make a ebook

Hii! I`m trying to make a ebook and wonder how to make it. is there any programs/software i need to have?

Posted by dagelias 6 years ago

eBooks only contain table of contents and comments

Hi, The ebooks available for download only contain a table of contents and comments, but not the actual instructables.  Not what I would call an eBook!! Is there a problem with the eBook generation or is this on purpose? Cheers, Shauno

Posted by shauno 7 years ago


Unable to download pdf format ebooks of  How to Draw and Bicycle Mods. Attached are the XML error messages when trying to download each pdf file. Thanks.

Posted by lyfsavor 6 years ago

Download the ebook

I am sure I must be doing something silly but I have tried both Firefox and IE and don't see any way to download ebooks anymore.  When I am logged in and click download the ebook it brings me to a general description page on one tab, a table of contents on another tab, a small table below that lets me download various readers but I don't see any actual link that lets me download the book in question.  I have looked in my downloads folder thinking that maybe it happened in the background or something but that also isn't the case.  There is also a View Instructables link that just brings me back to the page that has the Download ebook link.

Posted by edcatlett 6 years ago

download ebooks

I can't seem to be able to download your ebooks

Posted by helenburks 7 years ago

Unable to find ebook download button

I can not find a button to download an ebook from the ebook page.  What am I missing?

Posted by elrodqfudp 6 years ago

How Do You Create An Ebook Cover ?

I'm making an ebook.  The ebook covers for Instructable ebooks look very good.  What software or online service would you recommend to make them look that good?   Example for an Instructable ebook is below. Thanks!

Posted by bigkhong 6 years ago

eBook download error

Hi, I recently upgraded to Pro membership, and when downloading an eBook, all I get is the table of contents and comments on the eBook. If thats all I get, then Pro membership is not really worthwhile. Is this a bug in the eBook generation process, or by design?  eg Office weapsons eBook (attached copy). Thanks, Shauno

Posted by shauno 7 years ago

Cannot download Arduino Projects ebook

The link for downloading the Arduino Projects ebook is invalid: it (AWS?) returns access denied.

Posted by asymmetric 6 years ago

Can't download some ebooks...

Hi, I can download a lot of ebooks but I've problem with 2 : and When I click on PDF or EPUB button, response is like this: AccessDeniedAccess Denied44666D57EC548F0Ac5gRbIBZZZRGLDLSQMi6wUdbrTbrdvu8RxK8jUcN8EPPvTIL7IRiIdn/819zudIw It means I can't have acces to those ebooks... is it an error on your server or is it a volutary restriction ? Used platform is Linux Mandriva and browser is Firefox 17.0.1. Regards.

Posted by chlafaille 5 years ago

Selected for inclusion in eBook?

I just got an email saying that one of my instructables (which one?) was selected for inclusion in an eBook. Is this legit? Can someone take our instructables, resell them, and make money off of our ideas? Or are the eBooks for free? If they are not free, then where is my cut? It appears to be an automatic opt-in deal, because is says, "If you don't want to be included for any reason, please write back and let us know by Dec. 9. " Am I being overly cautious? Has anyone seen this offer before? Or am I the last one to know?

Posted by hammer9876 7 years ago

Cannot download ebooks, no links, have pro membership

Hi, I cannot download any of your ebooks with a pro membership - I simply do not get the download screens. And yes, have checked browser, security, plug-ins etc... no joy. Can you make sure I am activated correctly? Also there appears to be many people with this problem, so do you have an alternative method of getting pdfs?

Posted by TheStudio7 6 years ago

E books

Firefox 4 can not see the download buttons on the e book page. IE is OK

Posted by rickharris 7 years ago

What free ebooks should I check out?

