Can some help me to give a circuit diagram in heat sensor cooling fan using only thermistor, potentiomet and resistor. 

Posted by vcente.capio.1 4 years ago


Hai sir,          i am udhaya engineering student.i have one doubt ............ HOW TO INSERT A PROGRAM IN INTEGRATED CIRCIT?         please send me about this details...

Posted by udhaya anandh 4 years ago


I am currently working on a project that requires energy harvesting ,so i decided to use electromagnetic induction for the purpose. However I can not decided how to design my magnet and coil combination. All i know is i want 2.6-3.3v and 26mA for round about 4 ns. The setup in brief required a movable permanent magnet and a stationary coil. The moment of the permanent magnetic is like a oscillating pendulum just for once but with a sleed of say about 15km per hours. So can you please suggest me how should i start designing. thank you

Posted by SiddhantS6 3 years ago

Capacitor Help

I am trying to build a lab power supply which I need to complete in order to continue an electronics course I am taking. The schematics require two 4400 uF capacitors, which for the life of me I cannot seem to find on any website or store. I was wondering if it is possible for me to use a slightly higher capacitor without causing electrical problems?

Posted by Sedgewick17 9 years ago

Simple Game Console?

Does anyone know a super simple game console hook-up? I don't really know much about circuit boards, and electronics, but I'd like to learn. What I mean by simple is: a power supply plug for it, AV cable plugin, an on/off switch, controller ports, and game cartridge port. To be specific, I'd like to be able to build a smaller, simpler version of a Sega Genesis, or N64, or whatever.                                                             --- Thanks!!

Posted by kenizl86 7 years ago

Getting Started with PIC

Hello again, I'm looking for suggestion or first hand accounts on getting started with programmable IC's. I'd say I have enough basic electronics skill to get by, but I'm completely new to programmable chips. So I'm asking where is the best place to start? I'm mostly just looking for hobby stuff at this point. The PICAXE stuff seems simple enough for a starting point, anyone have first hand experience there? I should note I don't have any access to programming though parallel ports, and I'm running Windows Vista, so any set up would need to support usb and my os. Additionally any recommendations on some reading would be nice too. Thanks again Nic

Posted by Mrlzeppelin 8 years ago

small 12v heater element control

Hi, looking for a bit of advice from electronically literate folks... I'm planning a low-temp water heating device that will keep a water/yeast/sugar solution at around 38C to produce optimum levels of CO2. so far what i have in mind is using a cheap 12v car immersion heater (the type used for making hot drinks on the go), powered by 4 x 3.7v lithium batteries in series (giving me roughly the right voltage range). The part i'm now trying to figure out is regulating the heating of the solution. I'm considering using an LM35 component to monitor the temperature via contact on the outside of the vessel. What i'm stuck on is what other components would i need in the circuit to take the  voltage output of the LM35 and use it to control the 12v immersion heater to maintain a temperature of around 35 degrees? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

Posted by RionZion 1 year ago

Help me create this game with Arduino please!

I had an idea for a game for my martial arts class that I am teaching and need some help with the logistics lol. I created 6 "soft buttons" using the instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Soft-button/. I want to hook up six of them to an Arduino for a speed drill that requires the student to be the first to hit the target. I would also like to have some variations, such as sound effects played when the button is pressed. I have a crude drawing of what the set up would be to give you a mental picture of what it is.  

Posted by Servoscott 4 years ago

Convert sound signal to dry contact signal?

This might be a bit of a strange question, so will try and word it so someone can follow along. I posted a thread previous about getting my doorbell chime to work with SmartThings.  What I now have is a sensor with external input.  The keep it simple, there inputs are GRND and IN.  When the 2 inputs are joined, the device reads CLOSED and when they are apart, the device reads OPEN...perfect. I've been trying to find a point on my Chimes circuit board that would create a dry contact between 2 points to trigger the sensor, but I'm not having a great deal of joy. There are however, 2 wires running from the board to a speaker in the unit.  Is there anyway I can get convert the signal to the speakers into a signal which would connect the 2 wires? I know a speaker is an electromagnet that responds to electric signals, but wasn't sure if there was something preventing the contact being made between the 2 sensor wires

