lamp decorations

Hi I am making a lamp with a wooden  base ,a bottle on top of it and then a cd with the bulb (only 3v) any decorations pls.?

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Outdoor Decoration

I'm looking into building a fairly large sized outdoor Christmas decoration, possibly mechanized, and I'm wondering what materials may be good to use. I live in an area where snow is likely and rain is a definite possibility. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Decorating with Photography...

Found this company, Juicywalls, online. They make custom designed wallpaper and canvas prints of really high quality (and pretty cheap, for the type of product). You can determine the precise size of the prints or measurements for wallpaper, which is great, but the really cool aspect is that you can upload your own photography for these products. It's high quality digital printing, so the image is super clear and sharp. They also offer an option for photographers to sell their work from their own site, with an application called the Walldesigner. You integrate the code into your website, and sell your photography, and Juicywalls makes the product, deals with all the customers, and handles the payment and shipping. Seems like a really cool way to either get your photography out there, or just do some cool, personalized decorating! The website is

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Halloween Decorations

Get started on your haunted houses with some help from these Halloween Decorations. If ideas of how to turn your humble abode into a monstrous lair aren't running through your brain, then it's time to start! There are kids to be scared! Fun to be had! Get to it!Make something awesome, document it, and be sure to enter it into our DIY Halloween Contest!Also see: Halloween Pumpkin Carving Halloween Costumes Halloween for Kids Halloween Makeup Halloween Party Halloween Masks Pirate Cannon - A working replica of a naval cannon that fires pneumatically by Part Time Complete your pirate look with a cannon that makes noise and fires tissue to impress kids and neighbors. How to build a Five Foot Tall Jacob's ladder by ewilhelm Every mad scientist needs one of these. Without one an evil underground lair is more like a den in need of a good cleaning. Laser Vortex by mever Smoke and lasers always work well together.Keep the laser moving to create a cool and distorted effect. Make a cool hologram illusion! by NK5 Make a skull hover in mid-air! Halloween decor werewolf head by missmonster Need to convince anyone that last year's Halloween was more intense? Just put this trophy on the wall. Solid-state Halloween controller and how to build a Haunted House by ewilhelm For the more advanced spooksters you should look to this guide for makign Halloween a little more high tech. Rotoff the Deadnose Reindeer by PaHalloweenFreak At first glance it looks like Santa came early. Look closer and you'll see that he's still stuck, and rotting, on his mission from last year. How to convert an old swingset into a guillotine prop for Halloween by Strapped-4-Cache The little ones have ditched the swingset and so it's time to put it to a nobler, and nastier, cause. Build a pneumatically actuated Yeti in a cage for a Halloween Haunted house by ewilhelm This li'l yeti is stuck in a cage and none too happy about it! At the push of a button he'll leap at any Trick or Treater who comes by. How to Build a Spooky Working Drawbridge with Sounds and Light by rjtodd13 Set the mood early with a killer entrance. Or maybe just use this for your own cult when you get around to starting it. Either way.

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czech vest decorating?

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fish tank decoration

In my fish tank, is it ok to put in fired clay pots as decoration and fish hiding places?

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Halloween Decor Contest!

Hello everyone!  Every year for the halloween contests we the staff have to draw some lines between props, costumes, and decor items.  This year we've decided to draw the lines similar to where actual theater companies draw their lines.  Believe it or not there is a prop union, costume union, and set union.  It helps to give us some firm definitions of what item goes into what contest!   This year we are defining decor as: "Anything in a space that adds to the ambiance or feel of a space.  At the same time not an item being held by someone for the purpose of supporting their costume."   Examples below with notes on each of them.  If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I'll answer you to the best of my ability! Want to enter the decor contest?  Check it out here!

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Collage Dorm decor? Answered

My sister is going to collage in August and i want to give her something to remind her of me. She loves music and art. Also animals but I don't really know what to do. I want it to be really special.

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i want to decorate my child's room with a mural, but we're renting

It's a large chunk of wall. what to do? I'm worried that sticker decals will peel the paint of when removed and blu tack is easily removed by the 1 year old and could be eaten. any ideas?

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My school is hosting a 1-day Student Council Conference with the theme "Art". Any ideas?

Well, the conference is next November and I want to take it in a modern art/tech direction. I am thinking along the lines of the Wire map project and those hanging LED modules that twinkle when cell phones go off. It's a large brick building with yellow tiled walls. Any ideas?

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What should i do with this old wooden speaker enclosure? I want to decorate it or change it to make it sweet! Ideas??

