Dirty Trick

It's a pretty dirty trick to to get a person to sign up, only to find out that nothing can be downloaded without paying for it. That stinks

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Dirty, dirty little inkjet printer

This one isn't really an instructable, because (duh) it doesn't actually describe how to make something, however, I think it might be of interest to some people of the same sort of mindset - it's about inkjet printers, and what you might find if you dismantle one.I've taken quite a few apart (I work in IT and I have to dispose of them when they die) - they have something called a 'waste ink reservoir' - and it's quite surprising how much ink they actually 'waste' into it.The Dirty Little Secret of Inkjet PrintersThe 'waste' is ostensibly to clean the print heads - and yes, some of that is inevitable by nature of the technology, however, I'm pretty sure there are other motives behind it too - that ink ain't cheap...

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I want to slow down a electric motor on a dishwasher timer.

Motor is 115v 3w ac . With low water pressure the timer shuts off before enough water enters to wash well. Their is an over fill safety so I don't need to worry about that. I realize that this will also increase all function times but that is ok. Thank you.

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Transform a store to a room !

We have a small store on the roof , which is very dirty and filled with racks and suitcases .the walls are awful too .Can someone give me ideas to transform it into a new room for me cz my current one is awful .It will as a guest room where i can sit with my friends and watch TV mainly .Thanks

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cleaning off an old mouse

I have recently acquired an old IBM mouse. I was planing to turning it into one of those mouse bots, but after looking inside I couldn't bring my self to do it. So now I want to clean it up. The former owner had put on black scotch tape racing stripes. So now there are 3 dirty yellowish streaks of adhesive any ideas as to how to make it look like new ? thanks in advance

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Reverse Global Warming the DIRTY way

1)  We are put carbon into the air by burning fossil fuels.   What are fossil fuels?  Plants that were buried eons ago.   How can we reverse the trend?  By burying plant matter, thus sequestering CO2 from the air. Fortunately, there is a convenient way to do so. Put lawn waste and paper in a landfill.  Paper is mostly made from tree farm trees. They'll replant to grow more. New trees absorb CO2 from air.       a)  Bury paper. Don't recycle it.    b)  Bury lawn waste, don't mulch or compost. 2) Since people do burn stuff to keep warm, travel, and do stuff in general, is there a way to do this without as much effect on climate? Yes. Global COOLing happens when particulates (smoke) reflect some sunlight.   So the laudable efforts to produce cleaner emissions from cars, powerplants, etc, also prevents the effect of global cooling.   Ironic that  a filthy smoke belching 1800s smokestack which lead to respiratory problems, etc, would also put out particulates that block some sunlight.      a)  make smoke, not clean exhaust. I welcome responses whether you agree or disagree.  To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I agree myself ! Just putting it out there.

