xbox 360 dev kit

I was wondering where I could get an xbox 360 dev kit or if I can get one at all?

Posted by luke96 7 years ago

iPhone App Selling Prices? Answered

What is the best price to sell an RSS based search engine app on the app store (Apple inc.)? Also, what apps do people need most (besides games)

Asked by chilll2009 7 years ago

Raspberry Pi as low-cost HD surveillance camera by scavix motion detection software install problem.

In step 7 of this instructable after installing "motion" I change directory to /tmp then try to do the recommended installation "sudo apt-get install -y libjpeg62 libjpeg62-dev libavformat53 libavformat-dev libavcodec53 libavcodec-dev libavutil51 libavutil-dev libc6-dev zlib1g-dev libmysqlclient18 libmysqlclient-dev libpq5 libpq-dev" I get this on the terminal. pi@raspberrypi:/tmp $ sudo apt-get install -y libjpeg62 libjpeg62-dev libavformat53 libavformat-dev libavcodec53 libavcodec-dev libavutil51 libavutil-dev libc6-dev zlib1g-dev libmysqlclient18 libmysqlclient-dev libpq5 libpq-dev Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Note, selecting 'libjpeg62-turbo' instead of 'libjpeg62' Package libjpeg62-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source However the following packages replace it:   libjpeg9-dev libjpeg8-dev libjpeg62-turbo-dev E: Package 'libjpeg62-dev' has no installation candidate E: Unable to locate package libavformat53 E: Unable to locate package libavcodec53 E: Unable to locate package libavutil51 It has not loaded. Please help.

Asked by sunnymike 1 year ago

I am designing an iPhone app that uses RSS. What features do people need in this type of app that would make it unique?

Yeah, so I have thought out a lot of it, but now I want to know what type of interface people want.

Asked by chilll2009 7 years ago

How to program atmega16 from a dev board using serial port? Answered

I am a beginner with microcontrolllers. I have a dev board with serial interface but when I connect it to PC, I can't program it,  avrdude refuses to detect it. Am I missing something? It has an atmega16L 8PU, and a MAX232N but no crystal. Can't I directly program it using serial port with PC?

Asked by ethanol47 6 years ago

PIC microcontroller dev board

Dear all, I m new here, I have some ready circuit using PIC16F series microcontroller chip, I need a simple microcontroller board with software to chage some information on these chip, if RS232 or USB no problem. advance thanks 2 all. khossanr(at)yahoo(dot)com

Posted by khossanr 8 years ago

Communication Agency project : Looking for and Arduino Dev in Paris

Hello Guys, We have a really cool project with our agency in Paris and we are looking for an Arduino Dev for a small mission (freelance). If you could be interested, please contact me to exchange more precisely about the project and discuss possibilities. @ : French mother tongue/fluent or English.   If you are in Paris, we can meet each other. See U, Romain

Posted by raumin.hetzel 3 years ago

What does it mean to "jailbreak" an electronic device? Answered

I see a lot of people talking about jailbreaking their iPhone/Droid/MP3. What does this mean? I'm curious

Asked by Randomguy65 7 years ago

How can i improve my web dev skills is there any place i can practice?

I am good in web application development i know server side scripting language and dbms scripting. but i am not in practice from a while is there any site who serve as non-profit site so that i can help them with my skills or where can i get people who want their own personalised website and dont want to hire a programmer who take too much money.

Asked by Atul009 4 years ago

The sketch compiles but won't upload?

After adding the neopixel library I can get the sketch to compile but it won't load to my arduino. I keep getting an error message like "can't open

Asked by BrianL251 1 year ago

micro-controllers : What will I need to program them (Hardware) ?

I have a PDIP chip ATMEGA168 a 28 pin mc and I want to use it. I wanna know what will I need to use it for some very basic gadget with a very small budget.Do I need a Development board and an ISP programmer both? Or is there anything like a small usb programmer where I can just put my chip and program using avr studio.. Actually I plan to make my own programmer and any schematic will help, thanks in advance.. ** so can I make a simple dev board, i need the micro controller for some kind of a alarm triggering mechanism for the overhead water tank so I dont wanna waste a lot of money for a full fledged dev board with lcd and stuffs, so how can i make a dev board..any links will be good !!

