are we slowing down?

It seems like lately we have only been getting 4 instructables a day. is it just me or have we ran out of projects?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 11 years ago

Down Syndrome Awareness PSA

Check out the latest PSA for Down Syndrome Awareness!

Posted by lori.m.jones.75 4 years ago

Cursoring down

When I cursor down some distance on an Instructable, before I've even finished the presentation, it automatically jumps back to the top and starts all over. Could it be AutoPager, do you think? If not, what else?

Posted by hfrankjr 3 years ago

Twitter has gone all, er, twittery

Somebody broke something. It wasn't me! See~> Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>. We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>. For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience! It's bizarre that even their error message was broken!

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

am i the only person who can't connect to hackaday?

Just as the title says I can't connect to hackaday, and I can't Google up anything from after the 7th of September from that site. dose anyone know whats going on?

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 10 years ago

Lead-acid 12V-DC to 5V-DC for ATmega328 (SAFELY)

Hi all! I am currently designing a simple electronic device which uses Arduino-software. It needs to be connected to a car (Lead-Acid) battery of 12V and be stepped down to 5V for my ATmega328 to be powered. I read that I must use a "Standard 7805 5V regulator" for this. My question is, will it be able to cope with the heat? Must I put a heat-sink on it and/or is the regulator even "big" enough for this? I figured that using two regulators in parallel, might halve the current and help prevent over-heating. ( Another thing is, how could I go ahead and setup a small NiMH battery charger for this device which works like this: It runs of the car battery at all times and keeps the backup NiMH battery fully charged - as soon as the car battery gets disconnected, it switches over to the NiMH cells. (I will be using 4 of these for my backup-battery-pack See my attached schematic of what I have in mind, please tell me what you think about it. I have too little knowledge of electronics to solve this problem myself, but if you can point me in the right direction at least, I will try and figure it out from there. Thank you for your time!

Posted by louwhopley 7 years ago

KI is down.

Well, it happened again. Knex innovation is down. 404 down. I was going to the one and only place where i knew a link was for Kichat, and BLAM it's down. Who knew?

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

Put That Down!

"They" have chosen the top 25 "put downs" from American and British TV of the last 40 years.The list is hereHave you any of your own to add to the list?This class is from the shallow end of the gene pool, and somebody' peed in it.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Knocking Down 30,000 Dominoes

Massive walls of colorful dominoes take a tumble in this video. The most amazing thing of it all is that the creator plopped his cat right in the middle of it before knocking it down. That's nuts. My cat would've destroyed it as fast as possible. via Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

New drop-down menu doesn't work on touch screens

The new drop-down menu, pretty though it is, does not work fully on touch screens (Android tablet and phone). The main menu works fine, but the sub-menu that pops out from shortcuts (circled in image) does not stay visible long enough to actually use - it disappears in a fraction of a second. Not a debilitating bug, but mildly annoying.

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

SparkFun - oh joy

SparkFun Electronics is Temporarily Closed! SparkFun Electronics has been temporarily closed while necessary upgrades are installed and configured. Please be patient and check back soon. We're working tirelessly to make this down time as brief as possible.   'nuf said.

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

Who did this to knex????

All knex rating that were 5, are now 4!!!!!! Why , who, when??? It is so annoying!!!!

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

Gmjhowe - 5 | Fungus Amungus - 5

The showdown of the century!A deal has been made between the titans of teach! The sultans of social networking! The thrilla in Mozilla!Starting today, Monday September 29, 2008, Gmjhowe and Fungus Amungus have set a deal; Five instructables, in Five days. The Standings:Gmjhowe - 5:Leather Book BindingAdjustable Vesa Arm Laptop StandFriendly Papercraft FriendsThe Egg of TimeLeather Covered Pendulum ClockFungus Amungus - 5:Iced CoffeeInverted BookshelfMirror Ball ClockGinger Molasses CookiesGhost Shoes

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

automatic water drop down / automatic syring

I want to make one automatic water drop down instrument , and i need help. i need it for water surface angle determining

Posted by ksd71 1 year ago

KI is down.

I have been trying to get to K'nex Innovation, but it doesn't allow me to go to the site. It just says, "Oops! Google Chrome could not find". Can some of the people who manage the site (oodalumps, mepain, and crestind) please help?

