Dinosaur Discovery

Exciting news from Utah: well-preserved dinosaur fossils, petrified trees, and other remnants of the time of the dinosaurs were found. This could help scientists get a better grasp of the plant life during the Jurassic era. Not that there's anything more to know--Jurassic Park and Dinotopia taught us everything there is to know about dinosaurs.LinkPlus, take a look at the video at the bottom of the page about dinosaur excrement. The expert's living room is something to be, well, admired.

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XKCD & Discovery Channel

As a fan of both xkcd and the Discovery Channel, I just thought this was funny.

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Discovery channel show, hacking electricity?

There used to be  a show on Discovery channel (I think it was discovery) where a guy would "hack" things.   In one show he hacked electricity and showed how he put a coil and some magnets on a bicycle to power a GPS unit.  I have tried to find information on this show but can't seem to find it.  It's as if the show never existed.   I am pretty sure I saw the episode within the last 3 years.  Does anyone know what this show was called and/or know of any video links to this particular (hacking electricity) episode? Thanks

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Space Shuttle Discovery on a 747

Filmed this on Tuesday.

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Discovery Shuttle Launch - Photos

Discovery Had Successful Liftoff about 15 minutes ago... I live in Orlando, FL so I am about 50-60 miles from the spaceport. She lit up the horizon, and I took a few pictures from a point and shoot camera (so of course its kinda funky). Yes, we could hear it rumbling ;) I need to see if I can lighten it -- but I have a picture of the SRB separation -- you can see three objects. After than, the shuttle looks like a really REALLY bright white star.

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Mounting stuff on the Roomba Discovery

I keep seeing instructables about how to make stuff out of an irobot create, and got jealous. When my uncle got bored of his roomba discovery, he gave it to my grandma, who gave it to me, because she knew that I wanted it. When I got my hands on it, I searched through those Instructables vividly, hoping to find something to do with it (other than clean my house), but they were all for the create! So, I was wondering how I could mount something on top of my roomba. I also want to be able to program it. I found some sort of port thing underneath a cover on the side, I'm not sure if that's it. Finally, I want to know where I can find the cable that may or may not connect this port to my computer. Thanks.EDIT: I added some pictures.

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Is "Prototype This" coming back? Answered

I love the show and i want to know if they're is going to be a second season.

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Planet Green Debuted Wednesday

Discovery Channel's Planet Green debuts today. Planet Green is a whole new 24-hour channel which which specializes in a environmental friendly lifestyle. I was actually contacted by the producer of the show G Word about my 100 Ways to Reduce Your Impact instructable. G-Word is a show that features "green" content from people like you and me. However, the producer decided to go with only video content, so my instructable was dropped. Anyway, if you want to find out what channel Planet Green is being featured on, visit http://planetgreen.channelfinder.net/, and just insert your zip code and cable provider.We can all learn something every day to reduce our impact, and save some money while we are at it.

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How Famous Am I?

I dunno, really, no sure I care. But my dog is famous. Yeah, I just wanted to brag.

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Scientists HELP!!! Ideas/Instructables for installation art celebrating chemistry, new elements, need models of atoms

I am heading a group of teens making ART to be installed in a park in Livermore, CA where the Lawerence Livermore National Lab has commissioned us to celebrate the discovery of the 116th element "Livermorium" - problem is, we artists need help VISUALIZING and making the esoteric idea of atoms into VISUALS that the lay person could enjoy and understand. We have a corner park. We need to make INTERACTIVE science displays that are hardy to the weather and to human touch. -- How to show (the latest ideas) of an atomic model for Livermorium?? -- How to explain/show what that element is for? -- How to display the dynamics of molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, etc. --what machines does a scientist use to discover new elements? Please reply with links to images, explain simply about the structure of atoms/molecules, IDEAS?

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Book Review Opinion, if anyone has read "The Varieties of Scientific Experience" by Carl Sagan

Although I put this in the Science category, I am also looking for opinion. Anyone that has read Carl's book; The Varieties of Scientific Experience I would like to hear from. Or if you have a general opinion concerning Mr. Sagan's books, also. I just picked up this book yesterday at an outlet, and started reading it today. Already, only up to page 36, I am liking what I am reading.

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on discovery channel's monster bug wars, are the 'sound effect' heard real?

