why in 2009 all tv,s will use digtal signals?

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DTV Don't be fooled!

Just an announcement. I believe that, as an instructables member, I have the duty to share this info. Some people may, and probably, already know this. CABLE/SATELLITE subscribers will NOT BE EFFECTED. There are a lot of news and ads going around scaring people that their TVs will go black on midnight Feb 17, 2009 if they do buy DTV tuners. I am just worry that a lot of people are gonna be cheated b/c they are not explicitly saying (or warning) that this will not effect cable/satellite subscribers, only those that use local public broadcasts (antennas). OK. Now spread the news! *If this announcement has help you please BUMP this topic (since others may still be fooled)

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Can you use an old dish to boost an antenna's reception?

You seemingly cannot hook a dish straight up to a TV or DTV box and expect anything from it. But could you use it in conjunction with another (small if necessary) antenna to boost the signal? (The signal would be coming in to the antenna and could operate completely on it's own.)

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Kipkay's DTV hack used RCA unit. I have a Magnavox-Funai TB100MG9, can't locate the power supply output. No schematic.

If anyone has hacked or analysed this unit please show me where to wire into the power supply output, assuming it puts out about 12v DC. Thanks.

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What is the point of the DTV transition? Answered

Why Do all the Televisions need to be changed to DTV? is it for monetary gain or just to further ourselves in technology?

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how to hook a dtv converter to a flat panel computer monitor to make a lcd tv?

I have a magnavox dtv converter, and would like to hook it up to a lcd computer monitor to make a cheap tv.

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How do I convert the TV in my vehicle to DTV so I'll be able to watch it after the switch?

I have an analog TV in my van and want to convert it so that we can watch it after the DTV conversion. Is this possible and if so, how? Or, is there going to be a portable DTV available that can be hooked up in a vehicle?

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collaboration help for a casio LCD tv-980

I am looking for ideas or collaboration help on my little casio tv soon it will not get tv any more as we will get dig tv. I do not want to hook it up to a box that is bigger than it is. It has an input plug its a RCA to mini stereo plug the 1/8" plug goes to the unit. Maybe a micro monitor for RRS feeds? or another cool toy to add to laptop?

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Is there any way to use devices on my old TV? Answered

I took a 7" Action ACN-3700 portable black & white CRT TV that was sitting on a shelf. It has an external antenna input on the back but it uses a mini sterio jack. Is there any adaptor for RF?

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Reformatting a hard drive? Answered

Hi there. I know most of you reading this are thinking of the simple process that is reformatting a hard drive, and are prepared to offer me an obvious and somewhat novice explanation as "right click > format...". Please don't, this is not the case. I recently acquired an external hard drive previously used as a Direct TV Dvr. The hardware and everything is fine, and my computer recognizes it as a USB Mass Storage Device. However, the disk itself is in a format my Windows-based computer cannot recognize, read, or understand, and - as a result - does not acknowledge it exists. I need to figure out how to reformat this to NTFS / FAT32 to use on a windows machine. Also note, as a result of the lack of recognition of the disk, I can only guess its drive letter. CMD does not recognize it at all - I have tried mounting disks E - Z with no result. If needed, I have access to a Macintosh, but that is preferably the last resort as it resides about an hour away from where I am currently.

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IS a Coaxial S/PDIF port the same as RCA video? Answered

Looking at working out a solution for someone with tv and what not. i know that there is a computer montior input, and then under "audio" it says Coaxial S/PDIF the S leads me to believe that it is sound and not video, so if no is there any way to get a vga to the rca video? we want to buy a computer monitor, and then a dtv box and use a laptop to watch tv online and then use dtv for that too. thoughts?

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How much of an engineer do you have to be to repurpose the tuner from a broken lcd tv to work as a dtv converter?

Can you rewire and connect the tuner part of a broken flat panel tv to a power supply and encase it to use it as a converter box as it can do ota as well as clear qam receiving? This would be a great instructable if I knew about electronics and could solder!

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how do you start a digital TV network for digital TV? Answered

I would like to start a free channel for DTV+ can you help me?

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How hard is it to add A/V jacks to something like an old hand-held tv?

