7v AC reduced to 6v AC?

Simple resistor? I'm no good with electronics

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how to connect laptop to tv?

My screen broke on my toshiba notebook. i wan to plug into my tv

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how do you convert DC to AC?

Please will you tell me how to convert DC to AC?

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We would like to convert .pps to a video format so that we could play it on the TV, as it will accept .avi

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Anyone out there no a way you can convert a 0.5HP electric single speed motor to a variable speed motor (if it can be done)

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How can I modify a drinks chiller running at 10c-18c to run at temperatures of 0c-5c?

Help. I want to convert the baumatic bw18 drinks chiller into a refrigerator. The cooler runs between 10c-18c. I need to alter it to run at 0c - 5c. Is this possible? What parts can I modify? Do I purchase or modify the thermistor? I think it is more involved than resetting an appliance timer. I need to convert this model specifically. Here is the product link. http://www.baumatic.co.uk/products/catalogue/refrigeration/winecoolers/BW18Thanks.

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I was wondering if I can covert a transformer that is 220v to 110 and change it to a step up? It would be for a 500w motor. Thanks

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how to convert usb optical mouse to wireless

How to convert my wired optical mouse to wireless? please help me...

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Converting sound to ultrasonic

I need to convert a bird sound from the audible level to the ultrasonic,  close to the the 20khz level. as long as we human cant hear the sound.  My question is,  what is the best method to convert this file? thanks in advance

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How do i convert 12vdc 16A to 12vdc 5A using resistor ?

I want to convert the 16A current into 5A how can i do it

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how can I convert a bicycle to a three wheel bike?

Looking for easy way to convert my daughters bike to three wheel trike . any simple ideas would be great.

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how to convert to solar?

I recently purchased a normal set of white LED christmas lights for my apartment. But recently I saw similar units that run on solar energy. I was wondering if there was a way to convert the sets that I have into either battery powered or solar powered.

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Converting passive satellite speakers into active speakers, bypassing an A/V amplifier.

Hello, I wonder if anyone knows how I might go about adding power to passive speakers without plugging them into an amplifier, so that I can have them work with my PC?

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Can i Make a USB to 3.5mm jack converter? Answered

I need some diagrams showing which leads can be used as the left and right channels from a usb (vcc,D+,D-,)

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Can I convert an appliance that runs off of 220v to run off of 110v? Answered

I am going to move from Germany back to the states soon and I would like to avoid selling some of my larger and more preferred electronics.  I know I can buy a step up converter but I don't want to have a giant black box sitting in my living room for the next five years.  Electronics is not really my thing but I can learn and figure out what I need to.  I just need to know if it is possible to permanently convert 220v to run off of 110v.

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Has anyone converted their Christmas string or icicle lights to solar?

I'd like to learn how to connect a small solar cell to power my Christmas lights so I don't have to plug them in. I expect that this would include some rechargeble batteries, and a blocking diode? What about resistors? Any help with this idea and the steps involved would be welcomed.

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what can be used as the dummy load on a converted power supply

I dont have a 10 watt 10 ohm resistor for the dummy load but I do have several others like 7 watt 6 kohm ,or 5 watt 300 ohm and some 10 watt 7 kohm can I use any of these if so how to wire them 

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Convert AAA battery power to 12V jack?

So I figured out a really good option for my external rumble pack I want to make, I see these Wii lightguns use X2 AAA batteries and have a micro switch that engages the internal rumble motor on the handle of the gun. The batteries are connected to a microswitch and the switch is pressed after the trigger is physically pulled. How can I convert the AAA batteries power method into an external 12V power connector for continuous use and stronger motor vibrations etc? Like I said this is my first DIY thing. I want the AAA battery method to be converted to a stronger more capable 12V. I plan on buying some strong force feedback motors that need 12V. Eventually adding a small Solenoid too.

