How to convert DVD to MP4

I just buy an iPod, can any one tell me how to put DVD on my iPod.

Posted by brandon2009 10 years ago

where to get a good DVD Ripper for my favourite movies

Sometimes when you want to watch a DVD video but not on DVD player, all you need is a DVD converter to help you to rip it to another portable video players like ipod, iphone touch, etc. Also if your friend borrowed your DVD and you may like to watch it as well then again a DVD converter will assist you solve this problem. I would appreciate if someone here can recommend me some good dvd rippers.Thax in advance!

Posted by chase2009 8 years ago

How to use a Wondershare DVD Ripper?

Recently, I have a Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum, but do not know how to use it, who could help me?

Posted by laisdenr 8 years ago

how to put dvd to blackberry?

Have you ever met the following situations ,if you want to put your dvd to another portable device,what do you often need?I want to put my dvd to my blackberry ,but I have some problem in doing it,so can you help me with it? Thank you in advance!

Posted by solinda 8 years ago

How to rip DVD and convert video to ipod on Windows and Mac?

In modern world, we have so many ways to share our feeling, interest, etc. with our families and friends, even those who we have never seen. So the problem rip DVD,put your favourite on ipod come. Our DVD Ripper review experts have tested many similar DVD Rippers and get this result: dvd video reviews The article includes four parts. Part 1: Rip DVD movie to iPod (Windows) Part 2: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod MP4 or H264 format (Windows) Part 3: Rip DVD movie to iPod (Mac) Part 4: Convert AVI, WMV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, ASF, MOV, DivX, XviD, MPG to iPod MP4 or H264 format (Mac). See more informations: dvd video converter

Posted by iphonebooy 8 years ago

Uses for a dismantled dvd player

I am having computer issues atm and therefore a hard time searching all the insctuctables to find fun things to do with the dvd player I was given recently and stripped down.  If anyone can give me some idea it would be most groovy...

Posted by MikeHunt0420 6 years ago

How to convert DVD to iPhone (Windows)

1.Download the [url=][b]DVD to iPhone[/b][/url] software, install and run. [img][/img]2. Insert the DVD you'd like to convert to your computer's DVD drive.3. Click 'File' menu and 'Open DVD', or directly hit 'Open DVD' button to load the DVD. Set the profile to be iPhone 480*320 mpeg-4 video which is the default DVD video quality.[img][/img]4. Click around in the DVD's menu to set up DVD playback as you like, select the subtitle and audio sound tracks etc, then begin to play the movie through the software by click the play button.5. If want to set more functiones, click ‘More options’, then it pops up like following. That is all. [img][/img]If you'd like to record from certain time point, or want to change some parameters like 'output format', 'video bitrates', 'frame rate', 'audio bitrates', please click 'No' button to close the window. When everything setted as your need, then click ‘Record it’ button. Done, just so easy![url=][b]DVD to iPhone[/b][/url]

Posted by mp4kit 10 years ago

portable DVD: picture have moved

Hi, I got The Lenco portable DVD Player DVP-X7. I can hear sound and view the picture on an external device. The problem is that the picture on the screen of the portable dvd player is on the right side and cut of. So only half the picture is visible with a black bar beside its and the rest of the screen is grey. its like the picture have moved to the right and now you can only see a part of it. Please help.

Posted by m8r_vn6oua 9 years ago

Replacing portable dvd player with pcdvd rom drive

Sup guys.  I have an audiovox vbp4000 portable dvd player.  The drive reads disks when tore down but not when put together.  It wont eject.  I noticed however that its just a standard pc dvd rom.  I hooked it up to my windows pc and it recognized the drive and i can use it like normal.  So my question is, how can I replace the portable drive with a standard dvd rom drive?  Ive tried simply hooking one up, but no joy.