On discovery channel's monster bug wars, are the 'sound effect' heard what you would hear if you saw these bugs fighting live?

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What do I do about this circuit discovery? Answered

I recently began fiddling with transistors and discovered a way to create a neat IC-less circuit. My problem, however, is that my supplies are limited and therefore I am limited in my abilities to test a theory to increase the circuit's abilities. My current circuit is small (in a sense) and it's setup inevitably takes more parts that I don't have, nor have my substitutions worked, so I can't really thoroughly check my theory for expansion and function. Because I can't be sure of my findings I have so much limited information to give to people through an instructable and i can't quite afford the parts as of now. So what should I do? Should I create an instructable/forum topic explaining what I know right now and later expand the information when I can finish my experiments, or should I wait for the time when I can afford to test it all thoroughly to check my results, which may scrap my current work  (which is still kinda cool) or have it possibly discovered by someone else? (At the moment I sorta consider what i found to be brand new because I haven't found any remote similarities in google searches, therefore i sorta consider this my idea.) (As of now i may just post a video of my findings on youtube to "seal the deal" but i really don't want to come off as cocky)

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What Do You Think Is Awesome

What is something you think is awesome, it can be anything from a certain book to a place on a mountain were you feel like your on top of the world.

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Weapon Masters - Discovery Channel uses Instructables

My Viking Catapult and Scissorman's Office Trebuchet have both been used as part of the Discovery Military Channel's website to accompany their Weapon Masters series.It's been edited, but it's still cool to see one of my projects deliberately selected to be featured on another site, rather than the usual blog-link.Direct link to page.

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How do I start programming the STM32VL-Discovery?

Hi there, I've just recieved a free stm32VL-Discovery, but the website of ST doesn't do any good. I know a bit AVR programming with an arduino, but I know sh*t about ARM or the STM32. If anyone could tell me how to adress the pins it would be a nice start..

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Circuit Bending Workshop at Discovery World (Milwaukee, WI)

Circuit Bending is the art of rewiring and short-circuiting a device to create entirely new sonic possibilities. In a DIY interactive lab environment, learn the basics of electronics by reverse engineering old toys such as the Speak and Spell and other gadgets. Bring an old toy or instrument (check your local thrift store for anything with buttons and a speaker). Then dismantle, adding switches and knobs to create new from the old; this is electronics recycling at its finest. We will be offering two classes in September in October: 1: Intro to Circuit Bending Wednesday | Sept 23 | 6:30 - 9pm $25 Members & MIAD students | $35 Non-Members In this interactive crash course we'll cover the equipment, tools, and techniques needed to start you on your own bending adventure. 2: Circuit Bending Workshop Wednesday | Two-Part Series - Sept 30 & Oct 7 | 6:30-9pm $55 Members & MIAD students | $65 Non-Members In a comprehensive two-part series, participants explore the process of turning toys into noise instruments. We'll cover everything from basic bending and probing techniques to creating noise instruments with knobs, body contacts, photo sensors, and amplifier outputs. CALL (414) 765-8625 FOR RESERVATIONS. Workshops will be held in Discovery World's Electronic Lab, with a maximum class size of 15. What you need to bring: Something to bend- basically anything with buttons and a speaker that runs on batteries (old toys like the Speak and Math and Furby, older Casio keyboards are very bend friendly, guitar effects pedals can be drastically altered), and fresh batteries for your device. Due to the nature of circuit bending there is a high probability of damaging a device beyond repair. If it is valuable to you, don't take it apart! Equipment and beverages (beer for 21+) will be provided, as well as a limited number of toys to bend. Feel free to reply to this post if you have any questions, or e-mail diy@discoveryworld.org

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Maker Faire Video Clips set to "Boomdeyada"

I recorded all this footage while I was at Maker Faire Bay Area two weekends ago, then edited it together to the song from Discovery Channel's commercial "The World is Just Awesome"

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How new data can substantially alter interpretations -- placoderm evolution

An article in Nature (PDF below) reports on the discovery of internal embryos in placoderm (armored fish) fossils. Besides being interesting, these otherwise mundane discoveries have the possibility to radically alter our interpretation of the origin and relationships of early vertebrates. Here's the "News and Views" editorial on the research article, which is more accessible to non-specialists than the original paper.

