Dog treats for mother dog? Answered

Hi, people! My dog, Dale (named after Dale Evans) has had a litter of puppies in a cat/dog house! There is a sad part: All but one died because of the cold winter. That one that survived was the runt of the litter. That runt is now a chunk, because she has all the milk to her self, and she is a little bundle of cuteness! We named her Bailey..... anywho, moving right along, does anybody have a recipie for dog treats-for a nursing mother dog? I can't give them to Bailey because she is only 3 weeks old today (March 6, 2012, Born Feb. 21, 2012) and not weaned. Thanks! I might put a picture of them together.

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My dog

Hey guys watch this video my dad posted on youtube. Its of my dog Gizmo speaking he a black papian and weiner dog mix. Cutest dog ever! Link:

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dog pee

What's best to use to eliminate dog pee odors

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dog house

Is it possible to make an outside dog house using the frame of a wire crate. Possibly building the wood around the wire frame?

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Dog Stairs

I would like to make stairs for my dog to get onto my bed but the thing is I sleep on a loft. Is there any way to make colapsable dog staircase/ very slanted ladder?

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Big Dog

Check out Big Dog 2.0. Designed by Boston Dynamics, funded by Darpa, and coming soon to a peace protest near you (of course only after its been equipped with tear gas, rubber bullets, and cattle prods).Big Dog

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A Dog's Dogbot

Dogs are great pets, I love them, but some people don't have the time to take care of a real dog so they buy a robotic one. There's a little bit of a disconnect between owning a living creature and a rechargable machine - but the desire is there.The sad thing is that we all have to go to school/work sometimes and so occasionally our dogs must fend for and entertain themselves, but what if there was a robotic YOU that could keep the dog company while you fulfill your obligations to society?A robotic dog companion could play chase, hide and seek, maybe feed the dog if you forget, train the dog using your own voice, throw a ball and if it was a Roomba it could even vacuum up the dog hair as it goes.You could even make a custom dog suit to outfit your iCreate with... and it be could pink - which is something you probably shouldn't do to your real dog.I'm having visions of coming home to an iCreate firmly entrenched in a happy set of canine teeth... haha... but then you could just have the iCreate say "Bad dog! Bad dog!"As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm getting really excited by all the ideas floating around in this contest and I want to thank iRobot for providing us the opportunity to build upon the amazing work they've done bringing robots to the masses. :)

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My Dog

This is My doggie. His name is Spicky. What do you think of him. Hes a mix.....we don't know of what though..

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CHAIN DOG ??? Answered

Just a quick discussion about chan dogs/ tiedowns. does anyone have an idea of how to make one out of water pipe and steel plate. any idea's and/or plans would be greatly appreciated.

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Dog arthritis

A TABLE SPOON OF WHITE VINEGAR + A TABLE SPOON OF APPLE CIDAR OVER THEIR MEAL ONCE A DAY. It's worked on German Shepherds + Rottweilers and thru personal experience it worked on my Bull Terrier. My Bully would rip around the beach for a few hours having a ball, then she couldn't move for 2 or 3 days without pain. Try it, it worked for my 2 year old Bully and she was moving ok and pain free for her next 11 years. CHEAP and hopefully it will work for you. Cats and other animals i don't know.  

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Need dog stroller for diabetic dog

It must be low to the ground, so he can step off/on to it at his will. Open on one side, sides for putting a bed or bedding. 4 wheels, must be sturdy. Easy to push. I walk a 2nd dog, both miniature Schnauzers. The male can only walk so far and then is too tired. The female still wants to walk, and also, my knees need me to walk, The male does NOT want to stay home alone!! Thank you! PS, my son can weld, we just need design ideas and ideas of what material to make it from. We are thinking of a milk crate for the 'bed.'

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do dogs get headaches?

Do dogs get headaches?

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how to stop our dogs from digging?

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how to find a break in an invisible dog fence?

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Dog Run: We would like to build a covered house with fenced in area for a dog run. Any suggestions? Gregg?