Posted by kithso 8 years ago

DVD Ripping/Converting Programs

Hey everybody, I have been trying to find a free program that will allow me to put a DVD into my computer and convert the '.VOB' files into '.avi' files. If anyone can help me out by showing me a program that will do this for me, then that would be awesome. If there is no converter for '.avi', then '.wmv' would be good too. Thanks, SC-Ghost

Posted by SC-Ghost 10 years ago

adding a video input jack to a malfunctioning portable DVD player

I have a Coby portable DVD player that is malfunctioning in that it won't play discs, but the video display appears to be working normally. The jacks on the player are output only and I'd like to be able to switch one of them to an input jack so I could have an additional screen running off of a newer portable DVD player. Are there any known instructions out there? Is it feasible? Thanks, Jim

Posted by jimmilt 9 years ago

Good DVD software?

Hi,So I downloaded all of The Onion videos onto my computer as .FLV's. Then I converted them to .mp4 (ACC audio). Now I want to import them into some type of program that will allow me to make DVD's with Menus and link each clip onto the menus. So does anyone have any good suggestions of free software like that? I have used Roxia my DVD but I don't have the full version and I don't particularly like it. I run am Running Windows XP media Center and Ubuntu Gusty Gubbons on this computer. I have all of the videos on an external hard drive so I could potentially take use my brothers mac. Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome. ThanksJoe

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Posted by rickick 10 years ago

Cheap DVD rack

Hello, I have been searching for a dvd rack storage system but all the nice wooden ones are in the range of £80 for the number of DVDs that I have (about 500). Could someone please tell me how I can make my own stylish one or where I can find something stylish buy cheap that is currently on the market? Thank you!

Posted by ShaunHill 10 years ago

WANTED: old dvd burner drives

I want anyones old cd/dvd RW drive. i need them for the motors and laser diode. these can be easily removed from the old computer case with a screw driver. would be willing to pay shipping(within reason)

Posted by budsiskos 9 years ago

4,000 DVD Cases... Ideas?

I picked up 4,000 *free* used black 14mm DVD cases from a movie store that is no longer open. We have a large industrial unit so I was thinking of making a dividing wall. Any ideas on how I could do this, or any other possibilities?

Posted by caban 9 years ago

Using the LCD from a portable DVD screen with an Xbox?

Hello everyone, I have a portable DVD player that has a bad DVD drive. I would like to mod it so I can use it in my car as a small screen hooked to an Xbox. Can someone point me to where I can learn how to take that screen add a differen't video connection and power so I can use it with like a VGA port. The DVD player didn't have an aux. input so I have to mod the internal connection. Basically in a nut shell I just want to use the screen as a monitor in my car.

Posted by Jester_boy2 9 years ago

Laptop Screens

Hi I have several laptop screens and I would like to link them to a dvd player so that I can have a movie running on the dvd and watch it from the screens positioned in my mancave Is this possible? does the type of screen make a difference ie brand T.I.A. Neil

Posted by 69olds 2 years ago

Mini DVD won't finalize

I've got a DVD camcorder (Samsung SC-DC173U), and am trying to finalize the disc so I can edit the video on it. Problem is, whenever I do what the instructions tell me in order to finalize it, a problem occurs. The "disc Finalize" option is unavailable. The manual says that the cause of this is most likely because the camcorder is low on power, but it is fully charged. Any suggestions? Need I take pictures or do anything else to help?

Posted by Mepain 10 years ago

How to cheaply get TV on a Portable DVD player

Hi, what's the cheapest and/or simplest way to pick up TV signals on a Portable DVD player. I have a Polaroid player w/ 11" lcd screen the DOES have AV input jacks. I assume I will need a Digital antenna and some sort of receiver. Where can I find these, how compact are they and what can I expect to spend? Is there an all in one or unit? I'm open to hacks. Any input or advice would be appreciated, Thank you.

Posted by defiant1 9 years ago

Artistic project with bulk cd/ dvd cases?

