laptop cooler

My laptop gets really hot after about 30 minutes of Internet browsing and after 1 hour of gaming (I don't know why maybe because of the modem????) so I really need a cooler. I have three 1 or 2 inch (let me know if a need exact) fans I could use and wood legos knex and rokenbok. I have a hp pavilion dv6409us laptop with a 17.5 inch screen. if you need a picture of the bottom of the laptop so I can show you the hot spots and the fan let me know.

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Water-Cooler Question Answered

I have a water cooler that had stale water in it. I have drained it ran Hot water through it and soap but it didn't seem to work what else can I run through it to stop it from tasting like nasty.?

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Peltier coolers and condensation?

Hi there, I'm having this crazy idea of building a mini AC based on a Peltier cooler, and connect it to a PC case to introduce cold air inside of it. I have seen a lot of instructables here, but I'm worried about condensation. You know, the "electronics + power + water = Kaboom!" equation. Neither the peltier nor the "cold" heatsink will be inside the case, I'll just blow air thru the "cold" heatsink and inside the case, releasing hot air far away (maybe with a long tube?). My question is if the cold air will carry some kind of "humidity" from the condensed cold heatsink, and if it will be enough to blow things up. I can spare some 60 or 70 watts to make the peltier work, so I'll just grab a ATX power supply for the peltier and the fans. Do you think it will work? Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year. :)

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Thermoelectric <Peltier> coolers

I would like to know if anyone out there in Instructables Land knows about Thermoelectric Peltier Devices- what they do and how they work. I have 3 of them in my collection of various electronic components & devices. I consider myself as having a good knowledge of thermoelectric peltier devices. If anyone out there thinks they know more than I do, OR works at a place that manufactures them, please let me know at I'm currently unemployed, and would like to work at a place that manufactures peltier components- preferably in the testing and engineering department.

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Fridge CPU cooler? Answered

If you got to the ible on making a usb fridge!/ it tells you to find an old camping fridge and take out the peltier/heatsink unit, can you use that unit to place on a CPU of a computer or laptop to cool it down?

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Could this cooler cool?

My idea is that instead of putting ice in the same spot as the beverages, you put them away from them. In the cooler, instead of four walls and one bottom, there would be eight walls and two bottoms. In the inner walls(the walls in the cooler) will carry ice water(with salt to make it colder perhaps?) and so would the very bottom. The center will of course carry the beverages which would become cold by the ice from the bottom and the sides. For a lid, I was thinking of just plain of latches, or a ledge on all four sides to support a lid. Also, which is better for a cooler? Foam or plastic?

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solar powered cooler

Using these ideas as a starting point:"Another variant uses air, water, and a salt solution. Warm air is passed through a sprayed solution of salt water. The spray absorbs humidity from the air. The air is then passed through an evaporative cooler. Humidity is removed from the cooled air with another spray of salt solution. The salt solution is regenerated by heating it under low pressure, causing water to evaporate. The water evaporated from the salt solution is recondensed, and rerouted back to the evaporative cooler."Directions on how to make an icy ball. URL works occasionally. a non-flammable, non-toxic, and low pressure version possible?

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Laptop water cooler? Answered

Hello I have a laptop that gets hot while gaming and i don't have the money for a desktop right now. Basically my idea is to lay down 4 fans then i lay down a mesh sheet then a coil of copper pipe then a another mesh sheet then my laptop  The coils would go to a tub of slightly chilled water and be pumped though How well would this work, Is it possible? Portability is not an issue as i would have this mounted to a piece of wood by my desk Thanks, Kaden

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Thermoelectric cooler/module

I'm working on a project with peltier coolers. I want to get it as cold as I can. What would be my optimum power source? Amps over volts? If it helps I am planning to hardwire the device. and I'll have plenty of room for mounting fans on the hot sides heatsink Here are the specs 50mm x 50mm x 3.64mm 245 - 320 Watts of cooling power Operates from 0-15 volts DC and 0-26 amps Operates from -60 deg C to +180 deg C Thanks

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Heat powered cooler?

