Paper airplane of the future

Make a future paper airplane that are not from the original design. Diffrent shape Works Here are the paper airplane that you should not looks like and copy with: Arc Lite Glider Skywarrior

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Two diffrent avacados plants ?

I planted two hass avacodo seeds and they both look  diffrent,Can anybody tell me what the other one is?     

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Help? with arduino code for controlling 2 servos sweeping at different degrees? Answered

//Sweep #include "Servo.h"   Servo myservo;  // create servo object to control a servo Servo mysecondservo;              // a maximum of eight servo objects can be created   int pos = 0;    // variable to store the servo position void setup() {   myservo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object   mysecondservo.attach(10); }     void loop() {   for(pos = 0; pos < 140; pos += 1)  // goes from 0 degrees to 140 degrees   {                                  // in steps of 1 degree     myservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position {  for(pos = 0; pos < 140; pos += 1)  // goes from 0 degrees to 140 degrees   {                                  // in steps of 1 degree     mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                      }     for(pos = 150; pos>=1; pos-=1)     // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    myservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   for(pos = 150; pos>=1; pos-=1)     // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                  } } #include "Servo.h" Servo mysecondservo; void loop() {   for(pos = 0; pos < 140; pos += 1)  // goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees   {                                  // in steps of 1 degree     mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   }   for(pos = 150; pos>=1; pos-=1)     // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   } }

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how do you join the diffrent groups on instructables?


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what is the diffrent between embossing heat tools and heat gun,?

Can hair dryer been hacked and turn into embossing heat tools. anyone have picture of embossing heat tools, what i mean here inside that embossing heat tools.inside the heat tools.

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is there a way to get free movies on ipod?

I use limewire but i want to try sumtin diffrent

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when porting a speaker Answered

  could i use diffrent sized ports in the same box would there be an advantage to tuning freq " 6x1 3x2"

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how to make a funhouse? Answered

Want to make a picture frame with the theme funhouse,it would be cool if it was interactive so stuff can move and you look diffrent every time

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I have a swann wireless sw231-wch camera with no receiver?

How can i either hardwire the camera to be able to view on a regular monitor or t.v.? or how an i pic up the signal on another reciever from a diffrent manufaccturer?

Question by BobbyF28 1 year ago

i want to make miniproject using microprocessor or microcontroller can you suggest me some?

We have a subject microprocessor and microcontroller ,i want to make a miniproject which would be quite diffrent and would help in clearing our concepts ,it should be simple and not too complex.

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can I use a 10k pot instead of a 5k pot in my power supply?

Its a o to 24vdc power supply . it calls for a 5k pot. want to know if i can use a 10k pot . and what will be the diffrents

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Building a genertor? Answered

I have a 5sme22nj028a general electric motor and wanted to buld a generator. It is 10 pin (not including earth). I have used a voltmeter to see what generate but there are many combonations and they all seem to generate. Also it is brushless. I have posted this question before but fogort to include that the motor says varable speed on the side. I was thinking that connecting diffrent pins would make the motor go at diffrent speeds. In my other question someone said that it may need a mirco prosser before it. I think that this is probaly the case but wanted to see if anyone knew about this motor. So if it needs or doesnt need a micro prosessor before it, please tell me. I should be able to work it out from there. Thanks

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I consumed the stuff in mood rings. Is it toxic?

I was biting it as I always do(very attractive) and it broke it my mouth. The plastic covering came off and I consumed the inside on accident. Will I be okay? I know it doesn't matter if it touchs skin but this is diffrent because I swallowed it. HELP ME

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Special Effects

Hey guys, Our first topic is making special effects with explosions and fire. The goal is to make a way to make safe special effects explosions and make them look realistic. Movie quality special effects on the chaep and/or on the safe. Please, dont copy the ideas of others. And we still except all other transmissions of diffrent ideas.

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How can you adjust timezones?

OK, everytime I see a comment, the time is very diffrent from mine.I just posted a comment. My time ( checked ALL of my watches) was 7:03, yet on instructables, it said 3:03I was wondering if I could do anything so that my times match? Perhaps on Instructables or Firefox???

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How can I import stock option prices into Matlab automatically (without copy pasting)?

How can I import that bid and ask for diffrent stock options from a site such as yahoo finance into matlab without manually copying and pasting and editing the information? I Don't need historical data, only the current bid and ask. thank you

Question by 10 years ago

can you click to see pic 2? or 3 etc when it click it says become pro?