One idea is to put a kennel inside our 12 x 24 storage shed, with a dog door to the outside.  Then, fence in an area outside of the shed.  The dog will be about 50 pounds, and can jump and dig.

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Introducing a new puppy to my 2 dogs ?

I have a 13 yo cockapoo and 1 1/2 yo 13 y/o is not able to play with my 1  1/2 yo.  We just brought home a 9 week old golden doodle and my 13 yo wants nothing to do with her 1 1/2 yo cavapoo is so scared of her he keeps foaming at the mouth...the puppy wants desperately to play with them but they keep running away from her and growling at her.  What should I do...I want them to be able to play together.  And grow together.

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How do u get dogs to start going outside to go to the bathroom? They have dog yard and doggie door to get out to it.?

I have six small dogs. I'm having problems with them going to the bathroom inside instead of going out to there dog yard we have for them. We have a doggie door for them. We leave the light on at night and even tarped a area in case it rains. They seem to only do it at night and not all the time. We moved into a new house and took out the carpet and put new floors in. After that they started. How can i fix this and save my floors? I'm a big animal lover , but this is driving me nuts. Thanks Jennifer

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how do you get rid of fleas?

I have a bad flea infestation. I need to get rid of the fleas from my carpets and dogs. Fleas and their eggs.

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look at this

Look at this:

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Need ideas on fence?

I know I am going to get responses to the fact that I should not be posting requests like the one I am about to post. I need help/ideas on how to block out next door dogs that are constantly digging holes under my cedar fence. I've spoken with owner of dogs but he refuses to do his part in helping me resolve the problem. I have my own ideas as to what I can do but I would like to see what ideas members of this forum can offer me. Thanks. AL.

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What do i do if my pet chiwawa tries to kill me?

OK, include how to spell chiwawa in your answer. Second, he killed all my chickens,  my lizard, and a tree(dont ask). and for those who dont know, a chiwawa is a small mexican breed of dog.

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my pitbulls are lossing their fur were i can see their skin?


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Labrador has strange phobia of unusual floor surfaces? Answered

Does anyone has an explanation? My labrador is in perfect health; no balance problems; he leaps fences and is not timid in any way. A few years ago when we laid down slate floor tiles on the entire diner and kitchen area he seems  worried about walking on the kitchen area and avoids it or approaches it very gingerly, bowing low as he does so; it's as if he perceives it as a deep hole . He will, however, totally forget about this fear if he can get to the cat's food but otherwise it is very hard coaxing him onto the tiles in the kitchen only. My friend's  exterior  landing and staircase has a mottled pattern; he just couldn't walk on it and refused to come down it; he had to be carried. So, none of this is a problem at all, but I'm just curious to see if anyone has encountered anything similar? Thanks.

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Sled dog harness? Answered

I was wondering if you can use a cheap walking harness for training and very small weights for training a sled dog??? If not where can I order a really cheap dog sledding one online??? Thanks!!

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how to stop a dog from constant scratching?

It's not fleas just constantly scratching. The time of year don't matter.

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Safe home remedy regarding fleas and dogs.?

What is a good home grown method relieving bowser from his fleas?

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How can I stop my dogs from digging? Answered

Help me my dogs are destroying our yard. How can I stop my dogs from digging????

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why do dogs sometimes walk around in a circle before they lay down? Answered

I notices that my dogs recently started walking in a circle before they lay down. Why is that?

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Is there a dry rub I can use on my dogs to "wash them"?

I have 3 dogs and it is a royal pain in my (2 surgeries on my back in 2 years) back to wash them. I see ads for a product that does that, but im sure its a combination of Baking Soda and some other items. Any ideas would be great.

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How do I keep a pack of stray dogs off my property?

My office has about 5 acres of land, not fenced in.  A neighbor across the street raises and breeds dogs.  When I arrive at work in the morning, I am greeted by anywhere from 5 to 10 dogs.  What can I do to run them away and keep them away?  We do not have a dog here, but there is a cat that came with the property that we feed. Thank you for any help.

