can you make werewolf or dragon potin?

Can you make a potin that transforms you into a werewolf or dragon cauce i want to become werewolf or dragon mostly a dragon ive tried spells  magic even gene trans plants but nothing

Asked by dragondor101 6 years ago

I have an idea for a Video game, How do I get it into realality?

This game is cool, its full of adventure mystrey, action, and penty of options to choise from. 

Asked by SilverDragon3986 3 years ago

how do i make a homemeade dungeons and dragons board and figures using cardboard and paper?

I have no money "whatsoever at all under any circumstances" but i do have a load of craft supplies but i have no glue but staples and tape i use to compenstae things with --My question is;is there anybody willing to tell me how i can make my own cardboard Dungeons and Dragons board and paper chacters "i dont even have dice but i have made those from paper/cardboard while watching lord of the rings this morning"it is really boring here in east tenneessee where i live and me and my friends are looking forward to your response "Please someone anwser this one and give me good anwsers please i have picked instructables community because almost everyone here is nicer than family :D thanx a million!? have all the handbooks and stuff ive downloaded and whatnot i am surei have them all after 2 years of searching yeah im sure...

Asked by wizard744 8 years ago

D&D how to play? would some one make an ible on how to play the origanal D&d (dungions and daragons) Answered

I play the online versionof the game but it crashed and now i cant play but i heard the is a D&d bourdgame rpg thingie so could some one make one or tell me a instructable that does show ypu how

Asked by hobbitboy 7 years ago

Dragon ball drawings

 Please post your drawings of dragon ball, dragon ball z, or dragon ball gt characters. 

Posted by S5114 8 years ago

Anyone up for a bit of Dragon feeding?

  I've got a few patches to give away so help me FEED MY DRAGONS.

Posted by AndyGadget 7 years ago

Anyone up for a bit of Dragon Feeding?

  I've got a few patches to give away so help me FEED MY DRAGONS.

Posted by AndyGadget 7 years ago

AVR Dragon vs USBtiny on Mac?

I am trying to decide between buying an AVR Dragon and a USBtiny. The USBtiny seems nice and simple, but the AVR Dragon has more features. Do the extra features of the AVR Dragon work on a Mac, or should I just save the money and buy the USBtiny?

Asked by Ethanal 7 years ago

How to make a dragon costume?

How to make a dragon costume for a child (definitely no fire needed)?

Asked by 8 years ago

Pickled dragon

Has anyone ever heard of the pickled dragon i saw it on the internet and now i want one will someone please help me make it.

Posted by Sir_Thinks_Alot 9 years ago

Avr Dragon and Arduino 0022?

I just got my new avr dragon from atmel and i was wondering if anyone had a programmers.txt file i could have that include the dragon i dont know enough to write my own for it but i thought id ask the community.

Asked by hightekrednek2396 6 years ago

Bearded Dragon Pellets

Questions: - Is there a place that sells White bearded dragon food pellets? - Is there a way to Safely Whiten or bleach bearded dragon food pellets - Why does my beardie love the color white and hate the color red? (please note: it may take a while for me to respond to any posts made to this question, so please be patient)

Posted by Lord Of Flames 3 years ago


This is one of my brothers crazy contraptions, its called the Deadly Rail Accelerated Gun Of Neutralization, or DRAGON. Its ridiculously powerful, and shoots farther than my rifle. It is also the first dual-rail rifle system on the site, providing it with extreme accuracy and power.

Posted by Big Z 8 years ago

how to taxidermy a reptile? (bearded dragon)?

I have a frozen bearded dragon that I would like to take a try at mounting/stuffing/taxidermying/drying. It has been in the freezer for almost a year.

Asked by 8 years ago

Dragon Armor, so strong, even grenades wont go through it

Really, this stuff is crazy. I wonder why we dont hear more about it.

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

Help Me Feed My Dragons. Patches For Prizes.

I have three pet dragons. Their names are FRAZZLE, BURN and SPARKEY. One is ORANGE, one is WHITE and one is BROWN. They are fussy about what they eat and I need help finding food which will keep them all happy. How to play : Add to the thread by suggesting something they may like and I will tell you which dragons accept it.  From the responses, work out why each dragon likes what it does.  They appear to like a lot of vegetarian food, but I've a suspicion they may be cannabalistic too.  I also need to know the colours of the three dragons, and a list of 20 foods they will all eat. Grengate has deviously deduced the Dragons' colours.  Neuropol has cunningly calculated that Burn likes things with an even number of letters. Iceng has fiendishly found that Frazzle likes things with exactly two vowels in the name. Twinmum has ably ascertained that Sparkey likes things where the initial letter is alphabetically before the final letter of the word. Iceng has also provided a veritable plethora of foodstuffs which will please all the dragons. I now have three very happy and fat dragons. Winners' patches have been sent.  Thank you all for playing.

