Cosplay Updates

Hello Instructables! Right know i'm working on the Red Hood Cosplay and I'll be showing you what i'll make after the red hood cosplay. Their isn't much pictures to show but i'll post more soon! The new villain from the Batman Arkham Knight Video Game. Cosplay production starts after Red Hood Is finished! After Arkham Knight is Completed CW Green Arrow DeathStrike Helmet will start to be made! After The Green Arrow Deathstroke Helmet is completed i will start to work on The Arkham Origins Deathstroke Helmet. If you need to contact me you can contact me by PM me or email me at Thanks!

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What a handsome cosplay man

To share you this Assassin creed cos photo… what a handsome man…photo here:   

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Sweet cosplay or cool cosplay?

Romantic and lovely cosplay costumes are widely used in girl theme anime. This kind of cosplay costumes has elegant style, sweet color, also with lovely lace, can make you lovely and sweet. In many cosplay show, I have seen vocaloid cosplay costumes in, it also can be other’s love. Compare to it, Attack on titan cosplay will be very cool! Do you like attack on titan style or sweet style?

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Cosplay Costume Idea

Hey. Someone should make a Zaphod Beeblebrox cosplay costume and post the instructions online. I would be eternally grateful.

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cosplay costume (for women)

Dear everyone In the month July of this year, there is a japan expo with a comicon expo in Paris. For that I would like to make my own cosplay costume (or maybe a kimono). Does anyone have experience with making cosplay uniforms? Thanks in advance :D

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Which can be cosplay party show?

I want to get a lover clothes for a cosplay party. Some friends recommend SAO kirito and Asuna costume, but I know another friend have prepared for this one. So I want to prepare the other costume, do you think Assassin creed 3 costume will be better? 

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How to Get Anime Cosplay Costumes

To many cosplayers, the most important thing is not how they look, but the manufacture of cosplay costumes. Generally there are four ways to get the cosplay costumes: get it from the local store, make it by yourself, and find a tailor to make it as your size or order it from the internet.   1 get it from the local store. In Japan, you can get the right costume you want, for the anime cosplay is developed from Japan. Some of the Japan local store even has the officially recognized. Some of the store is not officially recognized but has the same quality that you get from the official one. As for most of the countries of the world, there is not even a store specializing in cosplay costumes. So if you or friends travel to Japan, you can ask them to bring a costume along with his trip.    2 DIY Actually the greatest pleasure to cosplay is made you own costumes and props. Of course, if you really want to make it by yourself, you must be a tailor, what’s more there should be a sewing machine at home. Generally speaking, a person who made costumes needs one month to finish the costume making, from materials selection, the style design and also the props. During this period you should not only go into the techniques and tools, but also the mental concentration. We surely enjoy the fun of making a costume, but to some one it is not a easy thing to do.   3 Make-to-measures.   Tailor-made is surely a good choice if you do not have a sewing machine or you do not have that much time. Remember when you ask a tailor to made you own costume, you should make sure that he had made it before and he know what cosplay is, for the cosplay is not so popular in some place. Made to measure is the best way to get the right size for you, but some time the tailor could not make the right one in you mind. What’s more, the material is too many and expensive to choose.    4 Order it from the internet With the development of the internet, there are more and more on line shops. They get the products directly from the factory and sell it to the costumers, really in good type and quality. You really could save lots of money and enjoy yourself. Such as the China wholesale company. There are many t on-line foreign trade companies like, They get the costumes directly from the factory and sell it to the foreign customers. What we should get into mind is that they have the professional tailor and the costumes are really in a low price and fine quality. Sometime they will have a promotion and you can the cheap cosplay costumes.   In fact, it really cost lots money for a really costume, especially from the franchise house. If you had some one made it for you, you surely can save lots of money but most of the time you can not get the one you like, surely there are seldom tailor could make the cosplay costume. So order from the internet maybe is the best way.

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how do i make a cosplay hat but w/the ears attached?


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How do i make the kimono shirt from afro samurai?

