driver for usb to serial converter ?

Hello , I want burn some hex code into the memory of microcontroller so recently I bought usb rs232 serial cable with driver cd. after installing driver I can't find com port in device manger  I see only two option window 7 PORT (COM&PORT) ZTE Diaagnostics Interface (com 4) ZTE NMEA Device (COM 5) when cd (overfly ) load it come with following files BF-1284 CH341SER direct and net link driver guiter cable driver HL-340 UEPA15C USB RS232 PL driver USb -RS232 I have installed USB RS232 PL driver and USb -RS232  . but I can't find com port in device manger for serial cable ?        

Asked by vead 3 years ago

Scanner Lamp driver...

Could some please tell me what is the output of a scanner's lamp driver. and can i make something cool out of it beside turning any lamps with it!?

Asked by kk khrab 7 years ago

How to modify a constant current LED driver 700mA into 350mA?

Is it possible to modify a constant current LED driver 700mA 5W (230V input) to use with 4x1,2W 350mA Diods??

Asked by Allecc 5 years ago

One Insanely Skilled Bus Driver

A bus, a tiny bridge, and a 100-point turn with wheels popping off the edge.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

led driver automotive

Can I power an AC LED driver with DC voltage, from what I understand the driver controls voltage and current. I purchase an LED light 7 x 1watt , the driver was rated 85 - 265 volt ac input but the seller had written 12 volt DC with grease pen across the printed label. This light works fine so I ordered 7 more like it with same ratings from a differant seller and they only work on 115 - 230 volt. Now I need to find proper driver or ship back to Hong Kong( Grrrr) I have seen drivers rated at 12 volt AC, will these work on 12 volt DC voltage? Thank you in advance, Duncan. 

Posted by dsr. 5 years ago

Help! Cnc stepper driver

Help,I need to know whether this stepper circuit design is capable of driving stepper motors for cnc milling.. Here is the design

Posted by quadcube 5 years ago

Need help with this driver? Answered

Hi, I have 3 blue  x 1w high power leds, specs are: Forward voltage: 3.2v - 3.6v Forward current: 350mA Intensity: 70-80Lm Color temp: 6000k to 6500k I have this led driver but want to know if it will drive the 3 led lights at each 320mA or total 320mA divided x 3 Driver specs: LED power supply driver Power: 3 x 1W Input voltage: 80-265V/ 50-60Hz Output: DC2.5-12V/320mA

Asked by Lion_Heart 5 years ago

Super Bright Blue LED Driver Answered

I was about to start a project when I got stumped. I need advice on what driver circuit would be best to drive 10-20 super bright blue LEDs off of batteries. Thanks for the help. P.S. If you need me to specify anything (which you probably will) just ask :)

Asked by budhaztm 6 years ago

max output current of cc cv led driver if i use leds in parallel?

I was thinking of using some 2w leds which i already have for home emergency lighting setup. I was thinking of using as the driver of the leds. And i was wondering if i could run 2 of the leds in parallel from that driver. i will be using a leatsink for each of the leds. So... the main question is how much current would each of the leds be reciving from one driver. will it be 350ma to each of the led or 350ma total to both the leds... ie 175ma to each led. Thank you

Asked by bipl12 4 years ago

help led driver?

Ok so i have 3 leds in series but in total i have 4 sets of these. the ma is 20 and the volts is 3.4 or 3.6 on the led and i want to run it at 12 volts with 6800ma. what i want to do is build a driver to regulate them so they wont burn out fast. so i want to know how to build one and what i need.

Asked by diabloboy 7 years ago

I am looking for a driver circuit for a laser diode

This is the diode I am talking about am looking for a circuit to build myself so if any body know of a place to find such info it would be greatly appreciated

Asked by heimo 9 years ago

Need help to build a flyback driver.

Hi every one, I've been working for several weeks on a diagram of flyback driver referring to this video to get an electric arc which can handle a day turned on: Here is the assembly that the author gave me : And here is the assembly I'm working on : The RC1 capacitor is either a 630V 220nF MKP is a 1uF 630V. I've done and redone it on my breadboard but impossible to get anything. Could you help me to acheive this or tell me what are my mistakes. Thank you in advance.