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The Lovebox, Laser Projector, Dirty Soap...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Dec. 20, 2007 Welcome back! Don't forget to enter the Homemade Holidays Contest! Share your homemade holiday gift ideas through an Instructable, a Slideshow, or a Video, and win great prizes from CRAFT magazine! Check out these cool instructables! LoveBox - The box of love Put your electronics knowledge to work by making a special present that delivers a random message of love when it's opened.posted by matseng on Dec 18, 2007 Rubens Tube Yule Log Make your fireplace dance along with the Christmas tunes by putting a classic physics experiment to good use.posted by bofthem on Dec 17, 2007 Cool Wave Ring Learn how to make a cool wave ring from scratch, or many other kinds, with these clear instructions and helpful videos. posted by hydemetals on Dec 13, 2007 Dirty Soap For the friends that have dirty minds and good senses of humor, this is the perfect stocking stuffer that makes soap fun again.posted by fungus amungus on Dec 15, 2007 Chocolate Peppermint Bark Dark or semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and crushed peppermint candies. What could be easier? posted by canida on Dec 8, 2007 Win a $15,000 VersaLaser! Low cost tank-tough workbench Build a workbench that can survive being run over by a tank, or at least anything you can throw at it.posted by jmengel on Dec 16, 2007 Mysterious Lightbulb PrankHave you ever seen the Magic Lightbulbs magicians use? Here's how to make one that will drive people crazy! posted by Kipkay on Dec 13, 2007 Laser Image Projector Project a creepy green image on any surface without having to worry about any focusing problems. posted by echo_anomie on Dec 19, 2007 A Home Power Plant - Wind Power Generator Revised Plans for Building a Wind Power Generator in the form of a Savonius Rotor Windmill. No welding or casting required, posted by bhunter736 on Dec 14, 2007 Build a Greenland Kayak This instructable will teach you how to build a 17 foot long Greenland kayak that will weigh 30-40 pounds and cost less than $300. posted by nativewater on Dec 18, 2007 Gingerbread! 'Tis the season for gingerbread! Whether you see it as a food or a building material, you can probably use a few new tricks. Check out these Instructables for some fresh ideas. Gluing a gingersnap cottage (like a nerd) Here's a safe and effective way of gluing a gingersnap cottage with molten sugar. posted by all_thumbs on Dec 2, 2006 Gingerbread Cake Bars with Lemon Glaze This the combination of gingerbread and lemon is easy to make and well worth the time! posted by aliciak on Sep 8, 2007 Candy Towers Built with a Molten-Sugar Hot-Glue Gun Build Seussian candy towers with molten sugar to make your gingerbread house unique. posted by ewilhelm on Dec 20, 2007 How to create gingerbread houses If you're new to the gingerbread house scene, here's a great way to get started. posted by simonechavoor on Dec 14, 2007 Ginger Bread Houses A few of our own gingerbread houses that we made to get into the spirit of the season. Happy Holidays! posted by ewilhelm on Dec 20, 2007   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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The DOWN and DIRTY story behind SOPA and PIPA

Here is a great little summary of the history and reason for SOPA and PIPA

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CHALLENGE: Dirty Video Mixer with Sound Sensor!

Hey guys I have a challenge for you all but forewarning I am a bit of a novice with Arduino and electronics in general. I want to adapt Karl Klomp's Dirty & Cheap video mixer (schematic attached) into something a bit more responsive. The original video mixer is essentially just two RCA inputs fed into a potentiometer and then a combined output is produced as a mix of the two original video sources. I want to swap the potentiometer for a sound sensor (image attached) to allow for the mix of the video output to be governed by the volume of the mixer's surroundings. If anyone could please help me that would be great!!! (Even my lecturers are stumped) Thanks in advance guys! Ryan

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What's a good way to make a shirt look used? Answered

I'm putting together a Steampunk outfit, and I need a good way to make a shirt look used. My character is a mechanic, so I want it to look like it's been worn by someone who gets dirty and greasy fairly often, but I don't want it to look nasty and like I should get a new shirt ;)  The shirt would basically be a white/grey tank top undershirt. Thank you!

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how do you clean dirty hard wood floors? Answered

My hardwood floors are dirty at high traffic areas. I prefer not to sand them because of the mess sanding makes. I have heard that they could be cleaned by using a liquid refinisher. Is this true and what is the best brand/

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Quick and dirty parabolic dish solar concentrator design!

I do not have one.       I was hoping YOU could help me make a quick choice!   Basically I want to go to the store, buy an 8 by 4 corugated plastic sheet, cut it in petals, stick aluminum kitchen  foil to it (as few wrinkles as possible) and have as rigid a parabolic HALF dish as possible.   Then I mount it in my equatorial mount frame and test it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OqG2LesnSo   It gets a bit harder because the dish is not exactly a half. Some extends a bit past the center of the dish. Here are some of the issues and choices.  Do you cut along the corrugations or across them? Do you do petals radiating out from the center  or is it better to do the thing with cones? Like in the picture in the link http://solarcookers.ning.com/photo/cone-size-of-the-4-cones-solar-1?context=latest Cones might have a problem due to the corrugations not being in line with the shape that I make. so it might warp in strange ways. Is there an alternative to the corrugated sign plastic sheet? BUT they might work because I can guesstimate a not perfectly round dish more easily than with petals.. I think that something with a focus about 6 inches wide would be sufficient for me. It has to be rigid and light as can be too.   What can I use as umbrella splines to make it keep its shape? Thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I might have a day off tomorrow so get those suggestions in quick as you can! Thanks Brian

