Dimming Leds and Potentiometers

Looking for a formula; I have a 24v 1.7 amp power supply ( http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/item/PS-2417/24VDC-1.7A-POWER-SUPPLY/1.html ) to light 2 - 24v led strips ( http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/item/LBR-24/24-WHITE-LED-LIGHT-STRIP-24VDC/1.html ). I want to be able to dim the led's from full power to completely off, but don't know how to calculate what size of potentiometer would give me the right ratio for dimming. IE, I don't want the LEDs to be completely off when the pot is only halfway turned. The urls are links to the exact products I purchased. Also, the power supply seems kind of large, and I still have to enclose it, so if anybody knows of a better and cheap path to get 24v that involves a little less potential for death, I'm all ears. Thanks!

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Automated dimming LED Aquarium light with moonlights? Answered

How do I make a Aquarium light that is automated simulating dawn and dusk, then turn on/off moonlights using LEDs? I want the system to be based upon time. The array of LEDs for daytime use can slowly 'awaken' over the course of an hour then the after a specified length of time, the daylights slowly turn off then start to slowly turn on moonlights. I saw an instructable that showed how to mimic the outside lighting to replicate that in the tank but I don't have my aquarium that close to a window so I'd rather it be based upon a programmable clock.

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LED dimming and color temperature control (variable white LEDs)

I'm trying to find an inexpensive way to control a variable-white LED strip with knobs. There are tons of remote dimmers and wall-touch-controls available. These are way too complicated or too big for my application. All I want is two knobs. One that controls the brightness of the LED strips and one that controls the color temperature between the cold and the warm white LEDs I did some research and see two possible solutions: a) 100% analog using potentiometers and LED drivers or b) using potentiometers, Arduino, and LED drivers. Here are the details: a) Analog: - Use two LED drivers to drive the actual LEDs, like these ones: http://www.ledsupply.com/led-drivers/buckpuck-dc-led-drivers - Use two dual-channel potentiometers to control the brightness of the two different LEDs in the strips:   - One controls the brightness for both channels (connected to the same pins)   - One controls the relative brightness between the channels (connected to opposite side pins) b) Using Arduino: - Any Arduino with analog inputs - Two single-channel potentiometers connected to two analog inputs - Some software that generates the correct PWM outputs for the two LED channels - LED drivers that can dim using PWM signal input. According to this post, the same BuckPucks can do that, too: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=14603.msg107089#msg107089 Do you have any advice on these options? Is there a third one or even an off the shelf solution? What about compliance and certification? If I use BuckPucks and other components that are certified, do I still need a certification for the whole system? (assuming I want to use the design not just for my personal pleasure)

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Color Shift Dimming LEDs

Dim an incandescent, and it produces a mellow, warm orange sunset glow. Dim an LED, with the same SCR dimmer, and it flickers at 60 hertz, still producing harsh blueish light. How can LEDs more closely mimic incandescents?

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Dim an LED with DMX and Arduino

I need to control a single LED strip from a DMX lighting desk. I'm planning on using an Arduino with a MOSFET and use the analogWrite function to control the brightness (possibly with some capacitors to smooth the dimming process). I want to be able to transfer the 8-bit value from the DMX channel to the 8-bit analogWrite Arduino function. Any tips greatly appreciated as I've struggled to find any tutorials dealing with only one channel and an issue as simple as this. Thanks. UPDATE: I eventually just used an RGB LED strip DMX decoder and used the three different channels for three different LED strips. The project that steveastrouk posted below is now available at: https://www.instructables.com/id/4-Ch-DMX-Dimmer/ I eventually just used an RGB LED strip DMX decoder and used the three different channels for three different LED strips. If I figure a way of doing this with an Arduio, I'll post it here.

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welding mask LCD?

Ok i have one LCD from a welding mask and i need another. What i want to do is basically make auto-dimming glasses. I want this particular type because all i have to do is apply a few volts and the entire thing will dim, it makes things simple. Can someone please tell me where i can buy some if anywhere. Or give me a suggestion as to what else i could use.