I'm going to be hiking in Japan for a week soon. The last time I did this was about eight years ago and I hauled a few large paperbacks along with me which I devoured in the first few days. It was far too much dead weight and took up too much space in my backpack.This time around, I'm going to be borrowing a Sony ebook reader from a friend. Since many ebooks cost more than real books and there are a ton of classics I haven't read yet, I'm going to load it up with reading from Project Gutenberg and far I have selections from Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Nietzsche, Cory Doctorow, H.G. Wells, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Those are already be more than enough, but I want to have options!What other free classics should I check out? I normally geek out on too much non-fiction, so I want some stuff with wonderful language, characters, and stories. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

ebook link broken

Hi I noticed that this ebook Daily bread epub link is broken screen shot below. Im running firefox, on ubuntu thanks liquidhandwash

Posted by liquidhandwash 6 years ago

Where are those eBooks?

OK, this is probably more a case of not quite ready yet as opposed to an actual bug, but it bugs me so in a way it is a bug. Anyway, why is it that there are 6 interesting looking eBooks on the banner for the eBooks on the front page, yet when you follow the link, those eBooks are nowhere to be found? Also, on the front page when you scroll down and see the featured eBooks there is a link to more eBooks, but when you click it, it just takes you to the top of the front page again.

Posted by Twinmum 7 years ago

Downloading ebooks

I have a pro membership and when I try to download the instructables ebooks I can´t find the download link. I only get a table saying all the formats. How do I download them? BTW: I am not trying to download ebooks from the store, it´s just the normal ebooks. Att. JOao

Posted by okiedokie 6 years ago

Unable to download ebooks

I could just be a dunce, but i can't figure out how to download any of the ebooks.  i hit the get the ebook link and it gives me a veiw instructables button, table of contents and summary but now download link?  how do i do this? Ote

Posted by Oatimusprime 6 years ago

Can not download e books from these links

Cannot download either the PDF or the epub versions of the ebooks from these links A sample image of the error is provided System Info Windows 8 64bit Chrome 26.0.1410.64

Posted by mjktrombone11 5 years ago

ebook download error message

Hi,  I have been trying to download the halloween make up ebook and get this error.:- AccessDeniedAccess Denied1255728ACB601357b+0wHE3R/m7dTbNsDJnpixLcx565TdG0AKfrPRpkozKJ6qrz0NZkPJApzuTQCVkA I tried other ebooks of interest and they all download perfectly Anyone else having problems or better yet have a solution?  Thank

Posted by Y-Geo 5 years ago

bad eBook download links... still

Hola!  I'm having the XML problem with the "Unusual Uses for Ordinary Things" eBook when I try to download it, both in PDF or ePub. I've seen that's a "common problem", can you fix these? I really want this ebook on my life! :D Here's the link: Thank you, Instructables help team :)

Posted by lasusipop 3 years ago

ePub ebooks missing images

I upgraded my subscription to Pro this morning so I could take advantage of the ebooks. On downloading several ebooks, I find them missing the instructable images.  For example: When downloaded, the epub is missing the images.  On extracting the contents, it looks like the epub has an images folder, and all the source files point to that location for the images, but all the images are missing.

Posted by jangliss 6 years ago


Lots of good ebooks available but I can't download any. No instructions given. I have ADOBE DIGITALwhich has a butten to download NEW but I don't have a file name . the first one I want is COPY CAT CANDY but there's no way  to click on that file name. also, you can drag and drop, but again nothing to ckick on to drag. If anyone knows how to download these ebooks to computer (not an ereader) please help. P.S. I've downloaded booksfrom my public library. No problem. Thanks, Mara

Posted by mmaunder 7 years ago

Candy clone E pub broken


Posted by pianotips 7 years ago

I bought a Pro Membership, it shows up on my profile, but it will not let me download an ebook.

I bought a Pro Membership, it show up on my profile that I am a pro member.  I have downloaded one ebook, but it will not let me download another one.  Why not?

