Diffuse or direct bulb light for an area.

Http://img.alibaba.com/img/pb/891/178/257/ws_transfer_pic_7849270_1.jpg Say that you had a 5W led and you wanted to light a small room, would it be better to use a bulb with a clear / no dome or one with a diffuse / frosted dome? Would there be a big difference between the two?

Posted by Full Metal 4 years ago

in house/property phone to phone direct line

Anyone know of the easiest way to make a permanent phone to phone direct line. As in a phone from the back shed to the house. I want to be able to pick up the phone in the house or shed and have it ring on the opposite phone. any idea's?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

Can you Record Directly to ipod from camcorder, camera, etc ??

Hello everyone i was wondering is it possible to record direct from ipod to a camera or a camcorder. I have seen the 100 dollar devices buy thats really expensive and kind of stupid when it probably only has to do with 3 wires. so if there is anyway please tell me if not tell me. More importantly if there is a way MAKE AN INSCRUTABLE ON IT!!!! i havent seen one anywhere on how to do this, metacafe, youtube, google,and rotteneggs From Homepie64

Posted by HOMEPIE64 10 years ago

Buck Converter for Parallel LED's

So I am trying to make a gift for someone that will include about 100 LEDs. These LEDs have a forward voltage of 1.8-2.2 ( I am going with 2V) and a max continuous forward current of 30mA. The LEDs: http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-10mm-10000mcd-LED-Lamp-Ultra-Bright-Red-Light-DIY-New-/180763201504?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item2a16538fe0 Now, I want to be able to plug this sign into a wall so I have purchased an AC to DC power adapter that plugs in into a standard 120V AC outlet and supplies 12V with 2A of current. Here it is: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261176168283 I know one way I could make this work is to have multiple series of 6 LEDs, as 6 LEDs in a series would then require 12V. However, it would make this project a LOT easier to have all the LEDs in a parallel circuit, so I can connect one whole side to the positive terminal and one whole side to the negative terminal. I wanted to know if I could do this: Plug the two wires (+ and -) going from the AC to DC adaptor into a Buck Converter set to 2V and wire it to all the LED's via one wire to a bus wire connected to all of the LEDs' negative terminals and same for the positive terminals.  The converter I was looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-DC-Buck-Converter-Adjustable-Step-Down-Breadboard-Power-Module-1-25V-36V-5A-/321355701600?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item4ad24add60 Also, if I place the switch in between the AC to DC power adapter and the buck converter, the converter would only be on when the LED's are on, right? Lastly, would all the LEDs have the same brightness? I know at 2V with 100 LEDs the output would need to be about 3A. Is it okay given that the power adapter supplies 2A but at a higher voltage? As in does the converter convert the electricity to a lower voltage but a higher current?

Posted by soulmouse 4 years ago


OK so i just thought of something, but I don't know if it can be done. Ive googled and such, but i was unsuccessful. Is it possible to take an audio frequency and create electricity? Similar to a solar panel, but the instead of taking light, i take sound. Ive seen on instructables those LED candles that play a song. You can hear it with a solar panel and an amplifier. I want to know how to do the reverse. Could I take a sound, and power something with it. it would have to have SOME power to begin with, i would assume. maybe a charged capacitor? maybe i would take a microphone and somehow convert it into power (not data) I don't know how to do this. Does audio have positive and negative leads when connected to a circuit? this is really cool. I could charge my cell phone by talking on it! I could scream at my light bulb for being turned off (due to know power) and watch it light! _could anyone please either post an instructable (and let me know), post a detailed explanation on how to do this, or post a link to said detailed explanationThanks!

Posted by schetleft 9 years ago

handheld direction finder

Hi - I'm looking for a project to build a handheld direction finder.  I would think you could do this using radio frequency.  Basically, I'd like two parts: the finder and the findee.  The finder would indicated the direction to the findee and that's it.  Not sure exactly what you'd call that... Thanks!

Posted by stevieruns 6 years ago

Directional SPeaker

I saw a youtube video of a guy who built his own directional speaker (actually I remember it as a directional megaphone as he would talk into it, and it would target a person). I was wondering how easy it would be to do this? Can we build one with household material? Thanks for being awesome guys!