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LED Reef tank light ( auto dimming)

I am in the process of redesigning a LED reef light using Luxeon III White and Royal Blue. These will let my coral grow the best. The biology of it I have down to a science... My circuitry however is still in its infancy. I have been following several of the instructables but i am at a point where I need some help... I can kind of get to the simple on off in my schematics (given I do not know what my power supply is yet) but as I read in Circuits-for-using-High-Power-LED , I now see that it can be a little more complicated if I want to preserve these slightly costly lights... So that leads to many questions from which most I might be able to get from the 12 books on electronics I purchased and borrowed, but something tells me that experienced people might have more practical solutions for me. What is needed to operate a 24 led array (Luxeon 3, Vf = 3.9V, 1000mA Each LED) from 115VAC to the DC? Now for a topic that I am having trouble with finding information to, back in the day I had an electronic ballast for a metal halide reef light that would fade on to full output over the course of 2 hours and would dim the same when turning off. this ballast had to cords on to supply constant power( i would assume) and the other to control the switch that would allow it to fade on and off.... I would like to simulate this sunrise sunset effect with my LED array? I appreciate your time and help with this project of mine.

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Need help with this Led Flashing Circuit, 555 Timer

OK, The image bellow is what my circuit is looking like. Everything works fine, but I want to make it a dimming circuit instead of a flashing one. This is all being powered by a 9volt battery.

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Motion sensing led strip with dimming on/off?

Hello, I'm making a coat rack that will be hung in a poorly lit hallway. The coat rack will have a basic mountain shape to it and I'd like to put some LEDs behind the mountains that fade on when I approach and fade off after a minute or so. Is this possible?  I'm brand new at this but I'm not afraid to learn. The shelf is about 3 feet long and I thought I'd use about 3 feet total of an LED strip (1' behind the mountain and 2' pointing at the hooks). I'm incorporating a charging station into this as well. I would love for the LEDs to be able to run off a USB charger (like this one from Anker) I'd love some recommendations for how to do this. Arduino? Raspberry Pi? Something else? Thank you in advance. 

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Why is transistor constantly open with 12V power adapter?

Hello, Having nearly everything done on my latest project I've run into an issue which leaves me clueless. When using a transistor as a switch it's all good when ran in a test mode of single LED powered from arduino, however, when I try using the 12V power supply I have (220->12V converter of 24W) the transistor is always open. No matter if I try to control the strip I will need or a single LED, no matter that I even tried an arduino code which sets the pin connected to transistor base to low, it's still on. Slight blinking can be seen on the LED strip. I've tried both TIP120 and 3904 transistors (didn't exceed the amperage on that), result's the same. I've already tried 2 different power supplies as well. When the arduino is off power - transistor is closed and LEDs are off. I'm simply not able to connect the dots in this case as of now, maybe someone has dealt with a similar issue? TL;DR Same setup with transistor works perfect on arduino power, but always on when fed 12V && arduino is on. Thanks in advance! Going to sleep on it now, maybe will have ideas myself in the morning as well.

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What is the best way to dim AC LEDs

I was wondering what is the best way to control a AC load with a Arduino. I am planning on building a Christmas lights display that will react to music that is playing. I would like to be able to control the rightness of the LEDs to. I know that Triacs are normally used to control AC loads but I've read that they supply inconsistent dimming. Another idea I had was to use a bridge rectifier to turn in to dc, then use a Mosfet to run it at like 10% duty cycle to avoid blowing the LEDs (Not sure if they could take the extended time under high load they might be subjected to). Then just increase or decrease the duty cycle to adjust the brightness. So all in all my question is will that work and is there a better way to do it.

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555 timer using PWM to throb an LED?