Posted by cggoodwin 6 years ago

scoochmaroo's ebook

I have been contacted by a member, named scoochmaroo, who tells me she is packaging up a number of origami-related instructables and selling them. She says: Congratulations! Your Instructable has been selected for inclusion in eBook. We're taking some of our Guides to the next level, and converting them into an eBook format to better share Instructables projects with a wider audience. You'll get a copy of the eBook, which you can share with friends and family -- especially those with iPads. You can see a draft of the eBook here: Before publishing the eBook, I will be writing up a description of the projects and a link back to We hope you're as excited as us, and wanted to reach out to let you know this was happening. If you don't want to be included for any reason, please write back and let us know by Dec. 9. --- I have declined. When I posted my instructable to this site, I did so under a Non-commercial Share Alike Creative Commons license. I was serious about that. I don't make money off of my work and I don't think anyone else should do so. I think that's not too much to ask. This scoochmaroo says she is selling her ebook for 0.99 cents a pop. I would like to find out if this ebook has the sponsorship or the blessing of the Instructables site. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.

Posted by oschene 7 years ago

ebook problem

The ebook on making chocolate truffles seems to have a broken link--I got a message about a tree? Can someone fix this as I'd like to download the book?

Posted by beatyruth 5 years ago


OOOOK!! So here i am with another question... My wife bought me a kindle fire three days ago. i have been tinkering around with it to see what i can do with it naturally...i then got to thinkin i wanted to put all my 'Ibles e-book downloads on it...but heres the hitch...i downloaded Calibre to convert the documents, and i am having a number of problems... Problem 1:  After converting the pdf to MOBI, and then syncing it to my Fire, i disconnect the device and test to see wether it was a successful sync (to see if technology was telling the truth as it is often fickle). Well, success it downloaded...but thats not the problem...when i look for the new e-book i just converted, i would expect to see the book's cover as it is on the 'ibles website (ie: go to the e-books page and look for the guide to paracord). what i see is not that but what you see when you click the download button on the download page (it has the cover, and the intro description of the e-book). I want to figure out how to get Calibre to convert the book to have the real cover...not the description page. Problem 2:  I want to try to download the e-pub of the guide to paracord...but when it asks to save it...i save it and then it downloads. after that i go to the file its sitting in, and magically the file is a zip file...i have NO idea what i am supposed to do with this!!! i extracted the file, and low and behold...there is a gazillion files within files (not really...its more like 50+ folders haha). i then proceeded to move the files to my Kindle Fire and then disconnected the device and BOOOM!!! nothing!! Problem 3:  when i did the conversion to MOBI in Calibre and then did the test on my Fire, i touched one of the direct links in the TOC and it zapped me straight to the beginning of the book... If anyone knows whats giong on, PLEASE HELP ME!!! And before anyone asks...*i have read the instructions to the software*

Posted by sokamiwohali 6 years ago

Inspirational Interior Design Photos eBook

EBook having images of interiors designed by professionals. Click the link below for details and download link.Interior Design Ideas

Posted by aurictitan 10 years ago

Bread ebook broken

Https:// Both the PDF and the epub files have the same problem: AccessDeniedAccess DeniedC69F6071A9D79825V4jQnd0Aubw/cNKC7FrkOKgog+aiMr13DdUvYRLUNmd33RHIlKUIYA0iTchjCAuT

Posted by dazbobaby 6 years ago

Free Ebook Re-Use for T-shirts

Not sure If I would use any of these but for anyone with a bunch of old t-shirts lying around here's some more ideas. link

