How to Make a skin whitening cream in a professional manner?

Details of the chemical compounds that help to make a good cream, adding the  hydrokenon

Asked by imegrant 7 years ago

Is whipping cream and heavy cream the same thing?

In recipes I keep seeing "heavy cream" but when I go to the store the only cream I am finding is "whipping cream" and I am wondering it they are the same thing and/or interchangeable.

Asked by KMOM14 9 years ago

I need to make sour cream from scratch, but buttermilk is rare in Greece (as is sour cream btw). Any suggestions?

I have a recipee that calls for buttermilk, and I have prepared it by making butter from whipping cream. The buttermilk tastes sweet though. Can I use this to make sour cream by combining it with whipping cream? Thanks in advance!

Asked by marynass 8 years ago

homemade peeling cream - how do I do it? thank you!?

I want to prepare my own peeling cream. Des anybody know how this is done? I have a vague idea, but nothing really that would work. Appreciate your help.

Asked by ruthy nov 9 years ago

I would love a recipe to make ice-cream without a machine. Thank you.?

As I don't have an ice-cream machine I would still love to be able to make my own. Does anyone have an easy (or other) recipe I could try. Many thanks. carost.

Asked by carost 8 years ago

frozen yoghurt

Can you use home made frozen yoghurt or ice cream in a soft serve machine?

Posted by Brain Freeze 7 years ago

Totoro Cream Puffs

These Totoro cream puffs are almost too good to eat. To be honest, I've never really enjoyed the cream puff thing, but to chomp on a cute li'l Totoro would be absolutely worth it.Check the link for a tutorial on how to make one of your own. How to Make Totoro Cream Puffs via BoingBoing

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Back to Basics Ice Cream Maker

I purchased a ice cream maker at a yard sale and can not get any directions.  it is electric with a double insulated 1.5 quart mixing bowl.  I need directions and ingrediants list.

Asked by cindyruss 5 years ago

DIY icecream maker

I'm new to working with gears so I need some help with setting up the gears. I have an idea that I could use a an old welder tank of some kind, cut down to size to fit inside a wooden barrel with screws to hold it in place while churning I got at an estate sale and use copper pipes cut in half length wise as the dashers. What I need to know is what kind of gears I should get for the ice cream maker and where to buy it and how to mount it. Also I'm planning on using normal lead free sodering to hold the churner togeter but am wondering if it will crack with the temp in the ice cream.

Asked by ssbookyu 7 years ago

Motor for hand cranked icecream machine Answered

He guys, i wanted to make my hand cranked iceream machine into a motorised one so would like to know what rpm and torque the motor should have.

Asked by skedia3 1 year ago

What is a good substitute for WHIPPING cream? Answered

What's a good substitute for whipping cream? Not whipped cream, WHIPPING CREAM!

Asked by YellowBlu Co. 6 years ago

"Cream crete"? Answered

Apologize instead of cream crate should read cream crete.

Asked by ElizabethLeona 1 year ago

Cream? Answered

Hi, I'm in England. Is heavy cream the same as what we call double cream?

Asked by K_Grewal 9 months ago

Non Milk Cream for allergies

Hello everyone, I have a peanut like allergy to MILK.. and all its parts, all 35 parts, eg. Whey A lot of recipes call for Milk, to make cream like cream of Potato & Corn soup, or creamy mashed potatoes.  There is a vegetable oil based whipping cream that tastes good, but, does not cook at all (I tried) so what can I do to make creamy soups, stews etc, that call for milk, cream etc.? Soya Milk (just a name) , does not churn into butter or cream very well at all. Unless you use the brand called Silk, which is the best for coming close to the milk feel and taste, but it does not become creamy either. Almond Milk as well does not become creamy, so what to do? As a side topic, how about Cheese, what is a good substitute for that? Thanks everyone in advance for at least looking at this topic.

Posted by MaxCrunch 7 years ago

i found a girltech make-over thingy and i want to use the camera

I found a thing in vinnies and i want to use the camera. what should i make with it?

Asked by The nerdling 7 years ago

What can I replace heavy cream with? Answered

If I cannot find heavy cream then which kinds of cream can I use and would this change the quantity of cream to be used?

Asked by shinonome 1 year ago

heavy cream ? Answered

How long should I put the heavy cream on the stove for

Asked by cupcakesrule 1 year ago

too many doubts!? Answered

1.what is a whipping cream? the cream that is supposed to be whipped?2. Is the heavy cream that which we use to whip to make a whipped cream? how is it different from whipping cream?3. How much butter should be added to make a glaze? is this what they call a mirror glaze?4. what is the difference between sour cream and heavy cream?

