Links don't work

Can't get past the first page in the recipe for Easy Truffles.

Posted by marilynnla 8 years ago

Old Computer Speakers

Is there any way i can hide my old computer speakers? I would like for it to be kind of easy. Any ideas?

Posted by tirth5 8 years ago

9 - Step Origami

NOTE: try guessing the final result before reaching the last step.

Posted by JoudA1 1 year ago

easiest metal to work with

Can any one tell me which hollow meal rods are easiest to work with? I am thinking about building a hammock frame that will support at least 170-200 lbs. ( i weigh 160 but it never hurts to hold more). I wouldn't necessarily need to bend the metal rods but they should be relatively easy to cut. I want to stay away from hard wood and copper if possible. At first i was thinking about using pvc but i don't know how much it can hold. I only have hand tools and a power drill. Please feel free to post any suggestions. If you have a better way to build a hammock frame please post it here. If i figure it out ill post an instructable. I uploaded the top view and side view of my design. it was drawn in paint for brain storm so its not very detailed

Posted by srikar06 11 years ago

Anybody know cheap($50),easy to make robots for beginners?

I've been interested in robots for a while,but I can never seem to find any robots that are cheap, or easy to build on a small budget. If anyone knows of any(especially on this site)bots that I or other beginner builders could make.

Posted by INVADER SCOOGE 10 years ago

What are crafts I can sell that are small and easy to make?

Hey, I have a bit of time on my hands and I plan on spending some of that casually making money. I've figured that making and selling crafts would be the best way to go about that, all while incorporating something I enjoy: crafts. Do you have any ideas of easy-to-make items which I can sell on eBay?  So far, I'm  considering candles and candle holders.  Thanks!

Posted by christophungus 4 years ago

I need something that fits the discription!

Please upload a project suitable to this group!

Posted by maeve 11 years ago

Skip suggesting "for easy printing"

When you hover over the PDF icon a bubble says "Download as PDF for easy printing and offline viewing".  I suggest you skip the "for easy printing" -- it suggests the reader waste paper for something that can easily be viewed online.

Posted by BillyBuggy 7 years ago


How come noone posted a DIY yoyo yet? I make them so I thought someone would've posted it by now. You can make cool mini plastics out of cheap crappy party favors from any party isle at the store, Butterfly and regular. I have to make an extra thin string for them but they sleep and fly nice. Anyone else ?

Posted by jimmyb0nz 9 years ago

Never type again -how slackers make instructables

Check out my new instructable. It shows you how to never have to type using a free service called jott. You can then take that, add pictures, and make a complete ible without ever touching your keyboard. do you think?Eric, do you approve? Other Instructables staff?

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

Why Vegan Is Good?

Here are four reasons that make me cook and eat vegan, and most important – enjoy it: Vegan is Healthy - Eating vegan and fresh food several times per week will make you lose weight, look better, be full of energy and feel better. Go back to the roots. Vegan is more Sustainable - Conventional livestock farming is the most polluting, water using, greenhouse gases emitting and cruel industry humans have ever managed to create. And don’t give me that crap about pesticides and migrant workers picking the vegetables – buy seasonal (see recipes for autumn-winter, spring-summer or all season meals) and local products. It’s your choice who you’re giving your money to after all! Vegan brings Cultures together - Vegan meals are dominant menu in all ancient cultures – from India and the Middle East, through South East Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Vegan is a Challenge - My first rule – never follow a recipe to the letter. Use your imagination and creativity, change it according to your personal taste, improvise and share your experience. And here I am putting together a cookbook with easy vegan recipes and willing to share experience! 

Posted by DiaPia 7 years ago

This is hilarious...

Sing to the tune of sexy back.I'm bringing pastry back.Yeah.When I transport it I like to wear a hat.Why?I not to sure, but it don't look wack.word.Where we going to hide this to protect from attack?hmmm.take it to the fridge.cos' this pastry.uh huh.will make the casing of a tasty piea haa.I let you have some if you let me bake.ok.because I can't read this suck!Look out for the walrus!Now. Watch this.

Posted by mg0930mg 10 years ago

How to: get started

Hi everyone! I'm kinda new here, but I like the site a lot. I've been thinking some time about starting to build things, learning a bit of programming and so on and so forth. And then I found this site. Now I'm planning on forming a hobbyist club with some of my friends (we are 16-17 years old). The problem is, I don't know with wich projects I should begin... We don't have a CNC machine or 3D printer. All suggestions are very welcome, from building a boat to a cannon to some toys to some costumes etc. If possible, please post the instructable here. Suggestions are also welcome! Thanks in advance! :p

Posted by nvranken 5 years ago

fun question # 5!