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Cutting an Aluminium Case Replace With Glass?

I am trying to do a resident evil cosplay I want a case with a clear lid to transport the "viruses" inside but I cant find anything online with a clear lid at least for a cheap price, What tools would I need to cut the aluminium lid and what kind of glass or plastic should I use and what would be the best way to attach it Heres The Link to the case am looking at;_rd_p=2897711222&pf;_rd_r=0MKDCC2RCQBV591ZGSJX&pd;_rd_wg=ZlDIQ&pf;_rd_s=desktop-detail-softlines&pf;_rd_t=40701&pd;_rd_i=B00NQ3CTVQ&pd;_rd_w=kdlme&pf;_rd_i=desktop-detail-softlines&pd;_rd_r=0MKDCC2RCQBV591ZGSJX&_encoding=UTF8

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how would you make a reusable exploding clothes?

Question for you all...For those of you who have seen 'Fist of the North Star' how would you make a reusable exploding clothes?  I got a friend wanting to go to Sakura Con in Seattle as Kenshiro from FotNS and no Kneshiro costume is complete without manly screaming felxing and his clothes.  any suggestions?

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Request: sewing + cosplay + shirt cut out

See picture.

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How can I make a glowing sword for cosplay?

I must break under pressure to be let into the con. Has a nicely carved handle but it otherwise plain blade and is fairly large.

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Does anyone know how to make Kurenai Yuhi's dress?

Please I just want the white overdress and if can please explain in full!

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Hot Glue Gun stuck

I Have been using a glue gun for quite some time but nearly 5-6 days ago, while i was on a project , i left it on/forgot to switch it off and went to sleep...........when i checked it in the morning not enugh glue had melted out, that was weird, then when i pressed the triger the glue would come out in cilindrical pattern and is not hot at all..........i even tried to push the glue out of the nozzel but its stuck in it......also the stick is a cheap one(bad quality) the 2 possibilities that r possible are- 1) the glue stick sucks  2) glue gun is busted

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Help me figure out the best way to make armor for Lady Eui please.

I'm in need of help. I am fine with sewing, but armor and other cosplay props are not in my skill set.  I also have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist and go all in and over the top with my work. To give an example, I spent about 4 months of hand bead work on one of my previous cosplays.   The character I need help with is Lady Eucliwood Hellscythe from the anime Is This a Zombie? I have pics. I really need the armor, but I would love help with her scythe too.

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brass knuckles hidden blade?

Hi! I'm trying to make brass knuckles with a blade hidden inside it's for a cosplay. The idea is to have brass knuckles and at one point in the action of a button and out a knife inside the brass knuckles in a small compartment inside the fist. For reference I have the OTF Assassins Creed hidden blade. But on a small scale and with a button instead of rope. As you would do ?? Thank you very much!

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How can i make Vincent Valentine's Cloak?

Can SOMEBODY please give me an accurate pattern 'u__u I'm desperate... If worse comes down to worse, I'll end up ordering one off ebay and pulling it apart piece by piece just to buy new, thicker fabric to remake it. I'm not exactly making a cosplay. I just want Vincent's cloak... and not to wear once or twice and then never again... I mean... every day of the year. (specifically fall/winter). This is why i need a sturdy material.. and a GOOD PATTERN D ; ALSO.. If anyone knows where I could find the buckles and end pieces for the straps, I'd be extremely appreciative.

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The awesome helmets of Bob Basset

These leather masks made by the Bob Basset workshop in the Ukraine are amazing. These custom pieces have lots of great details and are pretty inspiring for future projects. Of course you can also buy them yourself, but they'll set you back $550 - $800. Bob Basset via BoingBoing

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How to make moving eyes in a mask?

Hi, I'm working on a skull mask based off a drawing of mine. I want to make it out if carved polystyrene, and put a black mesh in the eyes. Over that, I wanted the white triangular eyes to move around to make different expressions. but I'm having a hard time thinking of any good designs that would work fluently, and consistently. help and tips would be much appreciated :D Cheers, Bill.