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Could dogs and cats communicate with people using this eye tracking method? This post is a few days old.   I posted a comment asking the same question on HAD, but I thought it may get more exposure here. If you've ever noticed, dogs pupils really reflect light, even visible light like from a cars headlights. I would think this system would be able to track a dog's eye movement as well. This would need to start out much simpler, to teach the animal to use the system.   Perhaps give him 2 choices, in the form of recognizable icons.   I am imagining a picture of a steak and a picture of a dog going for a walk.   Eventually the dog might learn to recognize the symbols.   Once this happens, the interface could be expanded to more choices.   I dont know if it would be possible to teach english ( or any other spoken/written language) but maybe.

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Nervous dog syndrome, what do I do to calm him down, any sedatives safe for dogs out there? Answered

What can i use to calm my dog down during thunderstorms and fireworks...he has become quite nervous over the years due to them both. He is 13 1/2?

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how can I add my instructable?

I have a dog toy that I've made that I would like to add to the Indestrucable collection of great ideas. How do I do this.

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what does hunting hound whooping sound like? Quick please! Answered

  OK, in the book where the red fern grows billy always whoops on his dogs to let him know certain things, does anybody know what it sounds like exactly? all answers are good.

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How do I go about introducing my fox terrier to my baby niece without ensuing mayhem?

My sis has just had a baby, and me and the girlfriend are going to be looking after her at some point. The problem is, our terrier is a pretty dominant chap, and I'm rather worried about letting him near her. He is very keen to get to her, but I have had no experience of introducing dogs to babies so won't risk letting him near her without some plan of attack. He's a pleasant little fella, just very excitable.... Any ideas? Thanks!

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Dog Intelligence Test

If you are willing to shell out 5 pounds, you can prove, once and for all, that your dog really is smarter than other dogs. Stanley Coren's new book, a Klutz-look-alike, comes with a custom stop watch to test your dog's intelligence. In due time, I expect that we'll see review books to help your dog achieve that perfect score.Link via Boing Boing Gadgets

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Favorite Breed of Dog

What's your favorite breed of dog? My favorite dog would probably be a Siberian Husky. Though I love all kinds of dogs, especially big dogs like German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. I also like some smaller dogs like Australian Cattle Dogs and Beagles.

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dog poop in compost? Answered

 is dog poop bad for compost because it isn't plant based?

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Double Corn Dogs?

Anyone ever cooked corn dogs redip in batter cook again? Best batter for corndogs?

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How to train a dog?

Hey guys, can you tell how I could train my dog? Thanks!

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a paracord dog collar?

How to make one as a choker collar

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Favorite Type of Dog

So do any of you have a favorite type of dog? I like almost every dog breed there is that you won't accidently step on.......but I ESPECIALLY like Siberian Husky's.

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Wireless Dog Fence

Would love to have an instructable on how to make your own wireless dog fence.  Maybe 300 feet range.  

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Knitting with Dog Hair

We heard a neat piece on NPR's Soundprint about knitting with dog hair.It's an overview of the history and process of knitting with dog hair, mixed with a bit of personalizing historical fiction. Definitely a good listen if you've ever considered turning your dog's sheddings into something useful.

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Paracord dog tags

Anyone know where to buy college team dog tags for bracelets?

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diy collars NOT dog? Answered


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Robot dog illusion

After posting about the 50 papercraft robots I couldn't help but print out the robot dog illusion and make it. After all, it's a robot dog version of the dragon illusion that I've been meaning to make for years now (and still haven't). It only takes a few minutes to put together so check it out. SuperRobot Dog Version!

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Period Pad for dogs?

My Boston Terrier has her period. How do I make pads for her? Any suggestions?

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Pirate outfit for dogs

Halloween is coming, folks. If you want to get your own family pirate outfits in order, you'll need this one for your dog. It may be a bit involved, but it looks like the results are worth it.I'd try this on my cats, but... yeah, they're cats. How-To: Pirate Dog Costume

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