Posted by TheCheese9921 8 years ago

eBooks Download

Hi and thank you for all the fine work! Special thanks to the editors for compiling the cool ebooks :) I have downloaded numerous Instructable as PDF files, always without a glitch. Recently, I looked at some eBooks and found the compilations very good. Two eBooks that I would have liked to download throw errors: 1. Operating system:Windows 7 64-bit 2. Chrome Browser: Version 24.0.1312.57 m 3. Project/URL: a.) b.) 4.No screenshot - resulting page content.:  a.)  This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. AccessDenied Access Denied 6254A05C0777B436 O/setqLTWKKvZVplJMwnfaqSpUqhchTU06ttOHP1mzrb0RopsajeqbR/u+zsfZE7 b.) This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. AccessDenied Access Denied CA673B4FBAC7A61B 48q8psW2mtxDZ8R4QOIflEAZroqW9KIGZ/NwwyE4amGp8lqGz5z+dz6zLv/ce3wo 5. steps to reproduce: i.) navigate to ii.) click on "Download PDF" (save as does not do anything) iii.) navigate to iv.) click on "Download PDF" (save as does not do anything) Perhaps these eBooks have been "pulled", perhaps it's me, but I did download other ebooks prior to and after these errors in the same session. Warm regards The Mase

Posted by TheManse 5 years ago

Kiteman knows a secret!

Instructables is going back into the publishing business! OK, so it's not much of a secret, what with a bunch of people getting emails about their projects going into them, but individual comments are building into a bigger picture: Instructables is following up The Book with a bunch of eBooks - a BIG bunch of eBooks. I don't know the titles, yet, but there are going to be... (counts on fingers, runs out) more than several (in aPub format, maybe Kindle too?).  Did you get an email?  Are you going to be in one of them? If you find out a theme or title, add a comment. Can we work out what they all are before The Powers That Be let us know officially? Oh, and get this - at least some of the several will be free for pro members to download!  Now there's even more of a reason to post a cool project that could get freatured - a helping of free pro-ness would come with a side-order of eBookiness! (K'NEX?  Surely not?) Yes!  They're on the Kindle!

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

eBook madness!

Hey everyone,  just wanted to send a heads up and let everyone that might be subscribed to Scoochmaroo or I that we are in the midst of some serious publishing mayhem! Unfortunately that means you'll be getting a pile of updates as we publish and then immediately unpublish the eBooks as part of the editing process. Please forgive us, there wasn't a way around it this time. It's certainly something we'll look into for the future.  Best, Jason

Posted by Culturespy 7 years ago

Can not download Ebooks - I have a pro membership

How do i download ebooks?  I signed in and "hit" the download ebook icon and then it took me to the book page.  It did not download and when you look at the top of the page it wants you to log in again.  So - i logged in again but still nowhere to download book.  so I hit the back button and it showed I was logged in.  I hit the download button again and once again it took me to the book page - only this time I did not sign in (again it requested that I sign in) And when it went back to the previous page - low and behold I was signed in.  Whats going on with this?  If I can not download your ebooks can I get a refund of my 2 year payment?

Posted by aeoweb 6 years ago

single ebook download page behaves as if I cannot log in

While logged in (account links look correct in upper right hand corner), I visit the "Guide-to-Paracord" page. Immidiately, it looks as though I've been logged out ("Login" appears in the upper right.) Logging in and returning to this page always has this same effect (no other ebook page [so far] does so.) When clicking the "download" link, the mini-login appears. entering my username/password only cycles the page (ending in the same result.) Maybe something wrong with the page...

Posted by mpierce333 6 years ago

Can't even find link to download ebooks

I became a pro member yesterday, and the membership appears to be working correctly -- I can download full instructables including pdfs. But I'm having trouble with ebooks. When I click on "Download the ebook" I'm taken to a page that allows me to download Adobe Reader, Calibre, and the iBooks app. But I don't see links anywhere to download the actual book. (PDF is my preferred format.) I can see from this forum that many others are having similar problems, so this is clearly a frequently asked question. But I don't see a hint of an answer anywhere. Can someone please help?