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Wiring for cosplay - arc reactor - soldering help?

Iron Man cosplay trouble - my soldering iron won't tin, first off. It worked fine last week. I've tried cleaning, sanding off the dirty parts, using flux... I'm stuck. Also, it's heating the solder enough to melt it, but not the wires enough for it to create any kind of connection. It's a pretty small space that I've got to wire everythig in is pretty tight. I could post pics of the set up / ideas for the actual wiring? I've got 6 white LEDs and 2 3v batteries for power.

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How to make thigh high with old shoes and oilcloth?

I want to do a pair of thigh high shoes for a Cosplay with old shoes and oilcloth ... I'm searching for any ideas of patterns ...

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Can we get a channel for costuming?

There's a lot of costuming content on this site, and from what I can tell there are only two channels that currently contain these instructables; halloween and props. Some of the costumes aren't really "props", and "halloween" (1.) includes all kinds of non-costume related things and (2.) doesn't really cover costumes for cosplaying or larping or whatever other reason you might have for dressing up. I love costuming and I want to suggest a channel specifically for costumes, costume accessories, and the like. That way if anyone wants to look at costume ideas they don't have to sift through hundreds of ways to decorate your house for halloween. ::EDIT:: It appears a channel has been added for costuming since I asked this question. Thanks Instructables!

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Help wth a 12v DC circuit

Hello all2 Questions pleaseI am working on a hobby project and I am needing to hook a 12v computer fan (200mm) which is 0.3A max...up to a Turnigy 5.0 Li-Po battery. The battery is 7.4v, 30-40c discharge, 5000mAh. I have ordered a DC to DC adjustable voltage "step-up" converter to increase the output to 12v (I am hoping this works). (Q1) - how (if at all) do I limit the output amperage to 0.3A without burning up the fan motor.The fan is going into a cosplay set of foam armor (to help keep some air flow going to try to keep semi-cool) and I am hoping to be able to run the fan for about 3hrs. If I can accomplish the above, (Q2) - how long might the fan run?Attached is the "step-up" I ordered...

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How would I go about making ahelmet with LEDs that changed patterns? (i.e. like blinking, moving eye)

The costume will be easy enough, but the lights?? Refs: that should be enough.

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what I should use for the DBZ battle Armor V1 (non-shoulder pads)

Sadly I'm doing a change of plans for Free Comic Book Day instead of being a Trekkie there I'm gonna be as a Super Saiyan with the V1 armor on without those huge shoulder pads I just need ideas on what I should use to create this Armor to go with my Blue Lens Scouter I've bought from ThinkGeek. What kind of Foam or material that is strong and sturdy to withstand me moving around in. I'll gather up the list once I have the main base of what I should use to make this.

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How do you make Sasuke's arm bands? (From Naruto) ..the black ones btw

I'm cosplaying this character in an anime convention, but can't figure out how to make these...I'masassasd 

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Looking for FN Five-seven gun project or FN five-seven gun pepakura files

Hi, I'm looking for a gun project of FN Five-seven or pepakura files. I'm doing some cosplay thing and I really need it.

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pepakura file for cosplay costume ares injustice?

Hi there looking to find or work out how to make a ares injustice costume using the pepakura ? aaaahhhhhhhh cant find one anywhere... thought it may be way more accurate than going by eye.... any ideas?thankyou! nicky

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how to make a Helmet Mounted voice amplifier? Answered

I'm going to make a cosplay where the voice on the helmet will be amplified or just conected to a speaker, cos is hard to project your voice from a closed helmet, and... why not (since it dont burn the helmet), i was thinking on LM386 but the heat will burn me and the helmet material

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What material i should use to make Alphonse Elric armor?

