contest and I fail to see the point in entering if obviously noone cares about what goes into a contest. For example a hovercraft, cordless screwdriver, fingerprint scanners, remote controlled robots, space doors or cmputer controlled flower pots..... I though the reason for a contest would be to have stuff in there that fits th contest.... I know some standards are not that high but isn't it a bit too low to allow totally unrelated entries into a contest??? Me, I simply don't see how a contest can be fair if the entry rules are already being completely ignored and obviously noone here cares to remove those entries... For that simple reason I won't support a contest with my entry.

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

Better way for contests that are being judged

When the contest are being judged, they are showing the recent instructables first, more people are more likely to choose those than the ones in the end or middle. I posted one of my instructables in the beginning of the contest, and I don't want someone else to win because they are the last instructable to be posted. It should be rated by the rating or views instead of automatically recent

Posted by dombeef 7 years ago

How come my project isn't in the contest??

I published an instructable yesterday, entered it into the Back to School Contest, and it said pending.... I got to work this morning to look, and my instructable is up and even featured, but is not in the contest!  what gives?  I entered yesterday evening with plenty of time left!  Not a happy camper. here is my instructable:

Posted by jamiep 8 years ago

International entries

Good day.  Unfortunately South Africa is not on  your "allowed to participate countries" list. Can We still enter a contest - and use our family in Canada to receive a prize  ( if any  :-)  for us? 

Posted by Domoreto 5 years ago

how do i remove an instructable from a contest

I need to remove my instructable from a contest so i can delete it cuz i posted it twice. please is the URL

Posted by Frank Lampard 13 6 years ago

Received confirmation, but instructable never showed up in contest

I received an email yesterday telling me my instructable "Bookcase with dog parts" was accepted in the Pets Contest, but so far it has not showed up.

Posted by knife141 7 years ago

How long on contest response?

When I entered a contest I received the automated email, but it's been two days (like that email says) and I've neither seen it approved nor received any email as to why not. Is there just a back-log? Do I have a bad expectation that both approvals and denials get an email? Thanks! -Zac

Posted by ZacWolf 5 years ago

DIY Contest

I just wanted to let everyone know about a contest where you can win a $10,000 gift card from Sears or a Samsung 46-inch HDTV just by sharing a DIY/Holiday story. It is very easy to enter! Here are the details... Project Holiday Contest Everyone has a holiday disaster tale, DIY story, or some handy tips for getting your home ready for the holidays. Visit to upload your photos or video and let your captions tell the tale. Enter the Project Holiday contest by January 15, 2009 for your shot at winning one of 10 prize packages.

Posted by DinaC 9 years ago

Contests, what happens after and why you might have to wait a bit longer

Basically after every bigger contest questions come up like: Where did the contest go? Closing date is long past, when do we see the winners? And so on... So I took the liberty to explain a few things as far as Iunderstand them. 1. The closing day is fixed, same for the internal judging here on Instructables - but the sponsor needs to view those results and confirm on the winners. This means once the contest judging is over it will take some time for some of the contests to completed. Some sponsors act fast, some need a bit more time, so be patient - no contest will get lost here. For anyone who entered a contest it means you have to wait until the contest page is updated, you can still find the contest in the list of closed contests to check if there is any news posted. 2. Everyone who has entered a contest will receive an Email once the final judging is done and the winners are anounced. Again, no contest is lost and as long as you have no Email notification the judging and final decisions are not completed. Just be patient ;) 3. Prizes... Although basically everything is said about it, posting can sometimes take a bit longer than you might expect. So even you got the winning notification and confirmation the price is posted you might find some items are still delivered on horses ;) Especially international deliveries can take several weeks, depending on their size, weight and what type of service was used. If you are lucky you will get tracking information to estimate the arrival, but if in doubt allow enough time. I hope this helps to ease the confusion a bit when it comes to contests.

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

My instructable has been published but is not listed under contests

Can someone tell me if I have done something wrong. My instructable is published but is not listed under contests where I originally put it. Thanks!

Posted by genag2000 9 years ago


Hey Gang, I thought I would share an idea with you guy.  Lately when I hear about a contest, it is usually way to late to do anything about it.  SO I went to the contest page to look at the and noted that there is no real organization to them.  They are all in a vertical line down the p[age but their dates don't correlate to their position at all. At the very least, please fix this. Also, can you make them into an ICS as well as put them on a publicly shared Google Calendar?  I really need notifications on this kind of thing! Thanks!@ DragonDon

Posted by DragonDon 7 years ago

Instructables Contest

I have won 3 months Instructables Pro membership after my post was featured , please see   but I did not use it yet, and I have no clue how to claim it. Can anyone please show me the steps to claim my free pro membership ??

Posted by goldenshuttle 3 years ago


I wanted to know that why has been my entry been rejected from the fiber arts contest. Please have a look at my instrcutable(I have only 1) and tell  me whetherr it completes the qualifiaction needs. The contest says you can sew it and for making the patterns in the cushion you have to sew it as shown in the video. Please reply.

Posted by sangeeta singh 6 years ago

Can I participate in this contest ?

