Controlling a servo with a Micro-controller?

So I decided to spend some time to make a "gimbal" in a very loose sense. Basically I was experimenting using a square wave oscillator to generate the correct PWM to have a servo rotate between 0 and 180 degrees when a tilt sensor is tripped. After some research multiple sites said having a 1ms pulse every 20ms would have it move to the 0 degree position. Great so I will make a oscillator pulses ~1ms on one side and 19ms on the other. However this does not seem to be working. I am curious if it is a fault in my math or if the tolerance on the parts I am using are just too wide to be any good. Here is a diagram of my set-up with the values a came up with. One spot that may be weak is that I just notice someone somewhere mentioned using 50Hz for the timing I just used that number when I calc my figures. Any feedback?  Also a side note is that I have been able to move the servo in one direction only and by accident ( in fact it's what inspired this project) when C1 & C2 were 2.2nF and the R1 & R2 were 10k potentiometers that I turned until something happened. Now that I am trying on purpose no results. 

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Motor Controller

Dear Sir, Can you help me in developing a 24/36 mosfet controller for tricycle? Regards P​

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Temperature control

Hey I am wondering how to make something to shut off a heat source at a certain temperature. The heat source is a normal appliance that is plugged into the wall.

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charge controller

I have the cm3024z charge controller. i have 240 watts going in, controller going to batteries, no conection on the load,   have 1500 watt converter hooked to batteries. set the controller as such,,, HvD-14v, LvR-12.5 v'  LvD-10.8 v . my voltage comming in to the controller is good, when i get to the hvd it kicks out at 14v as it should, but my lvr doesnt want to kick back in. i have let the batteties drain below the lvr but will not kick back in ..  is there anybody that can help with this, i have retured the first one and this is my second one with same problem. i have left the system hooked up as acording to manual,but after it kicks out it just wont kick bavk in unless i disconnect the panels and reconnect them.   all help would be appreciate, thanks

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Control Amperage

Hiyas, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I was wanting to build or buy something I could control Amp input. The system would be 12 -14 v dc and I want to be able to limit the input to say... 25 - 30 amps. So if a system would naturally draw more amps I want to be able to control the system be limiting the amp input...if that is making any sense. Got any thoughts ??? tks Huchleberry

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How to make a Rf controlled small siren?

I need to make a small battery powered loud(120dB+) electronic siren that is turned "on/off" by a key FOB type RF remote. I am currently trying to train my dog to not dig holes, etc, and need a small siren that can fit on her harness collar. I need to be able to push a button on the remote to make the siren wail, until I release the button. remote needs to be RF not IR. Any ideas?

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What about remote controlled circuits?

Yaar i want to know how to build that circuit wich iz RC controlled...i mean i want to create a remote controlled car...?

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arduino coding problem

Im working on a project of mine which needs an arduino to easily manipulate the PIR sensor and easily use its outputs via LED light. this is my current program. int ledPin = 13; int pinPir = 2; int val = 0; int led2Pin = 12; void setup() {   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(pinPir, INPUT);   pinMode(led2Pin, OUTPUT);     Serial.begin(9600); } void calcLed(){   val = digitalRead(pinPir);   if (val == HIGH){     digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);     delay(5000);   }   else   {     digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);   } } void loop(){   digitalWrite(led2Pin, HIGH);   calcLed();   delay(5000);   digitalWrite(led2Pin, LOW);   delay(2000); } im having a problem with how the sequence of the program works. when i test the project . its works fine. but while the program is running . it seems that it wont  recognize the input of the Pir sensor until the program is done? how can i intervene ? i want the program to go back to 1st step when the PIR sensor . detects motion. please help? thankyou :)

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How can i connect my remote controlled car with my laptop?

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Computer controlled timer

I am building an indoor hydroponics room to grow herbs and tomatoes year round. I would like to be able to control the lighting and the water pumps with my computer. Any ideas? Thanks!

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How can I control an arduino by a clock?

Can I have a clock which sends a single clock signal at required intervals of time and I also need to change the time of the clock frequently simultaneously

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how to set up a rc for a device?if i have a boat how can i modify it such that i can cntrol it using a remote/joystick

I have a project to make and my prof has asked me to make this boat which can be controlled using a joystick...and i have no idea how to set up the radio control..plz tell me how to do to control the boat using a joystick???