Couldn't decide if this was more of an art question or a craft question... but... You know the ones... the clear cylindrical cases that encase the 50 count blank cds/ dvds? I've seen a few projects here and there, but most look pretty ugly/ college dorm-ish. Guess I'm hoping for some magical suggestions for something kind of artistic? Modern art-ish? Esthetically pleasing in some way? Just plain fun? Doesn't have to be practical at all if it's interesting enough. I've got quite a pile going if it helps the juices. Any suggestions gladly accepted! Thanks!

Posted by kranders 9 years ago

What to do with blank CDs

A friend if mine did it.

Posted by REA 9 years ago

Have an interesting thing for sell...

I have a brand new, unused bare (without a proper case) DVD player screen. I am going to sell it on Ebay once more. It can display 200,000+ colors, etc. Look for it up in a couple weeks or so. Thanks Ethan

Posted by deedeedee9 8 years ago

My name is Kiteman, and I'm an addict... needing a fix!

Some time ago, Lost started on British TV. I'd heard it was good, but I missed the pilot. I also heard that, if you missed the pilot, nothing else made sense.  So, I avoided watching the series, figuring I'd catch the repeats. ...and suddenly they're on season five, and I haven't seen any of them! So, I bought season one on DVD.  Seven discs, twenty-five episodes and a bunch of extras. I picked it up on Saturday, and despite spending a day in school, and a day visiting a friend and her new baby (awww.....), and managing to hunt down my first Mediterranean Gull, I've just watched episode 13 17. Please, no spoilers, I just wanted to say... Whoa! UPDATE: All done.  Twenty-five episodes, and the extras (except the commentaries - I don't like commentaries). We never got to see the Big Scary Monster (although it sounded distinctly mechanical by the end), we never found out where Ethan came from, nor the polar bears. What about the four on the raft?  Last we saw it was still burning, and little Walt! So, I'm now haunting ebay for Season Two - we need to find what's down that ladder....

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Need broken DVD players PLEASE!

Need broken dvd player for spare parts. Working on project

Posted by NUM41R_B41G 6 years ago

lcd pc monitor to lcd dvd monitor

I have been given a dell lcd screen and want to hook it up to my dvd player, can i do that? if so how?

Posted by troyka 9 years ago

put my psp show to my dvd

First,i don't know what format my psp support. i want to put my show on my dvd, please tell me how.

Posted by jasonpeng 8 years ago

old portable dvd player, using the screen

I have a few broken portable dvd players. Is it possible to re-use the screens? I want to take them and put them in a vehicle, but I don't have any clue as to how to rewire them.

Posted by TinManInk 10 years ago

LASER HACK: DVD burner diode list

I propose to put your results of using the DVD burner diode for using as POWERFUL laser pointer: See the instructable: Laser-Flashlight-Hack!!/This allow sharing the experience and avoiding some bad burners...Put your-DVDburner BRAND and -MODEL and finally the -RESULTS

Posted by wazza 10 years ago

How to make a cardboard dvd box set ?

I would want to make a dvd box set made of cardboard to store 4 slim dvd cases or 2 regular dvd cases? Can someone explain to me how to do this or give me a lay-out or something? I want to make a box like the example below with a thickness of about 30mm. A box like when you buy a full season of a tv series. Do you understand me? Btw sorry for my bad english but english isn't my native language :-s

Posted by DELETED_Nameless001 8 years ago

DVD Audio Amplification Software Resources?

Hi All, I'm working on my kids' Holiday Play that I recorded on a mini-dvd camcorder (it's Februaray already !!??!?). The sound is pretty weak. I have edited the dvd to cut out the crap and have vob files, etc. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on how to pull the audio so I can amp it up a little in audacity? I would need to know how to separate it from the vob files and then combine it again hopefully without having to re-master the dvd. Windows or Linux software is fine - I run both. Thanks!