My name is Shahrukh Saleem, I am from Pakistan. I wanted to participate in the soldering contest, but in Sec A rules of contest it is written that "THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO NATURAL PERSONS WHO, AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, ARE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE SITE.... AND ARE LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES (INCLUDING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BUT EXCLUDING PUERTO RICO), CANADA (EXCLUDING THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA), UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, CHINA, THE NETHERLANDS, COLOMBIA, DENMARK, GERMANY, INDIA, NORWAY, NEW ZEALAND OR SWITZERLAND" Why Pakistan is not listed here ? it is also written that a national or resident of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or any other country for which trade with the United States has been prohibited or restricted by any statute, regulation, order, rule, treaty, or other law of the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction in any manner that would prevent the awarding or delivery of any prize to the entrant; US hasn't restricted trade with Pakistan. So Can I participate ?

Posted by Shahrukh49 3 years ago

Can I still enter the costume contest?

Yes, I am new to the website and I need honesty. Here is a pic of Nightwing and Poison Ivy.  I made these costumes and have some pics that I took through completion. I found this amazing website only after I finished the costumes. Sadly I did not document everything I did all the way through.  I can make a how to video and share my pics. Is that really enough to enter the costume contest anyway?  If so, which Poison Ivy should I use? I have one look for Nightwing but two for Ivy. Red Ivy or Auburn?  Honesty is always appreciated.

Posted by bethhughes706 5 years ago

Contest Idea

  OK, I don't know where to really post this.  Just wanted to share my idea for a contest.    In contests people use 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Machines, but not everyone has access to these machines making it hard to compete with people that do.  I think we should have building contests that does not allow any use of a 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, CNC Machine (anything that is done digitally).  Going back to the good old "Hard Labor".  That will give people that have REAL skills (not me) a chance to win a 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, CNC, or other products as well.    Its hard to complete when someone can just digitally design something and have the machine do all the work (as easy as cutting out a perfect circle).  I just would love to see more projects made by hand and not digitally done.   I know it will be hard to prove the person made it by hand and not with a CNC,Laser cutter, etc.  That being said maybe you could require them to post a lot more detailed images of them creating the project.  Along with everything they have used.  That will help you determine if it was really made by hand. Just use of basic shop tools.  Lethe, Table Saw, Band Saw, Sander.  Nothing that would do the work for you digitally.  I think we had a contest like this before, but can't remember. If so would love to see it come up more often. Thanks, spyder2021

Posted by spyder2021 5 years ago

Name this movie.

The first person to name the movie in the background of this picture will receive a 1 year pro membership code.  Show me how well you know your sci-fi.

Posted by Attmos 3 years ago

Just an idea for a contest

Ok, I looked for all of 35.72 seconds to see if this has already been done, so don't light me up for not doing my research. I think it's a great idea for someone with more time on their hands than me. I was going through some of the wonderfully displayed instuctables and i came across a couple that may have very well been legit, but they were also hilarious. some of the pictures made no sense but the author just went with it anyway. So I was thinking, why doesn't somebody make a contest where they submit 5-7 random pictures that have nothing to do with one another. Then give everybody a week come come up with the best, most detailed instructable on how to do something, anything. winners could be based off of originality, detailed directions(could someone follow your directions and make something), humor, and of course best use of the pictures provided(what you are looking at would have to make some sense). I would love to do this myself on a weekly or monthly basis, but with work and school and kids. I don't really have the time. So, I'm just putting it out there.

Posted by AKNeal 8 years ago

Two bugs in one report!

First bug: (Edited after post by Canucksgirl) When I go to the front page, the list of contest links appears between the "most popular" and "featured author" boxes, then immediately disappears and reappears below featured authors. On refreshing, the list pops back up to the first position, then blinks back down again. Second bug: I was unable to add any image notes to the screenshot - I was going to add something witty to the empty space middle-right. Desktop PC using FireFox 10.0.1 in XP Home Edition

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Did not get my price, super disappointing.

A while back I won a first price on the Automation contest. It consisted of a pack of Tessel boards and I was excited to test them out. The price was sent by FedEx to my location in Costa Rica. When it arrived at FedEx they contacted me because the invoice needed to be more specified for the customs. They can be quite picky in this country. I contacted Instructables/ Autodesk believing this should be an easy thing to fix. The lady at FedEx Costa Rica had some questions and needed a new more detailed invoice. That was all. Small thing I thought. Well, it turned out that Autodesk was not at all interested in helping. I had to write many emails and messages before I even got a reply back and then they where super slow to respond, finally they did a small effort to send a new invoice but it was not as specified as the lady at FedEx needed it to be and now they do not even reply to my emails at all. So be aware contest winners, if there is an issue with customs, Instructables/ Autodesk will hardly lift a finger to help. I find it weird that my price will end up in the garbage bin of FedEx just because they are not interested in helping. Extremely disappointing! I thought Instructables/ Autodesk valued their makers more.

Posted by Elektron8 3 years ago


Can instructable put France in the contests? Plz

Posted by atselikas 6 years ago

Contests for India

Pls make Indians also eligable for contests THanks

Posted by jangoachayan 6 years ago