Posted by rcfinn 7 years ago

eBook downloads in Firefox 4, 5, 6, AND 7

I am hoping I am not the only one with this issue: The new ebook downloads are currently very difficult to download in Firefox here. In Firefox 4-6, the links that should show up are covered almost completely by the text box above them, leaving a two pixel high sliver that can be clicked on. This makes it very hard to download the ebooks in Firefox. In Firefox 7, the buttons are mostly covered. You cannot read the text, but you can at least tell the buttons are there, as a 10 pixel high orange stripe appears. The links work normally in other browsers I have installed (Iron, Opera), as well in Firefox 3.6.x (confirmed from another user's computer). I've attached a screenshot that exemplifies this issue. For reference, I'm doing this on Windows 7 x86, SP1. Display resolutions are 1600x900 pixels for secondary, 1900x1080 pixels for primary. 96 DPI - nothing strange here. I have gone as far as reinstalling the operating system, with no change. I also have a Linux machine running Firefox 7, on which I cannot replicate this issue, even with the same set of add-ons installed to it. On Windows: Current browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1 On Linux: Current browser: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1 Update: This issue has persisted for four full versions of Firefox, and STILL hasn't been addressed by staff. This is why I let my Pro subscription lapse, and don't want to renew it.

Posted by Xial 7 years ago

Can't Pay for Simple Bots ebook

I can't pay for the SimpleBots ebook.  Pressing "Proceed to Checkout" does nothing, and yes I have the agree to terms checked. I don't have a PayPal account, but that button does seem to work. OS:  Mac OS X 10.6.8 Browser:  Chrome 18.0.1025.163 (I think I properly attached the screencap if not let me know)

Posted by joelcardinal 6 years ago

Can't download e-book. AccessDenied error on Fun With Concrete PDF

This is the URL that I'm sent to when I click to download the PDF or ePub for "Fun With Concrete". I can download other e-books from this site just fine.;=G7vabkErIDOv6kYH~-w~555PEQY~uzq~oXHLsyIQPVJjvKxUItUtoEa84rNsR5cqtSXXuJxb-1Vl6LFTcQxhYrtFT78dREJ9L3OQ00hKzTg0hjOj3E~9iIdOCZ6grCnZZ-7784OPL1IWLEe7jNm8idIudWm-8OO9NRZol4xgUzY_&Key-Pair-Id;=APKAI44RD4FFAGO7EV3A

Posted by salokcin 6 years ago

Sams Citizen Band Radio Manuals (1961) Free to download

My mate Gerry and myself are members of the Internet Archive, a vast depositary of out-of-copy-right texts, videos and audio. Volunteers like us, are constantly uploading new materiel, its all free to download, with some restrictions, like, "for non-commercial-use only". There are books like old telephone manuals, Bell Labs monthly journals, same for Kodak, books on building televisions from the 1940s, Radio, Electricity etc a book from Popular Mechanics, called "The Boy Mechanic", training manuals, and fiction. At last count, volunteers had uploaded 1.5 million text items. In the movie archive, there are training movies, and videos from the USA Government, on things like Nuclear Power and Subs, Power stations, ships,  a lot of stuff produced to screen in schools but still useful. Plus old movies, there is 22 episodes of the old Western Bonanza, for which the copyright owner forgot to renew the copyright on. Plus more like all of Edison made movies, 1900 and before, up to maybe 1905, then stuff like his gramophone, etc. Any material uploaded, that is under copyright, is quickly spotted by volunteers and reported for deletion. Gerry in New York, collects a lot of old books from library dumpsters, all of which he scans, and uploads to the Archive. and of cause most members upload, as you dont need to registrar at all, to download. Gerry just advised me, he is uploading some CB Radio manuals, I just checked, and its 5 volumes at least, of the following, on the following link. The 922Mb PDF is an archival version, so only download the 31Mb PDF, thats all you need to use the book. To review on-line, it the Read Online link, and the Text Only, has had OCR run over it by the Archive, so you can copy and paste the text, but beware, you need to proof read it for OCR errors. Gerry uploads a wide range of items, so he uses a keyword coding, to tie all similar items together on the archive, so when you reach the URL above, there is a listing of keys words, the one to click on is SP-000-001 which gets the other volumes as the other ones keywords are for linking to other members uploads to the archive. To see his other stuff, click on his name as publisher. (Publisher to the archive) or SP-000-001 for his similar stuff to the book below The following is Gerry's standard book description. BTW, Gerry works for a library, is a copyright expert, and even has a copy of a letter from Sams, saying the material is in the public domain, seems 5 years ago, somebody uploaded similar material to other website, was reported to Sams, the letter coming back, was then placed on the same website. Sams Photofact Series; Citizen Band Radio Manual, Volume 1; published in 1961. Published originally by Howard W. Sams & Co., of Indianapolis, Indiana. It was published under the Photofact folder series and is was copyrighted in 1961. There is no copyright renewal for this document so it is Public Domain under Rule 6 of the U.S. Copyright Statutes. The document is 160 pages; Dimensions are 8 1/2" width by 11" height and weight 383grams. Ebook created by Gerard Arthus. This item was from the collection of the Suffolk County Library System (SCLS), 627 North Sunrise Service Road, Bellport, New York 11713.