I'm trying extremely hard to figure out how to make an led throb with a 555 timer using PWM. What I have figured out how to do so far is how to make a 555 circuit with a potentiometer and manually throb it with the pot. But I don't want to just keep turning the pot to throb the led. Is there a I can put a potentiometer in the circuit to control the speed of the throb rather than dim the led? I need to use PWM for the throbbing. And the throbbing speed needs to be adjustable with a potentiometer. I'm really new to circuits, but I'm learning a lot. Can someone point me in the right direction? This is an extremely important project for me.

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trying to dim several groups of LEDs through 12/2 mc but getting to much voltage loss.

Dim LEDs over 100 ft 12v source through 12/2 mc

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Use dim lights in brooder for heat to prevent piling. What is piling?

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Reviews : Motherboard Clock-Cum-Night Dim Arc Light !

Hi, I have created motherboard clock- cum- night dim arc light using old computer and mobile phone parts. Looking for some reviews and tips.  Please suggest. www.instructables.com/id/Motherboard-Clock-Cum-Night-Dim-Arc-Light-/ Thanks Richi

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120v light circuit that flickers and dims - imitating candles?

I want to build a device that plugs into a wall plug then to plug in a lamp that makes the light flicker and dim just a little. Not a whole lot. Scary effect. Schematics please? Dont want to buy. I'm going to plug in 400w all together into this device. -I am running 6 lights that are all the same. I not going to replace them with actual flickering lights. I would like for them to flicker at the same time at night for scary effect.  Thanks-

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How do I use a pot to dim an LED strip?

I have hooked up a 5k pot to this thing http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11304, and it dims it ok but1) how do I get a fuller range of dimming? it only dims towards the last 45 degrees. Any higher value (10k, +) gives worse results. Do I need 1k pot? Is there a way to make the 5k work better?2) even when the pot is all the down, the led is still dimly lit. Please make it go away.3) Do I need to use all three terminals on the pot?As you can tell from my questions, I am slightly above doofus level so please be kind.

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I want to control LED bright/dim with push buttons. Can help?

Want to dim/ bright LED with two push buttons. PIC 12F675 and 16F628A will helpful to me. Thanks

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Reviews : Motherboard Clock- Night Dim Arc Light !

Hi, Please refer to https://www.instructables.com/id/Motherboard-Clock-Cum-Night-Dim-Arc-Light-/ These are created using old computer and mobile phone parts. Please do feel free to express any types tips  or suggestion you  would  like to give. Thanks, Richi

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My Nintendo DSL upper screen is very dim/very dark compared to the bottom, so I replaced it. However, it is still dim.

So I dropped my NDSL about a month ago and it would not power on. I took it apart and figured the L2 fell out of place. So, I soldered it back on and everything seemed OK, except that my upper screen is now totally darker (perhaps one-half or less than one-half as bright) and very difficult to see. It's almost impossible to play games like Final Fantasy IV or really any game that mainly depends on the upper screen. So I figured that I should get that part replaced, which I did several weeks later. Now I think I did the replacement right, as my DS powers on (both top and bottom screens) and the sound works fine, but the darker upper screen issue persists! Oh, and furthermore, after I replaced the upper screen, there seems to be a row of lights trying to come through at the bottom of the new screen... they look like four brighter, more "normal" (as opposed to dim like the rest of my top screen) spots of light that weren't there before. Now, I'm guessing my screen is fine, and the problem might be something else... Anyone have any ideas? Please help :)

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Using potentiometer to dim Lights, controlling volume etc.?

I Live in a suburb of India I have found a radio shack here. I have managed to found only one kind of rotary potentiometer there ie, A10K(Brand: I-MAXX Made in Taiwan) with 3 pins on the side and 2 pins at the bottom... (something like the pic however instead of the blue bottom I have sea green). Well how to embed it in an led circuit or speaker circuit to dim the light or control the volume of a speaker respectively..... Thanks....