Posted by teamcoltra 9 years ago

Reversing Direction of Power Tool

It would be nice to be able to reverse direction of angle grinder, mototool, and similar tools. Sparks may be flying toward ones face in certain positions. The tool also may also tend to kick due to wheel direction. These tools arent made to reverse. How can one change this?  How can one keep the wheel from unscrewing and flying loose once the motor is reversed? 

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

silk screen machine

Im looking for plans on building a silk screen machine, can any one direct me in the right direction. thanks...........Camtech

Posted by Camtech 10 years ago

Which Direction Does She Spin?

Check out the optical illusion below. Since the figure is totally black, there's no depth- you can see her spinning either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Which way do you see it first? Try reversing the spin direction- moving your finger in a circular motion at the rate of rotation can help you reset. How easy is do you find it to swap perspective? Does it make your brain hurt?

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Synchronous AC110V Motor Question

I have a small AC synchronous microwave motor that I want to use for a project. The problem is that even though it says CCW/CW, which i take it to mean counter clockwise and clockwise, it randomly seems to choose which direction it wants to turn rather than me reversing the current to change the direction. What makes this motor randomly choose a direction? Is it some internal component that randomly decides it's direction? Basically, is there a way I can make it go the direction I want? If not, can someone point out a small size motor type that is cheap and has a lot of torque? Thanks to anyone who replies!

Posted by rodneykristy 6 years ago

In need if some direction for GPS tracker and app builder

I am looking for someone to give me a little bit of direction or reference as to where and or how I can find someone who can create a GPS tracker or tell me how to buy them in bulk..... Also I am looking for someone who can design or create an APP for smartphones. 

Posted by hansen413 3 years ago

Changing polarity

Hi everyone, the problem I have is probably wither really simple or really complex.. .but either way here goes: I have scavenged an old CD-ROM drive for parts, namely, the motor and gears which move the CD-ROM door in and out (depending on the direction the current/voltage is flowing). I want to setup a system where upon flicking a switch (either SPST, SPDT, etc, whatever is needed) in one direction, the tray ejects, and when flipped the other way, the tray loads. In essence, I want the current/voltage running in opposite directions depending on the position of the switch (Up, one direction; down the other direction, and center, off). If necessary some indicator LED's and additional switches could be used... but I don;t really know where to go from here.. .any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Peter

Posted by Murf 11 years ago

Motor Question

I have two motors I am using as wheels, but they both spin in the same direction making my robot spin in circles. Can I change the direction a motor spins? Maybe by switching positive and negative sides?

Posted by Soileau 10 years ago

New LED lightbulbs shine light in all directions

GE is going to be releasing a new LED lightbulb early next year that shines light in all directions, like a normal bulb, instead of one direction like they do now. The bulb will use 9 watts and shine as much light as a 40-watt incandescent. It will also last for 17 years. The drawback is the cost, which will be $40-$50, but it does provide an efficient lighting option for those who don't like the light from CFLs. No word about the blades on the side, however. GE Unveils New Omnidirection LED Bulb That Will Last 17 Years

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

solar question

Do solar panels have to be in direct sunlight? I'm looking to make a "Sun Jar" and was wondering if it would work on my balcony. The only thing is our balcony doesn't get direct sunlight to it as it's inset into the building and covered by the above apartment's balcony.

Posted by mrshow555 10 years ago

Bi-Directional Led Sensing

Hello, I have been working on Bi-Directional Led sensing for a school project. I have managed to build a prototype with just 1LED and a processing sketch to visualize the input which works perfect. Also I built a version with 2 LEDs which is not as good as the previous one. I can get response from the both Leds but they are interfering with each other most of the time. I am using the built-in pulseIn function of the arduino to measure the time of the Leds go from LOW to HIGH. With just one led it is perfect, but when I add more then 1 LED, two or three LEDs , lets say, they go into a weird condition. If anyone have some experience with Bi-Directional Led sensing with more then 1 LED, I will be glad if you share. Thank You

Posted by tolgainam 9 years ago

Not a bug -- Direct copy of my website page on Instructable

I just found this page on Instructables whose text is a direct copy from my website.The Instructable page is https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Simple-Unpadded-Native-style-baby-pouch--or-sl/My page is http://crafts.sleepingbaby.net/tubesling.htmlThe user who "contributed" it is no longer an active member, apparently. Her pictures were decent, but I would like attribution for my work if possible.

