How to make rope sandles?

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HOW DO I MAKE AN INSTRUCTBLE!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Answered

No explination

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questions i have?

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make a rose pen?

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How do I publish a collection?

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How can i denickle brass? Answered

I would like to remove the nickle plating on some brass objects I have. I would like to know if anyone knows how to do it; other than mechanically.

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What are some easy crafts that are used in the US Army?

What are some easy to medium difficulty crafts that are used in the US Army or even the whole Military that can be made from household items

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Doll Crafting

I'm the founder of the Lammily line of dolls which promote realistic beauty standards. I'm looking for a creative person who can make doll crafting videos like in the example below: If you're crafty, creative, and think you can make videos like this, please let me know! My email is The videos can be very wild, such as "How to Make a Doll Moon Landing".

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can you get paracord at the walmart in sylacauga? Answered


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This is a great place 2 share information, 2 ask questions and 2 talk 2 other fellow sewers.

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Any requests?

Hey ppl! Anyone want me to make an instructable for anything on here? Hope you request something for me to do any instructable on! Thx! =D

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Crafts to make from dot matrix printer paper edges?

I used to have instructions on how to make Christmas ornaments from the edges torn from dot matrix printer paper.  I can't find them, anyone ever heard of these?

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Is there someone to speak to a group about duct tape arts/crafts/uses/history?

I belong to a Senior group and we are interested in seeing some of this art/craft and learning about duct tape.We are in Oceanside CA.and meet at MiraCosta college. There are about 80-90 people who would attend and we cannot pay since any monies we raise goes to schoolarships for the students. We were wondering if there Is any one in the area to do this? Mary M

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Could anyone help me figure out how to sew a homer simpson plush doll?

I'd like to make my own Homer Simpson plush doll but I need help figuring out how to do this, I'd appreciate any help :)

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how do you set the color on a patch before you sew it on?

I am trying to sew on a patch to my nursing uniform (which is starck white) and I don't want it to bleed, I heard there is a formula but not quite sure what it is. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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how can i make something valuable from bamboo?

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The It Is Cute Blog seeks Cute Things

Hello fellow makers! I created a blog devoted to cute things and their skilled makers. It is located at: Perhaps you know an artist / maker whose work we should feature? Maybe your own? If so, please leave a comment on the blog with a link to the artist's site! Thanks!

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I need to make money for science camp. I want to sell creative things at a garage sale.

I basically need to make $$$ for science camp. a girl  in my class says she is going to have a garage sale, and that i can sell my stuff there. sadly, i dont have much stuff to sell so, i was thinking i could make some creative, high value things to sell any suggestions?

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Fabricating a 1"-2" transparent dome?

I need to create a small, transparent dome (out of some sort of plastic or resin) that will be able to be glued to a flat surface. What materials are out there to make something like this (that I will be able to do as smoothly and evenly as possible)? It will need to be able to magnify an image underneath it. Sorry if I don't have enough details on what I am trying to do, I have never made something like this before so any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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How to make good quality, easy duct tape wallets? Answered

I have red, blue, green, black, orange, and white colored tape, plus two patterns: red flames and blue, green and white zigzags.

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Team Realtree Outdoor Energy Cans/Metal Bottles

I've been brainstorming Christmas ideas for my Dad.  He's in the military, and is an avid hunter.  I want to make something creative that can also be useful, and I keep coming back to these energy drink cans/metal bottles that I've been drinking lately.  They look like this: And I'm thinking it would be really cool if I somehow could mount a strap on them and find someway to make them useful as a holder for something... but what?  My creativity is lacking here.  Or maybe a lamp?  What do you guys think?  Any good ideas or links to similar projects?

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book holder?

Every morning I like to read my novel (while eating) and I don't like to squish the book flat down to read it.  It streches the pages and sometimes seperates the binding.  Can someone show me a stand up holder that can be used for any sizes of books or magazines that doesn't destroy both?

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What do I do with a random pile of stuff? Answered

I have this pile of random stuff i just collected but have no idea what to do with it. Here's what I have: bubblewrap, jeans,  plaid shorts, cardboard, newspaper, coins, key, embellishments from a pair of pants, bobby pins, ribbon, stickers, small tin, Q-tips, rubber duck, silly bands, plain CDs, embroidery floss, beads,  foam clown nose, paint, paintbrush, glue, tape, markers, milk jug, soda can, sweater, hemp cord, construction paper, some seashells, eletrical tape, leather cord ,a 4 foot tall plastic tube,  and tootsie rolls.That is the longest sentence i ever wrote. If you have an idea of what  to do with any of this write a comment.

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University D.I.Y Project

Good Afternoon everyone. We're a group of second year Journalism students at the University of Huddersfield and we could really do with your help. For our project, we have decided to design a D.I.Y magazine aimed at people like yourself and we was wondering whether you could spare two minutes and fill out our survey? This is simply for a university project and has no profit involved, just aiming to get a decent grade! Many thanks

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free art and crafts supplies Answered

Does anyone know of any sites that are giving away free art and craft supplies or free samples of arts and crafts supplies or any place where I maybe able to get from?

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nice crafts to make for mom out of leftover craft supplies

Hi, I am in the mood to make something nice, and useful for my mom, I have a ton of random things to make stuff out of, any ideas?

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Does anyone have a neat craft use for 3 liter wine jugs?

I have a number of 3 liter wine jugs and I can't seem to find a real neat craft use for them.  I would like to do something with them that would appeal to adults.