Posted by exesnot 6 years ago

Stepper motor, driver, microcontroller

I am looking for someone to help me with with a stepper motor. (ofcourse you get paid) I would like to have a small stepper motor something like this(the main thing is that it isnt bigger then WxHxD 50mmX60mmx15mm) . I would like a driver and a microcontroller to this almost in the same size, would love to have this thiner thou. I would like to have this programmed, like the stepper to do 1 revolution in 180 minutes (1 full rotation in 3 hours) if it possible to get it running on batteries it be great! Folow the link to a image i made to se how i like it to be. Is this possible? And is it someone who got the knowledge to do this? Awaiting your answere! Best regards Jacob

Posted by soderhjelm 3 years ago

can anyone help me make a circuit for a EL wire driver? Answered

Hi  i live in a area where el wire drivers are not available however i can get all the parts to make one i know that i need to step-up a 9v battery to 130v at around 2000-3000 Hz  to make it glow  i want to keep it simple and not make it blink thus eliminating any kind of timer or ic can anyone please help me with a circuit design and the parts required thanks a lot

Asked by cfrek 5 years ago

Do avalanching diodes "latch up"?

While working and revising my flyback driver design, I had one of the 1N4148 diodes that I was using as protection get cooked!  (it seemed to fail short circuit) I have not tested to see if the MOSFET survived yet. Obviously the diode needs to react fast and handle avalanching energy well. Any suggestions? are some beefy schottky diodes suitable? Also, does making any ordinary diode go into that avalanche or zener reverse breakdown region cause it to potentially lock up and conduct for a period longer than the EMF spikes I'm dealing with? Or with any sort of hysteresis (like when using neon lamps)? Originally my wimpy glass 1N4148 diodes was wired in parallel directly across the MOSFET drain and source reverse biased. However, carefully examining this tesla coil schematic,it appears that there is both a forward biased diode in series with the MOSFETs, and another reverse biased diode(s) in parallel across the MOSFET & diode. It does not look like a bad idea given one the reverse biased diodes can shunt EMF spikes that are too large while the other isolates them from the MOSFET. My only concern is how lossy that would be at 12V operation.

Asked by -max- 2 years ago

How do I drive a 5 phase stepper motor without using an IC?

OK, so I have searched on the net to find the answer to this and I can't find a suitable answer, so I am turning to everyone here :) I have a stepper motor: 5 phase stepping motor A5729-9115FV DC 2.0A 0.34 OHMS/PHASE 0.72deg/ Step FG6-5569 01 xx8n601918 oriental motor My question about this, is if there is a way to drive this motor without using an IC chip.  From what I gather this motor is a Unipolar motor, it has 5 leads.I have the components to put an H-bridge together, but I don't know if that will actually drive this motor, coupled with the fact that I am new to building circuits.  Buying an IC is not really an option at this point for me(I know they are cheap, but I have salvaged all my components and I am trying to do this without spending money).  If someone would be so kind as to give me some pointers, I would greatly appreciate it. Shaun

Asked by shilts 5 years ago

xp modem driver for acer aspire 5720

I downgraded this laptop from Vista to XP. I have gotten all the drivers except the modem driver. I have downloaded every driver possible from the acer website with no luck if anyone has done this conversion successfully I would appreciate know what modem driver you used thanks

Posted by pcbuilder48 9 years ago

Power Supply and Driver? Answered

I've seen alot of the projects that have a power supply and a driver?  What's the difference between the two and why would you need both?

Asked by lford4 6 years ago

Where do I download webcam drivers from?

I need webcam drivers (Inbuit Webcam) for Asus Eee PC 1201T  for Windows XP. I've done a lot of google search for this.

Asked by shardulsb08 4 years ago

need help making a servo driver? Answered

I want to make a servo driver with buttons to control the up and down movement. i have a pic programmer so i can use that but need help with design and code

Asked by newbie life5 8 years ago

Frequency driver HV generator circuit Answered

Dear all... At this circuit please help me to know: - How many cycle (frequency)and duty cycle : time high and low  (percent) for  better driver this circuit. Sorry for more question.If I change other transformer (ferrite core)and driver by 555 timer, frequency  and duty cycle must   be modifier or not ?                                      Thank you in advance

Asked by lam 5 years ago

LED AC Driver

Hello, I was looking at making some indoor lighting using these leds  Of course, the only part I'm confused on is what kind of driver or circuit should I use, if I wanted to plug it into a 110v plug? Thanks

Posted by opliko 6 years ago

Reid and Prince screw driver design?