It's rather warm around here. And by "rather warm," I mean it's 105 in the shade, and it's 89 in the house with the swamp at full blast. Does anyone have an idea for powering a cooler with pure heat? Perhaps similar to those lightbulb-looking devices that have an inner bit that spins around when placed in direct sunlight, except that is running a little generator that is then running a computer fan, like the ice box air conditioner spotted on this site. The main thing is I'd like the device to actually be powered by heat. Just for the heck of it. Even if it's just heat mechanically powering something to power a fan that I could have just plugged into the wall. So no solar cells making electricity. I can make parabolic reflectors easily if needed, so don't be afraid to use them. What's the best way you can think of to cool off using heat? "Best" can include inefficient but really awesome, like a fresnel lens pointed at a boiler that is providing steam to run a gigantic fan. I'll go get my goggles, ray gun, and keys to the airship.

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How to make room cooler using air cooler?

I have recently purchased an kenstar air cooler.It has a 12 litre capacity.,but the cooling is not there for the whole room.Can anyone tell me how to make my room cooler as if I'm using a air conditioner.I want my whole room to be very cool.

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giant ice box /cooler -suitable fastening materials?

re:   Giant cooler Project I propose (still a proposal!) to use 8mm PVC Insulation panel(plastic) to which the  polystyrene will be bonded. In view of the ‘huge’ size of the boxes – 85cm high by 85cm wide by 130cm long, they will be assembled /disassembled at the location of use for ease of transportation and storage. The challenge   now is the best method of fastening the 6(six) members i.e. 2sides, 2 ends, plus top and bottom panels. I’m worried bcos the fastening must be such that leakages must be totally eliminated else insulation stands compromised. POSERS 1.       For the 4 standing members i.e. 2 sides and 2 ends, will a ratchet strap (or 2) do the job? Any better ideas especially as I propose to lock the fastener?    ,   2.    How can I firmly secure the top and bottom panels to the standing panels? The top panel     will of course have a door about 1/3 the size of the top panel with a key

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Haier wine cooler questions?

I have a Haier wine cooler model HVW18BSS.  I have a question about the 2 fans on the back of the unit.  Are they suppose to blow air into the unit or are they suppose to exhaust from the unit.  I received this cooler from someone who use to tinker with it and wasn't sure if he put the fans back on the wine cooler correctly.

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How to make a thermoelectric cooler?

i like to make a thermoelectric cooler to cool my room , pls provide details how to make it and how fast the cooling happen, also its advantages & disadvantages

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how to make Peltier cooler?

I like to make a Peltier air cooler. how much watts Peltier is needed and battery for Peltier cooler to run for 8 hour.if i use less watts Peltier does it affect the cooling rate. is it possible to place place another Peltier above heat sink while the other one Peltier is working, if possible how much amount of power can be produced from the Peltier placed above heat sink. Thanks

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Window swamp cooler for car

I ran across this car swamp cooler on ebay and thought it looked like it would be easy to make and was wondering if anyone here had made something similar. We're considering using fiberglass instead of metal and maybe a hepa filter.. in case the autions ends before you see the pics, it's a firestone swamp cooler that fits on car window and cools using forced air. I tried to grab the pics from the site, but they were java MelissaJ

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Micro Water Heater/Cooler

The title says it all! I'm looking for a small enough unit to carry (under five pounds, optimally), that can either heat or cool any liquids passing through it. I was initially considering cooling plates, but that requires an extra pump and more equipment, which kind of brings me over my weight total.  It's also perfectly fine if both units are separate, as long as I manage to get my hands on something I can use.  Thanks!