Posted by K20Evo 3 years ago

Using a Rhino FXS Analog Chanel bank to actuate a relay

Ok so i've got a VOIP system that's connected to a Rhino FXS Chanel bank  that's used to control our overhead paging system. From the Rhino we go to a Volcom analog adapter to a Volcom Stacker unit (echo cancelation). Every once in a while this system will "lock up" and just throw static over the paging system (and even more rarely someone will put the overhead paging system on hold which pumps our hold music over the intercom system)...to combat this i've got the Rhino, the adapter, and the stacker pluged into a surge protector so that when the "abnormal condition occurs" we just flip the switch on the surge protector and it drops the whole system. then we turn it back on and all is well.This works great but the system is in a remote location in the facility so it takes a bit of walking to get to it. What i'd like to do is try to hook up a NC relay between the surge protector and the wall and have an open channel on the Rhino actuate the relay to basically turn the power off to the system any time you dial a specific extension.According to the datasheet the Rhino itself has a line current limit from 18ma to 45ma and it emits standard telephone line voltage....i can also configure the ring cadence...so i can probably set the ring duration long enough to actuate the relay before it cuts the system off (which would then return the relay back to closed)i'm having trouble finding out what the actual output voltage on the analog line and a general lack of schematics to try to make this workso...if anyone wants to have a little fun attempting to design a relay that can be actuated by a telephone...please reply

Posted by crapflinger 9 years ago

Polarity Conundrum

Https://www.instructables.com/answers/Polarity-switching-issue-first-one-to-resolve-get/ Polarity switching issue, first one to resolve gets a one year pro membership, if answered by June 03 2012   Ok, here's the issue.  years ago i picked up a wireless remote control kit for automotive use.  It consists of a 12v receiver with 4 sets of colour matched wires.  Basically you can turn on and off 4 devices.  Press button 1 on the remote and a on-board 15A relay activates completing the circuit for one set of wires.  Press button 1 again and the same relay cut outs and the circuit is broken.   These wires are designed to interrupt the negative or ground  side of your accessory with the positive lead hooked up to your power source.  The receivers power is hooked up to the 12v battery.  I even went so far as to open up the receiver and discovered the entire circuit to be potted in opaque epoxy (how rude) so no modding of the circuit sadly... What I can't get my head around is how to utilize this as a polarity reversing unit, or can it.  Now I have messed around with using polarity reversing circuits in a analog style before, I even wrote an instructable on making one with a DIY DPDT switch  Here's the thing, I live in a remote area of the world and do not have immediate access to what most people are used to, so is this circuit possible to be utilized in the manner I am wanting?  I have access to additional standard 4 pin relays if this helps, but not much of anything else. First person that provides a detailed anwser, which results in this working the way how I want, utilizing what I have, by the end of JUNE 3 2012 will receive a 1 year pro instructables membership.  With a possible 3 month pro membership to the one who proves most useful in finding a feasible work around by JUNE 5th 2012.  And sadly using alternate supplies is not an option, "pretend I am on the moon, with no transport available in time". see the pics Note: in the diagram, the green wires are one switch, the blue wires are another.  Their are 2 more sets of wires but these are being used to control other items and are not shown.

Posted by iminthebathroom 6 years ago

Help : simple, useful electrical/electronics project ideas??

Help : simple, useful electrical/electronics project ideas??

Posted by jv_bartolome 6 years ago

Your Favorite Electronics Kit

Tandy used to produce introductory electronics guides so you could teach yourself and buy Radio Shack parts. Before them, heath kits were king. Today, snap circuits are popular. What's your favorite electronics kit? Why do you like it? What are your favorite projects for learning electronics? What could you make with the best kit ever?

Posted by stasterisk 10 years ago

Wholesale electronic components???

I was hoping someone here would know of a place i could buy electronic components at wholsesale prices. I'll buy bulk. The reason i say this is a friend is setting up an electronics store, but at the moment it's looking like he'll have to buy-in at retail, which'll leave his sales prices very high. Please help me out. Tom

Posted by lifelong-newbie 10 years ago

Electronics Book

I want to start a few projects using a Arduino board and know what I'm going to do. The problem is I do not understand some concepts and parts with electronics. I was woundering if anyone could recomend a decent Electronics Book to help me grasp concepts and what specific parts do. Try to keep it in the $20 range because I have a gift card to amazon. Once I document my project I'll do an instructable.