Posted by ~KnexBuild~ 6 years ago

How can I do that

Hi I have a simple question for one of you guys but it is difficult one for me since I'm not exactly into electronics. I want to build an apparatus into my car to move a small monitor up and down - in principal like a DVD drive in a computer that opens (when the ignition is turned on) and close (when ignition is turned off). What do I need to do that?? Stepper motor - Servo motor- do I need a controller ? Or can I do this with relays ? Anything helpful -ideas- let me know.

Posted by doka65 10 years ago

Help with Instructables

Hello! A couple months ago, I posted an Instructable on how to build an electric ukulele and I entered it in a contest. everything was going great until recently. Now, whenever I click to view my instructable, I get an error message saying instructables is down. The weird thing is, I only get this error  message when I click on that particular instructable; i can still view my other instructables as well as other people's instructables. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Thanks in advance for any help. I really appreciate it!

Posted by Ace Gambit 1 year ago

Discrimination is rampant

I saw this article in the paper the other day and it really ticked me off. it seems we've worked so hard to battle discrimination that now we discriminate only against atheists and white people.why is it that every religion in the world is safe from discrimination by law but if your an atheist you fair game? you can wear a turban instead of a hard hat at work, you can't wear a hat in school....unless your jewish or Muslim...... if its in your religion to wear a certain kinda pants or get your uniform altered....... but you were shorts instead of pants when its 100 degrees out you get written can openly wear religious apparel or pray in public places but if I wear a T-shirt that says I pray to the temple of labatt blue I get kicked out of the mall?we strive for equality, my question is how unequal in the opposite direction does it have to get before everyone ELSE is happy?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

Upside Down Planters

This tutorial over on design*sponge shows you how to make some upside down planters for cheap, using supplies from around the house. I've seen some conflicting reports (mostly negative) about hanging plants upside down, but for such an easy and low-cost project it's certainly worth an experiment. Has anyone tried upside-down gardening? If so, how did it go? diy project: recycled upside down planters

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Lying down may make you smarter

While at MIT, we used to mercilessly mock my friend Sawyer because he would always start a problem set, and then lie down on the couch to think about it. Turns out, he might have been on to something. Although it didn't help that he often had a pillow over his head... recent study by the Australian National University tested peoples' problem solving abilities while standing up and lying down. They found that people were slightly better at solving problems while in a horizontal position.This difference in cognitive ability may come from the varied release of a neurotransmitter called noradrenaline, which is believed to interfere with creative thinking. When you are lying down, your body releases less noradrenaline.So, if you need to do some serious thinking, lying down may slightly boost your performance.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

AJAX sliding down converter of units

Hello all, I was browsing, but not limited by, the food instructables and saw that all the measurements were in non-metric values. How would it be if European members can convert cups for milliliters, for example. It would certainly not be difficult to do, but takes some time to get it all working. I know the theory of jQuery but never tried it, so thats why Im saying it. It would help so incredibly much/.

Posted by TT2 6 years ago

Can anyone else get on KI?

Well, I was going to re-build a ZLG, just for fun, but I can't get on KI! Can anyone else?

Posted by travw 9 years ago

Countdown Timer

Hey guys, first forum post. I have just gotten into the electronics field, and I have made a few circuits that I have read schematics from. There's something I want to make, and it's a countdown timer. This is want I want it to have: Be able to count down from at least 15 seconds and be able to change the amount of time Have some 7 segment displays Use the least amount of voltage possible (ie: not need to use the mains or some 12 volt power supply, id rather use a couple of AA's) Have a relay capable of turning on or off a light. And to be as simple as possible. Because I am rather new to this I would rather a schematic, rather than just some help on which components I need to use, because I don't know where they need to solder to where.  Thanks

Posted by ryanlg 8 years ago

Stair Ride

I had an idea about making going downstairs fun. You grab two handles, which are connected to a frame on the ceiling. As you move/fly downstairs, the handles scroll along the frame quickly, thus making the simple process of going downstairs fun. :) Absurd or do-able? Does anyone know how to make such a thing? 

Posted by yellowcat429 6 years ago

External HD wont power down??

Hey guys, i was wondering if perhaps someone has a similar drive like mine.For some reason, on my ibook, when plugged into firewire, it powers down automatically after 5 or so minutes of not being used, that's good. But I just cleared it off and formatted it for NTFS and put it on my server, via firewire aswell, and while data transfer and everything seems to be fine, the hard drive does not spin down, ever. And when I feel it, I can feel the heads clicking, when there's no program accessing it on my server that I can see. Perhaps it doesn't get the chance to spin down..Either way, I'm concerned about the heat it makes, and mostly, about it's longevity. Does anyone have a solution?? Is there some patch for xp that makes external drives power down??

