DIY-Lamps. pdf not working

Https:// Not Working

Posted by SITHLORDVADER 6 years ago

Share your DIY Electronic Creations

Share your DIY electronic creations!

Posted by Detectingdragon777 2 years ago

DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine

Can someone post an instructable on how to build a DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine? Cheers!

Posted by rickyt 3 years ago

DIY sconce diamond shaped.

I've attached a sconce to this post. Does anyone know of a cheap DIY kit to craft such sconce?

Posted by hensor 4 years ago

diy tin ideas

Anyone got any ideas for a diy tine im making to solve little jobs around the house any ideas are helpful?

Posted by sharlston 9 years ago

DIY Fire Extinguisher

I need a cheap homemade fire extinguisher for small stuff.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

DIY musket challenge

I have a challenge! Who can make the best DIY musket and instructable on how to do so. I will be the judge but I still need contestants.

Posted by blackholeseeker 3 years ago

DIY PS2 guitar question

For the DIY ps2 guitar what kind of wire would i need? and what kind of wire would i need to wire LEDs?

Posted by evillordnikon 10 years ago

NPR Article: DIY 'Hackers' Tinker Everyday Things Into Treasure

Just read an interesting article about DIY hacker spaces, and the emerging DIY culture around the country.  I love how NPR has always embraced the DIY community, and recognizes the projects of makers alike.  You can read the article or listen to it here: DIY 'Hackers' Tinker Everyday Things Into Treasure Photo taken from

Posted by Brennn10 7 years ago

DIY Kits For Projects

There are a lot of cool projects on this site.  Are there any DIY KIts for these projects?  

Posted by llmcd 6 years ago

DIY rotary processor

Any body know what sort of motor you would use to make something like this?

Posted by sharktopus 7 years ago

My DIY site got interviewed on the survial podcast tommorow

My DIY disaster preparedness project site is the subject of tomorrows interview on the radio show.  We are going to talk about the DIY mindset, how DIY'ers keep on track, problems and benefits of DIY, as well as talk about diy lessons I learned from inmates when I worked in the corrections field. I think it will be interested to those who DIY, or are interested in disaster preparedness.  my site is, and the show is the show will be on at 11 central, but you can also get it on iTunes, or download it from the site.

Posted by Daves Homestead 5 years ago

Radio Snark DIY popup

The popup for the Radio Snark DIY site forbids navigation between steps on the 'ibles.  I am using an android tablet. I have visited the sponsor's site.  Please let me finish my work.

Posted by hardlec 6 years ago

DIY Pocket hole jig [plans or how to] [for DIY furniture projects]

Pocket hole jigs are really handy for DIY furniture but also expensive. I'm looking for some good plans to make my own with basic tools (hand saws, miter box... that kind of thing) any suggestions?

Posted by B_____Squared 4 years ago

MAKE Magazine DIYs vs.Instructable DIY's

I received a MAKE mag  and am curious  about their projects- Are they one up on our Insts? Can we publish in their Mag without repercusions from our published Instructables? Any one.

Posted by mistic 8 years ago

Information on DIY Electronics

Hey everybody, I really hope someone can help me. I'm PJ, a social work student that's organizing a sort of DIY electronics meeting in Belgium. By school policy, i have to write something in between an essay and a thesis and i'm doing it about DIY as a scene within subcultures. Now because DIY as a scene or culture is so enormous i'm writing it about DIY in electronics/hardware fiddling/hacking/modding/bending. Now what i'm trying to ask: Do you know any essays, thesisses, papers, books about DIY as a culture, scene, phenonemon?,... Not just a link to Wikipedia I need a base, where i can start from in writing this essay so i can explore DIY some more. Thanks a lot. PJ

Posted by Peach 10 years ago

Magnet strength for DIY VAWT

Hi, does anyone know if it is better to get stronger magnets for a DIY turbine? Is it always better, or only to a certain degree?

Posted by elmejor06 8 years ago

50k RPM with DIY Motor?

Has anyone built an electric motor that can reach 30-50k RPM? Would you think it is possible to build one?