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converting 110v christmas lights to 12v

In a web search looking for 12v Christmas lights to run off my small solar system, I found this; http://www.fly.net/~thundt/xmas12v.htm This looks very straight forward and easy enough to do.Has anyone here tried this?I bought a small set of solar powered at Target ($14.95). Way under powered and last only a few hours. It's going back today!This looks like a way to get brighter, longer lasting lights and I don't have to run my converter. My 160 AH battery should power it up nicely, I would think...Think I found a project for this afternoon!

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5v to 12v convert

Hello, I want to connect a portable solar powered rechargeable to 2 DC fans of 12v to cool my car. 1. I have 2 options of portable solar powered: (A) 1500mAh, outputs: 5.5V / 800mA (B) 2000mAh, outputs: 5V 500mA     which one is preffered to connect to those PC fans? 2. most of the PC fans are working at 12v. I don't quite sure if I'll build simple 5v to 12v regulator it will works and produce enough airflow. Thanks.

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cj jeep to truck conversion?

I am looking to convert a 5 seat jeep to a 2 seat pickup like the scrambler.  I have a pretty good idea on how to do this but i was looking for an ideas and some help on where to find a cheep jeep for the base vehicle.  any help will be greatly appreciated.

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HDMI from LCD connector

Hi, At work I have an ultrasonic testing instrument that displays the signal on an LCD (640x480). I also have a HUD (head mounted display) that requires a HDMI input. The only way I can think of getting the 2 working is to put a camera over the display and send that to the HUD. Would anyone know of a way to connect something to the LCD ribbon directly and convert it to HDMI? Many thanks for any help provided.

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I have a digital camera with a rechargeable battery. Is there a way to convert to AA, C, D, etc?

My sister is going into the rainforest for a few weeks. She would rather not buy a new camera. Solar-only charging devices seem like a bad idea when you don't know how much direct sunlight (if any) you will see. Is there a way to use her current camera (with a battery that charges off of a wall outlet) but get power from "disposable" batteries (AA, C, D, etc)? What would that be? How do I find it?

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TV like websites anyone

Has anbody else used sites like hulu.com(only for USA, sorry Europe) and TV.com and other sites like that to watch free tv? Because i just got rid of the dial-up at my house and got a 1mbs DSL conncetion and am starting to watch TV online, being that i still recieve free over the air TV and with the interent i can watch all sorts of amazing shows like mythbusters and how its made(and occasionally the office). And after watching all of those shows online, and for free I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent converters/downloaders(you know just a regular flv. downloader) for me to get these on to my iPod, because that would be awesome to be able to watch all sorts of tv shows on my iPod, legally. So post some other sites that you use to watch TV and converters/downloaders you use.

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My phone won't take the format that my videos in. any suggestions?

I tried importing some video into my phone through a memory card, but It wouldn't accept the format. any suggestions?

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How to Power an AC device using DC- from an outlet

I have a heating pad (Sunbeam, the kind of pad used for muscle aches etc.) that plugs into the wall (110v AC). It says on the pad that it draws 42watts. For various reasons, I'd like to have the heat generated by a DC source rather than AC.I'm thinking maybe there is a way for me to plug some kind of converter into the wall (AC to DC) and then plug the heating pad into this which will still result in heat. I have no idea if this is possible. The pad has a switch for three different heat settings.Can I do this? How?Thanks for any suggestions!

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How to power an old laptop screen with an old laptop battery ?

Hello instructors, I'm currently playing with Rasberry pis, and I just started a new project. I found information showing how to re-use the screen of a dead laptop via a controler board you can find on eBay. I'm planning to integrate all this in a suitcase to create a mobile retro gaming console. It should be easy to add a simple 220V plug to power all this. But I was just thinking it could also be nice to be able to use this on battery as I also have many laptop batteries @home. Rasberry power input is about 5V 3A Audio amp input is from 1.8V to 12V Screen controller board is 12V 4A Here is what I want to do : > When plugged : Add a circuit to charge the battery via a 220V input. That circuit should also convert the 220V to the power needed for the Pi, the audio amp  and the screen. > Unplugged : Add a circuit to convert the battery output to the power needed for the Pi, the audio amp and the screen. I have no idea where and what to search for. Should I reuse the laptop power unit ? Any help would be highly appreciated. Please excuse my English mistakes. This is not my mother tongue. Thx. B²

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Transform a store to a room !