I cant look at other pics for the same part like for my shotgun of knex adamsdead shotgun 3.0 i cant look at diffrent pics on same part can you look at them or do you need to be pro?

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Is it legal to download Windows Vista from here?

Hi, I was wondering if it is legal to download Windows Vista from this site: I think softpedia is pretty well known, but I'm not sure. Also, I have a key from a diferent computer that doesnt have Vista installed on it, could I use that key to activate Windows Vista on a diffrent machine? Thanks in advance.

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Trying to use keypad with arduino mega. please help

I have a 4X4 keypad (the same one they use here: wired to my arduino mega on ports 14-21. I have a piezo on pwm8. I need a program that plays a diffrent note when each key is pressed, using keypad library here: The code on the first link is my base, I just cant get the if statments to work. please help.

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Ok i want to get a new mp3 player but my little sister has i tunes can i use a diffrent provider such as napster , amozon , best buy walmart or zune cast or do i have to use i tunes if so can i have multable acounts one one computer so i dont have to sort throug my sisters music to find what i want we have to share a computer as of now also i will not pirate so dont even sugest it

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my rabbit alice has a deep cut on the inside of your thigh i dont know what from?

Its probly about a centimeter or two deep i sprayed it with disnfectent that we use on our cuts. its a little smaller then a 5 cent piece. should i open it and check for maggots? its almost complettly scabbed over. she doesnt act any diffrent but i do know that rabbits try hard not to act hurt when they are. for now i will spray it one a day will disnfectnt. please help!

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Motor assisted pedal powered rail rider

I am trying to build a 2 person human powered Vehicle that is also motor assisted, I need a way 2 people can pedal at diffrent speeds and drive the same axle. What I think I need is some sort of differential gearbox. What Ii need to know is: Is there is a differential that can take 2 different input speeds and have one output? If it did and I also pushed it with a motor would the wheels spinning feed back though the gearbox and send the pedals spinning like crazy? Any help or advice people can offer would be great.

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I need help with building a LED flashlight

I have been building this 9volt LED flashlight but I used this LED resistor calculator and it came up with a diffrent resistor then was noted in the instructable, I bought these two leds at radio shack and a 150-Ohm 1/2 watt 5% tolerance resistor (Brown Green Brown Gold). The LED lights light up but they are not bright like a flashlight and can only be seen in the dark if you put your hand up close. Im wondering where I went wrong? This is my first time working with LEDs, Maybe the radioshack LED's are just crappy? Or do you think I got the wrong resistor?Thanks,Nick

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Could Any good drawers (drawing artists?) please help me a bit here?

Um....Could somebody with good drawing skills please help me real quick?I would like to use this drawing -or character- (Not mine), but I would like to have more angles of it. I personally don't think I can make good angles of it, so:Could anybody draw this from a few diffrent angles like front or back?ANY type of help would be greatly appreciated. Also, please forgive me if I put this in the wrong place, still not used to the new forum.

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Video Player

I dont know exactly what to call this. but i want some kinda device that i could make that plays movies off a hard drive, i no that they kinda mmake these already but there really expensive and i figure i could build something cheaper. ive got about 20 extra computers varing from MACs to PCs and ranging in all diffrent years, so i though of like building like a "DVR" without a tuner card or something. and the basic reason for this is so that i can bring large amounts of movies and vids to friends houses without hauling around tons of CDs or my PS3. i also like the way the XBox Mini looks

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another bug (UPDATE!!!!)

hey guys i have had this bug for about a week now and its annoying me because i cant view all ibles or favorites If i click the "next" button on some ones page all it does is refresh the page and dosent show the other ibles and the same for favorites, questions, favroites, and forums and i have tried many diffrent peoples pages and there all the same. also if im on a ible and i click next to view more comments it just refreshes the page. i have recntly went on to our family computer because mine is down so im looking around ibles and the next buttons still dont work. BUT they do all work fine on IE 8 and Google chrome i have no idea why it is like this any ideas?