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How do I make 3 LEDs alternately fade for a night light? Answered

I'm trying to make a night light for my little sister and thought it would be cool if I could make the leds fade alternatively. basically  the red would get bright and then dim and then the green would get bright and then dim and lastly the blue would get bright and then dim and then the cycle would start again. I found some code that allows me to brighten and dim a single LED but I couldn't figure out how to alternate three of them. Could you help me please : )

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Wireless controlled (bluetooth/wifi) dimming light bulb

Hello guys! I was wondering if there are dimmable light bulbs in the market that can be controlled over wifi or bluetoooth. I have an idea for a product and an app to control it. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot! Sam

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help with dimming leds

I recently bought an rgb 12v led tape thats about 1 meter long and i want to attach it the bottom of my scooter. What would be the best way to put a dimmer on the leds? Do i need a PWM sort of a thing or can i just use a 100ohms pot?

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Can you dim a lamp with an arduino module and a solid state relay?

I bought a Crydom D2425 Solid State Relay 240 Vac 25 Amp relay and I've been able to use it in tandum with my arduino uno to turn on and off a desk lamp so far. I've been reading up on pulse width modulation and was wondering if it was possible to control the lamps light level (something more than just on and off) with it. All help is greatly appreciated.

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Smoking Pot(entiometer)

I have hooked up a 5k pot to this thing http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11304, and it dims it ok but1) how do I get a fuller range of dimming? it only dims towards the last 45 degrees. Any higher value (10k, +) gives worse results. Do I need 1k pot? Is there a way to make the 5k work better?2) even when the pot is all the down, the led is still dimly lit. Please make it go away.3) Do I need to use all three terminals on the pot?As you can tell from my questions, I am slightly above doofus level so please be kind.

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My joule thief is not very bright? Answered

My joule thief is not very bright? I've changed the windings, transistor and the resistor; and it is still pretty dim. Help please Parts: 2 different size toroids: Large and Small 3 Transistors: 2n2222, 2n3904, 2n5830 2 Resistors: 1k, 2.2ohm blue led white led with a heatsink Also I used a 20awg and 36awg to make the toroids

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Looking for Reviews : Motherboard Clock with dim arc light

Hi, Please refer to https://www.instructables.com/id/Motherboard-Clock-Cum-Night-Dim-Arc-Light-/  These are created using old computer and mobile phone parts. Please do feel free to express any types tips  or suggestion you  would  like to give. Thanks, Richi

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Could I use tip31c transistors to dim LED lights of 0-5w? Answered

Like the Music to LED blinker projects. I was thinking that instead of using the LEDS to blink to the voltage which I think is the peak in voltage. I could use a pot to control the input of voltage and then the transistor could ramp it up like show in the instructable(s). Example: as you increase the voltage with the potientometer the tip31c controls the amount of voltage that is produced. Oh, and by the way im using slide pots, thats why I dont use a light dimmer. If you have any other suggestions of thoughts you are free to say. Thanks Oscar.

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Light Bulb Maximum Output?

I am trying to fix a broken spectrophotometer that is valued at well over a thousand dollars. The problem: looking in the light bulb compartment, it seems the tungsten-halogen lamp is pretty dim. The bulb is rated for 6V. Using a multimeter, it appears to get about 8 volts. Could too much voltage cause the bulb to be dim? If so, How can I lower the voltage to 6? Would a resistor work? Thanks!

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Can I use a x-ray film instead of neutral density filter for photography?

To dim very bright objects such as sun

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led ohm resistor using a higher resistor to dim please help...Thank you

Hello all' This is the greatest web sight ever...l Love it!! I hope someone may be able to help me out?? I'm very new to working with leds..... I am working on a small project with my son, It has 4 white leds in it and two blinking red leds.  they call for 470 ohm resistors for each led.....But it's way to bright for project?? I tried 1000 ohm and 2200 ohm resistors.  The 2200's gave us the look we were looking for:) My question is.....Will this harm the leds or will to be fine??  Buy the way I'm using a 12 volt ac adapter to run these leds. Thanks so very much in advance!!! God Bless

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Please help with repairing my LED light bar there are a total of 60 1w leds but 2 sets of 3 LEDs are dimmed.