Posted by JanAndrea 9 years ago

Whats your favorite way to make PCB`s?

Whats your favorite way to make PCB`s? i personally like direct etch with direct etch decals, gives good, reliable results.

Posted by newwarhammer2 6 years ago

1958 Walz Direct F:Stop Meter

I just thought I would share this cool '58 F:Stop meter I bought at a second-hand store for 50 cents. If anyone has information about this, (value maybe...) it would be nice.

Posted by ItsTheHobbs 8 years ago

Arduino - Basic Kit - Instructions?

I purchased the Arduino Basic Kit a number of years ago. The directions say to go to Autodesk.com/Adruino to get started, but that page doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone have a PDF of the project directions for the parts included with the kit? Thanks. 

Posted by bryan.thatcher 9 months ago

pc to micro sd direct

Can anyone make an instructable on how to make a usb cable with a micro sd end that allows you to directly send files to a device without removing the card? i would realy appreaciate it if someone could tell me how

Posted by GASSYPOOTS 6 years ago

Google Jump/Re-direct "Virus" Help!!

Has anyone else had issues the last few days, with an Adware/Trojan which re-directs links and addresses? I have delt with them before yet this one seems particularly nasty. Not only does it re-direct every link in all search engines to random sites it also blocks many if not all sites associated with adware removal tools/tech support etc. Example: HJ this is not attainable to send techs logs. I can't get to my email because hotmail.com wont open. It begun as just a simple re-direct script but it seems the sites which I have been re-directed to are flooding my comp with ad-ware/fake virus removal tools/security warnings. One of the spawning virus's has managed to remove my "task bar" and "My computer" from the desktop. My comp is just spawning trojans and adware at the moment, every time I do a full scan there is atleast 40 more spawned by the time it is finished (15min). At the moment the only thing I have is Super Anti Spyware, which the guys there are obvious on this as their 15min updates seem to be catching the new creations... But I'm fighting a loosing battle here... I know it is probably beyond most here to help me, yet I was more interested to see if any one else has been affected, as the site that I can get to for tech assistant is flooded out with... "Another Google re-direct Virus Help!" in their forums... Google has to be PO'd about this one.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

PopSci How 2.0's

I'm not that tech savvy but you would think they would be a little more clear with their directions. Has anyone done this flashlight conversion. I have all the parts but don,'t understand the directions they are a bit vague, can anyone help?

Posted by Atradius 9 years ago

how to maintain the intensity of IR at long distance and make it directional

We are trying to make an infrared shooting game which includes a transmitting gun and a receiving jacket.as everyone knows IR is not directional so at long distance it will diverge but in shooting game we need a pointed IR beam. is there any technique implement this?? we need help..! :(

Posted by FypB 3 years ago

Self-Reversing Electric Servo Motor?

Is there a circuit that can change the rotation direction of an electric motor that's cheaply and easily?

Posted by lupinesoul 10 years ago

How to move a bookcase using upper rails

I want to build a set of 3 bookcases that slide to a corner to reveal a study area. For that I though about using a metal framework to support all bookcases from the top using two rails. So when needed, I would just push the bookcases along the rail path. The big problem, is that it has a change in direction of movement (left-right to front-back, see ilustration from the top), and I have NO IDEA on how to implement supports for the bookcase that allow a direction change like that. Do you have any ideas on rails and supports/hangers that allows for direction change.

Posted by luiz_borges 6 years ago

Cricket Equipment

Does anybody out there have the specifications for making cricket bats and wickets? Can you direct me to a website that might have some plans?

Posted by IdahoDavid 11 years ago

Biblical curse generator

It generates Biblical curses!Here(direct link to Ship Of fools)

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Direct Links To Comments

.  When on https://www.instructables.com/you/subscriptions?type=comment , when I click on someone's comment synopsis it will take me to the appropriate page and "auto-scroll" the page to the comment (eg, / #xxxx). It would be nice if this happened everywhere. .  Along the same vein: It would be nice to have links on pages similar to https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&category;=all that go straight to the most recent comment.