Posted by acer73 10 years ago



Posted by pinkitkat 8 years ago

Resource regarding Electronics

Hello everyone, this is kaatan. A new member of instructables.com with a question which I seek for a very long time. With good resource in Computer and Programming I've mastered Computing skills and Info Security (BTW I'm a Computer Science Student who is Admin of a under developing site). But I'm not satisfied with my skills and I wanted it to be extended for robotics. I knew that I need some Physics, but that is not a problem at all. All I need is a good book for beginners on Electronic devices, which will provide me with in depth explanation and easy to understand and do projects myself (I'm more enthusiastic to learn). Anyone with this resources similar to this please share with me or if you need any doubt or resources ask me :)

Posted by kaatan 6 years ago

Any good free electronic circuit design programs?

Hi, i'm a second year engineering student in need of free tech!  Can anybody recommend a decent circuit design program? I have access to programs like this at university, but thats 6 miles from my home and me and my brother want to build a electric bike. Thanks to all that can help =)

Posted by Tsimbilakis 3 years ago

Go buy a digital Multimeter next week...

Harbor Freight is having a sale. This is a quite useful meter; it probably won't set any accuracy records, but at $4.99, everyone experimenting with electronics ought to have one. At $2.09, everyone who thinks they MIGHT do electronics should get one, and actual experimenters should get two (so as to be able to measure current and voltage at the same time.)

Posted by westfw 10 years ago

Is it possible to convert a PCB board of an electronic device into computer code? to see how the device works?

Hello guys, My name is Danish, I have never met electronics in my entire life until now but its seems like electronics is not easy going to be my friend, I need your help guys and i would highly appreciate and will always love you. I am trying to find out how a particular device works? for example. There is a camera or a remote control or any electronic device, and If I want to see how these devices works so that I can make a computer program to do the same. Is there any software which can do the same or i need a schematic diagram or anything else? I am not even sure that my question is valid or stupid but please if somebody could give me little hint or direction. Thanks alot.

Posted by danishsoomro 6 years ago

What was the last electronic device you broke?

In writing 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer I collected a lot of broken electronics to make projects with. However, the ones I had the most fun re-purposing were the ones I had broken myself. This is not say I enjoy breaking my electronics, but rather, I enjoyed finding new uses for the devices that I had grown rather fond of using. The last such thing I have that died on me was the digital camera I used to document all of the projects I made in the book (it survived over 20,000 photos before I dropped it for the last time). It's currently in pieces on my work bench while I try to figure out what to do with it. I'm wondering, what is the last thing you have that died? What do you plan on doing with it?

Posted by 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer 8 years ago

Solder types (electronics), some good info on the topic

This thread on stackexchange http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/3/what-are-the-different-types-of-solder-used-for gives overview of different solder and flux types, what to choose as beginner hobbyist and some points on health risks. The answerers do not agree on everything, but despite that there is lots of quality information gathered together. Maybe good to refer to, when some part of the topic comes up in questions section some time again. Enjoy.

Posted by Libahunt 6 years ago

any electronics or robotics project

I'm getting bored these days so I want to try something new. I saw the winner with the intructable about the motorcycle signals sewn on her jacket, or something. I was inspired at how creative that idea was and since I'm not doing much nowadays, I want to make a project about electronics or robotics. The truth is, I have no experience in this topic, that's why I said something new. So, any of you who got any ideas about these topics and if you're really that generous, provide me an instructable on how to do it. I really want to prove myself that I can also do something in this field, not only in Biology. Well, that's all. I'll appreciate anything that you'll suggest. Thank you very much.

Posted by l.arvinpascua 10 years ago

Help electronics beginer

Hi, I am trying to learn electronics and have few questions about some confusing stuff: - If one is measuring current in a circuit, he is supposed to connect the multimeter into the circuit. Ok, how do you measure current in the arbitrary track on the PCB? Are you supposed to cut the track open, just to take one measurement? - I have bench power supply, on which one can select voltage and current. If I connect toy electro motor it runs nicely. Power supply shows 3V, 0.17 A. But when replace electro motor with 1,800 ohm resistor, no current is drawn. If I insert multimeter between the resistor and terminal, multimeter shows that no current is flowing. Why there is no current flowing when resistor is connected and there is current when motor is in ? regards, dejan

Posted by COROVICD 11 years ago

Electronics for five year olds?!

Hi everyone, I joined the forum and became a member because I'm getting rather starved for ideas... A community centre (or center as you spell it south of the boarder) asked me to design/ come up with some drop in classes for children and their care givers. Some kids could be as young as five, and they want the class to have an electronics, hackery, tech based focus. I've done this with 12-17 year old, but this 5 year old thing is throwing me for a loop. I'm thinking about joule thieves and home made robots, but does anyone else know of a project that's gone over really well with young kids they can share at all? I'm not sure if this is in the right category, apologies if it isn't.

