Stop with the incomplete knex contests...

Ok. So this is something that has been bugging me for AGGEESSS now. All of these Knex contests, hosted by people who clearly no nothing about knex. (Sorry for being a bit harsh) And also, with a massive lack of presentation, pictures, and/or prizes. I mean, in about the last week, I've seen at least 10 knex competitions and challenges. Well sure, maybe the odd knex competition or whatever, but not loads of comptetitions that are stupid. Sorry to the guy who did this, but I mean, someone made a ball machine contest, no presentation, picture or prize, with 3 random categories. I mean, theres nothing new, nothing challenging, so whats the point? Maybe you thought this whole topic was harsh and mean, but see the other side of it. STOP POSTING STUPID CONTESTS!

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago


Can instructable put France in the contests? Plz

Posted by atselikas 6 years ago

Contests for India

Pls make Indians also eligable for contests THanks

Posted by jangoachayan 6 years ago


If you win a contest are except from winning other contests? Ex. If I enter 4 contests can I win a prize in each contest?

Posted by mbohuk 4 years ago

K'nex Contest 2016???

Will there be a K'nex contest this year ????????

Posted by FanPlastic 2 years ago

Enter existing instructable into contest

How do I enter an existing instructable into a contest?

Posted by TexasBaconMan 6 years ago

idea for contest

How about a "make some sound" contest

Posted by Microbe 7 years ago

Energy contest in mobile is still in current contests

The Energy contest isn't showing up under previous contest

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago

There should be a contest.

There should be a contest for the worst instructable ever.

Posted by jon123321 10 years ago

Why are there no Finalists in the Tech Contest?

All of the other contests in the "Contests being judged" have finalists, Why doesn't this on have?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Where is Epilog V Contest Page?

I noticed that Epilog V Contest disappeared from the current contest page? (Today July 28, 2013)

Posted by sath02 5 years ago

Contests being judged

Seems like there is a lag in announcing winners of current Contests being judged that ended on the 20th.

Posted by DiyWaterDog 1 year ago

Why aren't all the contests international?

Why aren't all the contests international?

Posted by geo bruce 7 years ago

Where are Contests posted?

Where are contests and competitions posted?

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

Pizza Contest- new format?

Is this format here to stay? ;-(

Posted by bajablue 5 years ago


 can someone repost the link for the upcoming contests please . Thanks you

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 3 years ago

Particapants in this contest

Is it just me or do you all also think there's only going to be 7 contestants in this contest.

Posted by RelientOwl 8 years ago

Contests Supported Worldwide?

Are these contest are limited to specific countries or for whole world? Is seventeen years old is eligible to participate?

Posted by Do It Yourself 5 years ago

ShopBot Contest Deadline

Hi, Is the deadline for the ShopBot contest Feb 27th or Feb 29th? I see two different dates on the contest page that don't agree. thx

Posted by dttworld 6 years ago

Fidget Spinner Contest Bug "invalid for contest"

I submitted a couple of projects to the findget spinner contest. One was recycled.  One was totally new. I get the following message for the new project:  "The entry is invalid for this contest".

Posted by mtairymd 1 year ago

String Contest Question

If the contest is called the "String Contest" why is the picture full of ropes? Hmmm... Or maybe it should be added that rope is eligible too, It might not be obvious to everyone...

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Where's the Sugar Contest?

It's on the upcoming contest list, it's date is set on Dec 11, 2017 and it's not up yet.

Posted by Angelica000 11 months ago

Updating Contest Entry date ?

How many date  Contest Entry ?2 days or one days ?

Posted by Niraj.Deshmukh 5 years ago

Contest Voting Results

Is there any way to see how many votes our Instructables received, (if any), after a contest is over?

Posted by MaskMarvl 5 years ago

Hi! I want to enter a contest.

Hi! I'm from South Korea, which is located in Asia. I saw the teacher's contest and I wanted to enter the contest. But the contest said that only US and other few countries can enter it. But I really want to enter a contest! Can Korea also enter a contest? 

Posted by dudalsdjaak 6 years ago

Where did the Halloween contest-food go?