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how to remove a siezed up screw? Answered

I got a hand drill realy cheap and it needs cleaning so i tried getting the main gear off but i thing its seized p what can i do to get it off in one piece?

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How can I make a cheap-and-dirty circuit tracer?

I know that you can buy them, but I'm trying to figure out how to make a device that will follow a household wall circuit on the cheap.

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How did he know this was made in china? Answered

  My friend says this needle / stylus is made in china because I asked if it was dirty and why it is green.  SO, why is it green? Is it dirty? ....AND ......Is it made in China?    Please and Thank you :)

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Is it possible to clean something, without something else getting dirty? Answered

??? cheers.

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Help me. I bought a lamp Led 100w but the film that covers the bulb came very dirty. What I can do?

There's something I can do to clean it without spoiling? I think if I use it so I will lose a lot of brightness.

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What would be the best approach to trying to make an apron supremely dirty and bloody like Pyramid Head's? Answered

Still need some answers on my pyramid head costume, what I need to know is what would be good to use for making his apron look like it does in the game, really bloody and dirty?

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How should I clean my guitar? Answered

My guitar is looking real dirty and I want it clean.

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Used Camera

I just got a Minolta XG-M Its a little dirty but works fine, is there anything I should check for. Also what type of external shutter thing would it use? It came with: Body Kit lens 50mm 1.4/f Extra lens 35-70mm 3.5/f w/ Macro 1:4 1:7 UV[0] Skylight[1B] Any tips for cleaning I already cleaned the lenses with a micro-fiber cloth but the mirror and body is dirty. Also is there anyway I could get a manual

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how can i cleen up a vary durty floor rug ? Answered

I got a used car with a vary dirty enterer need to be cleened

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UPDATE on Radio Interview on Craftsman Experience

The Down and Dirty radio show hosted by Frank Fontana from HGTV has asked me talk for a short piece on their  Down and Dirty radio show hosted by Frank Fontana from HGTV.  If all goes accordingly, the interview  will happen around  12:40pm ET on Wed 8/10 and will be a 5 minute segment.  They stream live at blogtalkradio.com/diy and livestream.com/craftsmanexperience at 11am CT every Wednesday and Sunday,  in the event anyone wants to tune in to it.  These same folks interviewed Randofo (Randy) awhile back, so I am pretty excited about this. *sigh*  Figures this would occur in the middle of Verizon's STIKE !   They dropped my call, twice....I finally got back to them and apologized.....thankfully most of the "story" got told, so I am told.   I wonder if they record it for later listening ?   MINE is here,  around the 44 minute mark (if you care to hear me for a few minutes and then listen as my phone dies.....

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How to wash my sofa? Any good product I can use? Answered

Got some dirty spots on my sofa. Any one knows how to wash them off?

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Cleaning an oil painting

I bought a painting at a thrift store. It appears to be palette-applied oil paint. There are no brush strokes that I can see. It looks like it was painted on plywood. It's pretty dirty. And it looks kind of old. There's no frame.

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Jet car for sale

Take a look at this eBay item - a Fiat 500 with a dirty great jet engine in the engine bay!http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item;=300125561164&fromMakeTrack;=true&ssPageName;=VIP:watchlink:top:ukIf any of you buy it, let us know how you go!

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How would i clean bearings from roller skates for use in a DIY CNC machine? Answered

What would get off road scum but not the grease inside the bearing EDIT: HERE IS A PICTURE of a clean one next to a dirty one

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Please help me wire a laser diode as simply as possible.