Posted by youhearditherefirst 10 years ago

What does mpsa transistor mean?

I have a project that requires mpsa13 transistor but the local electronics shop only carries mpsa12 i don't know what is the difference between the two, what are some alternatives or do they have different names in different country. thanks in advance

Posted by MaxF5 3 years ago

Help with neurofeedback device

Are you in the San Francisco bay area? Interested in neurofeedback? Experienced with building your own electronics projects? Willing to help someone with little experience? I'm on a very limited budget, but this is something I need. I have plans for an open source neurofeedback device that I wish to build. I don't have a lot of experience with electronics (mostly microcontroller projects using solderless breadboards). If I have to, I'll be doing this myself. I'm hoping to find someone who is interested in this and would be willing to help. Thank you

Posted by GlobalVillageIdiot 10 years ago

any electronics or robotics project

I'm getting bored these days so I want to try something new. I saw the winner with the intructable about the motorcycle signals sewn on her jacket, or something. I was inspired at how creative that idea was and since I'm not doing much nowadays, I want to make a project about electronics or robotics. The truth is, I have no experience in this topic, that's why I said something new. So, any of you who got any ideas about these topics and if you're really that generous, provide me an instructable on how to do it. I really want to prove myself that I can also do something in this field, not only in Biology. Well, that's all. I'll appreciate anything that you'll suggest. Thank you very much.

Posted by l.arvinpascua 10 years ago

Electronics Project Ideas which do not use Microcontrollers

In the past I have used various dev boards(Arduino,RasPi,Intel Edison, Particle Photon,etc) for projects. I am planning to make a couple of projects which DO NOT require the use of a Microcontroller. For some reason  I have this mental blockade of innovative ideas which I can implement without using a Microcontroller. If you have any cool non-microcontroller based project ideas, share them in the comments below & I'll try to make an Instructable out of them. 

Posted by Jonathanrjpereira 2 years ago

new member

hi there my name is mahmoud and iam 36 years old,i'am electronics technician and i have good skill in repairing rc toys and power supplys and more . if any one would like me to help it will my pleasure to do that ..... i have hobbys in robots and any stuff like that ............bye for now to every body.

Posted by mahmoudzawahreh 8 years ago

Electronics for power supplies

First, I apologize for being (almost) the hardware version of a "script-kiddie". I do want to learn the techniques involved but all of the electronics courses I've found work the wrong way around. They teach "this is what we have and this is what you can do with it" whereas my brain works in the "This is the problem, here is a solution and this is why it works." manner. This is how I learned software but when you get it wrong you can start again without losing the magic smoke! I have a 250ah, 12V battery bank, multiple DC devices requiring power and, eventually, several power sources for recharging. I also have several MC34063 chips and a few higher amp chips (somewhat optimistically as it turns out). Firstly, is there a practical course online that is built around this? Secondly (and probably extremely basic), if a device draws, for example, 3A is it self-limiting or do I need to put something between the source and the device too restrict the power?

Posted by ImmortalSoFar 8 years ago

How LEDs Work

Right, so i know that LEDs work when a electron meets a hole and drops into a lower energy state. This releases energy in the form of a photon.After a few experiments for college i can show that as current increases light output increases i'm assuming this is because more current = more electrons = more energy released = more photons = more light output. Correct?Another of the experiments i did was to investigate the heat around the led and the light out. It turns out that as the heat goes up, lumen output goes down. Now the question, why (in a physical sense) does this happen?Do the holes become less? why?Thanks ppl

Posted by drummer ian 11 years ago

got an electronics question

Ok, i've got a question for anyone with electronics knowlege... some time back i picked up one of those danelectro fab overdrive pedals. i wasn't expecting much, but for $15 i figured that if i got one usable sound out of it, it would be great and, to be honest, i wasn't disappointed at all... but, i was thinking about buying another and gutting them and putting their innards into a single case to make an overdrive with 2 cascading gain stages. now, the issue i'm having... unless i'm able to wire them up to run off of one 9v, there's no real point to doing this. other than the fun of getting to make some frankenstein effect pedal... which i suppose is reason enough. anyhow, i was wondering if anyone could help me out and tell me if i could run both off of one battery or not. in either case, any additional tips on how to go about wiring them together would be greatly appreciated. thanks...

Posted by JuCo 10 years ago

Low voltage on Supercaps is a pain.

