I will pay you to make my Idea!

So basically I want a very simple device which is just a little buzzer and either some kind of laser sensor or even bits of string. I want something that can be worn that makes a noise when the wear slips out of good posture. I am sure this could be easily done. All quotes will be received and considered.

Posted by moogle123 5 years ago

US no longer melting pot, to be politcally correct

I heard today that to be politically correct the United States are no longer considered to be "a melting pot". I don't remember what it is now or where that idea came from though... but its no longer "a melting pot".

Posted by wingman246 10 years ago

Write an "Instructable" not an "Intractable"

Who can figure out how to prevent auto-correct from changing the word "instructable" to "intractable"? I know there are funnier auto-correct fails, but this one is seriously annoying. 

Posted by belsey 2 years ago

I need to quickly correct this failure.

One of my important projects suddenly stopped opening in the Project. I stopped accessing it, and it all complicated me a lot. I can’t imagine how this could happen.

Posted by JodieSaunders 2 months ago

Updates/corretions to my Instructables not showing when logged out

I've made some corrections to my Instructables. While I can see them updated while I'm logged in, the contents go back to the original version when I log out. I suspect that pages are cached. Is there a way to override/refresh the cache, so that my corrections can be seen by the general public? Thank you, Aki

Posted by ledartist 7 years ago

What is the correct name for this plastic?

I have seen this stuff used by machinists for jig making and small parts. What is the professional name for this plastic? I thought it might be ABS plastic but i dont know for sure

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

Join Us (You know you want to)

Feel free to join a society with the aim of collectively correcting Instructables users' spelling mistakes.But, please, correct spellings constructively.Be nice about it.:DGrammar Police

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

What is the correct picture size ?

Hi, just wondering what is the correct picture size for Instructables ? I'm uploading 700 x 519 pix pictures.  Also, since all my pictures on Instructables look wrinkled, I was wondering if it's possible to choose to show pictures in static means ( simply list all pictures in line, so visitors can scroll down instead of click for the next picture ). Static pictures may provide much better image quality. -- My poor suggestion.

Posted by 7PLAIN 6 years ago

Calculator data into a PC

I have a Check and Correct Calculator with 120 steps, I need to upload the data stored on the memory of the calculator, I mean the 120 steps all together into a excel file, or to a text file. Any ideas on how to convert a calculator into a small pad?

Posted by lmarkez 7 years ago

Posted file not downloading with the correct file name

Https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Genuine-NES-Bartop/ I attached a NES rom I made to my instructable, and when you click on it it comes up as random letters  with a .TMP extension.  (asdkfj2ljh2l5hkjhlhjaf.tmp).  You can still download it and rename it, but it still shouldn't be doing this. Thanks for the help!

Posted by WhatULive4 7 years ago

Bluetooth Transceiver for headsets with a mic

Hello Everyone, I would like to build a module that is a Bluetooth transceiver that I can connect to a two-way radio. I have seen many transmitters for Bluetooth but they don't have the correct connection. I need a Mic/audio/Ground type. Can someone here point me in the correct direction. Thanks Hobs

Posted by PilotHobs 1 year ago

PDFs of Instructables

Are PDFs associated with an Instructable updated when an author finds an error and corrects it?  If so, how often? Thank you.

Posted by Phil B 7 years ago

Laser focusing and colimiter

I want my high powered laser (that i am going to make ) to be super powerful and if i understand this theory right than i should be able to keep it in a focused beam correct?description:first the high power laser is activated shooting out the beam- then a concave lens is placed in front of the beam- at the most focused point you put a flat lens not at all concave then the laser will be shot at its most focused capacityVisual: \ l ==========\ ====--- -- -- --- l / l beam continues at focused rate / Correct or in correct if incorrect is there any way to do this?

Posted by HOMEPIE64 10 years ago

Game: What the heck is this?

Here's a new game! What the heck is this!? This would found in the yard of the tower. It looks like it fell there. Answers should be convincing, but not necessarily correct. Although being correct will probably help you be convincing. I, and maybe some others at Instructables, will judge. If this turns out to be fun, maybe we'll award patches or t-shirts for the most convincing answers. So, what is it?

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Login trouble

Any reason I can't login in from the laptop and a PC in the same house.  Will not take the passphrase I KNOW is correct!

Posted by jmbenim 3 years ago

Charged twice

I just joined today and my bank notified me that I was charged twice for this membership. Please explain and correct. MilDoc

Posted by MilDoc 8 years ago

Editing Instructables

I submitted one instructable for contest. I want to edit one correction. If i edit, is my instructable disqualified from the contest?