It's an old speaker or sub box box that houses a single 15" full range speaker right now. I'm not really looking to turn it into something else completely, more just some ideas to decorate it or that will make it more functional than just the box that it is right now! I know I'm asking the right group of people about this haha sooo, let's hear it!!!? INSTRUCT ME!

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How To Decorate Your Room

Make a contest for decorating your own room it will be nice to see plans and design for lots of room

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rotating hanging wheel decoration?

I had a hanging wheel decoration, just wondering if the wheel can rotating using some weight so the wheel rotate infinite. perhaps moving its axle or something

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window gem gel decorations

''HELP PLEASE.......a friend asked if I knew how to make these decorations, said, NOPE, but would look here and find out how to.....but couldn't find an answer, but I know one of you smart people has the info I need so please help me out and send me the info?Thanks in advance!"PEEP"

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window gem gel decorations

''HELP PLEASE.......a friend asked if I knew how to make these decorations, said, NOPE, but would look here and find out how to.....but couldn't find an answer, but I know one of you smart people has the info I need so please help me out and send me the info?Thanks in advance!"PEEP"

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how to decorate a fleece hat?

I'm 13 years old and i'm struggling with my home economics homework. Because myself, as a boy, i don't know or care about how to decorate a fleece hat :/ and i can't seem to find anything on the internet. I've been using Google advanced searches blah blah blah blah de blah, can anyone help? asap. i need a long paragraph (about 2 in one ish) or something roughly that size, maybe a few paragraphs. either a link to a website or have it in an answer on here, thanks :)

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Halloween/Autumn/Holiday Decorations

My mom recently put some crafts, that she annually makes, up for sale on etsy. Of course the hard part about selling on Etsy is getting people to your page among the thousands of others. If you are looking for some Halloween/Fall/Christmas decorations or just want some new ideas for handmade crafts check it out  Link----->   Hand Made By Shannon Thanks for looking! Any traffic on her website also helps! Here are a couple screenshot from the website 

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Help Decorate Eric's Office! UPDATE

Eric's office is totally boring. There's a big blank wall next to another big blank wall and I can't take it any more. So we're looking to you, yes you, to help him out!So please print out the PDF, color or decorate it in any way you want, and send it to:Eric's Boring WallInstructables489 Clementina St.3rd FloorSan Francisco, CA 94103Our printer does weird things to colors so we can't accept emailed or PMed images. All the art will go up on Eric's wall. One artist chosen at random on Dec. 22 will win a copy of The Best of Instructables, Volume 1. Bonus points if you don't fold it.UPDATE:We can't randomly select one out of one entry and we still haven't seen any robots so we've extended the Date of Randomness. Also, everyone who sends something in will get a patch. UPDATE2: Winners Announced!

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Is there away to fill in these huge gaps in this wood frame?

I have this mirror that I like but it came with these huge overly sized lamps attached to it which I didn't particularly like and removed, which has left it with two large gaps in the frame. Is there a way to fill in these holes where I could possibly just paint over it so everything looks even or some sort of creative way to fill them in? here is what it looks like. front close up of gap back

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What materials can I use to decorate a very boring car exterior that won't cut my gas mileage?

I have a honda civic hybrid.  It is so beige that I lose it in the parking lot.  Could I decoupage areas of the exterior (cut out photos, glue them on, and then put on a sealer)?  Use some kind of paint for free-hand decoration (if it isn't absolutely smooth, won't it cause wind resistance)?  Use spray paint (Rustoleum?) and stencils?  Cut out shapes from contact paper?  In the past, I've used magnets (fall off), bumper stickers (get raggy looking fast).

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Whats a cool way to finish the outside of my garage pond?

I throught together this pond before winter out of a plastic pond, a liner and a couple cinder blocks. Before a clean out any junk and stock it with fish, whats cool way to fishish the outside. Its got the liner hanging out and is a eye sore. Id like to tack cinder blocks around it but I would need 50 and at 2 bucks a piece thats a bit expensive for me. Any ideas to do it cheaply?  

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I'm changing rooms and I just don't know what to do with all that bare wall, what are some cool arty things I can do?

I have one large, completely bare wall and a corner space that has about a metre to 1.5m lee way on each side , not to mention a built in robe that will be naked and bare, I have a bit of artistic flare but I don't know where to start when it comes to things this size, help! some examples of what I can do attached (2nd referenced, I take no creative credit) (bonus kudos for something three dimensional or even functional!)