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Selling modified nerf guns on ebay

Hello people latley i have just put up modified nerf gun listing on ebay i can't seem to sell them but my friend can sell them way easier i asked him what he does diffrent but he said he does the same so if someone would help me sell them i would greatly appreciate it and another problem im having is i can't find the option to leave your listing up till cancelled or 30 day only 10. Im offering a reward to who's tip helps me sell my first 2 guns. The reward is a spray painted and modded nitefinder that has a coupler and can shoot up to 90ft

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speakers v.s. traffic cone (cone design philosiphy)

Iv had this funky traffic cone layn around and recently desided to put an old pair of mp3/pc, speakers in em (two small speakers, think pc fokes). everything was going fine and dandy untill i hit an artistic snag that i refused to look over. -SHOULD I LEAVE THE CONE ITS BRIGHT ORANGY CONE COLOR OR PAINT IT SOMTHING DIFFRENT. im leaning tword and idie urban lookn artsy fartsy sort of look, somthin you might see in ready made magazine, or urban outfiters -BUT WHAT DESIGN, COLOR, OR EVEN LOOK SHOULD I GO WITH OR SHOULD I LEAVE IT

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rgb led controller with ir remote

Hello to all my genious m new here but from past few months i really wanted to do some with rgb led's.....i am having 100 rgb led's, i want to control them so that i can get diffrent colour according to would be more fun for me if i would b able to control it with tv ir remote.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me nd giv me all the design or details so that i can make all of it at home....on a simple pcb....i live in india, nd near my home there is no pcb designing shopwould thankful to u,ur help would definately make my dream of " my ambient light room" come true.thank u guys, nd plz dnt mind for silly questions if any i askd.

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inrush current make mcb trip

Hi all, i have a problem with my miter saw, it run at 220v and have power 1.8Kw or 1800w my house power can provide 2200Va, the problem is, when i start the miter saw the MCB will trip,  so i must turn off all my electrical home aquipment , than i can use my miter saw. i try to search on g**gle and find that it need some slow start, or soft start so the mcb will not trip again. it cause from inrush current, when the motor start. but the slow start  some forum in indonesia say it can be done by using capacitor bank. to repair the power factor but there is no explanation what size of capacitor bank we can use for any diffrent load...especially a big load like mitter saw for sure, how can i reduce inrush current from the miter saw? what should i do?

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How can i make a status light for my website? Answered

I host my own website on a old crappy computer (pc running xp) and i want to make a light that will be green when the website is up and red when the website is down this way i will easily be able to tell when the website is down because this computer is making weird noises (i think its the hardrive) so i was thinking that maybe i could make a c++ program to go to the site and see if it can get something from the server and if it can it would turn a pin the the lpt or serial port high if it cant it would turn a diffrent pin high wich would be connected to a red led. does anyone know of a better easier idea. or does anyone know how i can even do this i am a begginer with c++. ps i know this project is semi pointless but i like to do stuff with computer and stuff

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LEDs Remotes...ideas and possibilities

Ive seen diffrent examples and ideas on what i want to do but well...not exactly. first off i want to do a simple blue ambent light system with a simple on and off remote...big room dont want to have to git up and cut them off...second i really like the light bar system that syncs to like do use that same light system and include a sound jack or something so that same light system will blink along with my ive scene them done individualy but not together...if it comes down to it there could be a switch to change between light and music modes....also my biggest problem is size....i have a large room with a almost 2 story celing in one part i want to install this whole thing along where the entire length of where the celing and walls meet...its gona be hugh.....btw i relize how bright this is gona be and i really want to build it just to open my windows and stand outside and watch it!!!!! :-) so any help would be nice......Thanks

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What would happen if the Internet were to fall?

With all the terrorism stuff going on, I've always wandered what would be next.Ever since 9/11, I always asked myself were they would strike next, because they certainly did not intend to stop there.My guesses have been that they would probably strike at either:1) Elections - Either at the thing were they welcome the new president (sorry don't know much bout U.S. polimatics)2) Beijing Olympics - Its an important event3) Internet:I came to realize that one of the worst things that they could do was attack the internet. I figured that one of these methods could be used:Multiple malware methods. They could attack individual computers with wormsSomehow attacking diffrent countries methods of connection, being either telephone companies or whatever other methods they use (like those China underwater tube things)* But my best guess would be that they would strike important service providing companies. They would destroy the companies methods (satellites, cable mainframe stuff etc...)I would like this forum to have the porpose of disscussing terrorism issues and future issues like oil and so on. But mainly, what would happen if somehow, they attacked the internet?Sure hope none of them read this, cuz if they didn't have this idea, now they would....P.S. sorry, Im nt good with techie, so some of my points may not me accurate or clear. Please correct me if needed

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Maximum/minimum ampere input in a circuit, help needed.