I have one, and it's going to be worse then useless after the DTV switch, so I was thinking it might be nice to be able to set it up for game systems, like if the tv's being used and I wanna play GCN or something.

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Can anyone think of a way to turn 3 old Satellite dishes into a video game type chair?

 I have 3 of these dishes laying around, the company who's name is on them doesn't recycle any of the outdated equipment they upgrade, told me I would have to throw them out myself... well I dont just 'throw things out'. lol So I have 1 regular small round one, the medium oval shaped "slimeline", and 1 of the larger more rectangular models (each dtv) all with the adjusting arm and all the screws.  When I looked at the pile,  for a moment I saw a gaming chair... but I cant quite figure out a decent design.  Imagine 3 slightly different sized dishes if you can ... I'm not sure if anyone else will see the same possibility?

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PLEASE send me parts link's to the the parts i need to make vga monitor into tv using a digital tv box a lot of us had to buy to make our anolog tv's work --when the antenna switch to digital -and stopped anolog broadcast -dtv box is any brand name - digital  antenna in and anolog out -it has 3 rca jack and rg-59 coax tv input and out put---i have a medical issue and thinking is slowed down -so i request the links to tha part i need to make it work --i see a lot on ebay and amazon--but its greek to me so far --im sure there is a way --thanks for your support --i have the digital tuners and monitors i need to know the web links to the parts i need to adapt   it together --audio i should be able to figue out but just in case --can someone steer me in right direction

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Help needed to create a mask for a film project!

EDITED WITH WORKING LINKS Hi, I'm a university student in my final year studying film.  For my final project I'm doing a kind of modern take on the Theseus & the Minotaur myth. I looked around the web a bit and I found  this really awesome mask that could be used for  the Minotaur but I don't really know where to begin when it comes to making it. I need help with everything in general - what materials might be best, how to construct it and stuff like that. Alternatively, I was thinking of going for something more along this route maybe - This would probably be easier - I'd start with a gas mask, I'd just need advice when it comes to creating the mane. Any other ideas are welcome too. Thanks a lot for any help.

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Casio pocket Tv: Tv-1900B info/suggestions on uses?

I just received a casio pocket television model: Tv -1900b, produced somewhere in the late 80-mid 90's(cannot find year) as a gift from my sister, purchased for 2.99 from goodwill, she bought it because I like vintage electronics, and thought it was useable as she was not aware of the difference between dtv and analog, and took the label heading that it received working channels for true, from my research it appears to be functioning but is receiving no signal due to the dtv transition. this is my problem, I am trying to figure out ways around not having an available analog broadcast to pick up, and can not find much info for this tv model online, not even part labels manuals or specs, Im wondering what my options for use or connecting it to another device are.. There is what appears to be an extra headphone sized jack/connector at the top next to the speaker, and a headphone plug does fit into it... but the label for it is long gone, so I do not know if it is an external antenna connection, external composite video in port, external video out port, or a service port of some kind, as it is right next to the rod antenna  screw connection, what exactly is it, and can it be used for an external video/sound input connection?, I see that  on other models before and after this one it can be used as a video/audio input, when utilized with a rca to headphone adapter cord but that does not tell me for sure if mine has that ability. What are my options with this?, I have some technologic know-how, but could not build my own signal transmitter, oscilloscope, built in jack, etc from scratch. is this model capable of easy external connections?, is the extra hole for an antenna input, video input or both?, can a box, dvd or vcr be connected, also is wrapping wire around the antenna and then connecting to the coaxial output on an external device feasible? Iv seen it work on other pocket tv's on the internet but dont know about the true signal quality/effeniency I would be able to make most physical external connection adapters myself, or, are adapters other then the headphone to rca adapters sold to remedy the problem of having a rod antenna and little to no external hook-ups? p.s I am not opposed to having it constantly wired/tethered to a much larger device, as it would be used for a novelty or in a small area where a larger unit would be to big or unweildy, like next to a bed, spot at the table, etc, also I would probably not use it for cctv or similar as I have little to no use for such things the picture included is not of my actual item, but the same model and version, for reference purposes I appreciate any help, as it appears to be functioning it would be a shame to not find a use for .

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