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how to make decorative file covers?

Need 2 make decorative file covers with readily available materials

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to decorate a flower girl basket?

I have 2 plain baskets and want to decorate it for the flower girls in my daughters wedding. Do anybody have any tutorials or videos that can help me?

Question by 10 years ago

how to decorate a flower girl basket?

I have 2 plain baskets and want to decorate it for the flower girls in my daughters wedding. Do anybody have any tutorials or videos that can help me?

Question by 10 years ago

how to decorate metal card holders?

I want to decorate metal credit card holders, but I have no idea how to get started or what to use on them. Can anybody help please!

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Halloweenibles: Modded Robot Picture Decorations

Modded Robot Picture Decoration: Now presenting "Pumpkinstien" Ok per Canida and our conversations in the "How to Enter the Halloween Contest" comments I am braving the first steps with my quick down and dirty "Modded Robot Picture Decoration" Let me know and mark your comments with a "Love It" or" Hate It" No hard feelings if you don't like it so don't be afraid to speak your mind. It you have a Modded Robot Picture post it, perhaps they will have a"Worst" and "Best" category as well? Have fun with your "Halloweenibles" Mr. Rig It

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Halloween Decoration Contest Winners - 2012

With a whooping 365 Halloween Decorations entered, the competition for this year's contest was a tough one. The editors had a hard time narrowing down the finalists. However, with the help of 13 spooky judges, winners were chosen. I would like to congratulate the winners, and thank everyone who put in the time and effort to throw their hat into the cauldron. Anyhow… on with it… I am pleased to announce that this year's winning decoration is flaming_pele!'s build of a Giant Tentacle Monster. This project was selected by the judges because it was original, fun, well-documented and approachable. With easy-to-find materials, they demonstrated that anyone can menace their neighborhood with a giant cartoonish tentacle monster. Their technique was clever, and the results were great. I foresee this inspiring more large creations next year. Speaking of which, all of our second place winners put new spins on old classics. Noelportugal made a traditional Magic Mirror, but gave it a new spin with built-in candy dispenser. HaHaBird mashed Tetris and jack-o-lanterns together to make Pumpktris, which is unlike anything we have seen before. And of course, there is kcli's the Hearse-Style Carriage which resurrects old-fashioned horse carriage as a creepy and stylish hearse. The runner-ups show how eclectic this years entries were. From traditional grim reaper decorations, to stat-of-the-art glow-in-the-dark 3D-printed ghost mobiles, we ended up with some pretty interesting decorations this year. Be sure to not only check out all of the awesome finalists, but the rest of this year's entries. Now that Halloween is over, it means that you have a full year to think about what to do next year. I now that I already am. While installing the foam spewing pumpkin, I already figured out what my decoration is going to be for next year. Let's just say that it is going to be a blast. -Randy

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Need some room decor ideas.

My room is boring. I can do anything but paint the walls (we rent) But I CAN cover them floor to ceiling with whatever I wish. I've been looking for some kind of interesting pattern. I like bats and skulls. (realistic of both) But skulls are so overplayed, and bats seem like a far stretch to decorate with. I'm pretty artistic, and awfully handy with making stuff (especially for a 15 year old, been building my whole life.) I have a large piece of flat cardboard that backed a John Lennon Poster I recently bought, and a piece of black foamboard. I plan on taping, cutting, painting the cardboard (probably a bat design, I'm just recently getting into them) and drawing another bat on the black foamboard using silver sharpie. Sooo.... any design ideas you guys have for making things, such as any kind of wall hanging would be nice to hear about.

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Teen Guy Bed Room Ideas-No Sport?

Hi, I am 13 and I am wondering how to decorate my bedroom?? I have a rectangular room with all doors and wardrobe at one end, and grey/purpkleish walls with a eggplant feature wall. Beige non-replacble curtains. I have a massive metal 4 poster bed crazy thing. Which I LOVE! What shall I do? I also have a white/green retro dresser and dressing table, and some small wooden filing cabnets. I like the late 50's and early 60's. And pugs, definatly pugs. But, as I am in Australia there is no Wallmart or macys for me. But we DO have target! I am intrested in making 2 'zones' in my room. bedroom down the doorend, and longue(????????????/) down the other? What should I do??? Thanks

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What Adhesive and or Sealant to decoupage a car with fabric, paper, & ...?