I want to make the Alphonse Elric cosplay(armored one). i am thinking follow this method; 1) i will print the pdo files using pepakura designer(although i dont know exactly how to scale them and which paper size i should print to) 2) i will put paper patterns to cardboard and cut them 3) Combine and hot glued parts 4) apply body filler to outer surface 5) sanding 6) painting all i want to ask is that can this method work to make a good Al's armor? Can you suggest anything else. This will be my first armor craft. Also i have been thinking about Goldy's Alphonse elric armor tutorial. He used different materials like polyurethan foam some adhesives and vinyl. His Al cosplay is the best i think but the materials he used are difficult to supply here in my city should i use these materials and start from 2nd step above(except sanding and painting) or can i go with cardboard method. Also can you give me advices for both techniques. Thanks...

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Gundam Helmet

I've already started working on my Halloween costume, which is a scaled down version of a giant Japanese fighting robot otherwise known as a Gundam Suit. I've finished everything except the helmet, which I am having serious trouble trying to build. The attached image is what I am trying to replicate. If anyone can post pictures or make an instructable and link me to it, it would be appreciated. Thank you! -Tomcat94

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Bypassing touch sensor on led puck light

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some guidance on a current project. I bought a small Led puck light. The light has a very sensitive touch sensor on it, so much so you only have to hover near it to activate/deactivate the light. I need to bypass this, end goal being I want a SPST style on/off instead. I have never seen or modified a touch sensor before, so looking for anyone that had done this for any reason. The light is DC powered, 4.5V.

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Where can I find or how can I make a vest for a Simon Tam costume? Answered

The cut of Simon's vest is quite unusual: it has a lot of buttons and a high neck line--most vests have few buttons and a low neck. I have not been able to find advice on finding or creating a vest like this, and I have not been able to find a good substitute online. Do any of you wonderfully resourceful and clever people have any suggestions (the easier/simpler the better)? I am at a loss. Thank you! P.S. Here is a link to a picture of Simon Tam if the image does not show up for you.

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Lighting a 12v RGB LED strip with 300 lights

Hey guys, so I am trying to make tails for a nine tailed fox cosplay and I wanted to make them light up. So I got this 16.4ft 12v RGB LED strip thatt has 300 LED comes with a power source but I wanted to use a battery holder to power it insteadI have a battery holder that hold 8 AA batteries.I tried it out and it works but I was wondering if this is the right amount of voltage I need in order to safely/efficiently light these.I plan on cutting them into nine 21inch strips so I have one for each tail and then just wire them all together. But I just want to make sure that 8 AA batteries is a good enough power source for it.

Asked by TooMuchIceCream. 8 months ago

How do i dye baggy pants?

So, i am trying to make a costume and it needs baggy pocketless pants but what i need to know... how do i dye em? I'm figuring by hand is the best way because i only need half of it dyed, not the whole thing also.... i don't know which color of pants i should buy and which color dye to buy my pants are light blue (not baby blue) on the sides and the inner part... crotch area and down is white so i don't know if white dye is easier to dye onto blue pants or if blue dye is easier onto white pants or if it doesn't matter

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World Record Gaming Gathering.

A total of 342 gamers dressed as icons from games such as Final Fantasy, Zelda and Solid Snake in east London as part of the London Games Festival.They narrowly broke a record of 337 set last week in Germany.Festival director Duncan Best said: "It was a bit touch-and-go for a while but the gaming community really stepped up to the challenge."The record was verified by Guinness World Records at the Excel Centre in Docklands on Saturday.A further 50 fans in fancy dress could not take part, however, as rules stated that characters who were primarily famous from movies were disqualified."So we had people turning up dressed as Lego Batman, for example, who could not be counted," said Mr Best. Get your details right, BBC! We all know Batman is most famous from the TV show...Still, it would have been nice to see the Lego Batman costume.BBC StoryLondon Games FestivalGuinness World Records

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Naruto's Jacket

I made an 'ible on how to make Naruto's jacket. If you are in need of a cosplay, check it out.

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Ganondorf armor?