Posted by Lateral Thinker 8 years ago


Please send me good ebooks for learn linden script. I am in a beginning stage. please help me.

Posted by addharmawansa 8 years ago

Can't Download Any eBooks

If I click on any eBook I get this odd Java gibberish and it appears like a mirror image receding with 2 full Instructable menu bars ON a regular Instructable page.  It hasn't happened before and it is annoying.  More so since I haven't downloaded an instructable in's been a crazy few months.  I have pasted in some of the gibberish below...  Any help would be appreciated! Please excuse me, that was very impolite! - javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/common/layout_bootstrapped.jspx': ServletException in '/pages/explore/type/instructable_content.jsp': /pages/explore/type/instructable_body_guide_bootstrapped.jsp:72: text is not allowed as a child of <{1}>. Only and are allowed children. Exception javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/common/layout_bootstrapped.jspx': ServletException in '/pages/explore/type/instructable_content.jsp': /pages/explore/type/instructable_body_guide_bootstrapped.jsp:72: text is not allowed as a child of <{1}>.  Only  and  are allowed children. at org.apache.tiles.taglib.InsertTag$InsertHandler.doEndTag( at org.apache.tiles.taglib.InsertTag.doEndTag( at _jsp._pages._explore._type._instructable__jsp._jspService( at com.caucho.jsp.JavaPage.service( at com.caucho.jsp.Page.pageservice( and so on....

Posted by futureparadox 4 years ago

Stats and eBooks!

I've just pushed out another update.  There are some new tabs now on your You page.  The first is the downloads tab, which will let you keep track of the PDFs you have downloaded from the site -- going forward; we didn't track previous downloads so the tab will start out empty.  There's also a spot for downloading eBooks.  You may know that we've been creating eBooks out of some of the more popular Guides, and selling those via Apple's iTunes, as well as a couple other online bookstores.  Well those have been doing so well that we'll be generating more, and will be releasing many of those for free on directly.  Check your favorite Guides over the next few weeks to see if they're available in eBook form. The next addition is a Stats tab, giving more tools to authors who want to promote their Instructables.  This pulls information from Google Analytics for your own instructables, in a variety of combinations.  Check it out at  Be patient as this generates a bunch of informative charts on the fly and can sometimes take ten or fifteen seconds to show up! If you're logged in via Facebook, you also will now have the option to post to your Wall, when publishing content.  Look for the checkbox next to the Publish button on Instructables, Forum Topics, and Questions. There's a few other things in this release but just for us site admins, I'm afraid -- we occasionally need improvements too and with all the contests we've been running lately, we had to make some updates to how those are handled. We did a lot of testing this time around, but please don't hesitate to let us know if we broke something!

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

Anarchist toolbox

Wow, this site is a great resource.  Much better than your average ebooks on stuff.  More anarchists should post creations, ideas, etc. to this site!