Hi Guys, Maria in Florida here. Bought a 2013 Honda Fit which I love but is all black. Did I mention I live in FLORIDA? It would have to withstand relentless Sun & Water, dry slow enough so that I can manipulate materials and remove air bubbles before they harden, be flexible enough to accept movement within the frame and dry hard as diamonds.  Oh, and if it could take a coat or two of wax so I can keep up the shine that´d be great too. I don´t plan to put anything 3-dimensional so at least there´s that?! Many thanks for any suggestions. Cheers and Can´t wait to hear from all you brilliant ¨Instructablers.¨ :)

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How Home Decoration can be done in different ways?

I want to decorate my home with many home decoration accessories, but i would like to what are they by which i can decorate them and from where can i get them at cheaper prices.

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How to Make an old lamp decorative piece

How to Make an old lamp decorative piece

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What are some ways to "bling" or decorate a wheelchair?

(This is for my lovely grandmother, mind you.. but she can be a bit spunky at times.)

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Blinky Geeky Tabletop Decoration with CMOS 74C14

I made this blinky geeky tabletop decoration based on my instructable over there: have fun and share your ideas!

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How to Take Down a Traverse Decorative Rod

Hello Friends, Decorative traverse rods are one way to accentuate your windows with drapery. Traverse rods enable you to open and close the drapes with a pull cord. Sometimes one or more of the rings breaks requiring replacement. Unfortunately replacing rings requires removing the traverse rod from the window. Taking down a traverse decorative rod enables you to separate the rod and remove the faulty rings. Unlike standard rods, the traverse rod fits inside a channel clip across the top of the mounting brackets. Unhook the drapes from the traverse rod master carrier. The drapes hang on metal hooks that lift out of holes in the traverse rod. Hold one end of the traverse rod with one hand and turn the decorative end cap counterclockwise with your free hand. Remove the end caps on both ends in this manner. Find the screw on the retaining clips securing the rod to the mounting clips. There is a mounting clip on each end and one in the center. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Grasp the center of the rod and lift straight up to remove it from the brackets. Pull the rod away from the wall. Thanks and Regards, Baron Davis

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Last minute Halloween costumes, decorations, food!

Hot Air Balloon Dilbert Costume Cardboard Armor Super Mario Bros. Halloween Cupcakes Octopus Hoodie Easy Zombie Horde Caution Tape Costume Creepy Bubble Cocktails Toilet Paper Costume Charlie Brown Ghost Freezer Paper Skeleton 5-Minute Domo Kun Doll Guts Serving Dish Giant Spiderweb - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

Topic by randofo 8 years ago

With what can I paint/decorate PVC rain boots?

It's rainy season in Mexico and I just bought a pair of black PVC boots that I would like to decorate myself, but I don't know what kind of water-proof paint I can use on this material or if maybe vinyl transfer/stickers are a good idea. Any suggestions?

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how to make a metal shot plate for decorative shot for jewelry making ?

Want to know how to make a decorative shot plate for decorative shot for use in jewelry making. Just the general knowledge of how to make one ..

Question by Offtofindalife 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

i need a tutorial on how to decorate the surface of leather?

I have tried working in leather a few times, and i would like to know how to make shapes and patterns on the leather using water and different tools, however not by cutting/carving the leather.

Question by shalow 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

cheap ideas for decorating cardboard photo frames please ?

Question by patanddave 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

How can i decorate my desktop? picture below. Answered

Question by methanium 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Paint and decorate a bill miller plastic drinking mug?

I want to paint my bill miller bbq mug and decorate it and still be able to use it daily for drinking my tea. Is there a safe non-toxic method?

Question by marlenemdp 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I would like to know how to decorate a strawberry shortcake pan cake.

The top is white (cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk & whipped cream). How do I cut the strawberries to look decorative? Thank you

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i want to decorate my project book.pls send me some suggetion. Answered

Question by 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


Im having my graduation this year in Australia and my group is in-charge of the decoration ideas, i want matching colors, im thinking gold,black & silver should be the theme colors, Anyone have any ideas??  PS: if you can also write what decorations i should add like balloons.

Question by iraqiiz 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Cannot enter my instructible for the Halloween Decoration Contest

I am not seeing the Halloween Contest for decorations when I access my current instructible Emalene. The only contest that displays is the Halloween Photo Contest which is not applicable to my instructible. Even if I edit and choose contest to enter, only the Halloween Photo is available.

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Easy Decoration Tips - String Tree Wall Mural

This is a cheap and easy way to decorate your walls with out the hassle of painting or installing wall paper.  It is a string wall mural found on re-nest.  There are so many different ways you can configure string on your wall using this technique!

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