Death Star

I was thinking, what do you guys think about a instructable in how to build a Death Star out of household/everyday objects? FOR GUITAR LOVERS CHECK OUT MY GROUP GUITAR TIPS

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bord to death? Answered

Dose any one have something to do when i am bord

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david carradines death?

I think he was a kinky bastard but nobody will admit it because he was a celebrity

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DIY Wall of Death

The wall of death is a large cylinder with a banked floor that allows motorcycle daredevils to ride on the walls. These guys wanted their own and with a spare field, 850 pallets, and some plywood they did it.Check out the video to see the build process and an example of what can go wrong while riding in it.via Make blog

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Laptop Death... Maybe???

Ok i have an old laptop maybe 5 or 4 years old. used to run well has 512mb ram and a dieing battery pack. it got a virus so i formated it and installed windows xp. everything was going fine but a week later the computer shut down randomly usually 3 to 5 times a day. sometimes it shuts down before the the laptop logo comes on. i just push the power then 2/3 seconds later then BAM it shuts down. is the computer dieing or was it the os install. any ideas

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Safety, Electricity and Death

I came across this AC safety info and found it useful enough to share. Link: FTA: 1 mA Barely perceptible 16 mA Max current an average person can grasp and let go 20 mA Paralysis of respitory muscles 100 mA Ventricular fibrillation threshold 2 Amps Cardiac standstill and internal organ damage 15/20 Common fuse or breaker opens circuit I later found this DC info... Link: FTA: "AC ... is 3 to 5 more dangerous than DC of the same voltage and amperage." Slight sensation felt at hands DC Men: 1.0mA, Women: 0.6mA 60 Hz AC Men: 0.4mA, Women: 0.3mA  ... Painful, but voluntary muscle control maintained DC Men: 62mA, Women: 41mA 60 Hz AC Men: 9mA, Women: 6mA ... "In industry, 30 volts is generally considered to be a conservative threshold value for dangerous voltage. The cautious person should regard any voltage above 30 as theratening, not relying on normal body resistance for protection against shock."

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red ring of death?

How to fix the red ring of death on you're xbox 360

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blue screen of death?

My computer crashed and now when i reboot its just a black screen with the word microsoft with the running lines.Ihave tried system repair still no good.Idont want to loose information on my lap top .running vista?

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windows xp death

My sister tried to log on her dell computer today but all she got is as far as the windows xp loading page then it it just froze all she has is a blue bar top and bottom of the screen and a light blue background like the screen where the user accounts pop up. anyway a friend tried recovery discs for xp but it kept asking for an windows administrator pasword and even though we typed i  the password for the administrator account we set up it says not valid  password entered,apparently the hardware is fine just needs software repaired.  how can i fix the software without the password and keeping the data on the system as i cannot get in to back it up and she has emails with her visa applications for her honeymoon on it. please help if you can

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what do u think of david caradines death? Answered

I think it was self bondage gone wrong and they wont admit it because he was a celeb

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Does anyone know the answers to these questions dealing with(FOR/AGAINST) Death Penalty? Answered

Is the death penalty constitutional? Is the death penalty applied fairly? Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment? Does the death penalty deter crime?

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Anything Brutal?

Anyone listen to anything brutal? if so, What?

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if you had only one week to live?

If you had only one week live to live what would you do, what would you say, who would you tell.

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Road Accident.

People are now a day very busy. They go fast, they eat and they do everyting fast. They also drive very fast without thinking much of secuirity of own and others. Road is increasingly frequent now a day. We dont pass a day without a news of road accident. I think we have to be more careful while we drive.

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is there a way to kill oleanders? salt, fire, acid ... none have worked ?

I need to kill an oleander planted by the homeowners before us. It's going to break our fence so I can't pull the root ball out, which also doesn't work since microscopic rhizomes continue to grow. I've dug a pit around it, burned it, drilled holes in it and soaked it with salt water, even drizzled pool acid and this thing os growing beautifully.  anyone? Should I consider small scale nukes? I think it would just be a gilligans island oleander if I did that.  pb

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Death metal Anyone? Metal?

So, i happen to listen to alot of metal and death metal. Anyone here appreciate the genre?

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Coffins, Death, and Floral Prints

I've been thinking a lot about coffins lately.  I went to my grandmother-in-law's funeral back in May, and I've seen that episode of "King of the Hill" in which Hank and Peggy build their own coffins.  Building coffins seems like a good "Date Night" type of activity, but what kind of coffin?  Coffins range all over the place!  There's aluminum, wood, shiny, matte, burlap sack, wicker, Cadillac...  I don't even want to get into tombstones.  Phew!  I think I want a nice shabby chic one with a large floral patterned cotton interior and a white washed beadboard exterior although I am a bit taken with these. Thoughts?  What do you want for a final resting container? (If you just want to be burned, compressed, dissolved, stuffed, or donated, don't bother replying.)