Posted by AndyGadget 7 years ago

does anyone here own/breed Bearded Dragons (help needed)?

Hello! lately i have been looking into buying a bearded dragon, preferably a central one. the sites i've looked at often seem to contradict each other and i would like to ask someone a few questions regarding these lizards so if you own/breed bearded dragons could you please PM me or just write an answer below telling me that you do? thanks AAG

Asked by AussieAnglerGal 5 years ago

Lesson One

Lesson One: Beginning Dragons are basically giant lizards with wings but you need to know that dragons have types. Darkness Light Holy Space Fire Water Grass Electric Wood Mecha Ground Dirt Air and Plain  Dragons also have deadly attacks and can kill if needed. That is why you never go close to a dragon. EVER. I did once and got a huge scratch. Also the types listed Aren't the only types. There are still more to be found. In the next lesson you will learn the most common tools for catching dragons.

Posted by Mplinnc 7 years ago

Can a Bearded Dragon eat this insect? Answered

I'm not sure what the name of this insect is, but in Houston, Tx we have a lot of them. I want to know if it is healthy for a Bearded Dragon to eat this insect, and if so how often? I don't own a BD yet but I plan on buying one. If anybody has any suggestions on some materials that I can read to prepare me for it, I would appreciate it a bunch. 

Asked by gman2000watts 8 years ago

How to make a Dragon Dropping? Answered

I found this and it looks pretty sweet, but not really wanting to pay the $25 plus whatever shipping, I thought is there any way to make your own?Well? Is there?I don't know but I'm asking every one out there.Thanks.

Asked by Kryptonite 8 years ago

Dungeons and dragons withdrawal

I have not played in a week. And I am starting to get a WITHDRAWAL from it. What do you think the Symptoms are

Posted by NinjaCat64 9 years ago


So my favorite game in the world is Skyrim. This is a forum where you can post stuff such as Dragon priest masks locations,gliches,tips,words of power or locations of armor. By the way I'm not trying too use you guys I have a great profile including House in Solitude,Nightingale,Dadric, Dragon Scale,Ebony,Glass,and 3 sets of dragon armor.Including 51 dragon bones and 34 dragon scales.Many many dadric weopons including bows swords also much more. Also, I'm olny level 41 and I have never hacked. (Plus, I guess I'm trying to brag alittle :) )

Posted by didexo 6 years ago

Idea for dbz scouter?

I had an idea for a dragon ball scouter useing a iphone chip, battery, and a bluetooth headset. can i have some help?

Asked by blah42 7 years ago

My Dragon Ball Z drawings

I'm a big fan of the TV series 'Dragon Ball Z' and I just figured out I can draw lol. Now I've been drawing most all my life on and off but never this good. 1st is Goku super saiyn 3! second 2 pics are Vegeta super saiyn 2 4th pic is Piccolo. 5th pic is Gohan

Posted by the_burrito_master 9 years ago

A Recipe for D&Disaster

Alt Text pokes a little fun at Dungeons and Dragons language with this cookbook-based parody. Could a mash-up of Iron Man and "Iron Chef" be next?Link

Posted by joshf 10 years ago

does any1 know where to get the colossal red dragon

I reallym want the colossal red dragon D&d mini i cant afford 150$+ on it its just a figure please help

Asked by mochashakakong 6 years ago

does any1 play the world of warcraft version of dungeons and dragons? Answered

I started playing with my brother and his friends on march 8, 2010 and i am kinda lost.

Asked by trevor3693 8 years ago

How do I play improvised dungeons and dragons? Answered

I have currently made an improvised "homemade" complete dungeons and dragons set it is fully homemade and kinda choppy but its all there "i think" but my question is;how do I play dungeons and dragons? "i know this set follows the real/original one, and is made the correct way but i dont know how to play dungeons and dragons see here it is "i am the dungeon master and three of my friends are playing" so if you could please send me some information on how to play that would be great and ps:anyu links to websites are great any torrents with map making software is great any links with anything that can help me are GREAT and i also would like to read some anwsers here too THANKS 1.000.000,XXX !!!!!

Asked by wizard744 8 years ago

Another new knex element sort of

I was thinking what could be fun to build... a ball machine with a dragon theme! This is something that might be improved by some of you people if you can build it by just looking at it on this video. This could also be used for something else like a plain old dragon dragon. I was thinkin of adding this to my ball machine but it could not since its more like a prototype. The grey connector thats connected to the track is suppose to move but it isn't for some reason.