So, back when All Elecronics had them, I bought 100 of the 1F cooper (relatively high current) supercaps (2.5V), and likewise 100 of the Polyacene "batteries" that Electronics Goldmine is selling (0.6F, 3V, 20ohm.) But I've found the low voltages much more inhibiting than I thought it would be in actually using these. Have people managed to find good uses for these despite the low voltages?

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

Switch problem

I have a question for the electronics gurus out there. I have a circuit that I want to activate for a set length of time (I'm using a 555 timer for this) when a door is closed and not operate again until the door is opened and then closed again.  I'm an electronics newbie.  The one-shot 555 circuits I have seen rely on using a momentary switch, but in this case the switch will remain closed as long as the door is so the circuit will remain active.  Are there switches available that will close and open while remaining fully depressed?  Or is there an equivalent circuit that will work with an ordinary momentary switch? Two more things:  the door is very small so the solution must be small; also the circuit will run on batteries so the solution can't be a power drain. Thanks in advance, I hope this makes sense to someone! Kerry

Posted by number8wire 6 years ago

repair a loose headphone jack

I have a cheap mp3 player with a loose headphone jack in the body. Can/ does any one know if or how to fix it? 

Posted by churr 2 years ago

Electronic counter help

I need some help, the basis of my invention is that my friend is always having countdowns (going away, birthday ect,) and i wanted to build a countdown clock for her. I was planning on using the countdown kit from qkit http://store.qkits.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=1679 and was gonna wire it up with buttons so she can manually move the counter up/down. my question is for saving power how wud i wire it so that it wud turn on when there is light but shuts down when there isnt (ex. when she opens her locker it turns on, closes it, no light, so it turns off), and i was also gonna have it say her name so any suggestions on where i can get a good easy to bulid/program led text screen,

Posted by Jfaranda7 9 years ago

2x Questions - Techy

First question - Does RadioShack sell female USB ports? Ones like those that you would use for a mouse, so I could plug in a USB powered device (mp3 player) to charge through, say, a car or wall? It doesn't matter what other type of end it has on it, I'm just going to cut it off anyway. 2nd - Does RadioShack (that's the only electronics around here) sell power adapters, you know, that plug into the wall and output DC power, that output around 5v of power and around 500mA? I'll probably go 'round to garage sales and stuff to find junky electronics, but would like to know if there was an alternative if I happened to not find one. Again, 'tis to be used as a charger for my mp3 player. Thank y'all for your help!

Posted by Bran 11 years ago

repairing a separated copper

I was assembling a 3D Xmas Tree from Velleman-Kit when one of the pads come off the board. Is there a way restore the connection so that the kit will work?

Posted by 08techgrad 5 years ago

LED flash grenade?

I am trying to make an LED flash grenade that I can use for airsoft/paintball. Basically I want it to countdown (from around 6-9 seconds just long enough to push the button and toss it into a room) and when it reaches 0 it would turn on multiple LED's (in a 360 degree pattern) but only for a brief period. (just long enough to temporarily blind someone.) I am pretty new to electronic circuits. I think I would use a 555 timer but not sure. What would be the easiest way to do this? Thanks in advance for the help.

Posted by livingsoul 11 years ago

Stereo Amplifiers, Will they power HHO Generators and control Heat?

Will audio amplifiers work to power HHO Generators on vehicles to control over heating of the cell? If so what other parts would be necessary?

Posted by Pylgram 10 years ago

circuit: 100+ sound bites activated at random by switch

I'm looking to make a basic circuit that plays 1 of many sound bites at random each time the circuit is closed. Any schematics out there?

Posted by Nando_Kommando 9 years ago

my other hdmi port does not work

I have 2 hdmi ports, just one of them that works. I can not find the other I've searched online but did not find out what's wrong

Posted by Hamran 1 year ago

battery problem

I have a 12 volt 7ah rechargeable lead-calcium battery, but no charger. i want to build a charger, but the diagrams ive found are for lead acid. does anyone have a good circuit for lead calcium battery chargers?

Posted by tech-king 10 years ago

Where do I start with Electronics?