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Inside a Controlled Vapor Oven

I just got a used controlled vapor oven from a restaurant auction.  It works, but the evaporator heating coil turns off too early.  So, I've opened the thing up to investigate (and possibly rewire or reprogram).  Modernist Cuisine has cross-sectional views of inside a cvap (click look inside on Amazon and search for "cvap"), but if you don't have a copy, here are my pictures of inside a cvap.   Right now, I'm cooking a full bone-in pork shoulder for 24 hours that I brined in a 5% salt solution for the previous 24 hours.  

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How hard is it to make a computer controlled switch?

Hey guys, I was planning an instructable but I would need to create a program to turn switches powersource switches on and off. The switches would be for regular power sockets so I wouldn't have to modify the stuff I plug in. I have no idea how to do it, is this an easy problem? Where would I get the parts needed? Thanks for any advice!

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temperature controlled switch

I I'm working on a water spray kit for my intercooler on my car and i want the pump to turn on when the air outside is => 50 and the intercooler is like 15-75 > then the air i want both of the them to be adjustable. I i could make it activate when its like >50 the and it activate 30 above that the out side air or something like that could and one help me out the a schematic.

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How to make a voltage controlled switch using a BJT transistor?

Well i just want to know how to use a BJT transistor in a circuit to switch on at a particular voltage. Its for a charging circuit, i want to activate i transistor at 9 volts and the current from that to charge a 6 volt battery. I already tried putting a 9 zener diode at the base of a NPN but the turn on voltage was 16 Volts. I used a C5027R and Vbe is 7V and i am really confused with what Vbe really is.

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Im planning to make a robot with pure old fashond curcuitry. Any suggustions?

Im eventualy going to make a robot with no open face platforming, just IC'S and wires. Not atonomus, just a remote control. Forward,reverse,left,right thats it . Pretty straight forward. If you have any sugguestions or comments please post them.

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How to turn a Ps2 controller into a Pc controller ?

Hi i was woundering if there is a way to detach the end of a ps2 wire and conect on a usb plug would this be posiable. Any other idea would be much appreciated.Thank you

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Can you control arduino with a gamecube controller? Answered

I want to control arduino with a gamecube controller to drive robots and for other projects. I was just wondering if its possible and if anyone has a code they would be willing to share. I would love to do it on my own but I  new to programming and am not sure what i am doing.

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Computer controlled crossover?

Hey guys, I've been wanting to ask someone about this idea for a while now. You know how you can get programs like SRS Wow that's built into windows media player? There are also other assorted Equalizer programs (with sliders) or for effect, to change how your music is playing. If these programs can do this merely with cpu power, is there a way I could have a source from the mic/input plug on a soundcard in one of my spare towers, and say, re-route it to the speaker/output on the card, but say, have a subsonic filter in place between the input and the output of the card, using only software? I'm pretty Effin sure this has to be possible, and yes I can take into consideration that there could be some considerable cpu usage for realtime playback. My goal would be to say set in place a 20 or 30hz cutoff point and then run that to my subwoofer amp, or use two seperate towers, and run my other subwoofers I have sitting around, but they need a higher cutoff point as they are only 8-10inch woofers. Could anyone lend a hand?? I know this has to be possible somehow.

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How to Control a Servo?

How do you control a servo? I know you can control it via Arduino or some other microcontroler, but can you control a servo with out the need of programing??? I know the servo has 3 wires red, black and yellow... and if what I heard is right, that yellow wire is for controlling it.... Thank you! Comodore

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Remotely controlled throwies

I'd love to make some throwies that can be remotely controlled. At a minimum I want to turn them on and off, colour and brightness change would be fantastic.  What's are the options for doing this - what's the cheapest, lightest, smallest way to control them remotely? Some kind of RFID and switch? Is this going to drastically raise the price from about $1 a piece, or could it be done cheaply? How many could feasibly be controlled at once?

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controll a stepper motor

Can you controll a stepper motor with push switches no circuit? i need a 12v motor with pllanty of speed  torque for a diy cnc but i want to controll it manualy with a joystick made with push switched can i just apply power to a stepper motor like a hobby 12v dc motor and run it without a circuit?

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N64 Wireless Controller

Has anyone been able to make a wireless n64 controller? I've been searching on the internet and the closest i think anyone has come is this. unfortunately, the wireless controller wasn't finished and if it was, it wasn't posted. anyway, if anyone has any information on how this can be done or, dare i say it, post an instructable i would be extremely grateful.