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This day in history

This day in history. Sure a lot happened, and here is one of them: Day in History: Discovery Jan. 3, 1957: Debut of the Electric Watch, a Space Age Marvel

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Mythbusters! New never before seen clips! (Banned from Discovery)

Hi,Here are a few clips most of you have probably never seen before. They are banned from discovery and never actually aired on tv. They aren't even on the mythbusters site. So here for your enjoyment 2 never before seen Myths. Missing flatus experiments (Lighting Farts, Do pretty Girls Fart :) Just a quick note. There are two versions of mythbusters. One with a British announcer and one with a stupid American announcer> I hate the American announcer. He sounds so stupid. In general British people sound smarter than Americans in my opinion. I think that Americans think British sound smarter because Americans are only exposed to the only the smarter smaller percentage of the British. Why do you think British people sound smarter than Americans and what do you think of this great hidden clips.Thanks

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MythBusters YouTube Live

Discovery Channel's MythBusters blast Jamie with 20,000 paintballs with Leonardo 2.0 at YouTube Live.

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Have any of you guys ever played Myst or Riven. If so, then this is a place where you can discuss with other people about your findings and discoveries. Have fun!

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What is this song?

On the Discovery Channel's new ad, what song is it based on? I know I've heard it somewhere before...AH...video embed isn't working, but here is the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jmtjQPMjm1k

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Bio-fuels from pvc, etc. Some neat advances being made in the bio-fuel areas:

2002 articlehttp://www.brdisolutions.com/news/NewsletterArchive/dec2002.aspThis year....http://biodieselmagazine.com/article.jsp?article_id=1504&q;=&page;=allAnd then we have this:http://ec.europa.eu/energy/res/legislation/doc/biofuels/contributions/industry/waterman.pdfand a few articles from WIRED:http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2004/09/64862http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2004/06/63699plus: http://www.europabio.org/white_biotech.htmhttp://lib.wmrc.uiuc.edu/enb/?cat=2Info on Styrene: http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/styrene/

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cheap mythbusters

Does anyone know where to get all of the mythbusters episodes at a resonable price like: Season 1 part 1 Season 1 part 2 (is there a second season!?!) season 3 season 4 to buy all of them off of discovery it's 200 bucks!

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How a Soda Can is Made

The basic soda can seems so simple and, well, basic, but how do they make them? And so quickly? This video from Discovery covers the details of how to churn out 2,000 cans a minute with no mistakes allowed. via Core77

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Build Night build log on Hackaday.io?

I'm in a bit of a quandry here.  I have a really fun project for the 'May 2015 Build Night with Raspberry Pi and Adafruit', but the thing is, I am having to pull on a variety of different resources and making discoveries as I go.  Lots of these discoveries are valuable information I want to document to remember later. I *could* keep a private documented log, but where's the fun in that? I fancy using Hackaday.io for the in-situ build, then publish a nice polished Instructable once complete.  To me, it seems the natural order of things, but I half-suspect I might be treading on someone's toes in the context of the Build Night. The big question here is:  Should I log my progress on Hackaday.io?  Yes...or No?

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Ozonator Insturctable please?

Can someone make a instructable about how to make an "Ozonator" for water purification similar to that which was on a Discovery TV show called "The Colony"?  Essentially they created a water purification station using an Ozone generator they created to purify all of the water they were drinking from the LA storm gutters.  Thanks

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swarm bots...

I was watching the discovery channel a while ago and on a show abbout robots, the spoke of small robots called swarm bots. the seem to sense distance from each other and are able to trail each other single file, or (i'm sure) other formations. i would like to know if anyone could help me replicate this effect, but on a slightly larger scale.

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Who wants to be on a Game Show?

I was just sent this link by a friend: Discovery Science Game Show Here is a brief description of the game show:Producers for a Discovery Science Game show are looking for contestants. Contestants can be a gonzo engineer/scientist or just a high-energy, creative, fun, builder!They are looking for garage warriors (builders, scientists, inventors, engineers, carpenters, welders, mechanics, architects, etc...) who love to invent new gadgets, build robots, racing power tools, weld together bizarre machines that drive, fly, climb, shoot flames or launch projectiles. This Game Show is for thinkers, dreamers and doers, who are eager to let their inner MacGyvers be seen and ready to collaborate with a team of other builders.It looks like it was made just for our kind!! Now, who is going to try to get a spot on this show? If you do, be sure to let us all know!