Posted by Tyoon 5 years ago

Elemental LED talks DIY

Elemental LED hosts office DIY Challenge, names Instructables as their source for DIY inspiration and help Elemental LED recently posted an article about their office DIY Challenge to see who can create the best LED projects. You might remember Elemental LED as the sponsors to our summer LED Contest.  The video talks about Elemental's place in DIY culture and why sharing creations on Instructables is important. In the video you can see some of the projects they created during their DIY Challenge party, they also mention how Instructables is their place to come and get inspiration and guidance for their creations. The video includes footage filmed at the Instructables lab, and appearances by our very own Bilal and Carley! via Elemental LED

Posted by mikeasaurus 6 years ago

DIY Hatchback Subaru Legacy

Check out this DIY Hatchback I caught a few pictures of coming off the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA. I think the guy driving was a woodworker, and needed a couple extra cubic feet to fit things like dressers and wardrobes.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

DIY CNC pdf download broken

I am trying to download the pdf version of the DIY CNC instructable, and getting zero length file.  The link is  I tried using both Chrome and Firefox.  Machine is running Ubuntu 13.04.  Also tried creating a custom download, and this fails also.  Ideas?

Posted by rspanbauer 4 years ago

DIY mini mishwasher

I got this idea of a DIY dishwasher. I couldn't find any one ever done it before, and i thought i any of you had seen/made one. So if you have links or any other knowledge, it would be interesting!

Posted by bjarkethomsen 7 years ago

DIY Electroluminescent Paper

Can anyone post a DIY instructable about this? I'd love to learn how to do this, I have many ideas that hinge off of the electroluminescent paper idea. Thanks in advance.

Posted by antonzedd 10 years ago

Other Great DIY Forums???

Dear DIY Fans of the instructables Community, I discovery this Forum early 2016 and I have posted 3 DIY Projects so far. I have never gotten so much positive feedback upon my DIY stuff anywhere in the internet.  I have a recently finished a huge Project about a motorized "DIY Camera Slider" and I can`t wait to share it on this platform. But with my latest video I had to realise that some projects won`t get much attention, no matter how much time you spend producing it.  I would really like to share it on various platforms or websites, and I hope some of you could drop a few DIY Forums here. Everything from Facebook pages to DIY Websites, where you can post your stuff, would be very interesting for me. Thank you very much in advance for your answer, Rideable Entertainment

Posted by Rideable Entertainment 1 year ago

Open Source DIY Smartphone

Is it possible to design an open source smartphone, which everyone can build himself? Please tell what you think about it and what ideas you have.

Posted by DELETED_Bachlman 2 years ago

DIY DNA profiling

I was curious if there is anyway to profile dna yourself.  I understand it may be challenging but are there any low cost alternatives to the PCR method or quicker than the RFLP method?

Posted by azice 8 years ago

DIY tube and pipe roller

Anyone able to make a guide on how to create a DIY tube and pipe roller? Roller's is not the same as benders, benders make sharp bends while rollers make adjustable gradual long archs. Should be able to bend atleast 2" tubing and pipes. Best regards Tom

Posted by randomher0 9 years ago

Need helpp with DIY Lobster Ruben?

Does anyone know how to make a Lobster Ruben?

Posted by tkleader 11 years ago

What helpful pages should I put in my diy notebook

I am making a diy notebook and wanted to have some helpful resources page, like in the maker's notebook. Things like useful instructables, charts and other things which a maker may find useful.

Posted by nathan nash 4 years ago

DIY digital camera to web cam

Hi guys. I want to use my digital camera as a web camera so I can skype. I saw all these adaptors online but I was wondering if it was possible to make a DIY adaptor. Any ideas? I kind of on budget. :) I think there is some kind of circuit.

Posted by TobaTobias 6 years ago

diy tablet

Hello all i was wondering if anyone knows if i can use the monitor and digitizer in an android tablet on a Intel atom moboard? basically I'm wanting to turn my 10" android tablet into a windows tablet with capacitive touch.

Posted by skullkeeper80 6 years ago

Collection of useful tables for diy

From big fan of DIY and programming, I made an application for Android completely free and without publicity. it is a collection of tables useful to professionals or DIY lovers. Sorry but they are in Italian, but easily recognizable by everyone. You can download it from the store.;=it

Posted by anallie0 5 years ago

Amazing DIY Air Gun. Powerful

I made this air rifle with plumbing parts ....

Posted by bubal 5 years ago

10 DIY Holiday Gifts from Popular Mechanics

10 DIY Gifts for Friends and Family. A roundup of instructables projects from Eric Wilhelm:

Posted by Popular Mechanics 9 years ago

diy bmx

 Can someone please make an indestructable about how to build a bmx completely from scratch and preferably without welding, it's a project that i have wanted to try for a while now but i couldn't think of how to do it. 