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Control Logic with PWM? Answered

I am currently working on a robotics project, and need a bit of help. I have this H bridge, and would need to control it via PWM. Speed control isn't necessarily what i need, though i wouldn't mind. (In4 i should have just bought an ESC) The whole bot is controlled by PWM (All servos) except for the two DC motors that i have on it -- One for forward and backward, and another for rotating an arm. How would i control the H Bridge with PWM? Which pins would i connect what to? 

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RELATED TO DC MOTOR CONTROLLER (EV VEHICLES) 1: Need for large number of capacitors in the power circuit (store the charge and dissipate to which part of the component mosfet or diodes ??) ? 2: what are diodes parallel to the mosfets for ? ( other than preventing the back emf coming from the motor ) and is it have anything to do with firing angle ? 3:advantage of using many mosfets in parallel than using a single mosfet and on what basis must that mosfet chosen? I am from India a college student pursuing my electronics engineering and making motor controller,i am able to get all the circuit details and how the motor controller works but i have above few doubts

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computer controlled relay

I want to build a SIMPLE computer controlled relay. Not where u have the relay that is on when the computer is on, the kind where u have a program that has little buttons that u click to activate a relay. Please help me!!!!!

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Facial Robot Controll

Facial feature detection is an interesting addition to robotics. Much of human communication is done without verbs and nouns so a robot that can pick up on visual cues from the human face will probably be leagues ahead of it's peers. I imagine that using this feature it can pick up the disconect between words and facial expression to get a understanding of sarcasm. Turing test, here we come!Face Controlling Robots

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control Stereo Volume

I have an old style Cassette SONY x-plod car audio stereo player for car. i have removed main cassette section & replaced it with an USB MP3/FM board with remote control. I made this because i believe in SONY's amplifier so successfully tracked amp track to get source from USB board. But here i got a problem with board which forgets volume level & restores to 25 level(Default range 0 to 50 level). so volume is boosting at high at every start of player. Now i want to Analog stereo volume controller between USB board's output & SONY amplifier's input. so what should be the configuration for volume controller??? Output target for amplifier is 4speaker(2x150Watts[Front] & 2x180Watts[Rear]). Does my idea works?? if it works what is the configuration for Analog stereo volume controller.??

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Touch Controlled Resistor?

 Hey I want to make a touch pad that if touch in a certain area will change the resistance level and hold this even after not being would I do this???

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IR Robot Control

The cheapest way of wirelessly controlling a robot is IR, right? I'm in need of help for a schematic for an emitter and a reciever (this will be my first IR project). Please don't tell me to google it because I've been looking around and all I've found were vague schematics. I'd probably want to use a 555 timer for the emitter, but the schematics were vague again. For the reciever would I have to use 4, along with 4 emitters to drive 2 motors independently? As in Motor1 front and back, Motor2 front and back?

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How to control a solenoid? Answered

Hi, I have a tiny solenoid from an automatic air freshener that I want to control manually. The solenoid acts as a valve that opens when fed 5v, and closed when no voltage is present. On the factory board, there's a timer that triggers the solenoid every few minutes for a fraction of a second (opens and closes so fast it just sounds like a click). What is the simplest way (No Arduino, Raspberry, etc.) to make a 5 volt pulse to make it go "click" on the push of a button?  Further more, how would I control the length of the 5v pulse?  I want to be able to control the amount of gas it passes (Pun intended) when activated. Any information would be helpful, and a circuit diagram would be greatly appreciated (I can read diagrams but can't design a circuit). Thanks!!!

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N64 Controller to PC

Hey guys, I recently pulled out my N64 and played Mario Kart 64 for some old-time fun. It was a rush.Anyways, I saw a video on youtube of someone who hooked up their N64 controller to their PC, and all the buttons worked.Now I recently saw an instructable on something similar to this: I'm not sure if that same method would work or not.I also found this: is pretty much what I'm looking for, but I want to see if there's another way that doesn't involve the creation of a circuit with IC Chips.Anyone know? THanks.

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PID control hardware?

This is for a college project, I'm not asking for help so much as advice. I need to write a PID algorithm and have it control an electromagnet. The only experience I have with this kind of stuff is C++ and arduino serial communications (with processing, not C++). Obviously the goal is to make the whole system as fast as possible, so could anybody recommend a programming language and hardware interface I might look into? Arduino on the whole seems a little slow, and I'm not  sure how fast the serial communications are or if something like USB might be better. Thanks in advance.