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Dangerman Casting

Discovery and Objective Productions UK are seeking a HOST with a strong science background (B.A. minimum) for DANGERMAN, a documentary-style reality series that replicates extraordinary stunts performed by daredevils, stuntmen and showmen and explains the scientific principles that make the most amazing feats possible. So what do you say? Anyone in the mood for some DANGER!?!http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/sci/628816251.html

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cmoy feedback "synth"

This isn't a question, just an interesting discovery that I didn't think warranted an entire instructable Decided to convert my old cmoy amp into a portable speaker, so I found some little drivers and soldered them to the pins of the output jack, tested it, worked fine, then I got bored and decided to connect the input jack to the output jack with an aux cable:

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I am trying to find out how to make a solar powered trike?

I seen this solar powered trike on episode 8 or 9 season 1 of the colony that was on discovery channel can someone please explane to me what i need to get to make it? I tryed to google images of it but none came up.

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Chuck Messer of Tackle Design and The Open Prosthetics Project on Smash Lab

I finally got a chance to watch the sneak preview of Discovery's new Smash Lab* last night, and imagine my surprise to see someone I know hosting! Chuck Messer, one of the four Smash Lab hosts, is a partner at Tackle Design the people behind the The Open Prosthetics Project, which also has an Open Prosthetics group on Instructables. Tackle Design and my own Squid Labs shared many similarities, so Chuck and I would share stories about how we each ran the companies; he even managed to visit Squid Labs when we were still located in Emeryville (pre-control tower). It's great to see good people getting wider recognition, and I wish Chuck and Smash Lab success!disclosure - Discovery is an advertiser on Instructables, and has been advertising for Smash Lab. This is not part of their advertising.

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how to make electricity from temperture difference

Hi, One day I saw on Discovery a guy using a local stream to make electricity. really cool, he attached a light bulb to it and put that into layers of stone. by doing so, the stone heated and so he was able to cook on it. Basically what I am asking is, how can you make electricity from the local stream by means of temperature difference with the air temperature. TXS!!!

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Thoughts on a prototyping device

Hey I'm a college student trying to create a specialty extruder to aid in prototyping, possibly to be used along side a 3D printer.  Attached is a CAD mockup but we're in the process of building this.  The applcations are fairly broad at the moment and if you think of a cool way to use long pieces of plastic for modelling, crafts, art, whatever, please let me know. This is my kickstarter and I'm trying to get any feedback you have, thanks! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...?ref=discovery

Topic by saudade-pigeon 3 years ago

How do you make Zel-Gel, like the stuff they used in Time Warp with the Fuel Girls?

I was watching Time Warp on the Discovery Channel, and I saw the second part with the Fuel Girls and they had this cool fire gel. Upon further research, I found out that this is called Zel-Gel. It is really expensive, 100 usd per gallon... I don't have that type of money, and I was wondering if anyone knows how to make it

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Prototype This premiers tonight

Prototype This premiers tonight on the Discovery Chanel. It stars Zoz, a good friend of mine from MIT. Here's what Zoz has to say about the premier:Dear lords of the realm,Please join me in advertisement-laden spirit this Wednesday for a thrilling three hours of television tomfoolery:8pm: Discovery Channel - season premiere of "Time Warp" produced by crop circle nemesis and doctor of weirdness John Tindall and co-hosted by Robots alum and all-around superhero Jeff Lieberman; followed by:9pm: Network Presidential debate - mix red food colouring with corn syrup and smear it on the screen so that all participants look like the blood-soaked zombies they are; wipe it off in time for:10pm: Discovery Channel - season premiere of "Prototype This" co-hosted by yours truly! That's right, the Apocalypse Now of television - the series that wouldn't die, that took longer than most Master's theses to make, is finally going to see the light of day!Representative websites here:http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/prototype-this/prototype-this.htmlhttp://blog.wired.com/geekdad/2008/10/preview-discove.htmlhttp://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-10016485-52.htmlTo anyone who got this shameless plug twice - take it as a compliment because I didn't want to miss anyone so this one is going only to important individuals, not lists! But still tell all your friends to watch so we can get good ratings and get picked up for more seasons so I don't have to find a real job!It's been a long and circuitous path from idea to actual show. In one of the first ideas, Squid Labs was going to prototype various ideas in a reality-TV-like show. To see how it's evolved, check out a couple of the casting reels we filmed starring Tim, Christy, Corwin, and me:MITERS Tour with TimSquid Labs tour with Christy, Corwin, and EricI've got Zoz's casting reel too, and I'll share that shortly.