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago

new drop-down link not working on safari with the iPad2

When I touch the "you" button I get a drop down menu that does not work. example. I click "you" then "you profile" it takes me to tech shop. (the button on tech shop works) If I click "you" then click "inbox" it activates the search box underneath the drop down menu... Anything on that drop down menu does not work... it just makes the menu dis-appear and touches whatever is under the drop down...

Posted by SlickSqueegie 6 years ago

Brassgoggles steampunk site is down?

I know they many people who visit this site also visit and the accompanying forum, and i know there's quite a lot of overlap between these two sites, with members migrating here, to show off their work, for example; Heresyoftruth and aintmicheal. For the past few days, i've not been able to access the site, nor its forum from any of the computers i've tried with. All i get is a screen that tells me: "Error establishing a database connection This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at This could mean your host's database server is down." Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Has anyone heard from a moderator, or do they know where i can contact a mod? I'm starting to get worried about this.

Posted by Vendigroth 11 years ago

So Team Fortress 2 Is Down

Since a few days ago many Team Fortress 2 Players have been experiencing a frustrating anomaly. Team Fortress 2 (and on occasion other source games) DO NOT WORK! This is very frustrating, opinions have been voiced that it is due to extreme server overload due to all the F2P people coming in by the thousands. This is not only frustrating but also unfair, ask one of my very good friends who actually pre-ordered Team Fortress 2, was a dedicated Gamer and Beta Tester but has now been demoted so much he can't even boot up the game anymore, while several F2P "gamers" had no trouble at all booting the game up. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Posted by An Villain 7 years ago

Laptop powerbank 12v to 20v and upto 5A output using 18650 batteries with USB 5v added

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Im looking into buying a laptop powerbank charger for my Lenovo X1 carbon that charges at 20v 4.5A 90w fast charge with upto 80% charge in 1hr. But it will also charge at 65w and maybe 45w I've read. But this will not give me the full power of the processors and gpu etc. Unless I charge at 90w 4.53A  there are are some powerbank that are around £100-170 for sale but these don't give full 4.5A. Mainly around 2-3.5A so will maybe or maybe not charge she give me full power of the laptop   so I'm thinking about making me own using 18650 batteries. Good Samsung or LG 2500maH plus cells. Prob around 3000mah.  Im thinking I could either use a buck down or step up and use the batteries on series from 3S to 8S and then 3-4P to give me around 10000mah. I'm looking for the best efficient output so I'm not sure whether to use higher input or lower input to give me 20v.  Or or maybe I could go the inveter route using a 12-24v 150w inverter?? Efficiency is the main thing here. What is the best option do you think. Should I use 12v or 24v for max effecient conversion.  Ive searched the instructables for such devices but cannot seem to find anything like this. Or would I be better to buy one??? I would want to add USB and USB c also. Defo USB 2.0.  Could you you please help me choose and find the answers please?  I fancy the DIY route because I'm looking into solar and battery power storage and also boost my range wifi range through either ptp or directional attenna. These projects will come after the laptop powerbank.  Any my help would be appreciated a lot.  Kind regards.  Scott. 

Posted by ScottL190 1 year ago

Which Guitar Hero song is harder?

My friends and I always argue about which song is harder on guitar hero. "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforceor"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band.?Please tell me which one you think is harder. I vote for TDWDTGTDWDTG votes: 1TTFAF votes: 3

Posted by Flumpkins 10 years ago

Zener Set Voltage Signal Circuit (help)

Hey Everyone- I have been researching on ways to send out an electric signal to trip a relay to shut off my battery charger. I did find some simple circuits and I did the math for what I would need and could not find big enough zener diodes and resistors. Battery+(Resistor)(Zener Diode)(Relay Input)(Battery-) I need this circuit to send a 8.2 or 10Volt 15mA signal to my Relay when the batteries reach 235 volts. Following are the SPECS for the Input signal on my Relay::: Control Voltage Range 3-32 Vdc 90-280 Vrms (60Hz) 18-36 Vrms/Vdc Max. Reverse Voltage -32 Vdc - - - - - - Max. Turn-On Voltage 3.0 Vdc 90 Vrms 18 Vrms/Vdc Min. Turn-Off Voltage 1.0 Vdc 10 Vrms 4.0 Vrms/Vdc Nominal Input Impedance 1500 Ohms 60K Ohms 9.0K Ohms Typical Input Current 3.4mA @ 5 Vdc, 20mA @ 28Vdc 2mA @ 120 Vrms, 4mA @ 240 Vrms 3mA @ 24 V Any help on this would be great Thanks!