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How to insulate a cooler box

I have just bought a plastic cooler box. It is two boxes in one: an inside lining, an air cavity, the outside case and  of course a lid and handle.. I would like to improve the insulation. I have a 750ml can of expanding polyurethane foam which I thought of spraying into the cavity. It will dry in an hour. I can work out the exact volume  to be filled with  the foam by prefilling it with water and measuring the amount of water that pours out of the cavity , but I do not know the best way to apply the foam. Any ideas, please. For example should I wrap the inner box in anything before pushing it into the wet foam that I  spray against the inside of the outer case? Robin

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mastercool swamp cooler computer board?

  I   have a mastercool swamp cooler  with a circuit board.   The cooler works good on high and low but the pump will not come on even though the  inside panel sayes it is on .   Does anyone know what diode to replace  so the pump will work .  The circuit board lookes good .  no burns anywhere.   

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I have a window swamp cooler that won't turn on is it the switch?

The cooler won't turn on can I buy a replacement

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why does my evaporative cooler leak water at night but not in the daytime?

At night water runs off my roof when the cooler is on low but it does not do it during the day.

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Do I even need a laptop cooler/cooling fan?

I was actually wondering if my laptop even needs a cooler/cooling fans at all? The max temp. that it goes to (I check with HWMonitor) is 49 - 51 degrees. I've heard new laptops going up to 80 degrees or more. So my laptop is still running 30 degress lower. Should i consider getting a laptop cooler at all? I read a review of the belkin laptop cooling stand and it seems very nice. But, I may not even need one at this temp. Or do I? Please shed some light, someone. 

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How do I stop condensation from appearing on a cheap styrofoam cooler?

I'm building my own dehumidifier (future instructable if I can solve this problem) and I realize that buying a good cooler is probably most sensible but I am on a budget and the copper coiling drained my funds (Only 15, no job, and my parents don't want to spend a lot on something they don't think will ever really work, hopefully I can prove them wrong). Anyways, the crappy cooler I have will have to do for the time being. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Could I use a car vacuum cleaner to make an ice chest evap cooler ?

I have been reading through the various evap cooler ibles and was wondering if a car vacuum cleaner could be used instead of a fan It's already set up to plug into cig lighter and has forced air flowing in & out. I haven't finished my coffee yet so brain isn't functioning well enough figure out if I'd need a hose attached or which end of vacuum would would go into the cooler opening.

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will12 volt dc appliance work with 19 volt dc supply

I'm wondering if I can run a 12 volt DC thermoelectric cooler with a 19 volt power supply from an old laptop

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Wanted - plans or ideas...

Greetings Geniuses (Geniei?) I have already scanned the site and youtube but I was wondering if anyone either has or could create plans to build a motorized (gas engine for ease I am thinking) cooler? Any links, help or suggestions most welcome.... Respect, Craig

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Laptop Cooling Pad

I'm using a laptop-sized, vented, inverted vegetable tray to keep the laptop cool. It's quite effective even without any fans in this scorching heat. I added a CPU fan underneath ( 12 V, 0.42 A), and ran it off a USB cable from the laptop. The air is quite nice, but one thing I'm a bit worried is, when I touch the top of the laptop, it slightly vibrates constantly due to the fan underneath. Is that dangerous for the laptop? I'm planning to add another fan beneath the hard disk. The one I have now, is under the laptop's CPU fan. Another thing I would like to know is that, is it okay to run two fans of 042 A each, from two USB ports? Each USB port can supply 0.5 A max current. Running one fan off each port should be okay? But, today, the temperature was quite high in the afternoon, nearly 50 degrees! I'm thinking of buyin a readymade laptop cooler.  One of these three cheap ones at ebay India:;=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash;=item3a5ac76128;=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash;=item3a5ab16af1#shId;=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash;=item414f6348b2 Please advise / comment. Regards, RS 

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Swamp/evaporative air conditioner question?

Does it matter where the air out flow is? Seems to make more sense to have an opening in the front of the ice box unit than on the top.

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What would be a better medium for "cooler cells"?