To start of my question im going to say i don't know a lot of electronics and that I am norwegian( so please excuse typos in english) :) I have not done many major projects inside the field of electronics other than making a lightbulb light up. using a battery and to wires.. But I am very interseted in electonics ad think it is very exiting to read about.  As my first "real" project i decided to make a "lie detector", altough it is mostly just a circuit that measures the resistance in your skin and makes a beeping sound after how much resistance your skin has( Dry skin = low resistance vs wet/sweaty skin = much resistance). AND I DID IT! i made it work, and i was so proud! Then I realized that it was actually kinda lame and the beebing noise was wery annoying. So I decided to make a display that displayed a value after how much resistance your skin held. I managed to make a seven segment display from scratch. But now I am stuck... You see the circuit gives an output of amps so it will output more amps on wet skin than on dry skin. But I have to "program"  the circuit to make the numbers on my display change. I want preferably to be able to do this without any IC's. So my question is there possible to make a circuit that will allow current to pass through one circuit, but if the current is high enough it will take another way? I tried to use diffrent resistors, but I didnt take into count that electricity only takes the road of least resistance no matter..

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Vivarium Wireing Help..

Hi im building a vivarium for my fat-tail geckos the standerd 1s boar me so i wont something diffrent so i need some help. The viv i have no problems with im already in the middle of the build its just the electrics i cant do. i have an idea it just seeing if it can be done or something neater or similer . At the minut im useing a plastic vivarium with items (3), (5), (6). But item (5) the manul timer is being use instead of item (2) The Microclimate day/night dimming Thermostat as the manual timer is a cheaper option and using it to turn the mat on and off to regulate the temp...... So what im trying to do is have Some thing like item (1) useing this as the main controller . This is what im after :Item (1),(2),(3)(4),(6) in 1 neat package well to run off 1 plug ... I was going to use a fan controller (pc) as this already has 3-5 small neat temp sencers and reads temps and the fan controller disply would looks cool and small and its 12v like the LCD lights ..and was going to use the the fan controller knobs to control White/Blue LCD Lights to turn then on and off ie:White for day and Blue for the night .and 1 of the other control knobs as my be a dimmer switch for the heat mat ...I think ive put that as id like it .. ( Sorry im dyslexics if spelling and dosent make sence in place's) Thanks hope some 1 can help . Oh im rubbish with electrics and forgot to mention that my viv is getting wall mounted as the need for 1 plug.

Topic by pioneer518 7 years ago

Keith-Kid's version of: The Hitchhikers guide to.. The Earth!

I just read this forum topic, and wondered why it didn't go anywhere.I read all the negative and positive comments on it. I still think it is a great idea and a great way to get the community to work together even more.Quote from the original post: So here's the idea.I've been thinking how cool it would be to do a collaboration and create a giant travel guide. But not just an ordinary travel guide, one written by all instructables members.We have enough people on this site that we could get a pretty good start on it. I think the idea would spread fairly quickly.For example, I would write a brief something or other about my state (North Carolina), and then a full length guide for Boone, the university town that I live in. I would include basic information like population, size, etc., and also where I like to eat, what kind of tourist attractions are here, why ASU beat Michigan, etc. Some one else could add to what I wrote, and someone else could add a guide for the Charlotte/Denver area, and so on. For another state/province someone would just add a new step, etc.I realize it wouldn't be an Instructable, in the strict sense, but it would be helpful nonetheless. Not to mention we could have a lot of fun with it.What do you all think?What do the Instructables staff think about something like this? (In light of the fact that this is not a step by step guide to any one thing)Let the discussion begin. =)i know a lot of people would argue that this is a DIY site, not a travel site. And I know there are tons of other sites like this. But here are a few of my points about why this would be a good idea:Great way to get the community even more unitedAlthough wiki...whatever it was is great, anyone can edit and erase stuff. Instructables has a very careful community that watches out for this sort of thing. Not to mention the higher quality that comes from an entire community that cares, not just one or two honest people out of 100 prankstersGreat way to learn about diffrent cultures and interact with them. Instructables has helped me a lot in my school work. I've learned a bit from UK from kiteman, and a lot of people know that I ask for a lot of homework help in the forums! My point is that this site is mainly a self improvement center, not just for a house or project, all these things just help improve ourselvesI'm thinking that each step could be a place. If there are a lot of things from one same place, there would be a couple of different steps.We could have an index in the intro that links to each country's steps.We could provide a bit of history, culture, society and Pictures!Ok now you can talk

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