Asked by pratyush das 6 years ago

Grammar nazi time

I wasn't sure if this would be considered a bug or feedback. "This author has not updated their profile." "Author" is singular, "their" is plural. It should be something like "This author has not updated his/her profile." The devs could probably make that match the account's gender.

Posted by FuyuKitsune 7 years ago

can i connect my pc to a ps2 slim via usb to usb?

I want to do run dev programs. when connected my lcd tv shows there is something connected but says no signal.

Asked by wallnutz 8 years ago

I need a simple, easy to use C++ IDE for Fedora 11. Any suggestions? Answered

              I want to program in Fedora 11, but it only comes with Anjuta IDE, and it is really stupid and hard to use, in my opinion.  I want something simple, like the Python IDE or Dev-C++ IDE, that lets me write, compile, and run C++ code, without having to deal with all of the templates, projects, and crap.  I would like to use Dev-C++, but it is not available for Fedora.  I want to be able to write code for interfacing with the serial ports and parallel port, primarily.  Suggestions on what to use for this would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago

uploading to gemma? Answered

Hi,When I try to upload to gemma it gives me this error:avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem": Resource busyProblem uploading to board. See for suggestions.any suggestions?Thanks,Reyce

Asked by Reyce 1 year ago

Does anybody know how to make a self-inflating device which is not powered?

I want to create a self -inflating cushion that is not mains powered. It could be battery operated but does anybody know how to do this in a way that does not[ involve power? thanks

Asked by mechamorv 9 years ago

Looking for programming/scripting options for iPod Touch that don't involve Apple Dev solutions.

I've been casting around for ways to program my iPod Touch 2G, such as by using Python or Processing. Not enthusiastic about jailbraking it at present. Wanting to interface an Arduino to it to do data logging, time-series analysis, graphing.

Asked by Chris Kinata 7 years ago

Help picking the right dev board and microcontroller??

After reading a lot of sites (and a few instructables *cough*westfw*cough*:) on microcontrollers, I want to finally buy one. the only thing though is I also need a development board and im stuck. Theres so many, I can't even begin to know which I should get.I was looking into the Z80 since I could buy a development board for 40$, which is pretty high for me (50 is around my max), and it also has a usb programmer, my laptop doesn't have a serial connection, but Im not so sure anymore. I know *some* c++ and I'm willing to learn c so I don't need a basic module or anything.Do you guys know of any good ones for me?

Posted by pwnz32 10 years ago

Can you determine voltage requirements without device specifications? Answered

I've been pulling parts out of old computers and have wondered if I could determine what voltage devices are rated for? For instances small motors and LEDs, it's easy enough to estimate but what if i want more precise information?

Asked by milsorgen 8 years ago

Arduino Uploading Problem?

Hello, I have an Arduino Duemilinove with Atmega 328 and Arduino 1.0 programming language. I am using a Mac. Whenever I try to upload a program, It tells me avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding. I have downloaded all the drivers and normally the port that the Arduino is on starts with  /dev/tty.usbserial, but that does not show up. I have tried on a PC also and it doesn't upload either.

Asked by D5quar3 6 years ago

How do I go about having a 12v battery power a device that runs off of 2x AA batteries?

I am looking to run a receiver that is powered by 2x AAA batteries off of a 12v 12ah battery that is also running an amplifier. If there a way to do this without burning up the receiver? I am looking for a cost effective way to do this. Thanks.

Posted by jgalvin1 4 years ago

Can I connect more DC motors in series to generate desired voltage? Answered

I just want to generate the voltage from DC motors. The one motor can generate 4VDC. I want 12VDC to charge Lithium Ion battery by connecting them in series. How can I do that?Is there any need of external circuit? If yes, please mention the diagram. Thank you :)

Asked by Dev Bambhania 4 years ago

Should i buy the AT89c51?