Posted by Bhawya 4 years ago

PC Settings for Instructables

Hi all, What are the correct settings in IE6.0 for Instructables? Sometimes all I get is the HTML code? Thanks, Ray

Posted by raykos 10 years ago

Double charge for membership

I was charged twice on the same day when I signed up for my membership!  How can I get this corrected?

Posted by xenagirl 6 years ago

The correct way to take apart your Knex gun.

Blue Mullet is proud to present's: "How to correctly take apart a knex gun". This was mostly made just for laughs and is not to be taken seriously. If you want to take a look at my youtuube account then here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueMulletMaxDunning/videos?view=0 The gun that was used in this video was my oodammo Rambo.

Posted by Blue Mullet 5 years ago


I've never won anything on Instructables before. What do we do now, to make sure our prize is shipped to the correct address?

Posted by KevinSaw 10 years ago

Getting the Arduino to Convert analog signal from guitar into correct frequency

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a simple solution to my problem, I was to be able to get the sounds from my guitar into my ardunio and have the correct frequency be stored. I can get the guitar connected to the arduino and numbers come out of the serial monitor but they don't make sense, i need to have the correct frequency come up for each note i play, I have looked at a few solutions but being a beginner to this some go over my head or they just didn't work. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction to be able to do this? Thanks  P

Posted by paddykoolster 9 months ago

can't log into my account...

It wont let me log in. I know my username and pass are both correct... did I do something wrong or something?

Posted by laminterious2 10 years ago

Errors in PDF Download

I just created my first instructable. After publishing, I downloaded the PDF to proof read it as I am planning on using it for a class. I noticed an extra step as well as a couple changes I wanted to make in the instructions. I edited those, saved my corrections, and then re-downloaded the corrected PDF. The old errors are still showing up in the new download. How do you update the PDF file that is attached to the online instructable?

Posted by CrystalO14 7 months ago

Why Wireshark is not decrypting the captured wpa file even i have correct password and essid ?

I tried to capture a file where network using security as below: [WPA-PSK-CCMP-TKIP] i am trying to insert a WPA Pre-shared Key in wire shark preferences under the protocol of IEEE 802.11 but when i enter a correct key nothing happen anyway to identify and fix this problem?

Posted by NoumanM4 5 months ago

Arduino Specifics?

Could someone please explain exactly what an Arduino is and some details about it. e.g. cost, common uses, where to get one, etc From what I can understand (and I'm not sure if this is all correct) an Arduino is some sort of programmable multipurpose micro-controller, and it controls  different electronic components (servos, motors, etc) following some pre-set program. Is this correct? (Side Note: This is my first ever post to the Instructables forums...so yay!)

Posted by bocaj90 8 years ago

New Search Features

Way to go on the new search features! So far, I'm excited to be able to search for a member's name and to have my spelling corrected when I mistype. 

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

I need help correcting impediance on speakers.

Here's some background on what I'm dealing with: I run a haunted house in Nashville TN called Devil's Dungeon. We have a sound system that is controlled from a rack with 6 2 channel power amps. 4 of them are 260W by 2 channel and 2 are 500W by 2 channel. I have 10 cd players running to a 24 channel mixing console and the way I control each room on a separate channel is by using the post-fader sends (yeah, it's a really old peavey, but the new ones don't have post -fader sends per channel) as a line out per channel. IE: i run a line directly from the post-fader send per channel to the power amp's input. Here's my problem: There are more speakers than there are outputs, and the speakers are placed where they are needed in a particular scene. It is a large building and it would be highly laborious to try and correct the impedance by putting extra speakers and with series/parallel combinations and as we are already open this season and I don't want to re-engineer the entire system. Is there any way to correct the impedance with some kind of variable resistor? Everything I've seen so far that could handle the power is pretty large, and if possible, I'd like to put it in a relatively small project box. Can this be done with a potentiometer? I only need to correct it by a few ohms and the only POT's I've seen have been in K increments .

Posted by Scurge 9 years ago

Database problems are causing the site to be slow

We're having some database problems, and they are causing the site to be slow. We're working as fast as we can to correct the issue. Sorry!

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago


I was out buying the parts for the free electricity from telephone port in wall, but the resistors have no wattage posted. The man at the electronics store said he needs the wattage for the correct resistors.

Posted by 3l3ctr1cman 10 years ago

I can not sign in

Everytime I try to login in Instructable I can not sign in even if the pw is correct. I always have to request a new pw and reset it. Can anyone help me?