Posted by Jamu3l 8 years ago

DIY Autopen

An interesting Instructable would be for a DIY autopen.  It isn't the most practical thing--anybody who really needs one probably has the resources to purchase a real one.  But it would be kind of cool, and it seems like it should be a fairly simple machine. 

Posted by LDL707 6 years ago

Fun diy outhouse using a mattress frame & wine barrels

Spotted at a party, this easy to make outhouse / latrine complete with privacy and natural air freshener thanks for a bed of lavender.

Posted by susie 9 years ago

Free DIY conference on December 1st!

I'm helping to organize an online DIY conference with lots of tips, ideas, demos, and conversations with Theresa from MyFixitUpLife. We will have holiday DIY experts sharing kid crafts, woodworking, decor, as well as some great holiday drink and food ideas! It's all streaming online, so you can join in whenever you like from wherever you are. December 1st from 12-4pm PST (3-7pm EST) Come check it out :)

Posted by HannahR24 2 years ago

Starting DIY channel, NEED SUGGESTIONS!

I am starting a DIY youtube channel dedicated to tech DIY's and homemade weapons such as ZednoughtAlpha or GreekGadgetGuru. I plan on starting up mid-late August and upload every one or two weeks for the time being. I need suggestions for projects to post or tutorials, I have a few ideas but I need more. Please refrain from troll comments. (that would be nice for once) Thanks for any suggestions, I will provide a link to the channel once it is setup.

Posted by EpicNickRocks 3 years ago


How come noone posted a DIY yoyo yet? I make them so I thought someone would've posted it by now. You can make cool mini plastics out of cheap crappy party favors from any party isle at the store, Butterfly and regular. I have to make an extra thin string for them but they sleep and fly nice. Anyone else ?

Posted by jimmyb0nz 9 years ago

DIY 3d printer ideas

In every "diy 3d printer" page i've seen, the XYZ axi are controlled by servos. What i don't have in my garage are servos, but i do have a mass of actuators. Would it be acceptable to use actuators to controll XYZ? I see no problem with it but if you readers do please comment below and possibly add a resonable solution to go with it. Thank you :)

Posted by Dr.Tech 6 years ago

Looking for a good DIY

Hi. Does any of you, dear DIY geniuses know a way to make a good and usable wind screen for a RODE Videomic Go like this one from Rycote ? The only tutorials I found were a bit crappy and I was wondering if there was any way for improvements so the final product might be closer to the Rycote one for usability & durability. Thanks to answer

Posted by monks19 3 years ago

DIY Speakers

I gave up my B&W; speakers that I've had since I was 16, which was a long time ago. I'm now in the market for some DIY speaker ideas. There are a bunch of speaker Instructables, but I would like to do something new and hopefully unique. Does anyone have photos of what they have built for inspiration?

Posted by lebowski 8 years ago

diy back light for game boy

I've got some pcs of Front Lights for my game boys. It's a 4-LED panel.white color. I cut the panels to fit into the game boy sp, gba But it is fine. worked very well. Here is the store link You can see my DIY Game boys below.

Posted by antony0619 5 years ago

4.000 dollar gun lamp - The DIY solution

Hi there. Have any of you seen these lamps: They are awesome! Do you think it would be possible to make a DIY version? /mmj

Posted by mmjensen 8 years ago

Diy ipod shuffle shell enclosure source?

Does anyone know if anyone sells ipod shuffle-like enclosures (more specifically similar to that of the Fiio E5)?  I would like to use one to house a project.

Posted by guyfrom7up 8 years ago

my new DIY cellular nokia with photocamera

Anyone can make them working together?

Posted by ivan.veretelnyk 10 years ago

Diy Roulette Wheel?

I am wondering if anybody here has the knowledge on how to construct a roulette wheel? The internet has so far proven very un-helpful on this topic.  I want to make a wooden tabletop wheel with a ball, not a vertical one with an arrow.

Posted by V1g1lante 10 months ago

DIY air guns

Hi guys, lately i have been designing some types of air rifle and shotgun. If anyone thinks they have an idea, design or just to advertise one of your airgun ibles please feel free to comment and ask questions.

Posted by DIYWEAPONS 3 years ago