I know nothing about current or voltage and I just want to know if there is a quick and dirty way to wire a laser diode to a power source without killing it. Thanks.

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Improve your room contest ONLY Drawings?

I had a questions for the improve your room contest. Is the contest only of plans for a better room or can you actually do dirty work like making awesome lighting arrangements or modifying an outlet to include USB charging??

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How much MORE would you pay for a old car that had a nice, clean and detailed interior? Answered

Trying to sell a car $500 for a ford falcon GLi, dirty interior. how much MORE would u pay for a good interior, fully detailed?

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Should I use a flux pen? Answered

While soldering, some contacts don't want to take the solder even after heating it. I think some of them might be dirty. Could I use a no-clean flux pen like this to clean the contacts and also make soldering a little easier?

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How to refurbish an old pair of roller skates?

I have an old pair of roller skates that look like this. They are really old and dirty, but they have sorta new ball bearings. How should  I refurbish them and should I refurbish them or get a new pair? Thanks.

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Bearing/fulcrum for a pendulum

I want to swing a locket on a chain like a pendulum and I want to minmise the friction experienced where the chain attaches to the supporting post. What sort of bearing or similar device should I use for this? Ideally it should be available in a bronze/dirty brass colour but I guess I can deal with it if it isn't.

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I mistakenly put the gasoline i used for my weed wacker (Gas and oil) in my mower and it doesnt run very good now.

I have changed the spark plug a couple times and it is pretty dirty with carbon. I even tried carbuerator cleaner . It has no gas filter

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could i paint a LAK table with a golden spray?? what kind of spray??

I need to paint a this tablehttp://www.ikea.com/es/es/catalog/products/10120587i would like to paint in golden with a spray but i don´t know what kind of spray to avoid get the things i put on it dirty.thank you

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water car

Ok i have an idea im only 13... not shure if its been thought of before but everyone knows about the car that runs on water but what about a car that ran on dirty water or inpure water and then could change that to pure water while your driving :D if this was thought of before anyone else its my idea xD

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Besides stepping up or stepping down a voltage, how does a transformer change the output put into it? Answered

For instance. Say I have a square wave of 9 volts created by a 555 timer at the frequency 1 kilohertz, and that is the input into a transformer designed to step up the voltage to 120 volts. Will the frequency be changed in anyway? Are there any changes besides voltage?

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Homemade-Hand scrub, extremely cheap, from around the house ingredients, that works for all people? No matter how dirty.

Where can I post a cheap, excellent working hand scrub recipt that works exceptionally well? Made from household ingredients,Cleans hands no matter how soiled from dirt to grease. r.rochelle@sbcglobal.net

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HO Locomotives?

I have 3 HO Locomotives that won't run on the track whether the wires from the transformer are attached to the terminal track or if I touch the wires directly to the track or if I touch the wires to the wheels of the Locomotive, they won't run? But if I take the same Locomotive and place it on its side or if I stand it upright on the table and touch the wires to the wheels it will run, as long as it is NOT on the rails of the track! Do I have dirty rails and or wheels??

Question by TomG190 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Bike chain lubes?

right so for last year i have been using 3 in one on my bicycle but i ride in dry arid usually dirty conditions and the 3 in one gets filthy very quickly . so i read online white lightning is good for my conditions so i used some today.  what kind of lubes do you use and why?

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Flugtag world record

Red Bull's Flugtag event is normally an event where the focus is on ridiculous contraptions falling into the water. But sometimes people actually do come up with ideas that actually get them some distance. Here's a video of the new record of 207 feet set by Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies. For comparison, the second video shows a typical Flugtag launch. via Neatorama

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How do you open a Playstation3? Answered

How do you open a Playststion 3 40 gig without damaging the casing? Ours is dirty and it is acting up and I want to clean the dust out of it first before I tear it apart and can't fix it. Getting the hard drive out is not a problem that is how I found out it was full of dust. Thanks Joe.