I was wandering if you could give me a bit of advice on repairing my LED roof light bar, there is issue with 2 sets of 3 LEDs. there are a total of 60 3w leds and for some reason (probably condensation) 2 sets of 3 LEDs (one in the middle and one in the end) get dimmed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a mac that constantly, randomly shows all open windows?

I'm using a mac for presentation purposes and it constantly, randomly shows me all of my open windows, dimming the second display. This problem has been happening for a while but has not been a huge problem since it was not being used for presentation purposes. It is really distracting for viewers when the power point suddenly disappears and the screen dims. It would be a great help if someone could tell me why it is doing this. Thanks

Asked by Jareadx 6 years ago

Can running voltage pass through a closed relay? Answered

I am making a device which turns the light in my room on and off. The way I am doing it uses a wireless remote which came with the light, which I control by bypassing the switch with a relay for a quarter second. Any longer than a second and the light starts to dim. I also have an arcade button on a wire spread across my room that, when pressed, bypasses the switch. I know the problem isn't there. The switch has about 4.9 volts running through it when pressed. The problem I have is when the switch is bypassed it STAYS bypassed and the light keeps dimming up and down. Many times when I connect the remote if the light is off it will turn on and then proceed to dim up and down. When the light is dimming (when it isn't suppose to), about 50 micro volts are running through. Could anything electricity be getting through the relay (I know I have the relay put in the right direction, I did a continuity test)? I have checked for short circus with my multimeter and there are none. Is there a way to fix the problem? Possibly a resistor or voltage regulator, or a way to bring up the turn on voltage? Diode Maby???

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Fixing a built-in dimmer on a desk lamp? Aka: Retrofitting a California CFL compliant lamp? Answered

I live in California and just bought a Pottery Barn desk lamp designed to dim. However, because of the new law requiring CFL-compliant lamps, the dimmer has been tampered with to prevent it from actually dimming, even though the switch is the original. I opened the bottom and found the dimmer switch was encased in cardboard. I removed the cardboard, expecting this would fix the problem, but it didn't. Nothing else looks "tampered with." How can I make my lamp dim like it should A picture of the guts is here: http://www.talesofthepack.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/lamp-guts-e1332022609831.jpg And the model is here: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/architects-smart-technology-table-lamp/?pkey=ctask-lamps

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LED's get ruined when soldering? Answered

Hey Guys, Today I soldered 3 leds in series and wired them up to a 9v just for testing (without resistor) and they were very dim. Maybe it was because of the heat because when I was soldering the groud pin was touching my hand and when i put the soldering iron on the positive lead the led lit up with a dim glow (What the hell?). Can anyone tell me that was it because of the iron and my poor soldering skill or not. Thanks in advance -Prickly Potato

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Stop light cycler

Hello. I have an old Stop light in my game room.  I would like to have a switch that will cycle the lights: R, Y, G, R, Y, G....etc. I would also like it to dim the lights and have a setting to pick one light at a time.  I have see cyclers but they are about $100.  Can I build one for cheaper?  The cycling feature is the most desireable.  I can dim separately and do without the hold feature if I have too.  thanks for looking.  Aaron

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USB install of a 'pot' to dim or reduce the volume on a USB speaker

Hi Folks, Might someone know how to place a 'pot' into a USB speaker circuit?   I have one speaker, every time an instructional comes on, the volume is too loud, to soft, then I have to go to control panel to increase or reduce the sound. I figured that a variable pot might work. I have the pin outs for USB, 2,3 are D-, D+, 1 vcc, 4, grnd. I would appreciate your help, Thanks jack jackhg@sonic.net

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my onn tv wont turn on ,stand by just flashes -slow dim , but some times i can plug it in and it works fine?