Posted by rc_rs_ss 7 years ago

(SOLVED) 555 LED flasher slows...

I am attempting to recreate Duck210's guitar LED mod. However, I am having problems with the circuit. As I have said, it gradually slows to an ultimate stop. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks in advance,     ~H4ZZ

Posted by __DELETED__ 7 years ago

anyone know why is down?

Its been down for a few days now...

Posted by UltraMagnus 10 years ago

Tring to down load the weldin

Trying to down load the class's there system says there is an issues on your site.

Posted by StuartM93 10 months ago

active x will not down load.

Active x will not down load I need this to use the updates for xp ie7.

Posted by dogofwar 8 years ago

Every picture I post uploads upside down no matter what I do HEELLLPP!

HELP! Everytime I try to upload a photo it posts upside down!? Why? I cannot fix it. I tried rotating it before I uploaded it and it still is up side down. What should I do. thanks!

Posted by TheMOEtoes 4 years ago

Knex innovations is down.

Just tried getting on there and it's down. maybe forgotten to pay for the site. btw check out my site: it's for video tutorials

Posted by smidge147 10 years ago

My Compaq proliant server will not shut down

Well My Server wont shut down for some reason. when you plug it in it automatically starts. and when you hold down the power button for 8 seconds it shuts off and starts up in a second..... whats going on ??

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

Site's been down a bit

The site was down for a bit huh? I kept getting a message saying 503 error No server available to handle this request. Anyone know what happened?

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

Brasgoggles down again?

Is it just me from Romania, or is down again? it just tells you you are going to be redirected to the site, but then it never loads. nor are the bookmarks i have set in firefox loading. anybody? help?

Posted by DonQuijote 10 years ago

&quot;Shortcuts&quot; no longer has pop-down menu since last update

I just noticed that the "Shortcuts" pseudo-tab in the upper right corner no longer functions.  It used to generate a pop-down menu, but now it's just a link to the page where you configure what you want the pop-down menu to contain.

Posted by kelseymh 7 years ago

Information portal shut down...

The USA portion of WikiLeaks is being asked to shut down ( WikiLeaks ), what do you think? Have you heard about this and what is claimed they "got themselves into"? Whistle-blower site dismantled in the news

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

iOS App: Explore Drop Down crashes app

IOS 9.3 ipad air instructables app when I attempt to use the explore drop down on the main screen, the app crashes. thanks

Posted by Marcos El Malo 2 years ago

Firing a Gun Upside-Down?

I was wondering about the kickback from a gun, i know that fired normally a gun kicks up but i thought what if you hold it upside down? will it kick upwards like usual or will it kick towards the ground? Thanks in advance for your answers. O and is the effect the same with handguns and pistols?

Posted by joelkemu 10 years ago

No PDF opening or download from Email Download Instructables "Off Line/ Down" message

      For several weeks Instructables in the email won't open PDF or down load. So far the web site still works. Now it is also displaying a message "Off Line/Down" intermittently. Is Instructables down/crashed? Are the messages real or have you been hacked?

Posted by Bigwoody 4 years ago

If i post this instructable, will it be taken down?

I'm planning to put "How to rapidly produce hydrogen gas (faster than electrolysis)"

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

Full Autos (K'NEX)

With this link, it should be easy to build a K'NEX automatic. Scroll down to "Blowback Guns" and hold down the trigger.

Posted by DrWeird117 9 years ago

Tips for Miniature carousel up and down movement

I am making a miniature carousel for a decoration on my bookshelf. I like to make a kind where the horses go up and down. I got a motorized lazy susan (which already goes around with it´s built in motor) so the basic rotation is there already. What I just need to figure out is how to get the horses go up and down for couple of inches. What electronics should I use for the up and down movement? I´d prefer to use batteries for the source of electricity for these. I was checking solenoid c:s on a electronics website but had hard time finding a slow ones that would work and/or don´t know how to slow them down. Thx!

Posted by carouselman 4 years ago

batteries in my down tube

I'm thinking I would like to fill my down tube with a battery so that I could run lights and satnav and maybe even a heated saddle for cycling in the lovely Scottish winters.  Does anybody know where I could source suitable batteries?  Thanks

Posted by daisyboi 6 years ago