capacitor control

I was just wondering if anyone knows any methods of controlling the energy discharge from a capacitor..

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How to control DC motor off and on cycles.

I need to control a radio control boat,  i want to cycle the motor on and off to extend the life of the batteries 6 - 12 v 40A my feed would be a normal radio control speed controller Thanks Ian 

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how to control my room lights using my mobile or home lines or remote ?

Control using remotes or mobile

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how to make a wire less remote control?

I want to make a wire less remote control for my an aircraft and for hovercraft... 

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software to build/layout control panels

I was wondering is there any free software,that helps layout to build my own control panel. i want to layout instruments on panel etc.

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how can i build a garage door remote control system?

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is it possible to control a stepper motor using matlab?

I've bin workin on an adaptive control system of an aircraft using neural networks... so i need to control the angle of the ailerons using steppers... i've created and trained the neural network in matlab but i dunno how to make a closed loop control by interfacing it with a stepper motor... can any1 help me out with this???

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can you add more channels to a radio control system?

I have a small , cheap (you know, the ones you find at a toy store) remote control car and want to add more control channels to it. can you even do that and if so , how?

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how to form an electronic circuit controlled distance formed by a voltage generator and a lamp ?

I have an electric circuit of a generator and a lamp with files I want to know what are the components necessary to control this circuit remotely

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how do you use existing RC to control somthing else?

Trying to make a battle bot and am not to hot on the idea to spend big bucks on other equipment to remote control it. can anyone help

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Temperature control

Hey I am wondering how to make something to shut off a heat source at a certain temperature. The heat source is a normal appliance that is plugged into the wall.

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Where can I find used and/or broken remote controls? Answered

I am looking for a source of used or broken remote controls. I don't want to pay more than $1.00 per remote. Free would be Great.

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Wheelchair Joystick

Has anyone ever conected a wii nunchuck to a electric wheelchair as a secondary controller and speed control if so does anyone have the instructions on how to achieve this please Allan

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HELP WITH DC MOTOR CONTROL USING 5 position selector switch Answered

I have to  use a microprocessor MSP430 to  control  speed and direction of aa DC motor using 5  position switch selector.  can somebody help me with how to get started with the hardware

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Speed control for a 24v to 250w wheelchair motor Answered

 Speed controller for a 24v to 250w wheelchair motor. Can anyone give me a list of parts needed to build  this also a  circuit board diagram showing where to put the components and the size of the PWM that would be required. Thanking you all again. hoplite66

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motor control with TDA1085 circuit scemtics please?

As above looking for help designing a circuit around this chip I have plenty of datasheets but can't find any schematics besides those in said datasheet

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control 4 outputs over the internet with arduino? Answered

I would like to control 4 LED lights in my house over the internet with arduino uno, ethernet shield and my android phone. All they need to be is on/off outputs. I really could use allot of help. I am new to using the arduino over the internet.

Asked by slowguy 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Need a controller (or program) for low voltage solenoid valves, programmable to have a station stay on for days @ a time

I have 16 solenoids that need controlling to open air valves in sequence that create bubbles in a fountain that simulate moon phases.  Would like something that is stand alone hardware over a program that would require a computer to be on 24/7. 

Asked by Brent Owen 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

need advice for process control software

I am new to process control software. We are working on a solar steam project that will require some form of automated control. We need suggestions for software (preferably open source and will run on a windows pc) that will handle temp and pressure data aquisition. The software should also be able to affect small electric motors based on the data parameters. Also any recommendations for temp and pressure (psi) sensors would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any suggestions

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Can anyone help, RC control problems

I have these controls;=LXLDP9**&P;=MLOn the receiver end each channel has 2 negatives and one positive so you can switch polarity. My transmitter is not doing anything on any channel and I get constant current flow in one direction even when the transmitters off. I don’t know much about these types of controls and I looked through the manual and can’t find anything to help. Is there something wrong with the controls or is something else going on? Can anyone help?

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how to make remote for my tv?

How to make remote control for televisions... how it works?

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How to build a smoker temp control system like the bbq guru and such?

I would like to build something to keep my wood fired smoker at a constant temp by a forced air fan and dont want to spend 300 for a guru1

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What do you think about gun control?

In these days there has been alot of shootings and murder. Do you believe all guns should be banned or just the moderen sporting rifles that most people call an assault rifles.

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motor control help?

Ok so first off i just cant wrap my head around this for some reason...... what im looking to do (basically) is have a "pod" turn left and right i want it to be controlled via some type of joystick. i get the mechanics but i just dont understand the electronics. i think i need some kind of pwm motor control. well i just got all the stuff to follow some of the instructables on here but i get nothing.......well i got a smoking pot? no pun intended anyway please someone help

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Im looking for suggestions on ways to reprint the letters on a remote control?

The letters have worn off my tv remote control over time and i am looking for ways to reprint those letters onto the the same time I was thinking of customizing the remote control casing ie. taking the electronic internals out and building a cool looking casing out of plexiglass or something but i would still need to print the numbers/labels onto the case

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Changing a remote control?

Hi I have a remote controlled bait boat tht I use for fishing but the remote control ain't great and was wondering if I could maybe change it for an old one off of a RC car (cheap child's one) as the one I have ony has 3 buttons, 1 for forward and 2 for left n right,  oh and 1 for activating the hopper to let the bait out, if this is possible and someone could give me some advise I would be very grateful, also obviuosly my boat hasn't got a reverse could tht be incorporated into it or is tht gonna be a whole new motor?? 