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Higgs Boson particle found!

Well, there's not much to do other than to say it: As I am sure many of you already know, the elusive Higgs-Boson particle, or "God-Particle" has been found by scientists at CERN, the friendly people who brought you the internet. This discovery has been ranked as 5-Sigma, which means that they are very sure of their results. I'm not a particle physics professor, so here's a video of one explaining this. History being made! Yay!

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Ancient History: Kite bombs

From the article:   We investigate the kite bömb - a never before built medieval siege weapön that dropped bómbs from a kite over cities. We build one and test it with startling new insights and success. We investigate ancient bouncing bõmbs that actually skip across water - ... Source of article.    I saw this on the Ancient Discoveries. Over the weekend I believe, on TV.   The key to stability was a long tail...... Here is a source of information given to me by Kiteman,  concerning the Ancient Kite Bómbs (arial attacks before the airplane or balloon).      

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Rectangle accuracy tip...

Well, I made a discovery when I was messing around with some shells, I found that if you load a red rod into your rectangle, then put a shell of 5 silver spacers all the way back on the red rod... The red rod then flies extremely straight. The shell then falls straight down, where you can use it again if you want. P.s. This also works for yellow, and grey rods.P.p.s. You can also do the same thing for oodammo, but with only one silver spacer.TRY IT OUT PEOPLE=P

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Makey Makey Build Night @ Boise State's Albertsons Library

On January 27th, 2015, students, staff, and faculty came together to discover how to use bananas as piano keys, graphite drawings as game controllers, and program in Scratch to use play dough as piano keys. This was part of the Library's new Discover by Doing workshops, and our first Instructables Build Night! It was also the first official event for the newly formed Creative Technologies Association student group. We had 20 curious and excited faculty, staff, and students come through that evening, and they all left with a smile...unless they lost at tetris. There were three stations, one to play tetris with a drawn game controller, one to play the "bianano", and a "free for all" table with a variety of supplies. Each table had a student facilitator and all the supplies needed to complete the project. It was inspiring to watch participants work over the course of the night, and to see them working together to solve problems. Including one student's discovery that if he licked his fingers, he achieved better conductivity with the bananas (don't ask). The Creative Technologies Association is currently working with faculty on writing Instructables for the piano that was created using Scratch, and the discovery and design of the "earthly" connection wristband. We can't wait to share them with you, and are looking forward to future build nights! 

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Hello Instructables! My name is Nic and I work for Discovery Channel Canada. Our premiere show Daily Planet is current looking for any wild and crazy backyard inventors for our new fall season! So if you have a great invention and think you'd be good on TV, send me a private message describing your invention and a bit about yourself. We're focusing mainly in Canada and the United States but everyone from around the world is welcome! We're still looking and still hoping to hear back from more inventors!

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4.4-million-year-old fossil could reshape human origins - Ardi

By Dan Vergano, USA TODAYThe nearly complete fossil of a 4.4-million-year-old human ancestor, a female dubbed "Ardi," is rewriting the story of human origins, paleontologists reported Thursday.The analysis of Ardipithecus ramidus (it means "root of the ground ape"), reported in the journal Science, changes the notion that humans and chimps, our closest genetic cousins, both trace their lineage to a creature that was more like today's chimp. Rather, the research suggests that their common ancestor was a walking forest forager...More at USA Today Site - Discoveries

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Lamarkian inheritance -- not just a straw-man "mistake"?