Posted by faro49 4 years ago

Screen Name

Hi For some reason my "Screen Name", changed to "You"......... In my account my screen name is correct... I want to change it back to the original name... How do I do it ???

Posted by ncc1702 9 years ago

Color Conversion

So, I was recently playing my 3ds, when I figured out that the firmware I downloaded, "Luma", can take screenshots. However, there is one problem. The program which takes the screenshots assumes that the 3ds is using 22 bit colors, when it is actually using 16 bit colors So, the image's colors are quite distorted. This is a problem. However, this shouldn't be impossible to fix, right? If I'm correct, we should be able to do the correct conversion as long as it was saved in a lossless format. Are there any programs which do this?

Posted by Ruby Laser 7 months ago

An eye opener on PhotoFit

A recent "test" among subscribers to Weird Experiments were asked to identify 4 "photo fit" sketches of famous people.  NO ONE got them correct.  The blog is here for now....  

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Removing entry to incorrect competition

I tried to delete an instructable, but it was entered into 2 competitions.  These competitions aren't even the correct category for my instructable and I don't recall ever entering into that competition!.  Any advice appreciated. 

Posted by Scriptone 8 years ago

How do I edit the tags of my published Instructable?

How do I edit the tags of my published Instructable?  I misspelled one of the tags and would like to correct it.

Posted by dmjlambert 2 years ago

Cmd Shutdown -i help

Hello Okay i run Cmd as Administrator and i got the correct ip adress that i wont to shutdown. When i try it in the Shutdown-i program stop working and it will not work

Posted by Kokosmel 11 months ago

Microcontroller Contest

Paragraph 4 of the official rules of the microcontroller contest states that the deadline for entry is August 25, 2014. The front page bullet points states the deadline is November 10, 2014.  These should be consistent.  Which is the correct data?

Posted by waltx 3 years ago

McCain '08

This forum is for all McCain supporters, but debate is open to all.Please name Senator Obama by his correct name, it's childish to modify it for merriment, it's been done millions of times before and is really not funny

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago

Tesla Coils For Dummies

In my slideshow, not all of my uploaded images are showing! Please correct the mistake.

Posted by Xellers 9 years ago

Wrong Title After Publishing

I just published an instructable and for some reason the title was changed to one of the section titles.  I was able to restore the title in the instructable, but the link has a misleading URL.  How can this be corrected to reflect the title of the instructable?

Posted by ridiculously.awesome 5 years ago

Oh my, another apology needed: Randofo

Randy, I apologize for misspelling your moniker in my last forum. My typing has become very erratic lately, but that was no excuse for my not double checking it. (I corrected it, now).

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Mis-spelled User Name

The bug is human - me! I just notice that I misspelled my user name. I would like to correct it so I don't have to learn it the wrong way. Can it be changed? Thank You.

Posted by 1aminstructable 9 years ago

I should be able to access my own Instructable PDFs

How can I check that my Instructable looks correct in the PDF if I can not access it? I only need access to my own - so this should be fixed.

Posted by CommunityWorkshops 2 years ago

Grammatically incorrect!

Hello Instructable community/team-I recently recieved a email message saying that a user has subscribed to me..."Congratulations!Member (xxxx) has subscribed to you! Visit their member page here: (link)"With the key word being their. It should be his/her.

Posted by Padlock 9 years ago

If anyone owns the iPod Classic....

Could you measure the click wheel? I'm working on a project that involves it, and want my proportions to be correct. The measurement can be in any format (inches, millimeters); I'll just convert it over to inches anyway. Thanks!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

power hack

Aside from it being an ugly hack, is there any reason I can't strip the wire back from the end of a printer power cable and solder it to the plug terminals of a 5v wall wart transformer? This shouldn't be a fire hazard since the power cord should be rated correctly, correct?

Posted by randofo 9 years ago

Expressing my sincere appreciation......

I really love the jacket I just received in the mail from Instructables, it has a nice high collar to keep out the wind, and is about the correct "weight" (I rarely wear coats) for me.  It is greatly appreciated. 

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Images in my instructable is shown twice in the same page?

https://www.instructables.com/id/Lego-flower-vase/ I can't see the error in my edit-view so I can't correct it. It's not that important, but if someone is able to help, that would be nice.

Posted by Jakob R 7 years ago

not getting email updates on new instructables

Hi, any body know why i`m not getting any new instructables sentt o  my email adddress ? EVERYTHING is as it should be correct email address etc.... thanks, mark k

Posted by krawczuk 6 years ago