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The Case for Working With Your Hands

There's an interesting article at nytimes.com called The Case for Working With Your Hands that covers the appeal of getting down and dirty and fixing things with your hands. Instead of getting lost in cubicle land, the author encourages people to get away from alternate universe corporate realities and dive into a world where you can easily see the results of your actions.The trades suffer from low prestige, and I believe this is based on a simple mistake. Because the work is dirty, many people assume it is also stupid. This is not my experience. I have a small business as a motorcycle mechanic in Richmond, Va., which I started in 2002. I work on Japanese and European motorcycles, mostly older bikes with some "vintage" cachet that makes people willing to spend money on them. I have found the satisfactions of the work to be very much bound up with the intellectual challenges it presents. And yet my decision to go into this line of work is a choice that seems to perplex many people. The Case for Working With Your Hands

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what might have caused my dog to stars bury his food? Answered

I feed him every morning before I go to school. I fill up his bowl and every day when I get home all my dirty clothes are on top of his bowl in the corner? dose anyone have any idea as to why he might be doing this?

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can i convert my old wah pedal to a distrotion pedal that slowly brings the effect in?

I'm wanting to convert my old Vox wah in to a distortion pedal that works like a wha but insteed of "wah-ing" i slowly brings in the distortion as i sweep the pedal. it needs to be true-bypass so is goes from clean tone to "dirty" without having the 'click' of a regular distortion pedal.Thanks

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Low Cost Low Tech Ozone Bubbler

Clean water is becoming scarce and chlorine is a dangerous substance to be hauling around in the Third World. The dirty secret in water processing is that ozone works just as well as chlorine. How about coming up with a small handheld device which could sanitize small amounts of water using the local atmoshere by turning o2 into o3.   I'm thinking aquarium pump to begin with.

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We are students of Edinburgh College of Art. We are now running a project related to fly-tipping within Edinburgh. We came up with an idea and we want your opinions. Many thx!! Step 1: Current Problems There are many many bins on the street now in most of the community of Edinburgh which is dirty and out of order. Though the quantity of bins reached a high level, the quality of them are not good enough. Problems such as unclear sign, dirty and full bins are kind of caused more fly-tipping even just beside the bins. Step 2: Waste House Idea We came up with an idea of waste house in each community of Edinburgh. It is a plan in the long run. We want to build a waste house in the community, and reduce the bins on the street gradually. The ideal result will be there is no bins on the street but all in the waste house. The advantages of the house are: it's much easier to keep the house clean than keep all the bins clean on the road; the classification signs will be designed clearer; it's easier for the city council to collect, so that they can collect on time in case they are all full.

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Is it possible to make your own electroplating solution?

Is it possible to make your own electroplating solution? Couldn't one simply toss some atomized copper dust from the sculpture supply store into a hydrochloric acid solution, and let it dissolve? If so, what other chemicals are necessary, and what approximate proportions should they be? I'm thinking quick and dirty here, specifically for electroforming medium sized objects. Thanks!

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Large LED WALL (Updated Name needed)

Hello, Im not even sure if this is the right place for this post. I wanna build a LARGE LED WALL. Basically rows and columns of leds which i can progam to do what i want, be it scrolling lines, words, snowflakes etc. Perhaps even colour changing LED's to produce a large picture. Can this be done?  (either one colour or multicolour) Where do i start if yes! Any ideas welcomed

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Belts set to replace Bike Chains?

Apparently belt driven bikes were produced a few years ago by specialist bike companies but they are now about to hit the mainstream.These belts have an advantage over chains because they are tougher, last longer, aren't dirty or greasy, their quieter and they weigh a lot less.the only drawback is the price, Trek has unveiled, the District and the Soho, will run you $930 and $990, respectively. but then again all new tech is expensive :D Via Gizmodo

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