Posted by NachoMahma 8 years ago

Using lenses to create a beam of normal light??

If you had, say, light from a torch or whatever, directed it through a metal pipe or fiber optic to get it kind of directional, and then into some arrangement of lenses; what kind of maximum range could you expect before it completely lost focus? And would it still obey the inverse square law, or is that just for expanding spheres of light?

Posted by SolarFlower_org 9 years ago

illuminated prayer carpet?

hi everybody i have a project to build a prototype so i need help if somebody could help me i could pay for this help cause i wanna produce it so my need is a illuminated prayer carpet based on  electroluminescent phosphor printing technology. the objectif it s to build a carpet who illuminated when its the right direction could somebody help please thanks

Posted by hkahil 8 years ago

Major problem!

Good day all! Just calling in to ask if any one knows why I can't log on without changing my password? I click on the 'Log on' button at the top and it directs me to the log on page, when I type in my user name and password and it directs me to https://www.instructables.com/account/login?nxtPgName=/you&nxtPg;=/you (another log on page which directs to you /you when logged on) and so the cycle repeats until I go 'forgot password?' and go through the password changing system when I'm finally alloud to log in. I'm running Internet explorer 8, any suggestions? Thanks, ~K Edit: Fixed! Thanks Kelsey Edited edit: Problem's back. D:

Posted by Kryptonite 7 years ago

Help with project design please

I am building what amounts to a miniature winch.  I have a small, but powerful, battery powered gear-motor, which can wind thread or wire onto a spool.  My problem is the motor shaft does not turn freely because of the gears so I need to find a way to allow the wire to spool freely out before it is then wound back under power.  One-way bearings do not work because they are designed to allow a shaft to rotate freely in the same direction it turns as it does when under power, like a helicopter rotor.  I need the shaft to turn under power in one direction but to spool out freely in the opposite direction.  Suggestions? Christopher Taylor info@taylorimagineering.com

Posted by willowtaylor 6 years ago

Whistling blade on wind direction weather vane

I have a propeller with four blades that acts as a wind direction weather vane. What I would like is for the propeller to make a whistling noise when it is rotated by the wind. Someone told me if I put a small hole or a slit in each of the blades it will make a whistling noisy which should change with wind speed. Can anyone tell me what size hole/slit I would need? Also at what angle would the slit have to be? Or can you tell me any other way to get a whistle from the blades when the wind is blowing? The blades are metal and about 200mm long (400mm overall diameter). Thanks for any help. Lou

Posted by LouL 10 years ago

Whistling blades on wind direction weather vane

I have a propeller with four blades that acts as a wind direction weather vane. What I would like is for the propeller to make a whistling noise when it is rotated by the wind. Someone told me if I put a small hole or a slit in each of the blades it will make a whistling noisy which should change with wind speed. Can anyone tell me what size hole/slit I would need? Also at what angle would the slit have to be? Or can you tell me any other way to get a whistle from the blades when the wind is blowing? The blades are metal and about 200mm long (400mm overall diameter).

Posted by LouL 10 years ago

run car radio direct from battery

Hi ppl, I'm new here,been looking and d.i.y.ing since i found it. I have a question for any1 that has done this b4. I have a car radio, I have a battery, I have speakers, I have a shed to put em in, but how do I connect a car radio direct to a 12v battery? I have wired old ghetto blasters up to it, blown em all up like, so this 1 HAS to work lol. Any help appreciated, but would love diagram lol. Thnx ppl.... P.S. I might also need to know how to wire up the speakers.....

Posted by metalmark 10 years ago

Mini v Porsche?

Will it happen? It did, but because they cars are racing in opposite directions, you don't know which one wins until the end.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Instructable cannot be found

I published an instructable and then it got removed from the contest and I can not find it unless I click on a direct link or search for it.

Posted by Stercorarius 6 years ago

How good are you at following directions?

