How can I solve wheel chatter on a pinewood derby car?

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Does anyone know where to find instructions on making a Derby hat?

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Derby Maker Faire: Status Update

I'm going to be having a stall at Derby Mini Maker Faire on the 22nd. If you're able, pop along to say hello, and you can build your own paper catapult as well. If you're going, post a comment, let me know to look out for you.

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Should I get outdoor or indoor roller skates?

Hi! Just rediscovered my love of roller skating, after 15 years away from it. I am wondering if I should buy a pair of outdoor skates and use them on rinks sometimes, or rink skates and risk them outdoors? I'd check the wheels for rocks before I rode on the rinks, of course. I've never done outdoor riding, but I can't go to the rink all the time, and I'd like to work this into my daily exercise. I'd also like to get into good enough shape to join Portland's active Roller Derby scene. Thoughts?

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I need a really fast pinewood derby car! Answered

I am entering the pinewood derby and I am looking for fast ideas that could get me a winning car! Thank you!

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Derby Mini Maker Faire Photos

The Derby Mini Maker Faire has now finished. I took a *lot* of photos, and this is a selection, in a pretty random order - can you spot anybody you know? I think we all (Gmjhowe, Rainbow Han, Jayfuu, PKM, Kitewife, Conker-X, Roger-X, and myself) thoroughly enjoyed it.  The atmosphere was really good, lots of friendly faces, lots of new friends (big shout out to Phenoptix, who was an event sponsor), and more members of Hackspaces than I have ever seen in one place.  I didn't see any sad faces, of any age - it's a sign of the times that there seemed to be a greater proportion of the visitors who had some idea what Making is all about, and loved the idea of Instructables. The organisers did a very good job, looked after us all very well (I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes tour of the museum itself, and loved the pint of local beer we were treated to).  I hope they do another one - I'll be there like a shot.  I think we were all inspired with ideas for new projects. One particular shout goes to "Pics to Knits", who have created a tool to turn digital images into knitting patterns.  Kitewife is already planning a project using their tools. If you were there, and took any photos or videos, please add them in the comments... Update: Blog entry by the yarn-bombers from Angel Eden, with some nice photos and a knitting pattern to boot: LINK. I found these videos on YouTube  

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How can I build a brake (not cantilever type) quickly and simply for a soapbox car?

There's a derby goin on. I need to make a brake for my car. I don't know very clearly how.

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Pinewood Derby test track timer

I would like to have a timer for testing changes to pinewood derby cars.   Need to have a trigger a the top of the track and one at the finish line.  Could be stand alone with time display or output to a PC for capture of each run.   Better still would be a second set of trips to give a split time 1/2 way down the track. Since this will be used for testing, it only needs to measure time on one track.  Simple and cheap.

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how to make fake welds on a model car? Answered


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i dont know how to make a completely edible derby car and how to make a paper airplane, help me!!

The car has to roll down a ramp at least a couple times the ramp is 8 ft long and angled at 20 degrees. the airplane has to be good and has to travel at least a couple meters

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UK Mini Maker Faire - The Derby Silk Mill - New Poster to Share!

Seems that the folks at Nottingham Hackspace (Nottinghack) and some new folks called Derby Makers are putting on a Mini Maker Faire bang in the middle of the UK, on Sunday the 3rd of June. We've just put up some cash to help things along and will be attending. Who's with us? The Mini Maker will be held at the Silk Mill, which is reputed to be oldest factory in the UK, and up until recently was an industrial museum. It's still part of the museums trust and has some fantastic exhibits inside (Rolls Royce Merlin engine is my favourite!) which will be nestled alongside all manner of makers. So are you coming? If not why not?

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will someone make an instructable on how to make a model gas can (preferably in 1/25th scale) for dioramas? Answered

 i want a gas can that looks like this

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I need a fast design for a pinewood derby car. Answered

The rules are the standard Awana Grand Prix Rules (ie. Same axles, wood, wheels,  no washers, springs, or ball bearings. Must be at a max. of 7 inches long, max. of 3 inches high, and 2 wide. Must be 3/8 in. off the track for the lane strip). I need a fast design that qualifies for all these rules. It should be a previously winning design, or a car that finished in 1st place.