Posted by homba 10 years ago

Using speakers from an old 5.1 dvd player to use it as normal speackers( jack input)

Hello everybody, I founf some days ago an old dvd player, wich one had a 5.1 sistem with the old cable sistem. I opened and took the amplifier but now i dont know how to conect it to produce the sound. Im a newbie in electronic so i would thank you for some help.

Posted by Z1ac 5 years ago

Laser diode

I need a laser diode from 18x or more dvd writer or blue-ray writer.please help me.I dont have a credit card to buy them from e-bay

Posted by Rhsameera 8 years ago

Name those DVD Burner parts :)

Hi guys and gals, I just ripped apart a broken pioneer dvd burner of mine (digging for the laser diode inside) Apart from some nifty fans, motors, springs etc. I also came across these inside the reading/writing head of the burner. One definitely is a laser. But as often pointed dvd burners tend to have multiple (2) lasers. Now I wonder which of these items is the second one? All of the three upper items were pointing inside the head and (via some mirrors and lenses) towards the lens shown at the bottom of the photo. So they all seem to be involved in either creating or receiving (reading sensor?) of the laser beam. Hope some brave soul can give me some hints on these.

Posted by userman 9 years ago

working lcd tv **missing dvd built in dvd player**

Click the link to my ebay page for better details

Posted by joypad 8 years ago

Build Your Own Electric Car Instructional DVD set

If you are interested in building your own electric car, but don't know where to start, you want to order the BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR instructional video. This training DVD is based on a REAL-WORLD project that I built in my driveway, and if I can do it, SO CAN YOU! In the video, I take you through STEP-BY-STEP of what it actually takes to make your own electric car. The vehicle is featured on Instructables at: Get your copy right now by ordering at!

Posted by bennelson 5 years ago

Toshiba Dvd Player Problem

This lady gave me an older dvd player (Toshiba SD-2150) and she had it hooked up at her house, but the cd started skipping about half way in, and it would contiunously cut out for 10 seconds then resume playback and then cut out again and so on and so forth. As you'll see in the pictures, I've taken it apart down to the laser assembly (only took me 10 minutes incase you're wondering). The apparent problem to me is something is wrong with the gear assembly that moves the laser head. When I turn it by hand, it moves freely for about half a turn then it feels like the gear is catching on something, and if I turn it harder it keeps moving, it's not stripped, but it almost "feels" like theres a hump in the gear or something. I keep looking at the gear and nothing looks wrong with the teeth or anything! I was just going to put 3-in-1 oil on it and see how that helps and put it back together.  Does anyone have any suggestions? *********UPDATE********* I tried many things with various tools I had sitting here to try and straighten out the one tooth on the gear with no success. However with the little bit of melting/bending I did and the 3-in-1 oil, I got it to catch on the gear less easily. After re-installing the optical assembly and testing it on my stereo with the cover off, it appears not to skip anymore, DVD's too. However, I'm still not confident in how long this "repair" is going to work. The best solution I think is to replace the smallest gear on the motor, but I cannot find one close enough.

Posted by Punkguyta 8 years ago

Blu-ray Player

I have a broken LG BD390 Blu-Ray player, and I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to solder anything, as I have no experience and frankly, it's too much work for me. If you have any ideas, that would be great.

Posted by Ferrari576 6 years ago

Fix my ps2 Game?

I can't seem to be able to play my GTA: Vice city anymore on my ps2, the disc is pretty scratched in a lot of places, but it did work before on an older system just fine but on my slim ps2, I guess that laser isn't strong enough. Any ideas?

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

You know those protective disks you find on a fresh stack of CDs or DVDs?