So i was thinking about buying a micro-controller for a while and i found this in the local shop It doesn't come with a development board and i have no idea how to program it. So can anyone help me get started and make a Dev board? P.S Sorry if my English is bad. I am a Pakistani.

Asked by Hafiz Mohammad Shayan Tariq 5 years ago

Square Brackets in Back Talk

Hey Dev Team This isn't exactly critical... But when you've got a moment to spend a few cycles on, superuser me and check out my backtalk page. Any projects with a square bracket (probably with the first char only), messes with the UI and puts a red box around that field. I used square brackets when I did those collegiate meal projects.... Happy new year :)

Posted by trebuchet03 9 years ago

Need Handyman To Build Escalator Handrail Test Device

Need Handyman To Build Escalator Handrail Test Device We’re looking to build to build a testing device for escalator handrails. Attached is a rendering and drawing of what we imagine or desire - a machine that has adjustable speeds to test elements of an escalator handrail. Please call +1-415-578-3196 or email to discuss. We have a need for this ASAP - San Francisco

Posted by robertanton 10 years ago

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding?

Hello, I have an Arduino uno with Atmega 328 pu and arduino ide 1.0.6programming language. I am using a Mac10.6.3. Whenever I try to upload a program, It tells me avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding. I have downloaded all the drivers and normally the port that the Arduino is on starts with  /dev/tty.bluetooth, but that does not show up. I have tried on a PC also and it doesn't upload either.please help me. I

Asked by nevet scarlet 2 years ago

diode change

I'm building a picmicro programmer, and I'm fcollowing the schematics from this from sparkfun want a BZV55C5V1 diode, but the closest thing that I could find on mouser was a BZX55C5V1 diodehere's the link for the BZV55C5V1 datasheet, just click one, they're all the same's the link for the BZX55C5V1 datasheet SOLVED THANKS TO THE CITIZENS OF INSTRUCTABLES

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Categories and Channels

We've just released the big recategorization work which has been occupying the whole dev team for the last few weeks.  Christy has written up an explanation of it here so I don't need to say too much.  That's the big thing; there are a few more bugfixes in Pro payments and some caching changes to help with our bandwidth but check out the browse pages!  I found a bunch of interesting instructables I hadn't seen before just while verifying the functionality.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

Faster Overnight Website!

Hi All, Many of our most dedicated community members have complained about various errors occurring for logged in users during the night (for us, in SF). This has been consistent for a long time, and the code causing problems has been around for years. It precedes everyone currently on the dev team. We have automatic database maintenance tasks that run overnight, some of which are responsible for these problems. We have heard your pleas! I believe we have just one feature that will break if we completely remove all of these tasks. So we're going to try an experiment this weekend. We hope for these results: 1) Posting should be just as smooth from 12am to 6am PST as it is during other times of the day. 2) These little stats icons will start to show inaccurate data: This will not affect total view counters. If our theory proves correct, we'll proceed to find another data source for that button. And you who are awake when we are asleep will have a much more usable site going forward. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up, since we're deliberately introducing a bug.... but I promise it's for your very real benefit! ~ Your Friendly Devs

Posted by pseaton 3 years ago

Electronics Project Ideas which do not use Microcontrollers

In the past I have used various dev boards(Arduino,RasPi,Intel Edison, Particle Photon,etc) for projects. I am planning to make a couple of projects which DO NOT require the use of a Microcontroller. For some reason  I have this mental blockade of innovative ideas which I can implement without using a Microcontroller. If you have any cool non-microcontroller based project ideas, share them in the comments below & I'll try to make an Instructable out of them. 

Posted by Jonathanrjpereira 2 years ago

Is it possible to make a specialized spark gap device that operates similarly to a transitor?

I have a serious issue with utilizing an H-bridge to switch polarity of high voltage electromagnets. The voltage is roughly 110 DC rectified from mains. Every mosfet I use has exploded when I tried to switch the mosfets. I tried using relays but they keep arcing and tripping my breaker. I would very much like to know if it was possible to make a spark gap that works similar to a NPN transistor.

Posted by 50ul84n3 7 years ago