Well this one is more fun well ketchup or mustard? easy question yet fun

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

question about kodak easy share

When I am putting my photo's into the easy share picture frame, the writing down on that bottom of each picture is showing. Can I erase them?

Posted by Sandeshell 7 years ago

Super Cheap and Easy WIreless Remote Shutter, Under $10

I think everyone should know about this. Its soo easy, never spend more then $10 on a wireless remote for any gadget! 

Posted by tailortrik 8 years ago

Tripod greenhouse - cheap, easy, high volume Currently in Paris to start an urban farming collective around this, details on that blog. Thoughts?

Posted by SolarFlower_org 7 years ago

Does anyone know an easy way to create a firefox extension?

How to make a firefox extension? I really don't care how simple it is, I just need to start somewhere.

Posted by King825 9 years ago


I have a 12dc sever fan installed into and old fridge to be made into a jerky dehydrator. what i need is a simple TWO POWER WIRE IN and TWO FAN WIRES OUT speed controller as the fan empty's the air from the fridge in 2 seconds flat. what i need is a controller with three speeds and an OFF. i can make one very easily from a detailed schematic but please keep it simple

Posted by joypad 7 years ago

How can I make a switch that will make a camera take a picture when a door is opened?

I'm trying to figure out how to make a camera photograph someone when a door is opened and/or fire the flash. Easy would be good ...

Posted by brandegor 9 years ago

Microwave Cooking Cheats

How do you use your microwave to speed up recipes? Are there unusual microwave "cheats" you rely on?

Posted by garnishrecipes 6 years ago

Can you make photo sorting easier?

Hi Instructables Team! Can you make photo sorting easier on tags? Like delete, and edit tags - as you can see my tags are really messy, I want to delete some unwanted ones.

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

Hey everybody,i'm back!

I know what your all thinking right now "oh no that freak is back". But then again why do I care what you guys think. But anyways just thought I would drop in and tell everybody why I haven't been on in like 3 months. 1.School......lots of work.2.Found about this cool company that sells these awesome sleds.(yes,sleds. Not your tube or steel runner sled,but your nice mad river rocket sled with awesome control and you can do some sweet tricks on them.Link at the end. And a video.)3.I grew out of k'nex and forgot there was so much more on this site!Thats it I think.links: this is not me. I have a few videos up their but I stink.

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

Make a Generator

Alright so here is what I am looking for. I need a small generator that could fit inside of a box-fan. I've seen things about stepper motors and all but I need the absolute most simple generator you can come up with. I'm no electrician and I don't own a soldering iron, can anyone help?

Posted by reedz 10 years ago

how to make a patch

I recently got my hands on an awesome jacket from Goodwill, and it is the perfect material to put a couple patches on. I have a couple designs in mind for the patches I wanna make, but I have no idea where to start, so please help me out. I am a complete newbie too PS printed or sewn patches are both a help, but preferably sewn.

Posted by Schisler7 9 years ago

Make electricity from trash!

Hey, guys! recently I've published my FIRST instructable! It's a project to make electricity from biogas produced from organic materials. Check the link below to have more information: Note: this instructable is in the "green living and technology challenge" so if you like it vote for me!

Posted by baker amin 7 years ago

Wanted resources for new learners

Hi, i'm an Information technology student, but i'm very much interested in electronics and robotics. I saw many video tutorials and other web pages to learn, but I still cant get enough information's like why to use them and how to use them( I had to browse a lot in internet, but there are lots of them, don't know which one to select). Is there any resource that could teach me electronics easily and deeply.I prefer video tutorials. If there is please share with me :-)

Posted by Rey Wolver 6 years ago

pulsejet night run

This is the simplest pulsejet you could make and costs only Rs.110 and has got a good throttling range,which you could see in the video..No need to strain much to start this engine it starts in a single attempt. this has really got good thrust,tried to show an cloth near it but i was not able to do it,so much of force from the exhaust day i will hook it up to a scale and find out the real thrust.. note: at the end when i tried to show a cardboard the engine got few holes in the welded parts..  

Posted by ganuganu 7 years ago

Any way to make a cheap bike easier to ride?