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Controlling a motor with PWM

I'm building an ROV for the MATE ROV competition with a high school team this year.  For this year's competition, we've decided to control our bot via an Arduino Mega, and we're using PWM to potentiate the thrusters.  As the person designated to electrical, I fortuitously have no idea how to set up an intermediate step from the Arduino to our thrusters.  I've looked into H-Bridges with both Relays and Transistors, and defaulted to the transistor. How would I choose what transistor to use though? I've tried several (all BJTs) and they're giving me nothing but problems.  Should I switch to a FET? Should I use a P type and an N type, or only one?  What specs should I purchase them with?  Do I ask too many questions? Help!  (I'm trying to control a 12V 6A motor with a 5V Pwm signal. Thanks!)

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NPN to PNP control? Answered

So as I get into this project the circuit keeps building and now I once again have another problem that I can't figure out. As the title hopefully suggests I am using a NPN PN2222A trans. to control a PNP 2N3906 The idea was to use the 5v from a Ardinuo UNO to control a 12v. Currently I am testing with a 9v I had on hand. I thought it would pretty straight forward but every time I supply power to the NPN it creates the short needed to turn on the LED, but once I cut the power the LED stays on until I create another short (using a probe) uphill of the NPN. The only thing I can think of is that the LED doesn't the resistance needed for the power to re-saturated the PNP. Any thoughts? I will admit  haven't done any of the math needed yet for the resistors. Also can someone send me a link to the programs you use for drawing the layouts so I can move past MSpaint?

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Computer Controled Lighting

Ok.. I am going to apologize now to everyone if this is a repost of someone else's question.. but for the life of me I cant find what I am looking for... I am considering doing a project that will allow me to voice command a HTPC for other things then the normal HTPC stuff... for instance.. and yes i kow this is kinda out their on the geeky side.. but my brothers and sisters here would approve... I want to be able to walk into a room and tell the "ships computer to go to Red Alert" and have a red LED rope light hidden behind a false crown molding start to turn on and off.. and also play the infamous star trek red alert sounder..... This would be only one of many things i want to do with it.. but the only example i could come up with at the moment... If you can point me in the right direction for the lighting control done on the cheap that would except commands from lets say a batch file or what ever.... Charles

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How to create an Usb controlled rgb light that changes colour depending on input from pc?

Im trying to create an led array of 30 leds (10 red, 10 green, 10 blue) that recieve an input from the computer and light up accordingly. E.g. 10 Red, 0 Green, 10 blue to make purple I've found several projects that will light up the leds when the usb is plugged in but id like to control which leds are lit. Is anyone able to draw an circuit diagram for me or suggest anything to help me make this project as i can probably program something to send the output from the computer but its the wiring of the controller etc that im not so good at figuring out.

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how do I connect limit switches to a sliding door system controlled by Visual Basic software?

The limit switch system must detect if the door is open and if it is, the whole system must be disabled.

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well my rc car broke and i was looking for something to do with it

So i have a motor, some battery holders, and possibly some remote control parts but i have no idea how to work them. any suggestions?

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What size engine would I need for this aicraft? (details and pictures inclosed)

I am building an R/C extra 300 and am about to buy the engine, but im not so sure what to get. I think I should buy a 30. sized brushless or up engine, by what make should I get. I would like to power it electricly Details: wingspan= 4.5ft Lenth with cowling= 42 inches wieght w/ servos and pushrods but without radio, lipo battery, motor and speed controler. = 1lb 4 oz width (at largest part) 5 inches. Servos: 4.5v 1.5kg torque I would also like to know what speed controler and battey I would need. Thanks Oscar

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Need help/ideas for a (seemingly) simple USB, time controlled locking mechanism

Hello. I need help. A lot. But seriously, I need to fabricate a way to activate a door lock, via USB (this would seemingly be the easiest way, since a computer keeps accurate time), only during a preprogrammed time period. For example, I would program the lock to activate at 11:00 pm and retract (I'm assuming deadbolt here) at 5:00 am. Would something like this be possible? Thanks in advance.

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Trying to make music controlled leds with arduino?