Asked by jayak33 1 year ago

"Double Cream" was called for in an ice cream recipe. What can I substitute? Answered

Wikipedia defines "double cream" as 48% butterfat cream, which is not available in the US. The highest butterfat cream I've seen is 30-36% max. Can I mix melted, unsalted butter or ghee with the cream, and if so, what are the proportions? Or should I simmer the heavy cream until it is reduced somewhat? I'm looking for easy-but-good.

Asked by PaisleyPup 9 years ago

Adding butter and the cream? Answered

Is heat used in the step of adding the butter and the cream to promote melting?

Asked by the random 1 year ago

I would like to know how a "hand crank" ice cream maker works.

I want to build a hand crank ice cream maker. I've been searching all over and haven't found any information about how this great antique machine works or how to build one. Would appreciate any information!

Asked by greenstick123 8 years ago

Sour cream? Answered

Is it must to use sour cream...? In the cake if it was not available at that moment so what's the substitute for it...?

Asked by Fatima tul zuhra 1 year ago

Creaming sugar and fats together? Answered

Is there a time limit of creaming together, or does it have a certain look when it is correct

Asked by SharonJ27 1 year ago

Shaving Cream Hose Gag

Dose anyone now how to make a shaving cream thick quality soap foam, to squirt out a garden hose, for a practical joke? I want them to expect water & get a face full of thick foam. All I can think of is somehow to combined an air compressor, & container filled with soapy water.

Posted by elkaddalek 2 years ago

Could you substitute vanilla with something else in homemade ice cream? Answered

 Most of the instructables and sites I went through always mentions vanilla. I want to substitute that with something else.

Asked by nutsandbolts_64 8 years ago

Is there a substitute for cream of tartar? Answered

I wanted to make the cookies in this recipe. But it requires cream of tartar. Is there a substitute I can use? Because I don't know if I can buy it here.

Asked by Matt42 9 years ago

how to make cream cheese?

Asked by Dfenik 9 years ago

Sour Cream? Answered

I was thinking of making the better box recipe but saw sour cream on the ingredients list, why is it used/what flavor does it give?

Asked by Nova_Freak 1 year ago

Weird and Wonderful- I'm looking for unusual and yummy ice cream recipes. Answered

Looking for a good recipe for goat cheese Ice cream. Looking for recipes for unusual flavors and ethnic ice cream flavors as well.

Asked by Chef_Paullett 8 years ago

Sour cream? Answered

Hello...Plz let me know. If sour cream is necessary to use in the cake or not ...and if it 8s not available wat will be the substituent which can be used...??

Asked by Fatima tul zuhra 1 year ago

Shaking yogurt?

Shaking heavy cream makes whipped cream or butter. Mixing egg whites makes meringue. What does shaking yogurt make?

Asked by ChineseBakery 7 years ago

What to do with 1000 popsicle sticks?

Yea so I have a box of 1000 popsicle sticks. Anyone have any idea what I can do with them?

Posted by emuman4evr 9 years ago

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Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Is there any way to make a good 20 quart ice cream maker?

Like the kind that can be rigged it up to a hit and miss engine, or something similar?

Asked by mrskrissilynn 9 years ago

Taco time sour cream - any one got a recipe?

I've been looking everywhere. Does anyone here have a good taco time sour cream recipe? I wish they would sell it in stores as it's amazing. I've tried replicating it on my own but am a horrible cook. I always come here for amazing recipes but this one is haunting me!

Posted by DELETED_artncoffee 6 years ago

Replacing filling with heavy cream? Answered

Hi, Jen,If I keep the cake in 68F after making and serve the cake in 24 hours, can I replace the filling with cream? if yes, do you have a recipe for cream based filling? ( I'm afraid of the 2 lb sugar in the filling in your original recipe. It seems my body now don't like sugar at all).Thanks.

Asked by babybayrs 1 year ago

How do you make a salve? Answered

Origins used to make a cream called "Leg Lifts." It's loaded with menthol, Eucalyptus and a bunch of other stuff that makes your skin tingle. I would use it after really long bike rides and it was like a cooling chemical massage. They have now stopped making it and no more is available so I was hoping to reverse engineer it. It was a smooth cream the consistency of ketchup or a heavy hair conditioner. I think I can work out the things that make your skin tingle, but I have no idea what to use for the suspension medium. I searched for foot creams and salves and what I found didn't seem like a good fit. I figure once I come up with a suspension medium, I can just add powdered menthol, eucalyptus, tea tree oils and such until I get something that does the job. What could I use for this suspension medium? It has to be pH balanced, hypoallergenic and edible.

Asked by Marsh 8 years ago

Making edible cookie dough?

I am trying to recreate ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream. But I am not sure of a good recipe that i could use. Has to still be soft when the ice cream freezes. Thanks in advance.

Asked by mcharlie 7 years ago