So i got a bike when i was littler, and it was just a $25 cheapie bike from Walmart. Well I didn't like riding bikes much, and it was left to stay in the garage forever. Until recently. I've started getting back into riding my bike, and i'm wanting to use it to ride around town. However, this bike, being cheap, is hard to ride. Probably harder than it would be if I got a full-price one. However, being 17 and only being able to get part-time jobs, I certainly don't have the money for a full-price one yet. Is there anything I can do to this bike to make it easier to ride, or more efficient? Thanks!

Posted by SneaselKat 7 years ago

successful 5th pulsejet

Hello everybody,i think you all remember me "the pulsejet guy" atlast made my fifth successful pulsejet engine after doing some research on the design. so you all remember that i made this engine before. the above engine is a 4 inch dia engine,so now with the same dia i made a highly tuned chinese type which produces more thrust when compared to the previous design..At first i failed at starting then i made some changes in the tailpipe and got it running successfully.. here is the engine. And the sound produced in this engine is comparably high its annoying annoying irritating ear bleeding and produces high should be little careful wit your ears.. and finally here is the video take a look at it..see you all in next pulsejet video,a bigger one..  

Posted by ganuganu 7 years ago

55pounds thermojet

 Now my aim is to fix the engine(55pounds) to the tricycle(designed by me) and drive it to accomplish my dream.. here is the way how i designed the engine,after a deep research on the acoustic resonance taking place inside the engine i was able to tune the engine in such a way that it produces 40 pounds thrust then after adding an augmenter to it i was able to achieve 55pounds of thrust..This took me some 2days to design the engine.. special features:- the engine is hollow with no moving parts and produces an thrust of 55pounds which is capable of pushing a man of 70kg+kart+20kg gas cylinder..The main advantage of my design is the TSFC(total specific fuel consumption) is reduced when compared to other designs..this has got an excellent air fuel mixing capability.. here are some pictures drawn by me about the engine..

Posted by ganuganu 7 years ago

How to Cook Prime Rib. Easy


Posted by GoingLikeSixty 11 years ago

I need an easy USB drive case for my drive.

Hello, I have a kingmax 8GB super mini flash drive, and need an easy, inexpensive case for it. If anyone can make me a guide on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by JBarnes640 9 years ago

Easy CD Top

Make a quick and easy top with a CD (remember those?) and some lamp parts. You can make the design a little nicer by putting a new pattern on top or just see what the CD art is like when it's all a blur. CD top via Make blog

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Cheap Easy CNC: To post or not to post?

That is the question. It will look something like the one pictured, and will be a combination of this, this, this, this, and many months of research. It will be cheap, under $300 easily. I want to know if I should do an 'Ible before I make it so I can take pictures. What do you think?

Posted by snowpenguin 9 years ago

An easy to sourc,e EASY to build, cheap laser cutter instructable

Would anybody be interested in creating a new laser cutter instructable. I saw this one: , But it seemed WAYY to difficult, to difficult to get the parts, and not super high quality. If anybody could do an instructable for this, (possibly with a RAS PI, it would be much appreciated. We want a cheap Laser CUTTER!!!!

Posted by 508Parkour 5 years ago

Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Speakers into Different Things

I am wondering what inventions could speakers be made into different things

Posted by camdog7d 6 years ago

easy way of converting dc into ac

Does anybody know of an cheap simple circuit, using only a few components, to convert dc into ac or pulsed dc? I'm going to be using a super capacitor that's rated for 2.5 volts and I want more out of it, so the output is going to be put through a voltage multiplier circuit.

Posted by guyfrom7up 11 years ago

Any First Easy project?

Hey! :) I'm new here, I love Electronic things and I would Like to make DIY Project, I bought some stuff on ebay as In my city there is no normal electronic store, I got some led transistors and resistors.. I Tried to make the flashing leds by sounds it seem to work for the first 5 min and then it burned out... I want to make an easy cool impressive DIY Project, My actually first project that will work. I would love your help guys, Thanks!

Posted by Cyb3rD0rk 6 years ago

squirrel or cat.

Do you choose squirrel or do you choose cat or do you choose both.i choose cat sniper.

Posted by nfk11 7 years ago

failed contest sorry.....

Sorry guys for the failed contest i was expecting more posts... I am embarrassed to not be able to give away the gift card.....

Posted by I3uckwheat 7 years ago

Ninja Stars

OK well i was wondering, is there any other ways to make a Shuriken? Because i have made a few but i want more. But i want them NOT to stick in my wall. Just so i can throw em at anything with out busting a wall. Any suggestions?