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New death bringer stock.

The new stock for V3 Death bringer. Please tell me what you think!

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tesla death ray and tower?

Can any one explain me working of tesla tower for wireless electricity transfer and his magnifing transmitter  and also how tesla death ray work????

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Death of the small portable TV?

I realized last night when the power went out during a  bad storm, that the move to digital TV has elimintaed my ability to watch the incoming weather on my portable TV.  I felt blind!  Is there a way to get receprtion on that small TV anymore? 

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57-Storey Death ray

Concave, polished, and 57 stories tall - the Vdara Hotel in Las Vagas could be the world's largest death ray... Reports are cropping up around the web that the smooth curved surface of the hotel focuses the Sun's rays into a patch around 10 feet across in the pool area, soon after noon. Fortunately, the glass disperses around 70% of the solar energy falling on it, otherwise lawyer Bill Pintas might not be here to tell the tale; After a brief dip in the hotel pool, Pintas was sunning on a recliner. He was on his stomach, relaxed, eyes closed. But suddenly, the lawyer became so uncomfortably hot that he leaped up to move. He tried to put on his flip-flop sandals but, inexplicably, they were too hot to touch. So he ran barefoot to the shade. "I was effectively being cooked," Pintas said. "I started running as fast as I could without looking like a lunatic." Then he smelled an odor, and realized it was coming from his head, where a bit of hair had been scorched. It was about 12:20 p.m., as best Pintas can recall. The hot-spot, which sweeps the entire pool area during the day, spikes at least 20 degrees above ambient temperatures, and has been seen to melt plastic bags and cups (made of plastics which melt at around 70°C (160F). Other guests, including newspaper reviewers, have also observed the burning beam. The hotel management doesn't call it a "death ray", they prefer the more friendly distinction "solar convergence phenomenon". Gordon Absher, a spokesman for MGM Mirage says the hotel is addressing the problem, and comments, "Because of the curved, concave shape of that hotel, they sometimes get isolated pockets of high temperatures." ---------------------------------- Never mind dispersing the light - get those windows polished up, and let's see how many lawyers a fifty seven storey burning glass can really deal with!

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The Land Where Death is Illegal (Update: even for my Dad!)

There are weird laws, and then there are Norwegian laws!The government of Norway's Svalbard Islands have made it illegal to die there. If you are close to death - through age or illness - they ship you off to the mainland.If you die quickly, through accident or sudden illness, they refuse to bury you.The town's small graveyard stopped accepting newcomers 70 years ago, after it was discovered that the bodies were failing to decompose.But although there is no old people's home, there is a kindergarten.In winter - when the darkness lasts for months on end - the children make images of the sun with yellow paint and tissue paper and stick them to the windows. Trips outside the kindergarten's walls carry a more immediate danger for the children and, for this reason, the teacher carries a gun.Longyearbyen is in the land of the polar bear, an animal which causes real dread among its residents.Every student at the university spends their first day learning how to shoot bears. Aim toward the chest, runs the advice, rather than the head which is easy to miss.If you are unarmed when you encounter a bear, toss your mittens on the snow in the hope of distracting it.Full BBC StorySvalbard Tourist Information.EDITI just found out - this is where my Dad is going on holiday in a few days, specifically to go see the polar bears.Check out the webcams on the Svalbard Tourist Information site - Ee, it's grim up North! (UK-specific joke)

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Would it be possible to focus a laser beam to an even smaller point? Answered

I was thinking maybe fresnel lens+ high powered laser+ even more high powered laser!!

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how do i make a grim reaper costume?

 i mostly just want the cloak but  all assistance is appreciated, oh and i have a sewing machine but im a novice  

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White screen of death on iphone 3g.

I have "rebooted", updated the software and connected to iTunes but nothing has worked. I called the phone and it went into voice mail. I heard the camera "click" and when I connect to iTunes it allowed me access to the pictures on the phone. Is there a solution of there that I may try before I bring it to the Apple store? Thanks.