Ok So I decided to take a netgear router apart, and it had a circle of 8 smd led's And I figured out the pinout to hook them up to my arduino (I know which wire goes to each led basicly) Theres one power input, and the rest are grounds, And I decided I wanted to make it pulse to music.  I want it to do two modes, (Maybe by the push of a button? Theres a button on the led board but idk how to use it. I know the 9 pins to make the leds work, but theres 3 left that I dont know what they do. I want to make one mode that will make all 8 pulse at the same time, And one that will make a pulse from led1 to led8. I have a button, My ipod, my arduino, the Led circle, and a speaker plugin. The speaker plug in plugs into my ipod, and it has a copper wire, a white wire and a red wire.  Im not sure how to hook it all together and write a code for it. So Im looking for some assistance.... Thanks! :D (I also added a picture of the led board, and of the speaker wire)

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Need help to make a project Answered

I need to build a project where a proximity sensor of a person (1 - 3 ft) would cause a very small motor to press a plastic bottle once per cycle. The cycle should only be able to be activated once between 10 - 15 minutes.  The soft plastic bottle would be no more that 2 - 4 cm diameter 7 - 8 cm long with a tube connected to it's tip and the bottle would be inverted to allow gravity to allow the liquid to move down the tube. The idea is to get just 1 drop to drip from the tube. I would want the power source to be a rechargeable  AA 1.4v up to 8 - 9v rechargeable battery.  This will be my first electronics project so please keep it as simple as possible.

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Need help figuring out how to make LEDs come on when signal is sent to speaker

Hi everyone! I've finally decided to create something. But since i'm completely new at this i need some help I want to add some interior lights in my car, and i want them to be sound activated. Currently i have 4 cathodes connected to 2 sound modules wired into the cigarette lighter. The problems i have with that are if i change the volume on the stereo, i also have to adjust the sensitivity knob on both the sound modules and because one module is under the seat and one is behind the dashboard, they react completely differently. what i want to do is get rid of the cathodes and replace them with LEDs and i want to somehow get the set that will be under the dash to turn on when an audio signal is sent to the front speakers and the set that will be under the seats to turn on and off when a signal is sent to the amplifier for the subwoofer. The key thing on this project is that i don't want to have to adjust something every time i change the volume and i want it to actually match the music, not every noise that can be heard in my car. Also i'd possibly want to replace the switch that turns on and off the entire system with a 3 way switch to have one side turn on the sound activation and the other to have the lights steady on so basically i would need to know what i would have to buy and how to put it together... Unfortunately my experience with electronics is limited to assembling a kit from adafruit to charge my ipod with 2 AA batteries and making a stun gun out of a disposable camera so i'm hoping for a simple way to do this Any help, ideas, suggestions, anything like that would be greatly appreciated

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2 Rc cars being controlled by the same controller?

So first off I don't know much about Rc cars so Ive looked online for a solution but can't find one, maybe I'm getting the wording wrong. I've just came across these forums so maybe someone can help. OK so my nephew got a pair of Cars 3 RC cars for his birthday. They were working fine for about a day but now one of the controllers controls both cars at the same time and the other does nothing. I can't find any controls or switches on either car or remote except for the on/off switched. My question is, why is this happening and is there anything I can do to fix it? Also they both say they're 2.4ghz if that makes any difference Thanks in advance

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How to control Stepper Motor with Integrated Controller, with Arduino

I salvaged a few big stepper motors from a large Laser printer. Unfortunately they all have integrated controller boards. I would like to control them with an arduino. I am aware that an option is to remove the PCB then use a regular contoller. I would prefer to use the integrated board. The boards have the following inputs: 24V GND P/S LD CLK +5 GND The high and low voltage and ground are obvious. CLK is the clock speed (which I half understand). LD is Load?? P/S is pulse?? The board has an SLA6024 with a nice heatsink. (perhaps that helps. I am after a wiring diagram and arduino sketch to control the motor for a CNC machine. Your help is appreciated. Attached are a few images.

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220V AC Voltage regulator, controlled with micro controller?

Hi I'm fairly new to Arduino (I'm actually using Netduino), and I have been puzzling with making a voltage regulator, for a 100W lightbulb. But my issue is, that I would like to control it digitally, with a micro controller - and not with the usual potentiometer. Is there some kind of digital potentiometer I could use, or create? Or better yet, instructables on doing something similar to this? I've been looking, but all seems to be manually operated, and most of them are for low voltage DC. I'm pretty new to electronics as well, and I definitely would prefer, to NOT burn down the house. Any advice, comments and links are much appreciated :)

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Remote controlled concrete trowel machine

Hello I do not know how to build this type of machine. I was hoping someone in this forum would be able to build one and share it with this community. I do not know if the machine is under a patent or not. If it is under a ptent perhaps certain aspects of it are not.The company that was building these was called Tibroc in USA. But they are no longer around. Anyway if someone can help me out and build one and share it so that I can build one that would be great.

Posted by dimatek 3 years ago