A new article in Nature reports on research indicating that developmental changes caused by environment can be passed on to offspring. The Universe is always more complex, and more subtle, then the textbooks and dogmatists would have you believe.Lamarkian inheritance is a theory of genetics where animals could pass on traits which they acquired during life. In the typical textbook oversimplification, the examples used are often the giraffe stretching to reach leaves would have children with longer necks; the blacksmith who developed a highly muscled right arm would have childred with bigger right arms; and so on. After the discovery and rediscovery of Mendelian genetics, Lamarkism was more or less ignored (except by Lysenko), leaving only this simplistic and stupid story of a "mistaken idea" in textbooks.There have been a number of discoveries in recent years of heritable traits (in humans as well as in other animals), for which no specific gene, or even combination of genes, could be isolated. The term "epigenetics" refers to the fact that many of our physical traits are driven, not by genes directly, but rather by the complex biochemistry of how, when, and how much genes are expressed. There have been some examples of epigenetic inheritance, but in all those cases, the pattern of gene expression is itself driven by the presence or absence of nearby "triggering" DNA in the genome.This new article is an example where an epigenetic feature driven by enviornmental influence appears to cause changes that can be passed on to offspring. What the mechanism is (i.e., how the pattern of expression gets "stored" in the germ cells) is not clear, but it is very intereresting to see the effect in real life.

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iRobot Create Challenge Winners Announced

IRobot, Tom's Hardware, and Instructables are happy to announce the winners for the iRobot Create Challenge! We saw some amazing entries and encourage everyone to see the full group here.First PlaceThe $5,000 goes to: iRobot Create Personal Home Robot by dttworldSecond PlaceThe set of iRobot home robots including iRobot Roomba Discovery, iRobot Scooba 380, iRobot Dirt Dog, & iRobot Create robots stimated retail value of $986.99) goes to: The SOMA Project by thesomaprojectThird PlaceThird Place winners get a choice of one iRobot Roomba Discovery or one iRobot Scooba 5800. Each prize has an estimated retail value of $299. ServerBot - for serving food and drinks by JoeCreate How to make an autonomous basketball playing robot using an iRobot Create as a base by Matthew Oelke eyeRobot - The Robotic White Cane by shrimpy OLPC Telepresence by damonkohler iRobot Create: WiFi Optimizer by vector023 iRobot Create Pool Skimmer/Cleaner by Weissensteinburg Adaptive Mapping and Navigation with iRobot Create by societyofrobots Modifying an iRobot Create to Paint by technoplastique PosterBot: Make a Marker-Writing Robot out of an Old Inket printer and an iRobot Create by W_world iRover: Remotely controlled iRobot Create (or Roomba) by techgeek75Voting was done by ewilhelm and the robotics experts at iRobot. Entries were judged on aesthetics, intelligence, task utility, entertainment value, completeness, originality, and an overall score.Winners will be contacted with prize-claiming instructions soon.

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Physicist proves that teleportation of energy is possible

A physicist has demonstrated that teleportation of energy is possible, a discovery that has profound implications for the study of physics.  Feb 5, 2010 Here is the link:  Physicists teleport energy And in case that doesn't work:   http://www.smartplanet.com/business/blog/smart-takes/physicist-proves-that-teleportation-of-energy-is-possible/3967/  And, a link provided by LEMONIE that goes straight to the actual paper on the subject:    Energy-Entanglement Relation for Quantum Energy Teleportation - Masahiro Hotta   http://www.scribd.com/doc/26418681/Energy-Entanglement-Relation-for-Quantum-Energy-Teleportation-Masahiro-Hotta/     I don't know why that last link it not clickable though....      

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See how it all began (but please don't visit!)

A news article on Nature today reports a find of living, growing stromatolites in an Andean saline lake (first image). Stromatolites are layered growths of cyanobacteria (photosynthesizing algae), and constitute some of the oldest (3.5 Gya!) macroscopic fossils known (second image).Update: My writeup above might be a bit misleading. This is not the only known stromatolite colony; Shark Bay, Australia, is the most well known, and there are a few in South Africa. This discovery is important both because of the altitude, and because it's an inland site without contamination.Note: If you don't understand some of the words above, open a new browser window, type "wikipedia" in the search bar, then cut and paste the big words into Wikipedia.

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Instructables... A TV show?

Yes, yes I know there was/is the Ibles TV streaming vids but...What if we have a proper Instructables TV show?In each episode the cast (who don't behave like a bunch of bumbling, mumbling, caffeinated baboons) can demonstrate how to do a few of the more popular ibles, and give some tips on DIY and whatnot.Authors of the ibles used on the show could get paid a small commision... *has vision of Kiteman rolling in a big pile greenbacks wearing bling-bling*... Or perhaps not.But I think it would be a good idea, it would increase traffic on the site, get more ibles submitted, and on the whole increase the popularity of Instructables. PBS or Discovery might take it up (I prefer PBS personally)...

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