I have worked in the automobile repair industry for nearly 50 years and to the best of my knowledge, the reid and prince screw driver was originally designed and used by the european manufacturers. I state this in the form of a question and would like to know for sure.   I have found the posidrive design is mostly used on mechanical items(under the hood) and the standard philips is typically used oninterior and exterior trim  

Asked by mad mech 6 years ago

My LED Driver? Answered

Right so i asked about how i could dim this circuit but i forgot to put a link of the circuit in question . i wanted to know how i can control dimming of an LED. i have 3 LEDs into one LED RGB they use 350 MAh 3.7 V each and i used 1W 3.9 ohms resistor on each Vreg. they have + as the Common.   is it possible to just put a potentiometer between the driver and the battery?  or do i need to a high tech micro controller?

Asked by unaffiliatedperson 7 years ago

Led driver help.

I want to make a aquarium light unit with 100 cool white 14000k 3w ,DC Forward Voltage 3.4-3.6V ,Forward Current 700mA and 100 Royal Blue DC Forward Voltage: 3.6V - 4.0V  ,Forward Current: 700mA  i want 2 dimmers 1 for whites 1 for the blues, can someone please tell me what divers i need  and how many i need. if imposable links to the driver on ebay.

Asked by awilloughby3 5 years ago

LED Driver Help - 24 Leds, Red, 2.1-2.4 Drop, 700ma?

Hey everyone Been scratching my head for awhile now about this one. I believe I got the wrong drivers so I'm trying to figure out which one to get. I purchased these And I got this driver to run them But like I said, I'm running 24 in series not 18 and this drivers output is 680ma not 700ma I was going off the advice of a friend but I think he's wrong and I wasted my money (I can use them later though I'm sure) My question is Which LED Driver would be appropriate for these? If I increase the current (amps) would the wavelength change? It's just a tad lower then I wanted (more curious then anything) Can I alter the driver I got to accomidate the leds to save me money For future reference, how can I figure this out for myself Thanks guys, really hoping to hear back from you!

Asked by tartooth 4 years ago

3 Prong screw driver

I have a FujiFilm camera that is not working. I want to take it apart, but it has very small triangle screws all over the place. They have only 3 prongs instead of the usual 4. Where can I get a screwdriver for this? Can anyone help with this issue. Thank you

Posted by toolmanic 9 years ago

Help :-(

Unfortunately, i believe i have uninstalled the wireless driver for my hp desktop computer. i have attempted my own searches for something online, and failed. i believe im using a linksys adapter and don't have the cd for it. does anyone know where i can get the driver for an HP, linksys, or whatever it may be. i am stupid

Posted by alvincredible 10 years ago

cnc: how to built it

Hi, dude! i found this: do someone build it? if yes, it works?,  same questions for the driver do someone build it?, if yes it works? does that driver works with a 4 wire motor like this? thanks a lot P.S. sorry for the grammar i'm not English.

Posted by addi125 5 years ago

How to pick an LED driver?

Say I have 3 LEDs in series that have a Max Forward Voltage of 6v and an operating current of 1000mA. I could get a driver like a buck puck, say the 3021-D-E-1000mA BuckPuck. It has an input voltage of 5 - 32v, and let's say I give it the full 32v, so how does that not end up burning out my LEDs? My actual goal is to have 3 strings of 6 Cree XP-e LEDs connected to 3 Drivers. But I can't quite figure out how to properly size the driver. I know it puts out a constant current, and the voltage fluctuates -- what is there to determine which one to get so I don't end up pushing too much voltage? Or am I misunderstanding something about how the voltage will fluctuate? Sorry for the noobishness, this is my first real electronics project.

Asked by z0dii 5 years ago

LED driver based on LM317 gives more voltage than required? Answered

Hi, I tried to run a 1 watt led with the LM317 in constant current mode. Since the led required 350ma currrent, I used a 3.3+1 ohm resistor in series across the Vout and ADJ. So my resistor series was about 4.3 ohm which should deliver about 290ma current to the led. The driver was based on When powered up, the current across led was around 290ma but the voltage across the led was 4.33v whereas it should be between 3.0-3.6v according to the led datasheet. What am I doing wrong? Is it safe to run the led at 4.33v ? It was getting hot.