There are 5 questions. Each question has it's own set of directions. Good luck. Pick the right answer. 1)Can you answer this question correctly? A)yes B)Yes C)yes D)yes Pick the second answer 2)What question is this? A)The second question B)2 C)The second answer D)Number 2 Just do the math 3)If I have two apples, and you have two apples, how many apples are there? A)4 B)2? C)22 D)How many does Chuck Norris have? Read this scenario below 4)if 4+4=2, 8+8=4, then what does 16+16=? A)32 B)8 C)32 D)8 Answer truthfully. 5)Are you self centered? A)Yes B)No! (I made this because I was bored, and I wanted to see who could get a 5/5. If think this is stupid, just don't take the test)

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Can't access groups.

Whenever I click on a group, I get directed to this page. I am using a PC with Windows XP and Firefox.

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago


Im building a multiphase coilgun but encountered a problem. In order to activate secondary phases i need a photoelecric switch. In my case it is TCRT5000 photoelectric switch. The problem, however, is that once the ''beam of light'' is shining on it, the switch is turned on, but i need it to be turned off when ''beam'' is directed at the diode and turn on when the ''beam'' is not directed at the diode. How do I do this? And in this case changing polarities wont change anything.

Posted by mondeluz 2 years ago

Battery charger IC

Looking for IC that charge Li ion batteries. can anyone point me in the right directions. Just wanting to know what kind of IC's by name

Posted by dominick.j.pezza 3 years ago

email association process

I do not know how to associate a email to Instructables. Can or would someone kindly direct me to the process instructions. much appreciated thanks

Posted by bgunville 2 years ago

Seeking engineer for collaboration on fun project

Hi i'm searching for someone why could help me put together a prototype.... An electric motor needs to turn on/off intermittently (randomly) in order to slide a small piece of cardboard a couple of millimetres in one direction for up to 2cm, then reverse direction and come back (then reverse again). i have some sketches which might make things a bit clearer! if this is something you could help me with then please get in touch. Thanks Julius

Posted by julius100 4 years ago

Seeking electronics help for fun project

Hi i'm searching for someone why could help me put together a prototype.... An electric motor needs to turn on/off intermittently (randomly) in order to slide a small piece of cardboard a couple of millimetres in one direction for up to 2cm, then reverse direction and come back (then reverse again). i have some sketches which might make things a bit clearer! if this is something you could help me with then please get in touch. Thanks Julius

Posted by julius100 4 years ago

OTP One Time Programme

Could any one point me in the direction to purchase greeting card sound module any and all info appreciated. Kevare

Posted by kevare 9 years ago

Best Type and Source for Omni Directional Wheels?

I am currently in the process of compiling a shopping list for an omni directional robot a team and myself are planning to put together. For this, wheels that go both forward/backward and left/right are needed. From what I have found, there are two variations: Omni and Mecanum wheels. Due to our design, we will be needing Omni style wheels.  However, doing some research, I haven't been able to find much of a selection! So far, robotshop is the only website that actively stocks them, and they sell two brands/types, one being VEX.  Is there a generic name for these types of wheels? Where would I be able to find more/a different source for them? Why are they so expensive? If you've used an omni wheel, what type/brand was it, and what was your opinion on it? The big problem is, is that we need to mount the wheels onto 5mm stepper motor axles. Half of the wheels I found on robotshop had square bores, and the other half used an interchangeable hub, none supporting a 5mm axle. Any ideas as of what to do here? We would like to get four wheels, preferably for less than 50$.

Posted by RocketPenguin 1 year ago

Antenna Tracker Pointer using GPS

I want to build a systems that can point a directional antenna to a known set of GPS coordinates, because if the base unit with the antenna knows it GPS location and then can have the know data of another directional antenna's GPS coordinated either via Google Earth File or a spread sheet or long/lat's or via another method....also I would like this system to be able to track a UAV or R/C plane/copter as the DIY antenna trackers do as I have seen on R/C forums and You-tube. the initial request is what I desire first....I want to go out into a field and set up this tripod mounted Pan/tilt mechanism with mounted directional antenna(s) and point it to the closest fix antenna of known coordinates, automatically.

Posted by IdeaVault 8 years ago

Clicking on "Editors Picks" Brings up page of characters

When you click on editors pick on the front page it directs you to a page full of characters

Posted by g-tech 7 years ago