Talking about making cold packs by reusing plastic bottles. They'd be used in a portable cooler (stacked between spacers for airflow). The obvious option would be just water, but I was thinking something a bit more creative. Possibly: ~water and salt ~water and alcohol ~water and antifreeze ~just antifreeze ~polypropylene glycol ~ (The bottles would likely need to be epoxied shut to prevent leaking. Their life would also matter, can't have stuff growing in them after a few uses.) Which do you think would stay cooler the longest?

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using a thermoelectric cooler for High powered LEDs

Has anyone tried using a thermoelectric cooler, like this one cool down a high powered LED star. I am considering mounting one on the back of a new Luxeon RebelI plan on ramping the current up to max (1 amp) on the led, and run the Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) as high as possible off a lead-acid battery. Strap a giant heat sink on it (maybe a fan too) plus thermal and silicone over the whole thing. It wouldn't be pretty, but it would be a neat experiment on how many lumens you could crank out of one of these things. Any inputs, suggestions, Ideas? Feel free to make an instructale on this if you want, I can't guarantee I will do it anytime soon.

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Need help with DIY cooler insulation

Long time fan, first time poster. I'm looking to convert a cool-looking vintage toolbox into a heavy duty lunchbox. I'm currently prepping the metal for paint and looking into what I can use to insulate the box. I've thought of: * spray foam insulation: Good coverage and thermal protection, but not water-resistant enough (think condensation) * fiberglass insulation (pink stuff): Good, but unsure about how cold it will keep things * styrofoam: probably the one inch sheets used for basement walls below grade. Best solution so far. Before I do something that will likely mean stripping the box clean and starting over, I thought it best to see what others might have to say about this. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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Building a cooler radio. What should I use for a power source?

Building a cooler radio using a motorcycle 300w amp with ipod, marine speakers, and old coleman cooler. What should I use for a power source? Thinking about a 12V rechargeable battery. Are there better solutions to supply power?

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Trying to create a cooler that plugs on the mains. How should I make it

I want to use this item (peltier module) to create a cooler. It will use a fan + heatsink to blow cool air. I dont have much knowledge in circuitry (only highschool level) so I wanted to know what I would need to create this and how the design should be. Thanks

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Modify Soleus JC-128 wine cooler to lower tempeture to about 20c / 40f?

I would like to lower the temp. of my Soleus LC-128 wine cooler for other soft drinks. The factory settings range from 39f - 67f or 04c - 26c

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Peltier Cooler/Heater - Pooling Brainpower

I recently acquired a thermoelectric mini fridge. As a fridge, it doesn't work so very well - it will get down to ~50 degrees with an ambient temperature of 70. So, I took it apart. You know the saying: "If it ain't broke - fix it until it is." So I now have a peltier effect cool/heater. I put my meat thermometer on the cold side with the fan off - and it gets down to freezing (probably a bit below). On the hot side, with a big sink and fan - it seems to be ~85 at it's warmest point (this sink is about half a square foot and an inch deep). Ideas on where to use? It's 110 service.... It literally almost killed me a few days ago when I touched a transistor sink that was part of the rectifier circuit while holding a plate that was grounded (I got knocked out for a few seconds) I've got a couple ideas, I just figured I'd pool brain power and see what happens :p

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Do any of the icebox spot coolers work well in Florida? It's very humid.?


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Solar powered cooler

I'd like to make a solar powered cooler, however, I am extremely new at this.  I was thinking I could just purchase an electric cooler and a solar panel with the voltage needed, and simply attach the wires.  I feel like that is way too simple to work but I don't know what else to do!  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it! The cooler I was thinking of using is here:;=UTF8&qid;=1340659801&sr;=1-11&keywords;=thermoelectric+cooler  and the solar panel: Thanks!

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Car Battery Powered Portable Audio Cooler?