We have a small store on the roof , which is very dirty and filled with racks and suitcases .the walls are awful too .Can someone give me ideas to transform it into a new room for me cz my current one is awful .It will as a guest room where i can sit with my friends and watch TV mainly .Thanks

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Covert bluetooth dongle to mini USB?

Having purchased an android tablet with mini USB ports I have finally got my tiny USB bluetooth dongle to work with it using the provided OTG USB to mini USB cable. I was wondering if anyone has dismantled a bluetooth dongle and fitted it with a mini USB connector? I think it would be so much better to have it sitting directly flush to the tablet rather than having it hanging out at the end of a cable. Would this be easy to do or should I leave well alone? Thanks Gaz.

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How do it change a battery appliance to run off a wall plug when it has no built-in power pack outlet?

I have an alarm clock that runs on two AA batteries (I'm not fond of radio plug-ins they buzz too much). So that I can sleep easy and not worry about the batteries dyeing in the night, how can I hook it up to a 240v ac/dc power pack and what size pack would I need? (I have access to heaps of p.packs but I have v. little electronics experience. I have the idea but not the know-how!) thanks for the help

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add a mini pcie slot in place of expresscard?

Ok, so if we've looked at the pinouts of the expresscard 34/54 slot and the mini pcie slot, we know that: -they both use USB 2.0 -they both use PCIe -they both run on similar voltages so i tried my luck and wired up a mini pcie slot in place of the expresscard slot in my laptop. ive got all the pins wired correctly and all the grounds are grounded, but my wireless adapter card is not recognized. first off, skip all of the "why bother adding a wireless card when you've already got one?" and "this is just a stupid idea" remarks, thats not what im asking. the miniPCI wireless card ive currently got works, but the bandwidth is really limited because its an older technology than mini PCIe. but back to the question at hand. why isnt my mini PCIe card recognized? i have a feeling that it might be the "CP USB" pin on the expresscard slot, which, on the pinout sheet is labeled as "card inserted", but i have no clue what i do with that pin to tell the computer to check for a card. does anyone have any ideas? expresscard pinout: http://www.interfacebus.com/Design_Connector_ExpressCard_Bus.html mini PCIe pinout: http://pinoutsguide.com/Slots/mini_pcie_pinout.shtml any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Converting movies?

How can I convert HD AVI movies to Full Screen 16x9  . We are running Ubuntu 10

Asked by emit 7 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

How can I convert 12v down to 5v? Answered

Asked by niranj_1994 9 years ago | last reply 8 months ago

convert bicycle to recunbent without welding? ?

Convert bicycle to recunbent  with out welding take parts of 2 or more bikes too make 1 bike

Asked by zzjoev 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

how can i convert a corded usb mouse into wireless?

Asked by stephanhp 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

converting a Saitek P2500 game pad into a midi controller?

Wondering if anyone has toyed around with converting a USB joystick, (perferrably, the Saitek model P2500) into any type of HID MIDI controller for PC?

Asked by BLAQCAESAR 7 years ago

How to convert LDR reading to lux readings?

I want to make a digital lux meter using a arduino but I am quiet confused on how do I convert LDR reading into lux reading.Please help me for the conversions. 

Asked by Bot1398 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

How to convert bit map files to JPG files.?

My Digital Picture Frame will only accept .JPG files. Many of my pictures are in bit mat (and some other) formats. I need software that will convert the pictures to JPG. Thanks, Bill

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Hi convert 12v signal to 220v? Answered

Hello! I have a 12v signal and want to convert it to 220v, simply open the passage as a switch (progressive) and I have a 220V source, it would be like a relay but progressive.The signal is not always 12v it could be posible? Thanks! 