NOT the actual recordable disks. Those disks that come with a fresh stack of recordable media that are usually kept long enough to keep dust off those items, then get tossed when one runs out of disks. I need them. I use them in my art, making Alien Orchids and such I have been told that with the way technology is moving I will have a hard time finding these disks in the future. I already do! I'm down to about 6 and I can go through that many trying to make one good orchid. I would be happy to pay for shipping for a bundle of 10 or more at a time but what I would like is to find someone with access to a lot of them and pay per flat-rate Priority shipping box full. I think a small box (about the size of a video tape) would probably hold at least  40 disks and if I paid $10 it would cover shipping and put a few bucks in your pocket. Or I could give a shop credit so you can buy stuff I've made out of other stuff. If you can get a box-full together gimme a shout and we'll discuss details... I am also finding it tough to acquire used inner tubes - bike or (especially) auto. I have a project I'd like to finish and don't want to have to purchase a new tube just to cut up. E me at rhonda (at) oddartist (dot) com

Posted by oddartist 6 years ago

Howto: Make a DVD Burner into a High-Powered Laser

Check this out !Have fun :-P

Posted by Silas 11 years ago

HD-DVD Players; Any Reuse Ideas?

 So I happen to have a Toshiba HD-A30 HD-DVD player and I know it's a fairly powerful piece of hardware but unfortunately all Google turns up are a few references to the idea of hacking or moding but no actual information on any attempts. The limited info I have managed to find indicates similar models being nothing much more than a P4 running Linux with an IDE HD-DVD ROM. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do with this thing?

Posted by milsorgen 8 years ago

what to do with a old working sony dvd player ?

Hey, as my other topic i found a old working sony dvd player lying around so i thought to get some cool ideas to do with it. any suggestions ?

Posted by arylic 9 years ago

I Need To Know How To Get DVD Movies On My Ipod

Alright, now that i know how to get youtube videos on my ipod, I have always wanted to put full length DVD movies on my ipod, and not like home made DVD's,real movies!! I have already tried handbrake for my windows but i suck at it, if someone can tell me how to use it, i would. But if you know any other free "DVD to IPOD" Converters, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where to get it, and if you have any tips on how to use it that would be very helpfull. Thanks everyone

Posted by rickick 11 years ago

Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc into the tray, I hear 2 beeps, a fast, whirring sound which then stops, but there is nothing else happens. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed the disc that came with my latest printer. Windows help & support helped me figure discs are not being read, and led me to find CD/DVD driver in Device Manager for repair or updating drive***THERE IS NO LISTING FOR CD/DVD DRIVE THERE OR UNDER SOUNDS SECTION  IN CONTROL PANEL. I have a Compaq  F700 notebook running Windows Vista.  There are 2 DVD players listed in programs in addition to the Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. One shows "No Disc" even after disc is inserted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by noblepap 5 years ago

Laser pointers

Hey guys, I can imagine this question being asked a few times, but google did not provide good results. ANyways, I have a CD drive, CD burner, and DVD drive and wanted to build myself one of those nifty laser pointers that can burn matches almost instantly. Which one will have the strongest laser to do this with? I'm assumign either the CD burner or the DVD. so which should I tear into?

Posted by Spamwich 8 years ago

raspberry pi in portable DVD player

Hi! i have an old dvd player that i dont use. i would like to know how i would go about of turning it into a mobile raspberry pi. i dont care for the DVD playing ability. i want to hard wire the PI directly into the player without using actual AV cables. anyone know how i could go about this or have any links for this? thanks

Posted by hiyall1 1 year ago

PC DVD/CD Drive Draw

Does anyone know of an Instructable to tell you how to do this? Which basically will turn a CD/DVD drive into an actual draw?

Posted by 4 Aces 5 years ago

Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc, into the tray, I hear a couple of beeps, a fast whirring sound that then stops. No playback happens even set to auto play. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed disc that came with my latest printer. Trouble shooting via Windows help & support led me to find drive in Device Manager for repair/update.***I find no listing for a CD/DVD drive there or in sounds section on control panel***I have Compaq F700 notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium. Programs list show 2 DVD players in addition to Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. (One shows"No Disc" even after disc is inserted). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by noblepap 5 years ago