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so i need some help building a soapbox derby racer with small petrol engine compatability ? Answered

Okay my cousin runs a back alley street racing competition and i've been test driving some of the racers for off road and my cousin wants me to enter but his car got smashed up pretty bad and we can't repare it so in need to build one  

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My Son is building Pinewood derby cars and he wants to set one up to run flashing L.E.Ds. Answered

2 head lights 2 tail lights and 2 red and blue over head lights. This is to resemble police car and it has to stay in the size of the car and weight Width: - 2-3/4" Length - 7" Width between wheels - 1-3/4" Weight - Not over 5 Ounces THANKS any help would be great !!!!?

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Gravity Car Wheel Size

I have built several adult soapbox derby/ Gravity cars. I'm working on a new build that may require a smaller front tire, such as a 16inch tire. My plan is to run 2 26inch rear wheels and 1 16 inch front  wheel, with a total car weight of 225lbs.   Since there is no gearing, just gravity, and just considering size, will smaller front wheel effect my speed? Thank you

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How can I make a top body for a soapbox car without spending too much? Answered

There's a soapbox derby in July and I wanna make a car. Plywood floorboard is no problem but I don't know about 3D shapes. Any suggestions on something a kid (12) could make? Add other suggestions if you want.

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LED advice

So, i'm a pretty avid fan of our local roller derby team (HKRG BABY!), and i belong to a group of super fans who focus on doing a lot of weird crafting and costuming and other such insantiy for the bouts. so, i'm wanting to make some pretty fancy signs for next year's derby season that will  light up. i've got some plans to use some EL wire/tape and the accompanying equipment but i've also got some other sign plans that would probably be cheaper/easier to make using LEDs instead. so, basic premise is to have a sign that would be able to light up some cut out letters separately and sequentially. i know how to make the sign itself so that's not the issue, what i need is a method to cheaply and easily make the letters light up in sequence. so it's a 3 letter sequence (let's use D O A as an example) that progresses at the normal speed that you would imagine a large group of people chanting a 3 letter call sign to go. so the D would lights up for a second or two, one-two second pause, O lights up for a second or two, one or two second pause, then the A for a second or two, lather rinse repeat. i'm imagining that each group of LEDs for each letter would be wired in series, then each group would be wired to whatever circuit would be needed to make the lights cycle. i'm not sure exactly how many leds will be needed per letter, but maybe between 10-20 of them per segment? i'm going to have several of these types of signs (all 3 syllable chants) so i'd like it to be something that's easy to repeat and not terribly expensive (i'm a derby nut, but there is a line where cost kind of gets stupid)

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Sale at the Maker Shed

The Maker Shed, the store part of Make Magazine, is having a big sale on over 100 items. In gearing up for the upcoming Maker Faire (May 30 & 31!) they need to clear out some of the old stock. Items are up to 75% off.As for myself, I'll probably be getting a LED Clock Kit. I've had an idea for a modification for one of those for ages. Also looking good are the telekinetic pen and the poinewood derby kit for $1. Make Blowout Sale

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I Have A Car, You have An Idea?

I am planning to sell this car within a month, but if I can't I would like to do something creative with it, like cut the roof off /demolition derby/something of the like. But I was wondering if anyone on instructables has an idea of what I could do to it. I've been looking at mutant/art cars from Burning Man, and wondering about an armored car or something.. BTW, the car is for sale, $500. Any takers?

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Does anyone know which is the positve end of a cap? (capacitor) (THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN REVISED! COME TAKE A LOOK PLEASE)

Does anyone know which is the positve end of a cap?  (capacitor) Do you know hwo i could tell? __________________________________________________________ Ok guys heres another question for you, (by the way im using those black capaitors that you get 330 v out of, and that come in disposable cameras)  oh and its a radial cap um im trying to wire about caps to 3 model car motors, so i can have a rather large boost for a pinewood derby car.  When i do complete the circut all i get is a laege spark and a pop.  HELP ME PLEEEEASE!!

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