Asked by labalavermella 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Convert stereo to mono? - creating 3 channels, mono, left, right

I have a little problem.... i want to convert Left, Right channels into 3 channels, Left, Right, and Mono is it possible to build this with a couple diodes? Thanks in advance!

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Could this be used as a guitar amp or converted into one?

Http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName;=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item;=190311640003Could I convert that into a guitar amp? Im thinking that because its mono and not stereo it should work fine? Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Convert magnetic to electrical? Answered

I am trying to find a practical way to build a device to convert magnetic energy into electrical energy, some kind of generator or other device, there are several ways in which this might work in theory but actually building the device would be more difficult to figure out.

Asked by thedriftcore 6 years ago | last reply 1 year ago

is there is a way to convert stero speakers into speakers that i could plug into my cpu so i could play my music louder?

The information on the back of the speakers are as follows: Speaker System FWB-C399/17 3139 118 79080 Impedance: 6 OHM Serial No: E0210242 Made in China

Asked by dridge12 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Converting G clamps or similar to a bench vice?

Looking to make some stuff but don't really have access to a workshop. Not so much of a problem tool wise, all I really need as a drill and a hacksaw, but will definitely be needing a medium size bench vice. Don't have one, can't afford one. So was thinking to somehow convert one or two G clamps or something similar. Was wondering if there's any existing resources or tutorials on how to do this, just so I don't unnecessarily reinvent any wheels. ta.

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How do I convert an AC device to run on a battery pack?

I have a device that runs on ac (110-120 Vac - 180w). I want to make it portable so that it can run off a battery pack such as AA or 9 Volt or even a custom battery. Is this too much of a power requirement to make it possible??? thanks in advance for your help.

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ultrasonic sensor convert 4 pin to 5 pin

Hello there, Is it possible to convert a 4pin ultrasonic sensor to a 5pin? I have this sensor with 4 pins: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Waterproof-DC-5V-DYP-ME007Y-Ultrasonic-Sensor-Module-Measuring-Range-30cm-3-5m-/201025966447 and this display module with "5 pins": http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Non-contact-Ultrasonic-Motion-Detector-Module-Sensor-Display-Board-Security-/360717776823 How do i get the display module and sensor module, to talk together? BEST :) Regards Lasse

Posted by dmor 4 years ago

Palm Portable keyboard to Usb or Bluetooth

 I am trying to figure out how to convert this Keyboard to either USB or bluetooth any help is helpful. It is a Palm Portable Keyboard. If you need more information or pictures please ask. 

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Covert 12v dc to 15v and 3v?

Hi guys, I need to convert to 15vdc and 3vdc from a 12vdc source... any ideas? Efficiency isn't the biggest concern, but size and simplicity really come into play. i promise credit if it becomes an instructable.

Posted by gschoppe 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

How to convert 13.4V AC power to 12V DC power?

Hi there, Can anyone give me some tutorial on how to convert AC power to DC Power? Basically I have a transformer step down the AC voltage from 230V to 13.4V on 50Hz. In order for me to be able connect LED light directly to the wall, first of all I need to convert the AC Power to DC Power. To be honest I am a noob when come to electronic part especially the calculation section so please go easy on me.  What I have done so far is getting a rectifier and transistor. I tested the rectifier at first, it convert AC to DC power successfully but somehow my voltage drop by 1.7 Volt. I end up getting 11.7V. I notice that the voltage goes up and down from 11.73V - 11.79V. Then I add a transistor with 16V and 100UF to smooth the wave. When I checked my voltage goes up to 18.32V - 18.37V. Due to lack of knowledge, apparently I got myself a wrong transistor. After googling for a while I found the formula but cant figure out how to use them. After asking around apparently I need more than just rectifier and transistor to keep the LED last longer plus the AC Power with 50hz will make the LED flickering. I need help in building a complete 13.4V AC power to 12V converter plus a power constant current source.  Thanks in advance.

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