Hello everyone, I'm a sophomore in Electrical Engineering and I have only really taken one EE class so far. We used a breadboard to do some very basic logic circuits, but nothing past that really. We also did some work on MultiSim, but that was about the extent of our lab work. I've been viewing this site regularly for quite a while now, but I haven't been able to do many of the projects because I felt like I didn't really have any experience. I'm at the point now where I feel like I should just jump in and start learning, but I'm not sure what tools I need to start out. It seems like every instructable has tools such as soldering irons, solder, wire cutters/strippers, and other tools required. Can anyone let me know what is a base set of tools I need to do some of the basic electronics projects on this site? I'm talking about simple LED projects or anything for a beginner really. Would it be beneficial to buy a bread board of some type to practice wiring? I've seen kits in places like Radio Shack that came with a bread board and other items that said it had something like 100 projects or something like that. Would that be something good to start with, or would it be a waste? So if anyone could provide some links for basic tools needed, I would appreciate it.

Posted by billabong7329 10 years ago

What kind of power supply for this LED array?

Hi, My grow light failed on me recently. It's a series circuit of perhaps 3W diodes.  LED array pic: http://i.imgur.com/YQfJSrZ.jpg There are 18 diodes, and the colors are:  10 x 660nm (red), 3 x 630nm (red), 1 x 610nm (orange), 1 x 520nm (green), 1 x 430nm(blue), 2 x 450nm (blue), Total: 18 pieces Driver: http://i.imgur.com/Fpt2x4q.jpg I'm not really that knowledgeable about electronics, so what specs should I look for when buying a replacement driver? Is it as simple as getting something that is 8-12W like in the image, or is there more to it than that? Thanks.     

Posted by horsebones 1 year ago

Remote control lights

Right simple situation Solar powered remote controlled LED lights. I want to be able to change their colour remotely. ideally in "groups" not specifying RGB colour or anything. Just colour A or colour B How do I do it? ideally cheaply!

Posted by Switch 8 years ago

electronics component question

So i have these lcd monitors, and one of them started behaving poorly. it would black out for a few seconds from time to time, and the power button stopped working. after looking at the board i noticed that one of the components had exploded. i rubbed away the ash and took a picture, which you can see on the left. on the right is a board from another monitor of the same model. i am want to just buy a new component and replace it, but i have no idea what it is, and the information printed on the top isnt helping me any. as seen in the picture on the right it says 'c u 7 A A O S' but again, i dont even know what it is. some kind of amplifier or signal processor? i also noticed that a similar but larger version of this next to it, which you can see in the picture has a slightly differnt number on either board. i will just assume thats unimportant. i did some heavy searching but came up empty handed. if anyone can help me identify that chip and -be still my heart- where i can get a new one, i would be indebted.

Posted by polkadott 11 years ago

Doorbell - press button and make an explosion sound

I'm thinking of making a prank doorbell where you press the button and an explosion sound goes off. I seem to be a little stuck on choosing a simple audio input that I can put an explosion sound on. Any suggestions? thanks!

Posted by abugslife99 5 years ago

Very basic electronics kits for 2 yearolds!?

My 2 year old daughter appears to enjoy the very basic geeky things that she's gotten her hands on so far.  Things like plugging headphones into the iPad to listen to music; building things with large Lego blocks; turning torches on and off; playing with little remote-controlled-cars etc etc. I'd like to see how she gets on with some sort of basic "electronics kit" which allows her to experiment a little while teaching her some very basic principals (like circuits require both a power source and a load). All existing electronics kits I've seen would be way to advanced for her.  For example, she's years away from being able to understand what "completing a circuit" means (i.e. any kits which require you to connect both a negative and positive cable from power source to actuator would be way to abstract for her). I'm thinking of making her a very, very basic "electronics kit".  Each component would be in its own little tinted, semi-transparent box. There would be several "sources" of electrical power (small battery pack, PV cells, little hand-cranked dynamo etc).  Each source module would have a single large DC socket to send power to another module.  Each source would produce about 3 volts and would have short-circuit protection. There would be several "actuator" modules like a lamp, motor, door bell, volt meter, radio etc.  These modules would each have a single small DC socket. Cables would have a large DC socket on one end and a small DC socket on the other.  The use of large DC sockets on the power source modules and small DC sockets on the actuator modules should make it mechanically impossible to create a "wrong" circuit (like connecting a battery pack to a  PV cell). And maybe some basic "control" modules like a switch, light-operated switch, oscillator etc.  Each  control module would have both a small DC socket (power input) and a large DC socket (power output to actuator). Each class of module (actuator, controller, power source) would have its own colour. My first question is: does a similar kit exist for purchase? If not, I'll make the kit for my daughter, unless anyone has good evidence that such a project would still be way to advanced for a 2 year old.  Of course, I'll start with the real basics like just a battery module, switch, light and two cables to see how she gets on with it.

Posted by jack_kelly 5 years ago