Posted by santony1 7 years ago

Zune eBook Creator (RTextAsImage)

Make your Zune the ultimate eBook reader with our softwareThis tool allows you to "convert" text such way, that you receive suite graphic files like suite of scanned pages of book or magazine. It is often necessary when you want to read favorite book on MobilePC, which does not have ability to show text files, but only graphical i.e. Zune. This tool has many opportunities for settings output files: type of graphical file, size of file ("resolution"), pagination, margins, font, color of text, line spacing etc. Also you have ability to save favorite settings and load saved earlier. url -

Posted by oleg.shastitko 10 years ago

Letter from the editor: Say Hello to eBooks!

Happy New Year to all! It's been an exciting time at Instructables HQ, with the release of over 60 new eBooks currently available in the iBooks store on iTunes! As many of you know, we've been furiously working on putting together some fantastic guides of projects that span the content of the website in order to share our work with an even broader audience. Many of your projects have been featured in these eBooks and you have already checked them out. For those of you who haven't, you can peruse the iTunes bookstore and download free previews of all of the books we publish by searching for Instructables within the iBooks App on iPads, iPods, or iPhones. If you don't have a device that natively reads EPUB files, you can read them on your computer using a free EPUB reader such as Calibre. Click here to get Amazing Cakes for the iPad or iPhone Lots of interesting questions and ideas have come up in the creation of these books. While we want to offer as much of our content for free as we can, it's also true that people tend to value objects more when there's a price tag attached. To test out this theory, we did add some nominal fees (between $0.99 and $2.99 USD) to some of the more niche titles we created – the rest of our books remain free on the iTunes market. However, all of our PRO members will soon be able to download every eBook we produce for free, and every author featured in one will receive a code to share with their friends and family as well. Some of the titles are available to the Nook audience, though their publishing restrictions were tighter than iTunes' (the Nook doesn't allow us to offer eBooks for free!), so we were limited to what we could share through that market. Now that we know more about their process, we'll be able to share more with them in the future! And we're still brainstorming the best way to bring these books to your Kindle (as much as I love my Kindle, I just don't like the way our guides look in e-ink). Of course, you can still upload pdfs of the Instructables you love to any portable reader you have. Click here to get Survival for the Nook We hope you're having a great new year, and that you're as excited as we are about this new venture!  Click here to check out all the rest of our new ebooks! All the best, Sarah

Posted by scoochmaroo 7 years ago

I'm new and looking for projects and ideas

Hi Just came acrosss the site todays looks great I am sure I will spend many hours (too many?) on the site reading the postings and adding some of my own. I am very inetersted in renewable energy and spreading the use to help reduce climate change. I run three websites in my spare time wher I make a very small amount of money and hopefully spread information and ultimately help in the battle against climate change. I would be inetersted in feedback on my sites. I wiould be happy also to post up some projects in ebook format for members. I am also looking for projects to add to my sites - could I buy these from people? Hope I haven't offenbded anyone with this post or broken any rules? Warm regards richard - information site with free information and downloads - book and ebook shop with some free ebooks - free to use auction and classified site - like ebay but free

Posted by onetoremember 11 years ago

How to build solar panels ?

Hello I have a question. I am searching for a possibility to build a solar panel at home. I only find E-books that you need to pay for. Do you know if there are any free offers ? I mean something really simple, like these Ebooks because I am not really a Handyman. :D Do you know if this site is trustable and if it is worth to buy one of these Ebooks ? I really dont want to spend that much money but I am really interessted in this topic and I am not so good in searching the Internet for the right sources or collecting them in a way I can really build something out of this mess of Information at the end :confused:. thank you in advance

Posted by DariusN 8 years ago

E-books not downloading...

Hi there, I can't seem to download any of the e-books in pdf. Th Adobe download starts, ends abruptly, followed by the '..cannot not open file. Either the format is not supported or the file has been damgaged" error. This occurs with any of the ebooks. Waddup? :) Thanks!! G-Farce

Posted by G-Farce 7 years ago