Arduino Debugger Preview - 10 Beta Testers Required

The Visual Micro Arduino debug tools seemlessly combine simple debug features into the free Visual Studio plugin. The tools allow us to make use of the source code breakpoint features of Visual Studio. Please read and understand all of these documents if you are working on dangerous projects such as critical devices and/or moving machines. There are 15 draft documents available on, this is a link to the first document Arduino Debugger Overview In the image below we can see a number of debug breakpoints, some are conditional. In the code, the old style debug messages are commented because they are no longer needed :) The debugger includes optional trace or break, jump to source, edit and continue. All Arduino variables or expressions can be included in breakpoint reporting. String messages are not stored on the Arduinio which allows long an informative messages to be created without using Arduino RAM and without need to alter source codes. The debug upgrade is expected to be free for educational use, $50 hobby use, $200 commercial use. 10 beta testers are required whom will each be provided with a free license. Please contact Due for release June 2012

Posted by visualmicro 6 years ago

New image layout sometimes doesn't display text box

Hi Instructables Debuggers, I noticed that the new image layout sometimes doesn't display the text boxes. This only appears to occur if there are 3 or more images on one step. I'm using Chrome on OSX 10.7 Thanks for looking into this!

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

Could not change profile image

Hello *.*, I want to update my profile image. For this I login, klick on You and Edit Profile. After this I click Upload New Photo. After this I see, that the Upload new Image dialog fades in. But this happens behind the Edit Profile dialog. With the Chrome Debugger I moved the dialog by changing the css, so I can send a screenshot. If I click in the upload dialog then the edit dialog disappered. An upload does not change the profile image after this. I tired this with the actual Chrome and Firefox browser. In both the same. Any idea for me? Thanks Mark

Posted by DoItMark 1 year ago

Help with AVRdude

Hi guys, im trying to use a JTAG USB ICE debugger programmer on an ATMEGA32 microcontroller with avrdude, but when im trying to initialize  the microcontroller i keep getting error, in cmd; >avrdude -c jtag2 -p m32 the error: >avrdude:ser_open<>: can't open device "\\.\com1":the system cannot find the file specified. then i checked the port for the programmer, its at com9, so then i write >avrdude - jtag2 -P com9 -p m32 i will get error: avrdude: jtagmkII_recv_frame<>:timout avrdude:jtagmkII_getsync<>:sign-on command: status -1 anyone can help me with this? been stuck like forever now, thank you very much for helping, cheers!!

Posted by anepzamri 4 years ago