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blue screen of death on my laptop

Ok i installed updates and when i restarted and logged on, my start bar showed up as the old windows 98 bar, and then my computer blue screened with this message stop: c00002la {fatal system error} the windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 {0x00000000 0x00000000} the system has been shut down so i cannot do anything but go to the setup menu to look at the system, i cannot log on to windows without bluescreening everytime

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What are 10 things you must do before you die? Answered


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How cool are Ninja?A lot of people think just the word is cool, that Ninja are the ultimate (everything).A lot of people spend much time bickering over who are "real Ninja" or not.People also find Ninja films amusing (or even hilarious, myself included)And of course the "Official Ninja Website"Beyond people who think Ninja are totally awesome, I'd like to know what they've really done?WW2 - any involvement in the Pacific?Assassinations - anyone famous?Kicked-organised-crime-ass?Overthrown any governments?Killed anyone?Are the real Ninja subject to some conspiracy-outlook where "if you've heard about them they aren't real Ninja"?Anyone?

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Watch out everyone, the worlds ending. Sorry about that.

Scientists hit with 'end of the world' legal challenge over Big Bang experimentSep 1 2008THE biggest scientific experiment in history has been hit by a last-minute legal challenge - amid fears it could cause the end of the world.Opponents of the Large Hadron Collidor claim the machine may create a mini-black hole that could tear the earth apart.The £4.4billion machine, the most expensive experiment in history, is due to be switched on at the European Nuclear Research Centre - CERN - in Geneva, Switzerland, in nine days' time. Those behind the project hope it will unlock the secrets of how the universe began by replicating the conditions of the Big Bang.The machine will smash pieces of atoms together at high speed and generate temperatures of more than a trillion degrees Celsius. The collisions will create temperatures 100,000 times hotter than the centre of the sun in a space a billion times smaller than a speck of dust.But opponents fear the worst. An application for an emergency injunction was rejected on Friday and now the case will continue under human rights laws.German chemist and academic Professor Otto Rossler, one of the project's opponents, said: "CERN has admitted mini black holes could be created when the particles collide - but they don't consider this a risk. "My calculations have shown it is quite plausible these little black holes survive and will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside."We do not believe the scientists at CERN are taking all the precautions they should in order to protect human life." Professor Rossler claims in the worst-case scenario, the Earth could be "sucked inside out" within four years of a mini black hole forming. He argues the research violates the right to life under the European Convention of Human Rights. The legal challenge is against the 20 countries, including the UK, behind the project.Scientists involved in the project have dismissed concerns as "absurd". Particle colliders have been used by scientists for over 30 years without any noticeable harm to the planet. This latest machine, however, is the largest and most powerful ever constructed. Built 300ft beneath the French-Swiss border, it will fire particles round its 17-mile circumference 11,245 times per second before smashing them into each other.The machine will be activated on September 10, although it will be several weeks before the first particles are collided. Scientists hope that, among the debris thrown off by these collisions, they will find the elusive Higgs boson thought to be responsible for giving every other particle its mass, or weight.The CERN facility faces a second lawsuit due to be heard tomorrow, filed by environmentalists in Hawaii. But a safety report published this year gave the project the all-clear. It said nature produces higher collisions than the collider is capable of when cosmic rays hit the planet.CERN spokesman James Gillies said: "The case contains the same arguments we have seen before. "We are now concentrating on firing the first beams around the collider and then on fine tuning it until we can get collisions - when the science will start."Source: Daily Record OnlineWhat do you think about, A) this amazing use of particle acceleration and B) the technically plausible but remarkably unlikely end of the world scenario it might create?

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Ammonium nitrate + mortar/pestle = death??

How risky would it be to crush crystalised ammonium nitrate (like in instant cold packs) in a ceramic mortar and pestle?

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xbox 360 elite red ring of death?

Does the red ring of death fix require more attention on the elite than the regular 360?

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how to repair the one ring of death? on the xbox 360?

I know how to repair the three rings of death its just after i repaired it the second or thrid time with the towel thing. one red light turned on. so ya does anyone know anything about it??? if you dont want to publicly speak email me at

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How do you fix the rsod (red screen of death) on a ps3? Answered

i turned on my ps3 one morning and a red screen came up right away. I searched it and it is called the red screen of death. anyone else that has asked a question like this has had replies that say buy a new one or that sucks. I want to know how to actually fix this problem. It says a serious error has occured in various languages. I have tried everything on the menu that pops up when you hold the power button down.  

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Should I be L Lawliet from Death note for halloween even though I'm a girl?

I've seen people cosplaying as L, but I can't find a girl doing it. I really like the series Death Note, but I'm afraid I can't pull off being L for Halloween. I can act like L pretty well, but I dunno if I can look like L. (I'm asian though, so that might help) I have long black hair and slight bangs. But I wear glasses. Any suggestions?

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Do you think immortality will be discoverd withen 75 years? Answered

That's about how much time I have left, and I don't won't to die. I'm hoping that, because technological advances are expotenional and not linear, that it will be discovered soon.