Ever since i've seen this portable audio cooler, ( ), I've always wanted to make one. But unfortunately the person who posted the article never clearly had instructions posted on the blog. I've been looking around for a long time, and have not found other sites that have decent enough instructions to follow along. It has to be able to be powered through a car battery, and the speakers will have to be directly powered through an amplifier or right through the car stereo. I have the specific model of stereo in which i plan to use, and it had a 10 CD changer with it. But I want to use the Radio on its own, as well as somehow wire an RCA cable to it, for use with iPods or other mp3 players. I believe the model is     [  KE-2303QR  SUPERTUNER  ]

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Usb Lunchbox cooler\ cooling device

Is there a better way to do this? I was thinking of this , instead of taking your lunchbag to the fridge at work to have the lunch theives scavange it, Have a USB Cooling Lunchbag. I made a prototype but am missing the Peltier unit. Go straight from home to your desk, and keep your lunch cool the whole time instead of a hard cooler. Then unplug it from your usb port and tuck the cables in the pouch, an go. can someone tackle this ?

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cooler lid off cooler lid on both with ice which soda will be colder?

We have 2 coolers both with ice with cans of soda in each. Bothin the shade One has lid on one has lid off which soda will stay and be colder?

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How to make a usb cooler fan?

A cooling machine with a small compreser filled with carbondioxide

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Pandas: Officially Cooler than Dinosaurs

Only in Mexico, so nothing is hard evidence...

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USB powerd, portable laptop cooler

Over the past few days i made a portable laptop cooler thats powered by the USB socket on your laptop... check it out and let me know what you think..CLICK HERE

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composter made of igloo drink cooler

I had this idea for a cheap, easy composter, using an igloo type drink cooler. (considering purchase for this purpose) I think it just needs ventilation and straps to hold on the lid when mixing. (have these already) Anything else needed?

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Rate My EEE pc cooler

Hey guys what up this is my first post i wanted to know what you guys thought of my EEE pc cooler i made from an old mini cooler door lol . It has two 92mm fans on bottom and one 40mm on exhaust. i also over clocked my EEE to 1062 Mhz as well at a cool 47 C. can u guys add any suggestions and rate it out of 10 :) i think i should add a usb hub in the door on the right side. enjoy my pics

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Pool cooler.... List of parts and instructions.

I really like the concept of the pool cooler cooling tower and am interested in building one of my own.... I tend to need "recipes" with unfamiliar projects and I didn't find any real instructions or material list with this post. Have any of you built this project?? If so any hints on what supplies I will need ect......?

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Water dispenser or cooler Pump system ? Answered

Hi everybody, i am searching to pump the water from the 5 gallon water dispenser bottle but this time from the ground level, to a small water (2 liters ) tank above the water cooler (maybe  2 meters height from the ground level) . So can anybody help me  to find the ideal pump to do the best job ? and there  is any pump that stops just after the small tank is full? I need an electronic trick to make the pump works on 2 different modes _ the first continuous mod that stops only when the small tank is fully filled _ the second mode is the button mode, so if i pushed down the button the pump will work and if released it will stops ! So can anybody help me how to make the small electronic panel or just guide to a similar one ! !!Pls community help me urgently Pls !!

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how do I put my swap cooler on a thermostat ?

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can a thermoelectric cooler, cool a car cabin?

Hello everyone!. i was thinking of making a air cooling system, based on thermoelectric elements. maybe use 3-4 thermoelectric plates (at 12V, i don't want to exceed 30amperes ). do you guys think that it will be enough to cool a car cabin?? or what do you think?? (yes, i know that the same can be achived using the existing technology with ac compressors :P )

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I have an idea for a personal cooler... do you think it will work? Answered

I'm thinking of placing one or two peltier cooler units on the side of a large aluminum container, which is filled with water. the peltier units also have heatsinks with fans on them. the fans blow the cold air on the user, while the heat is transferred into the aluminum and thus into the water. the aluminum box would be insulated to keep it from heating up the surrounding air, and the heated water could be dumped and refilled to dispose of the heat. this would allow for a sort of personal cooler without expelling hot air out the other side.

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