Posted by rexdino5 9 years ago

(Sold) Dragon Chu Ko nu for sale (repeating crossbow)

I am selling this beautiful ch ko nu, if you are interested in buying it I have it listed on etsy. Etsy listing Video of it:

Posted by Jaycub 2 years ago

My drawings.

Here are my pictures of Dragon Ball Z people. 1. Gohan. 2. Gohan. 3.Goten. 4. King Kai. 5.Trunks. 6. Goten. 7. SSJ4 Vegeta. 8. Majin Vegeta 9. Kid Buu. 10.Trunks. 11. Vegeta. 12. Cell Junior. 13. Gohan. 14. Vash. 15. Yoshi. 16. Kamikaze Ghost. 17. Kid Goku. 18. Goku and Vegeta. More coming soon!

Posted by Vynash 9 years ago

bearded dragon won't eat

I just got a bearded dragon and i had him in a 10 gallon tank. i realized it would be much too small for him eventually so i moved him into a 60 gallon tank. its about a constant 85-90 degrees and his basking area is about 100. humidity is at about 40%. i am aware all of the controversey of using crushed walnut, but its a pretty fine grain and not sharp at all, i will replace this if i must. my dragon today isn't eating very well, he is healthy and moving around alot but he won't eat like he used to. just curious if any one has suggestions. i know about the problems with crushed walnut but i dont think that would have much to do with his appetite and i also cant seem to get him to eat any thing but crickets, i have tried alot of different veggies and what not but its all he will touch.... any help would be much appreciated thanks

Posted by dozerbear 7 years ago

I need to ale a dungeons and dragons board

So I need to make a game board for d&d but I'm not computer Davy. I'm good with craft materials but the thing is I don't know how to make one. Me and my friends want to learn how to play and right now money is an issue! Please help!

Posted by Orckillz 4 years ago

Is it alright if I peel off big peices of skin that are just barely attached to my chinese water dragon? Answered

My Chinese Water Dragon is almost always shedding in at least one spot, and I was wondering, is it harmful in any way to pull of a big peice that is mostly shed, but just sitting on him?  I have been keeping reptiles for years, but this is one question I have.  Does it harm his new skin in any way?  I have been doing so, and he seems fine, but is there a problem with that?

Asked by TheChemiker 8 years ago

Possibility of "gravity chamber" becoming a reality

I used to watch the show  "Dragon Ball Z" when I was younger, on some of the episodes there was a gravity chamber which would increase the gravity in the room. It would go up to 450G (1G= 1 times the Earth's gravity) I know this is completely impossible but could a device like this even exist and if it did would make it to 2G's? Before you respond I know this is just a show and not reality. If this did work this would help athletes train and astronauts (if and when the moon is colonized)

Posted by crc09 7 years ago


I require help ! ! Anybody? I plan on purchasing a Pic programmer. A Pic 2 or Dragon? Both similar price.

Posted by gomjabar 9 years ago

buster the crash test dummy

where can i buy these items cheap; >accelerometer >shock watch labels >dragon skin rubber

Posted by m5industriesinc 7 years ago

Help needed: How to fix a small figurine (not porcelain)

Does anyone know how to repair small figurines. Not porcelain, but maybe gypsum, another one i think is limestone. I have a small dragon, but its head broke off, and then another dragon that broke in 2 places. any suggestions on where i can find some guidance on how to repair it? thanks Attached are 2 pictures of the breaks

Posted by ebaskin 10 years ago

I made a storenvy

Hello Friends! Well, in my last forum I said I would start an online store, and I did. Yay, go me. I made a storenvy called twostars ( I am currently selling, the whale, dragon, Espeon, and a bag I made using the crocodile stitch. If you like what I make, but can't crochet yourself, this is a great place to get them. For the dragon and bag, I have tons and tons of color options to make is super customize-able. If you have any suggestions on what else I should make and sell there, I would love love love to hear them. Enjoy your day and don't forget to do that one thing you have been putting off doing.

Posted by Little Dragon and Company 3 years ago

where to get cheap figures for dungeons and dragons?

I play d&d and cant afford to buy miniature packs i lost the few tokens and 9 minis at my friends house PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my family is poor the only time i get to go to a place that sells that stuff is an hr drive.whenever i do get the chance i never get enough money.i can improvise i just dont know a website that prints scale tokens

Asked by mochashakakong 6 years ago

Maptools help?

On the internet i found this thing called maptools. Its a map maker for dungeons and dragons thats on the computer, can be used over the internet, and makes it so i don't have to print it off every single time i want to use a new map. It currently only gets to the screen where it asks basically how much memory i want it to use then does nothing. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Also any suggestions of a program like this that you think is better?

Asked by octopuscabbage 8 years ago