Posted by NEEDsumthin2DO 11 years ago

laptop cooler

My laptop gets really hot after about 30 minutes of Internet browsing and after 1 hour of gaming (I don't know why maybe because of the modem????) so I really need a cooler. I have three 1 or 2 inch (let me know if a need exact) fans I could use and wood legos knex and rokenbok. I have a hp pavilion dv6409us laptop with a 17.5 inch screen. if you need a picture of the bottom of the laptop so I can show you the hot spots and the fan let me know.

Posted by djtomczak678 10 years ago

Hass and Associates - Å datasnoke er vondt lett : Enhver kan være deg!

Http:// Å ha tatt dagen av, var jeg på hjem lyd sovende. Telefonen ringte omkring 10am. Jeg har ikke brydd å plukke det opp. Det stanset å ringing og som jeg ble halv klar over at det ble mottatt av vår tjenestepike. Hva komplett tok meg ved overraskelse og laget meg springer mot full konsentrasjon var hennes samtale med den andre personen på ledningen. Dette er hva jeg hørte hennes ordspråk : «Det er ikke noen hjemme akkurat nå bortsett fra Chotay Sahib. Choti Bibi er i hennes rom sove. Baray Sahib forlot om morgenen å falle Chotay Miyan og har ikke kommet tilbake ennå». Jeg nærmet meg kvinnen mens dette fant sted og spurte som hun snakket med. Jeg ble fortalt at telefonabonnenten «lød som» en av mine søskenbarn, så hun fortalte ham disse tingene. Jeg tok mottakeren fra henne og murret en hilsen. Personen på den andre slutten legge på. Med skjelver ned min ryggrad, betraktet jeg som dette individet (med et uidentifiserbart antall) kunne ha vært. Det kunne ha vært noen – en markedsfører, en potensiell burglar, men en ting var for sikker ; denne personen var en «sosial ingeniør». Sosialt ingeniørarbeid er kunsten av bruken sosial mulighet å manipulere folk ved gjennomføreen visse tiltaks eller røpingseinformasjon som den er ikke toalett til. Det er en av de mest farlige formene av å datasnoke mens det ikke krever noen virkelige tekniske ferdigheter. Vi gjør all det på noe nivå i våre liv grunn forskjellige grunder. Når brukt av fagmenn imidlertid det blir et forskjellig ballspill alt i alt. I dette tilfellen ble de indre arbeidene av min husholdning utsatt mens noen leder vår tjenestepike inn i å troing at han var del av familien. Mest av hovedinnbruddene ved Kevin Mitnick, dubbet mens «de mest farlige datasnokene i verdenen» var gjennom sosialt ingeniørarbeid. Lar oss studerer et tilfelle.

Posted by lcotto1 5 years ago

Easy Decoration Tips - String Tree Wall Mural

This is a cheap and easy way to decorate your walls with out the hassle of painting or installing wall paper.  It is a string wall mural found on re-nest.  There are so many different ways you can configure string on your wall using this technique!

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

Fast and easy firebreaks

One year of heavy rainfall followed by one year of drought adds up to a recipe for disaster.  Its time to do something about your cheet grass.

Posted by Mud Stuffin 6 years ago

Sustainable living made easy

Sustainable living is easy and cost-free if we can only open our eyes and look around us. They are many things which we can make use of and make them into beautiful items. It would be ace with these items are useful too. Please support this cause by frequenting our site and even donating.

Posted by suzene 11 years ago

Washcloth Bunny or Boo-Boo Bunny DIY **EASY**

Super easy but fun to make.  These are good for Easter or any Spring-time party.  The Boo Boo Bunny is for the little ones.  Stick an ice cube in the middle of the washcloth and give it to your child when they complain about a boo boo.  Somehow bunnies make it all better.  Here's the free pattern:  The washcloth pattern is on my blog but also here on Instructables:  (I'll make an Instructable for the Bunny soon.

Posted by HandmadeByAnnabelle 5 years ago

easy fast long range accurate paper airplane:the V1

Hey guys,I made a paper airplane thats a variant of the dc3 paper airplane.I call it the V1(V1 does not stand for version 1,it stands for variant 1).Icurrently dont have any pictures or videos of it(I think)but I will soon have pictures or videos of it.

Posted by gardman3 5 years ago

Cheaper, more easy DIY

I think that this site should have a lot more cheap and easy DIY projects...While i think all the projects are great, like the CNC machines and advanced electronics, i really think that we need to have a lot more simplified and easier instructables that are featured that people don't have to go out and buy a 100$ CNC machine for.  I'm not saying that the site doesn't have easy ones, just less of them are featured than harder more complex ones.  Just my two cents, please don't hate.

Posted by bobert610 6 years ago