Asked by ethanol47 5 years ago

issue installing ch341 usb-serial driver for Arduino nano cheap clones

There are very cheap Arduino nano chinese clones there. The PROBLEM, they use CH341 chips not the Arduino standard FDDI ones and you need to install a driver: 1. no issue should be simple IF the manufacturer of the chips  would provide a driver, they did      (GOOD PEOPLE) 2. and they would provide instructions (they did)     (GOOD PEOPLE) 3. in Chinese     (BAD PEOPLE) But, we are geeks: one would execute  ch341ser.exe and expect the driver setup will do the job. It copies some ch341***.*** files in ***/system32/drivers and displays proudly "The drive is successfully Pre-installed in advance!". The device manager keeps silent. I like this "preinstalled" and "in advance" part though. By whom, the Venusians? 4. Let's try something else, maybe they are not bad people. There is another file called -ú+ÚÁ¸-È.EXE in the INSTALL directory. That's it, silly me, let's give it a try: it produces a nice interface filled with probably lawful chinese options. Now, that's VERY BAD PEOPLE.   5. Wait dumbo, give them a chance, read the README.TEXT. Ok, it works, IF you are Chinese. 6. Any *#@#%^.HLP, if you don't know what it means, learn Martianese.       By Great Pluto, Thank you.      

Asked by pufi123 3 years ago

USB Driver

I got a USB cable fro the dollar store today for, well, one dollar. I was wondering if there was a way I could control the voltage output from my computer. I stripped the cable (it was male to male), and tested the output with my multimeter, too. I am getting about 5vdc, is that normal? I thought I got more out of the USB port. Like I said, I was wondering about any opensource usb control program I could use to control the USB voltage. Is this even possible? Also, I can't program AT ALL, or understand it, either.(if it matters)

Posted by John Smith 10 years ago

how to power a 30w high power led? Answered

I order a 30w led from ebay but i dont know how to power it can i use just a 16v 2a power adapter or hove i to buy a led driver here is the led:   

Asked by Andrew_48 7 years ago

Home made charger for a cordless. screwdriver.?How do i connect 2wire charger to 3 prongs on batt.

Blk & dec vpx 7 vdc cordless screwdriver.Missing charger,not available anymore.Batt. has 3 prongs for charger.

Asked by 8 years ago

can someone please tell me how to install the arduino software?

 i got an arduino for christmas. I downloaded the file off the interned. Now i dont know how to install it or connect my arduino using it. or tell me if someones instructable has how to set it up.

Asked by TOCO 8 years ago

What LED drive do I need to power a 8x10 Watt LED in serie?

Hi there, I am building a 8x10 Watt 12v LED strip for my father in law with eyesight issue (an "ambitious" project considering my poor knowledge of the subject ;) ). Attached an image of the project. I though it was simple but I am now totally confused about how I have to power it, the more I read the less I understand. 8*10 = 80 Watt = 80/12 = 6.6A So do I just need a 240AC to 12DC 7A driver or? But 7A seem pretty high for just 8 LED, somewhere I must be wrong, or not. My LED have the following spec. Model: 10W; Forward Voltage (VF): DC 9-12V; Forward current (IF): 1050MA; Thanks!

Asked by GautierA 2 years ago

I was just wondering if this can drive a motor if i replace the transistor with mosfets?

I want to power a 100w 220V~ motor with this circuit. what will happen if i replace the 2 transistors with an irfp250n with this circuit. i am pretty new to electronics. there are another things that i want to power with this thing. i will be using a rewound MOT. is there a way to convert this circuit current output from square wave to a sinus wave.  the 1k resistor will be changed to 100R ones.

Asked by bioniceye 7 years ago

USB, AVR, and PICs! Oh my!

Heya! I come from a pretty solid CS background, so I'm trying to wrap my head around the concept of EE projects.  I've got the basics of circuit design down, but I'm getting a little bogged down researching how to interface USBICs.  While I know efforts like Arduino provide a significant amount of pre-built software and hardware that can accomplish most DIY projects, I would really prefer to learn/have control over the whole software stack (and as much of the hardware stack as possible) from App to Userspace Driver to Kernel Driver (I've written a few, but never actually built my own circuitry to talk to).  I'm looking to learn for some resources on how to interface at a low level.  I wouldn't shy away from writing my own PIC/AVR/??? bootloader if it means I have more control over the communication stack.  I'm sure I'd be re-writing a lot of the Arduino/AVR software that's out there, but hey, I see it as a learning opportunity... right? :) It seems that FTDI makes some USB/UART(Serial) chips that many of the sparkfun-esque USB->Breadboard adapters are based on.  From what I can tell though, most of the chips do literal USB Full/Low speed->115200 bit/s Serial connection.  This seems like an awfully large downsample of the possible communication bandwidth... Is this how things like printers, external hard drives, and webcams work? So, in short, if I was going to write my own USB stack/drive/kernel module to go along with a custom IC bootloader, how would I go about it? Are there any resources out there describing how one would go about this? Thanks for your time! 