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Will the wrong kind of power supply kill the motherboard and every thing connected to it ....or just the motherboard ?

I wanted to upgrade my Dell Optiplex GX280 (only 6 months old) power supply from the 305 watt to a 400watt, so I can run a 7800 Gt graphics card for high end games. Well I bought one on ebay...when it arrived, the main connection to the mobo, don't know what it's called, only that it is about a inch and a half in width that snaps on to the mobo. Well it wasn't the same size as the original (about 4 pins shorter)...but I forced it on any way, because the seller said it was compatible with the GX280. When I tried to power up ....nothing works. I re-installed the original power supply...and still nothing works. So now I'm wondering if the memory sticks, HDD, and other stuff connected to the mobo are "fried" (dead) ...or is it just the motherboard itself that needs to be replaced. Or will I need to just buy a whole new desktop PC...and make the Optiplex just a bad memory and learning experience? Any help or advice will be appreciated ....write :

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how to give my xbox the red ring of death?

Question by FZRR698 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

would like to know how to make a death mask?

Question by whitetale 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Mirror Paint? Answered

I am trying to make a death ray with a parabolic mirror. I have tried a mylar space blanket but it wasn't smooth/reflective enough to make a concentrated beam that burnt anthing. I was wondering if there was any such thing as mirror paint. by this I mean a highly reflective paint. If anybody knows about this or has any other reflective ideas I would apreciate it. Thanks.

Question by nurdee1 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

xbox 360 red rings??

If someone finds a very good video on fixing the red rings can you leave a link k thanks

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It was totally worth it to get Indiana Jones for $9!

Yes, a win for consumerism, the economy is saved.So which side of the bell curve do you think these shoppers fell on?

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I followed the guide to fixing the RROD on the Xbox 360. (created by Dr.Proffessor_Jake_Biggs). NEED HELP ASAP!!

Once I reached the end and done the heat test, I proceeded to the following steps and the heat sinks got very hot quickly.   I plugged the fans in and began to tension the screws correctly to erase the red ring of death.  Upon powering up again, the heat sinks will no longer heat up at all.  Where do I go from here?? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.  The crazy thing is, I just repaired my friends xbox last night and it worked 10 percent BETTER than perfect.  But now I can't figure out what the deal is with mine!! Please don't tell me that I'm probably just screwed! lol?

Question by reaper 777 9 years ago

R.I.P. Michael Jackson =(

Wow. The king has died. 50 years of excellent, ground breaking music has come to an end. Here, I am paying tribute to him as a mediocre fan. Discuss the life and times of MJ here, not sadly but in celebration of his life. Rest in peace, we will miss you!

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how do I set up a donation account for someone who is hospitalized?

We live in WA state and are trying to set up a donation account for someone on life support. The family needs help with medical bills, the cost of cremation and a memorial service. The bank said to go to the Washington State website and obtain a tax id number, but I am not able to find this anywhere.

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Windows fails to start!!!

I went to turn on my pc today, and it booted up like normal, execpt, before the windows loading screen came up, i got a blue-screen, but an un-usual one, saying that sypt.sys (or something similar) has encounted an error, and then says "Try disabling BIOS memory options, such as shadowing or chaceing, this error message apears every time during the boot of XP, nomatter what, safe-mode, last known good config, start up normally, can i just repair windows, or is this a full install, or (i dread) HDD failure? Usx9

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LIfe, it ends so we can learn to live. . .

It is with a VERY sad heart that I am passing along that our most beloved, and outgoing and adventurous cavy (guinea pig), Snuggles, had what appears to be a stroke, last night.   She passed this morning on the way to the vet, in my wife, Ellen's arms. She was unlike ANY piggie we've ever taken care of,  BLUE eyes (rather then the normal ruby red) and a personality that could win over the grouchiest person. Friendly, outgoing, and curiuos, she will always be remembered.  She was a bit over 5 years old and so was very old, but was very active for one so old also. We are very glad she did not suffer long howevver.

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R.I.P Les Paul =(

Les Paul died today, August 13th. The legendary guitarist reached 94 years old before he passed away from respiratory faliure. The guitar, the best gibson guitar and the one that made the rock and roll sound all possible is his namesake, and yet he doesn't get nearly as much media coverage as Michael Jackson. Why? Michael Jackson didn't write most of his material, and Les Paul has revolutionised modern music as it is today. Quincy Jones made it all possible for the singer, and the one with talent who is much older and more talented barely gets a mention on the morning radio. Here, I pay homage to a fellow guitarist, and inspiration.R.I.P Les Paul! =(

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