I just visited "contests"-"all contests". I didn't find Halloween food contest anywhere. I'm wondering what happened to it. Or is there a problem with the website?

Posted by babybayrs 5 years ago

contest entry on last day

I entered the guerilla design contest yesterday and today it closed for entries and I don't see my entry   will I still be in it? EDIT: it is in the contest

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago

How to enter a contest with an existing instructable?

Hi, I already made an instructable, and posted it after the start of the home improvement contest, but im having trouble entering the contest.

Posted by zowzow 1 year ago

Foreing contestants

Hello, I'm a Colombian mechanical engineering student. Can i participate in the Make it Real contest? Thanks, Esteban Bernal

Posted by polyto89 6 years ago


 Can someone tell me what  contests are coming up in  late may or june  ???

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 5 years ago

How is a Contest Made?

How are contests created? Could I start one if I wanted to?

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago


If anybody know the upcoming contest PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!

Posted by tom66663 11 months ago

International contests?

Can anyone tell me if there will be international contests...ever? I see all these new cool contests but unfortunately they are all US+Canada (-Quebec). Is this site slowly turning into an exclusive club?

Posted by ZoDo 7 years ago

Who Judges the Contests ?

Who judges the contests ? The Sponsors or Instructables ? I ask because I noticed that the Little Bits contest and the Microprocessor contest both have 8 of the same finalists. Does that mean one instructable can win more than one contest at the same time ?

Posted by chris.deen 4 years ago

Contest Entrees which barely fit Contest Theme

Sometimes a contestant barely fits the contest theme. Sometimes it clearly does not. Can an entry be disqualified for not being of the theme? Some projects seem to get votes for being cool regardless of whether they are entered in the right contest.

Posted by Toga_Dan 4 years ago

No Sugru contest banner on entries

I just noticed that none of the Sugru contest entries have Sugru contest banners on their instructables.

Posted by ChrysN 8 years ago

What makes Instructables contests great??

Hey! Tell us what you like best about Instructables contests! 

Posted by Culturespy 8 years ago


Does anyone know why there are no more international contests ? (all contests are limitied to entries from the US, Canada, UK and Australia)  what happened ?

Posted by sitzikbs 6 years ago

How to remove an Instructable from a contest

Hi There, I would like to know how to remove an instructable from a contest. Thanks, Tyson

Posted by NEIN 4 years ago

This contest is very cool. It will be a nice and very very mind blowing contest

COOOOOOOOL This contest is very cool. It will be a nice and very very mind blowing contest

Posted by solmri 10 years ago

When will we have new Contests like speaker contest or something else?

When will we have new Contests like speaker contest or something else?

Posted by Alexvolos1 7 years ago

Paint It! contest

It seems like the Paint It! Contest has been stuck in judging for a while now. I was wondering when the winners will be announced. Also, (I may have imagined this) weren't there "runner up" prizes initially available in the contest?

Posted by American Ruin 4 years ago

Glovebox Contest

I was looking at entries for the Glovebox Contest and saw a couple that didn't seem to have anything to do with cars or travel of any kind. Did the moderating system change? I also saw an ible for a bike in that contest. Is the contest open to motorcycle/scooter/bicycle entries as well?

Posted by Brooklyntonia 4 years ago

Summer Yarns Contest

Posted by grooooovy 8 years ago

Contests forum

On any browser, the contests forum topic shows zero entries- despite it not being.

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

Old contest

It is May 8th. Shouldn't the burning questions contest be gone from the main page?

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

keeping warm contest

Been three days and entry to contest has not shown up?

Posted by mrmusty 9 years ago

Why isn't the Bikes and Wheels contest accepting entries?

It says the contest started yesterday. Why won't it take entries?

Posted by lime3D 5 years ago

how do you suggest a contest idea ?

How & where do you go about suggesting a contest idea ?   mary ann

Posted by colt711 6 years ago

Monthly Contests

I would like to see monthly or bi-monthly contests with no specific topic. Just a contest for the best instructable in that time period. It's a bummer to publish an instructable but not be eligible for any contests simply due to timing.

Posted by NightHawkInLight 5 years ago