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How does a 2 channel radio and reciever set(remote control) work? How would I connect one to an electric motor?? Answered

I am trying to see if it is possible to use a 2 channel radio and reciever set( remote- control) to turn on an electric motor and off. And if it is possible, how would I be able to do it?

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Need control box for 8 electric hoists, can someone help?

I am making a control box for 8 electric hoists.  I want to use 8 DPDT toggle switches for directionality (up or down) and use a push button for movement. Example:  I want to be able to move hoists 1 and 2 up and 3 down at the same time.  The hoists I'm using currently have individual pickles with rocker DPDT switches but want to combine them all into a single box.   If someone could help that would be great.   

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How to get rid of ants? Answered

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Hello everyone, can anyone here give me the idea for my Control systems project?

 i'm in my 5th sems of telecom engg nd have to  submit my semester project.. :) 

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just wondering how to use some of these cnc stepper controllers with usb ?

I dont have parrallel ports on my computer only usb. i would like to run a machine from my compaq presario laptop.

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how do I make gluetraps for mice?

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how can i make a rc card cannon? Answered

Asked by baba4 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

can you build a r/c transmitter and reciver and how hard would it be?

I am wondering if you can build a radio transmitter and reciver from a remote control car from scratch. i would like it if the person who answers would post an instructable detailing how to do it.

Asked by saberwing 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Basic RF control transmission

My goal is to press a button on my transmitter side and have the receiver flip a relay - that's all.  It's probably the simplest possible use of RF technology...  and it's almost impossible to work out on google.  I am trying to transmit and receive just a simple control signal about a range of 300m, so dismantling 27Mhz toy cars is not an option.   Has anyone successfully made a simple RF circuit before? I can buy a 433Mhz transmitter with this range, but they take FSK or ASK modulated signals.  From what i can tell, there is nothing simpler than the 'OOK' version of ASK modulation for transmitting signals.  If I'm wrong, please correct me.  Otherwise, if I'm stuck with FSK or ASK.  I found one site (bottom of PDF: providing a simple circuit to produce FSK.  I was hoping for something simpler, but if you think this is the easiest way, i'll give it a shot. Can someone guide me towards the correct ICs and circuits to create this project? Thanks in advance for your help

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How can I sequence several small motors. Answered

Wife approved Home Theater ​I plan to build raised panel cabinets that also hide home theater speakers and 60" screen. Open display/bookshelves sit between the speaker garage and the 60" screen. The raised panel (I'll make with my 5hp shaper) covering the speaker will roll over the display cabinet allowing the speakers to move out into the room on motorized platforms. Then, the speakers will rotate on a motorized turntable  to the desired position. Next, the two panels covering the screen will move under the speaker panels and also cover the display cabinet plus a little of the garage space. I want this to all be initiated with the push of a button. The motors will all be sequential in the above order. First, the speaker panel can roll until it hits a button, next, the speaker platform movement could be controlled by motor revolutions as in a stepmotor and would stop the platform at the right spot. When this action is complete, the speaker rotation could also use a step motor count. Next, the two screen panels will roll under the speaker panels until they hit a final stop button. I will need a central controller to manage the sequence order. I am familiar with Fishertechnik robotics controllers but I'm hoping that someone here can give me some suggestions to make this work. Thanks for reading. Chuck

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modifying xmods

I have to x-mods cars and a box of random electronic parts. the cars are each about 8 inches long ang go pretty fast, ind i want a way to hack or modify them to do something, but i don't know what. please help

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i need a six channel rc system for a school project . does anybody know where i could get one extra cheap?

I would like websites (not ebay) where i could find this . also , it would be helpful to name the system somehow so i know what to look for.

Asked by saberwing 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

can you convert an infared remote contol system to an actual radio one? Answered

I own a small , remote contol car that uses infared to transmit commands. i want to hack the car for a school project, but my dad says infared will cause problems outside. so , i would like to convert it to radio frequency. is this even possible , and if so , how would you do it?

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Easy/cheap way of halving the mains fequency in order to halve the speed of a single phase electric induction motor?

The problem is to slow the speed of an electric grinder down so that it does not burn woodturning HSS chisels during sharpening. I thought of full wave rectifying the mains and feeding it to a so-called "H-bridge" consisting of four SCR's. The SCR's on the top and bottom opposing sides are triggered together as pairs. Each pair of SCR's are triggered for two consecutive half cycles and so on. Might this work?

Asked by hermanza 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

How do i monitor battery voltage and adjust engine idle with a servo? Answered

This is a question about an onboard generator for a robot. Obviously id like to achieve homeostasis at around 12.5-13v. When my car battery reaches full capacity (13.8v) the servo releases the throttle. When it falls below 12v it increases idle to full. Im new to the game go easy on me im waiting on my pic programmer to get here let me know if theres an easy way to do it. -Brian

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I have to design controller for controlling speed of BLDC motor for E RICKSHAW ?


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How do you control a remote control motor without a remote control? Answered

I lost the remote to a toy batlebot, but i would like to use the motors for future projects. How do I do that, if posible?

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Arduino control via android

The arduino board needs to be controlled from My android mobile..!! is there a solution for controlling the arduino from the android mobile through any means like USB,Bluetooth or Internet...!!??

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How To Control the Speed of a BIG DC Motor

How would one control the speed of a BIG DC motor used as an engine for a go kart?

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Control Tower at the Center of a Rainbow

Check out this picture taken by seedlingproject of the Squid Labs/Instructables Control Tower at the center of a rainbow.I wonder what's at either end!

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Has anyone converted a 27mhz remote controller to 49mhz or vice versa?

You know how everyone keeps losing remotes for the great toys they sell at garage sales and such? It would be neat to be able to control different frequency toys from one controller?

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