Ok, if i turn off at just the remote then it works fine ,the problem only starts if it is turned off at tv switch or mains plug. the stand by light just "flashes slow +dim , but if i try it when i pass it some times it bursts into life ,can"t be a big fault as it is fine ,,,,when it comes on aaaah.some one must be able to help me.pete

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What buckpuck should I use with a 12 volt 5 amp/hour SLA battery with a Cree MC-E LED? Answered

First:  The Cree MC-E LED is rated at 350 milliamps but has a max voltage of 700 milliamps.  Does that mean I should get a 350 or 700 milliamp driver.   Two:  On ledsupply there are wired buckpucks with external dimming and potentiometers.  What is the difference between external dimming and what a potentiometer would do (lower the voltage and so dim the light)? Three:  On Deal Extreme it says driving voltage/current is 3.2V~3.5V, 350mA~700mA.  On ledsupply it says "12.8Vf - Typ. Forward Voltage @ 350mA and 13.6Vf - Typ. Forward Voltage @ 700mA?  What is the difference between driving and forward voltage/current?  What voltage and current comes out of the buckpuck? I am trying to make a bike light.  Thanks for the input -jacob

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can i change my keyboard leds?

I have a e machines kb-0108 is it possible to change the led's and how because there getting dim and flashing on and off.

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Failing to ground a light fixture. Help

I asked my husband to turn a brass boat prop into a hanging light fixture. It doesn't seem to be Grounding because the light is very dim. Any ideas?

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Breathing Lamp

Hi, does anyone know where to get a lamp that automatically dims on and off continuously or any suggestions with how to make one? I'm working on an installation project for a human scale lamp that looks like it is breathing. Thanks, Heidi

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My LED Driver? Answered

Right so i asked about how i could dim this circuit but i forgot to put a link of the circuit in question . i wanted to know how i can control dimming of an LED. i have 3 LEDs into one LED RGB they use 350 MAh 3.7 V each and i used 1W 3.9 ohms resistor on each Vreg. they have + as the Common.   is it possible to just put a potentiometer between the driver and the battery?  or do i need to a high tech micro controller?  https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-simple-high-power-LED-driver/

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Solar LED string lights too dim. Can I add another solar panel?

I bought two strings of solar LED christmas lights this year.   They don't get as bright as the plug-in LED lights I see around the neighborhood.  What I'm wondering is if it's possible to take some other cheap solar lighting fixture for the yard, and add the extra solar panels to my LED setup to give the batteries a better charge. While I was rewiring stuff, I'd also probably want to make the lead cord to the solar panel a bit longer so I had more flexibility about where I put the panels for optimal sunlight exposure.  I'm totally new to wiring adventures, so I don't know what would be needed to make sure all of this would be weatherproof.  I've searched here, and could not find an instructable on this topic.  Looking forward to seeing one added, or being directed to one if it already exists! -Alison

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Need 3A Touch Sensitive LED Dimmer circuit.LED voltage is 2.9-3.5,0.7-3A.?

Input should not more then 12volts it is better if circuit works on 5volts,but ON/OFF and dimming will be touch based.

Asked by Faizan Hamayun 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How do I build a twinkling LED display with a PIC?

I'm looking to make something somewhat like this DIY LED Heart Display. All the leds are on, dimmed a little, and then a few brighten randomly and then they dim back down again. I'm using 12 LED's, an ATMega168 and little knowledge to go on (but I'm trying anyways). If anyone could help me with the source code, mostly configuring the pings, I'd be really grateful (or if someone could at least refer me to a tutorial on how to program IC's).

Asked by Prestond 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Attach LED's to (eye)Glasses with the Ability to Dim

Hello,   I'm trying to make eye glasses that are an indicator of how interested I am in what you are saying. (I'm not that big of a jerk, its for an art project ;) ) My idea is to put LED's around the frame that glow brightly when I am interested, and dim to nothing with I'm not.  It's just important to have the in between.  Ideally, this would be controlled by a slide switch dimmer.   The problem is that I really have no idea what I'm doing.  Is this possible? And could someone explain, in the most simple yet informative terms, how to make this work? Thank you!

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Anyone have a simple how to for (1) LED connected to AAA battery with on/off switch? Answered

I need to know how to build a simple single LED powered by a ( AAA battery (with housing) that is also connected to an on/off switch.

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