I am just now undertaking a costuming project with some of my friends, and we're doing a Zelda cosplay for Sakura-con this year. Unfortunately, we're going off the Twilight Princess versions of the characters, and I have no idea how to help my friend make his Ganondorf armor! Please help with material ideas, but real metal is unfortunately not an option. I lack the funds and skill to actually shape it. Thanks!

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How would you make this? Laser Cut? 3D Print? CNC?

I'm a photographer and want to create incredible pieces for the female models I work with. How would I recreate the headpiece portion of this? I don't need it as detailed or a replica. I'm asking about the concept itself.

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Woodworking angles and edges

Hello, I'm working with some plywood to create the Swords used by the Character Kirito in the Anime Sword Art Online. I've done some woodwork before but my main trouble is that i don't know how to create edges on the wood so that it actually has a blade-edge of sorts. so does anyone have tips to go from having you wood like this: _________  <---top of wood ................| ................| <---side of wood ................| _________|                   ^-------bottom of wood to this? ___ <---top ........\ ..........\ <----edge on side ........../ ____/      ^--------bot all comments appriciated

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How can I cheaply make this golden?

I am making a Wonderbolts Badge and I am using this Instructable as my guide. I've made the badge before and I really want to make this one. I have all the materials to make it, but I want to make this a shiny gold. I can obviously use gold leaf to get the job done, but it's way to expensive. So I'm asking, how do I cover this to make it shiny and golden without breaking my wallet?

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How could I make a full body apron for a Pyramid head costume?

I already have some cloth I  plan to use. I just need some help on the pattern, and maybe on how to paint it in the end. This Halloween aught to be pretty awesome if I can get this right, but so far, my mask seems a little small... maybe it's just me, but hopefully I can make a good pyramid head apron and mitts! THIS IS FOR THE SILENT HILL 2 PYRAMID HEAD! Not the movie/homecoming one!

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How would I do the design of rise of the guardians jack frost pull over? Answered

I was just wondering...How could i do the design of the Hoodie/Pull over of jack frost from the movie rise of the guardians, I would like to make it look like this one... Though...I am not sure how to do the design O_O I mean....should i just paint lines and going out wards thin lines and make them look like their fadeing? Or...what? Please help...

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How do I construct a megaman x zero costume?

How can I construct a Megaman X Zero costume for cosplay?

Asked by carly59 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Backpack puppet base?

I wanted to make a this costume for halloween but I can't figure out how to support it. I'm planning to make the body of the costume out of upholstery foam.

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The Game.Life 3 Contest is starting soon!

Gather up all those extra lives you have laying around - Game.Life is back for its third installment! We want to see your most fantastic gaming instructables - retro or modern, complex or simple! Whether you're modding your game console or baking a Portal cake, we want to see it. Enter a videogame related project between March 25 and April 29 for a chance to win a GoPro Helmet Hero or some amazing gaming accessories including a portable S/NES, wireless controllers, and Minecraft and Portal items. P.S. - Make sure you don't publish your instructable before the 25th!

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making concepts out of cardboard

I dont have much money but i have some card board, i've made an actual length sword from an anime (just the outline and taped the extra cardboard pieces with tape) and a cartoon character robot arm out of cardboard (this one i made an actual glove-like arm with finger holes that i can actually wear) because i figured this would be a good way to have an idea of how i could make them when i finally get money to buy real materials to make them with real details... What do you all think bout this? is making concepts out of cardboard a good idea or what other cheap materials can i use to make better concepts?

Asked by saiyankev 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago


Me and my friend were thinking of making steampunk cosplay, but i dare say that we do not know a good place to start.... can anyone suggest some good and easy steampunk accessories to get started on?

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How can you make a pair of behind the head headphones on the cheap? Answered

I've seen a lot of headphones where the band is at the back of the head, but they're all pretty ugly. I really wanted to make a pair of my own that looks good without breaking bank. I can't figure out what materials I should use, or how to get them to stay up. They can be props or a working pair (I have several headphones that are just for looks)! Thanks so much in advance!

Asked by Fhalei 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago