how can i make a simple circuit with this photodiode?

I want to make a simple circuit and not a arduino powered robot.

Asked by Tawhid K 5 years ago

Diode current ratings Answered

How can I determine the current rating of a diode  A forward current of 2 amps is needed and the reverse voltage is 12v                                                                hopefully   Gordon                                                                                                   Thank you

Asked by GordonT3 2 years ago

Rectifier Diodes

My friend took apart his broken Kenwood amplifier. He used his multimeter to find the broken part,  then removed the RM4Z rectifier diode. I've been searching for about an hour, but I cannot find any websites that sell the RM4Z diode. The closest I have found was one from Hitachi, but I read that the RM4Z was from a Chinese company. Suggestions?

Posted by freethetech 6 years ago

LEDS vs Diodes? Answered

I had a thought: Since LEDs are a form of diode, can LEDs be used instead of diodes with similar properties in a circuit?

Asked by robotguy4 7 years ago

Diode Help

Hi, i have a bunch of diodes laying around, can somebody explain the diode function on multimeter? sure, there's numbers on the multimeter, but what do they mean? maybe give me a formula? Thank You!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 10 years ago

Low Voltage Disconnect diode anyone please help. Answered

Dear Fella's I'm having problem with my Solar Panel charger, because I made a solar charger but in times of bad weather, my battery charge keeps losing out. I have known about the function of the LOW VOLTAGE DISCONNECT which requires a particular diode or something that has  to be connected to the panel in series towards the battery charger. Can anyone please help me find out what particular diode should I use in order for me to have the LVD function. Guys your help would mean a lot for my experiment and hopefully I could post it here as soon as it is done. Thanks in advance...

Asked by mitchiko 7 years ago

Can you connect low rated high voltage diodes so they = to the high voltage power supply? Answered

If you have a high voltage diode that is rated to low for your power supply, can you conect several of them to mach your power supply. For example take 5 5kv diodes and connect them to make a 25kv diode.

Asked by electricfan 8 years ago

Can you power an LED diode using headphone wiring?

If I were to cut up a pair of headphones for the wiring, would I be able to us them to power an LED diode and connecting one end of the chopped off wiring to the LED and the other to a 9V battery. Would it work? 

Asked by ViktorS16 2 years ago

Wanted: very simple project

Hello. I'm biginner and I need very very simple project, I mean the simplest possible.  I need to make something in digital electronics, something using protoboard and some diodes, transistors and resistors and use that to make something useful but very simple... can you please think of something that is so simple and let me know? I will pay

Posted by dario1 6 years ago

Circuit Design Help: LED Circuit that can be powered if positive and negative are reversed? Answered

Hi there, I am looking to design a circuit with: • Has 10 LEDs               o 5 LEDs in Series, with two of these sets connected in parallel. • I want the capability of the LED array to illuminate if one end of the PCB is powered by the positive and the other end is in contact with the negative.  And vice-versa, meaning the first end is now touching negative with the other end in contact with positive.                o I was told that I can use diodes, but I’m not sure by what configuration. I've attached something I've found online.  Will this work?  if so, can you provide an explanation of how it works?

Asked by ThompsonGenie 4 years ago

I want to convert 220V AC (From my home socket) to DC Current.

Actually, I want to make a Coil Gun for which I require high Current and EMF. So, I went online looking for step-up generators but they are too expensive! So, I thought that why not convert my home output (220V AC) to DC and use it. Please tell me how to make a circuit that converts 220VAC to 220VDC and what components are required. I currently have the following components: 1. Capacitor: 350SV 160uF 2. 1N4007 Rectifier Diodes x10 3. AC Capacitor 250V 1.1uF And I have many more components such as transistors, capacitors, etc. I'll try to get the components that you tell me to, But please help me!!

Asked by IshaanP5 1 year ago

How to connect 10 lights or LED's in sequence having all lights on when the switch reaches 10?

I want to construct a panel with a 10-position rotary switch that lights a vertical column of lights or LED's.  At position 1 the bottom light is on, at position 2 both lights 1 and 2 are on. At position 8, lights 1 through 8 are all on until at position 10 all 10 light are on.  The bottom lights will be green... then middle lights yellow, and finally red lights at the top.  I was going to use LED's but for 10 it seems I may need 24v supply?  If I use 6-volt lamps, maybe I can get then to stay on with a 6-volt lantern battery or 9v battery ?  Can I simply use a rotary switch and blocking diodes to keep the next light from coming on too soon?  This is such a simple idea but I have not found a simple solution yet - any help will be very much appreciated.

Asked by DaveG3 3 years ago

500 Glass Diodes

Selling 500 assorted glass diodes. To purchase go to "" Thanks

Posted by tinstructable 7 years ago

What type of capacitors for Voltage Multiplier Circuit?

I want to make a voltage mutiplier circuit to get 30kV+ DC from 12kV AC, I'm not sure what type of capacitors to get or diodes. Also how many times does it multiply the voltage, for each set of 2 diodes and 2 capacitors

Asked by JunaidA44 2 years ago

what is a diode and how is it used in electronics ? Answered

I recently salvaged a motherload of switches and other random electrical parts from a broken dvd player. i found a black cilinder with a silver band painted around it. i went online and found out its a diode but it did not clarify what its function is to a extent that a less experienced person would understand it just tell me what does it do and whats it used in (put it in lamens terms so i can get a good understanding)

Asked by albylovesscience 8 years ago

I am trying to find out why I need a 2 Watt resistor with a 3 Volt 700 milliamp Current LED? Answered

Hello: My name is Charles and I am 51 years old,all of this Computer Technology is all NEW to me as I am OLD SCHOOL if you know what I mean.I have had a Nervous Breakdown due to Stress,and have lost a lot of my Technical Memory.I am trying to pick back up on the Electronics for a pass-time,but things don't seem to make sense like they did before.I wanted to know how I can ask questions I have about the Electronics I am wanting to work on.As of right now,I need to see if someone can explain when using OHM's Law (Power is equal to Voltage of your Input times the Current needed in your Circuit).I have a 3 Watt Red L.E.D. which should run at 2.5-3.0 Volts with a 700 Milliamp Current.If using a 3 Volt supply times .700 would equal a 2.18 Watt Power for the Resistor.That does not sound right to use a 4 Ohm - 2 Watt Resistor for a 3 Volt Input.Is this really right or have I gotten confused somewhere?Thank you very much if you can help me out,Sincerely Charles.

Asked by wccolvin 8 years ago

12VAC to 12VDC by using 4 ini4007 diodes? Answered

I want to convert 12 v ac to 12v dc i have a transformer to step down 220v(my mains voltage) to 12vac now i want to use 4 ini4007 to convert that voltage to a stable 12v dc is it possible Thanks

Asked by TheGreatResistor 2 years ago

what's going on with my LED dimmer circuit? Answered

I'm making a resin block lighting thing for my dorm room, but the lights are too bright to look directly at (and it's meant to be looked at). I decided to make a 555 dimmer circuit, and I used these plans. when I built it, however, the LED stayed off. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I touched the two diodes in the circuit and noticed that the small current leaking through my skin caused the LED to blink slowly. I turned one of the diodes around, and lo and behold, the dimmer worked as expected. so what I want to know is: what was the purpose of the diodes in the original diagram? was the positioning of the diodes just an error in the design? should I run with what I have now (since it works), or do something different?

Asked by codongolev 4 years ago

Can Someone explain the working of this Circuit (MODIFIED ONE)?

Hi, here is a circuit that i found in a device .. all i know is that this circuit provides 5.6v constant output at the "output" labelled in the image and takes AC voltage (220V r.m.s. and 50 Hz ). The labels on the diodes were not visible so i used random diodes in the simulation just one thing that the diode labeled "D3" is a zener diode. further that the capacitor is polypropylene film it reads as (1.1k 250v). i don't know weather it is 1.1kF or what because i think its not possible so i have attached an image of the capacitor too. can some one explain how this thing works ?? IN Simulation when i set the value of the AC to 6Vpeak and 50Hz the result is as it is in real life . but when i change the value to 320VPeak(220V r.m.s) the result varies and goes up-to very high values .. it is awesome because it converts ac to dc without any transformer or something so kindly take a look and do tell if u find out something .

Asked by usbg3rd 6 years ago

Connecting two DC power sources

Hi all,I'm working on a project where I will have two DC generators that are being powered by spinning turbines. These turbines will be spinning at different speeds and these speeds may vary over time (i.e. the voltage from the DC sources will almost always be different). There will also be instances where one isn't producing any voltage at all.I was wondering what it the best way to connect them? Should they be in series or in parallel? Should there be diodes?After they are connected the DC power will be fed into an inverter and converted to AC power.Thanks for any help!

Asked by KiannaB3 4 months ago

Parts for a high voltage supply?

I am trying to make a power 100-200kv power supply. I plan to do this by putting the positive output of a 7.5 kv flyback transformer through a cockroft walton multiplier. I have never done something like this before, so I am not completely sure about everything. I plan to make the multiplier with 14-15 stages. I thought that it would be okay to use 10 kv DC 1000pf ceramic disk capacitors in the multiplier. One thing I'm not sure about though is whether or not the flyback outputs DC or AC electricity. I assume it is DC since the input is rectified, but if it still is producing AC then I should probably use 15-20kv rated caps. The main thing is that I don't know what diodes to use. I thought I would use 1N4007 or something similar but the peak reverse voltage is only 1 kv. Does anyone know what type of diode to use, and where to get it at a reasonable price (below $2 per unit preferably)? 

Asked by Higgs Boson 6 years ago

What is the type of this Diode?

Hi,all Please help me with a specific type of diode's symble is like a zener diode or Schottky diode.

Asked by gada888 2 years ago

Solar panel diode and battery ? Answered

Hello, I have 5V solar panel which will charge my 18650 3400mah Panasonic 3.7V battery. I will use Voltage step up to 5V and I don't know which diode should I use between panel battery? I have all these diodes. IN4148 Diodes IN4007 Diodes  IN5819 Diodes IN5399 Diodes  FR107 Diodes  FR207 Diodes IN5408 Diodes IN5822 Diodes

Asked by muratm7 1 year ago

Diode question

I need help with diode. Actually a question: if you put diodes in series for example 2 diodes of 300 V will they act as one diode of 600 V?

Posted by Dantex 10 years ago

Diode? Answered

Can half of a transistor be used as a diode?

Asked by MrPros101 1 year ago

Diode LED?

How to determine the value of Diode LED?

Asked by BenQ54 1 year ago


Can we use a 1N4007 diode in place of the 1N4001?

Asked by misfitsfanfare 1 year ago

Converting at 9V solar panel output to 5V using diodes and voltage regulators

Hello i was recently sold a solar panel which was the wrong voltage i need to step down the output from 9V to 5 or 6V. I have been given two TA7805S voltage regulators and 6 diodes and told i can do it with these but i don't know how any ideas?

Posted by henrycrone 5 years ago

How Should I Organize Electrical Components

Like most electronics hobbyists, I have hundreds of different tiny electrical components lying around.  I've been looking for a simple and relatively compact method of organizing them, but I can't find any that I like.  Any ideas/suggestions?

Posted by jimmy dean 7 years ago

Is it true? 2 watt led has 1 diode, and 3 watt led 2 diodes? Answered

Is it true? 2 watt led has 1 diode, and 3 watt led 2 diodes? or can a 3 watt 700ma have both?

Asked by MistaMasta 5 years ago

Does a zener diode work the same as a rectifying diode? Answered

I am making a solar charger and I can only find zener diodes and the voltage and amps I need, do they work the same as a rectifying diode? Thank You!

Asked by JaredsProjects 9 years ago

1N4007 diode? Answered

Hi, the kit I want to buy has everything I need except for the 1N4001 diode. It has a 1N4007 diode instead, will this do the job?

Asked by SamuelO59 1 year ago

Zener diode. Answered

What is the voltage drop across a 3v, 0.5W Zener diode?

Asked by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim 4 years ago

How do you substitute a diode?

I'm putting together an order at Small Bear Electronics but they don't have the bat46 Schottky diode.  How would I substitute another diode?  None of their inventory seems to be Schottky.

Asked by flagrantfouler 7 years ago

Laser scanner laser diode

Can I extract a laser diode from a scanner. If so will it be as strong a if I got one from a DVD burner/player?

Posted by laserblast 9 years ago

What diode do I need?

I'm making a solar panel charger and I need a diode but WHAT DIODE Please help☺ I have 3 panels of 5V 1.25W 250mA THANKS!!

Asked by Frederikw2 2 years ago

tunnel diode,s

Can you tell me a place that sells tunnel diode,s? I found one tunnel diode in a jvc radio but I lost it.:-( can you tell me the best free schematic drawing programs for Win XP,also.Thanks

Posted by maker12 10 years ago

Does a laser diode produce a plasma stream?

I was working on a project and I needed a laser that produced a plasma stream and the cheapest thing I could think of is a laser diode.

Asked by Iwantbigboom 6 years ago

red laser diode

Http:// anyone send me the link or what i have to do to buy this diode as this young man did David

Posted by Dystonia 10 years ago

how much voltage a laser diode can withstand?

I would like to know how much voltage a laser diode can withstand with out damage to the diode?

Asked by allsparkunleashed 6 years ago

Diode? Answered

If I reversed the polarity of a standard sillicon diode and applied a voltage higher than what its rated for,what would happen?

Asked by MrPros101 1 year ago

"Shunt" diodes with resistors? Answered

I'm making diode bridges to have a nice supply of DC. I'm making a high voltage bridge for a 7.5kv nst and a low voltage bridge for regular 120v wall outlet . My high voltage bridge im going to make with several 1N4007 but i read that they should be "shunted" with 10Mohm resistors im not sure what is meant by this. Does it mean resistor, diode, resistor, diode or does it mean diode and resistor, diode and resistor. The pic says it better than i do.  Also, do i need resistors for a bridge for 120v bridge?, im going to use the diodes from a fluorescent light power supply.

Asked by jaydenr 7 years ago

Problems with Laser Module Diode

So I have a 5mw laser diode module that I am trying to get open so that I can install a 250 mw diode in its place. Problem is, the diode won't come out, the manufacturer glued it in, and I keep buying new modules from different sellers only to find inexplicably the stupid diode backing slathered in glue. Is there a way of getting this thing out? I don't care if the diode is broken, I don't need it, but I want the driver intact.

Posted by thedonquixotic 7 years ago