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I have an old surfboard... What kind of crafts could I make from it?

Acquired it a while back, I don't actually surf so it's not useful in that aspect.  I could make some cool shelves from it, but I'm trying to think of some other ideas.

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New Contest Next Week: Kids Crafts - UPDATED

Next week we will be starting the SINGER Kids Crafts Contest!We want to see some awesome projects for kids or for kids to do that involve sewing. It can involve a needle and thread or a sewing machine, but most importantly it needs to be a fun project that a kid can do. To make it extra fun, SINGER is going to be putting up some awesome sewing machines as prizes. A sweet serger and some other sewing machines will be going out to those who make the best Instructables.UPDATE: To make the contest even bigger, we're going beyond crafts made by kids and also including crafts made for kids.

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Craft bloggers: Where do you find your information?

Hello there! My name is Lisa, and I am a graduate student at theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library Information Studies.I'm part of a group that is studying the information seekingbehaviors and needs of craft bloggers. We want to know where you findyour craft information, how you find it, and why you use it on yourblog. We would love it if you could take about 5 minutes to fill out ashort survey we've devised:http://craftybloggers.infosurvey.sgizmo.comAs a bonus, we're also offering a drawing for a grab-bag of handmadegoodies to any craft blogger who wants to take the survey and leavetheir contact information. Don't worry - your responses will not belinked with any identifying information, nor will we share yourcontact information with anyone else. It's strictly confidential.Please consider taking a few moments to fill out our survey, and don'thesitate to ask your craft blogging colleagues to do the same. Themore the merrier! You can visit our research blog at which we'll be updating with ourfindings. If you have any questions, feel free to email me for your time, and happy crafting!

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What magazine can you recommend me? Answered

I looking for some magazine like is Make Magazine, so I looking for some suggestions.

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One Piece braiding?

Does anybody know how to Brade using one piece of material with 2 slots cut into it? I saw instructions on this years ago but don't remember where.

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what are some cute crafts to make for my boyfriend for christmas?

I want to make something cute for my boyfriend for christmas. We've been dating for almost a year and i want to make him something GOOD. I cant think of anything besides a scrapbook, but i already made him one of those.i want something thatll make him be like "awhh" i mean im sure he'll like whatever i give him, but i just really want something sweet.. soooo... does anyone have any suggestions?

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NASA snowflake and garland contest - ends December 22nd

Just wanted to share a contest that a NASA blog is doing for papercraft - they're looking for space-themed paper snowflakes and garlands, and the winners will get a prize pack of NASA goodies. The full details and rules are here: The contest ends on December 22nd at 11:59PM EST, so there are a few days left to enter!

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Applying modeling clay to porcelain

Hello, I have some porcelain dolls that I would like to embellish with some modeling clay for some Halloween project I am working on. What is the best type of modeling clay that will adhere to porcelain permanently?

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how to make wind chimes out of wine bottles?

I want to make wind chimes out of wine bottles . I have a glass cutter. But I would like to know what other materials I would need to use.

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Odds and Ends

This is a store to sell off some of my junk and to sell kits for my instructables: Steel wire: 2$ per yard for my thick wire and 1.50 for my thinner wire. 3/8 inch thick by 3' long steel pole: negotiable more to come pm me with orders

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How do I enlarge a rubber bracelet?

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How to make a dragon costume?

How to make a dragon costume for a child (definitely no fire needed)?

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Craft project ideas for hospitalized patients

The mission of The Crafting for Charity Club is to assist other charitable organizations and nonprofit groups by providing craft skills education and organizing the creation of handmade arts and crafts. That being said, we have been asked to make craft kits and teach craft skills to bed ridden patients at a local hospital. This will be a long-term thing for us and we need as many ideas as we can get. Another thing we need to consider is projects for parents to work on with their kids. We've got the following ideas so far: scrapbook kits crocheting knitting card making embroidery/cross stitch making games jewelry We've been told we could even make playdough and silly putty! While we have general ideas, we could use as much help as we can get for specific instructions. This isn't something we're going to sell these things, they are purely for use in charitable purposes. That being said, we will likely post our patterns in our members only section of our website.

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What is the best technique to paint leather shoes?

Please offer suggestions on the best techniques you've tried, including preparation, paints, finishing process. Also, have you ever used dyes rather than paint?

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Does the Instructable Website have a store where you can buy stuff with the robot on it??

If they do not, I think they should...I would love to have a Instructables Robot Patch or 3  to put on my coats & Jackets....maybe a sweatshirt or T-Shirt as well...hats even....I love baseball hats.... key chains might be another good idea....can you tell I like this website??  :P I'm thinking craft instructables in the works.....

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ideas for an adult party - easy take home arts and craft?

Hi, Thanks for any help you can provide in advance! I'm hosting a small get together and wanted to give my friends (30 somethings) something to make together so they can each take it home and remember the evening (i.e., not food, something that would last). I'm looking for something we can do that is easy and relatively quick and suitable for boys and girls. Thanks!

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instructions for duct tape wallets and purses?

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Help going rouge on science fair?

Okay so i was making an automatic brake system with little bits and it turned out too easy and important people are coming as judges I need to go rouge in the 2 weeks I have left any ideas to impress the judges(They are NASA personal)

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How can you sew a cauter pin into a belt?

I'm making a prop replica belt hustler for a sci-fi ray-gun, & it has a cauter pin to hold the belt. Anyone know of any crafts or sewing items or just how to sew a metal rod into a belt?

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