Posted by skyfire360 6 years ago

how to make 12v dc operated drive for 15 pcs. high power LED's?

I wants to make circuit for using 15 pieces 1watt/350ma high power LED's. So how can i make it?? I have 12volt/5Amp DC input. So please reply suggessions. I havnt heat sink in my LED's, so heat sink is must required or can i use without it. I wants to make car head light by using it. looking forward replies...prashant

Asked by pureh2o_filteration 9 years ago

Help with Alternating multiple LEDs adjustable Flash rate 9-12vdc supply Circuit Design.?

I have seen many LED Flashers, but they seem to rely on capacitor discharge to light the LEDs. I want to drive around 40 to 60 LEDs and alternate between these LEDs and be able to adjust the Flash rate. One side on for 1 to 2 seconds then the other side on 1 to 2 seconds and alternate between each set of LEDs. The supply voltage will provide the LED Power. I just need to alternate each side on and off at an equal rate. Can anyone help with this design or know of site with this type of circuit?

Asked by keydogstony 9 years ago

is there an easy way to manually operate a cd tray?

Im in the middle of automating my trash can (i know i can just buy one, but what's the fun in that?) and i got the proximity sensor part to work, but i cant think of a way to turn a short burst (in the sensor test circuit i had the led on the output blinked once when my hand got close yay!) into a signal that would power an old cd motor until it opened, pushing the trash can lid open, wait about 10sec or so, then apply reverse polarity for 2sec or so until it closed. i might be able to use a microcontroller to do this, but im just getting into that and i don't want to use one for this unless there isn't another way. if it's relevant im using a 555 to generate a 38khz pulse to an ir led picked up by rpm7138. any ideas?

Asked by the judge 8 years ago

How big a battery for a portable ( bike) sound system?

Have several amps and several speakers... 1 The most modest: a 2.1 computer sound system, probably ca. 5- 10 W RMS, 18 V (I want to connect this to my 18 V portable drill batteries- how much run time ?) 2 The medium size: a 12 V  (2, or one) 16 A fused: 2 average 9 x 6 car speakers 3 The meanest: A big 4 channel amp, bridgable, 12 V, fuse is 36 A, a big sub and 2 average 9 x 6 car speakers Volume is determined by the MP3 player, I hope being able to make it, amp inputs are selected by a passive crossover I like the volume loud, but not extreme ( Runtime 5 - 3 hrs. How big a (car) battery I would need for solution 2 and 3 ?

Asked by BobS 7 years ago

Circuit works when I poke a connection, but the connection is sound

So, I've started playing with vfds since this weekend jaycar (if your an Aussie) is selling 11 digit, 10 segment vfds for $1.90. Cheap as :P. It runs off 12v for the segments, 4.5v for the filament. I'm using 3 4094s to control the segments and an atmega168 to control the 4094s, using 3 transistors to up the voltage between the 4094s data, clock and latch pins and the the atmega I/O ports. I'm pretty sure everythings hooked up correctly but, as with most projects, it's not working first time :P. Here's the thing, it works if I poke either the green or brown connection with just one probe of my multimeter/finger it works. My first thought is that i've hooked up my transistors incorrectly, the base is 5v with a 2.2k current limiting resistor, and the collector is 12v with a 5.1k current limiting resistor. To much? I blew out a resistor in initial testing and it got me a little worried :P Thoughts?

Posted by greendude 9 years ago

RGB LED amplifier / power isolater / I don;t know what to call it

So I have this idea.   In my car is an LCD stereo that has several RGB LEDs in it's face around the volume knob, the tuning knob, and a few buttons.  In the stereo's configuration settings, you can choose what color (7 options) you want these LEDs to display, or an 8th option which cycles through colors. I really like the idea of adding other lights to my car, just for geek/bling/rice value/for the hell of it/because I can.  How could I take the signal for one of those LEDs and use it to CONTROL a small circuit which in-turn would POWER the other LEDs I want to add?  I do not want to try to draw enough current directly from the stereo's circuits to power many more LEDs.  I am thinking of maybe 20 more LEDs. A little about me:  I could likely print a board, if I really had to . . . I can solder . . .  I understand basic circuits but have a little trouble with the math behind things like multiple resistors and voltage drops etc. I have worked a little with LEDs before, including RGB. I am over 30.. Let me know what you think? Michael, from "DC"

Posted by DieCastoms 6 years ago