Electronics Help

Hi ppl,I am currently making a variation on this circuit:http://www.edn.com/article/CA257052.htmlhttp://www.edn.com/contents/images/257052f1.pdfI understand how it all works but do not understand the principle of the inductor capacitor used (bottom left), if anyone could give a brief explanation of this (links are good too) and also some formulae i would b e very greatful!!thanks

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micro electronics

Basic of this post is where e to buy micro size electronics for micro flying drones which are insect size? I asked arduino and raspberry pi, no answer yet.  in this post : https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printed-Ornithopter-Micro-UAV-Drone/     there is electromotor which OP claim that was used also by inventor of little flying drone...regarding arduino uno board i am not sure that was really used by inventor, please see pictures and videos on youtube....so if someone knows please post where to buy such micro size electronics. Thank you  

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What is this electronic component?

During one of my part harvests I came across a rather odd component. It looked like a black rectangle with steel pegs protruding from one of its sides. The part's etchings are a white dotted line followed by what appears to be a mitsubishi symbol followed by the text "E 27k", an ohm symbol, then " 9428". I found this part on the board of what I believe to have been part of a tape recording machine. Attached is a picture of the component. If anyone can identify the part I would be eternally grateful.

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Where to buy e-ink/e-paper screens?

I want to build a project that could really benefit from epaper.  Is there a source for e-ink displays and driver chips?  This is a relativley new technology and I couldn't find much short of thousands of dollars. BTW, I'm proficient at electronics, so it's not like I'm looking for some kit to hook up to my arduino or anything :P  I'm looking for the raw stuff.

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The ten Dollar e-rader

This project needs more exposure for open contributions and from all of you to improve the simple prototype I prepared please feel free to suggest add and improve. The aim is to provide 10 dollar e-readers to as many children as possible. (reading happens before keyboards)The 3d model I uploaded http://10.reads.itIt opens with google sketchup so please junzip it and then open it with google sketch up: http://sketchup.google.com(BTW i'd like to suggest this app for some future complex instructables it really helps)They erased my Wiki article! @#! anyways here is the updated page10.reads.itThe Ten Dollar E-reader (10ER), is a proposed inexpensive electronic reader intended to be distributed to children around the world, especially to those in developing countries, to provide them with access to literacy, knowledge and the introduction modern forms of education. The electronic reader project aims at developing ten dollar Electronic reader (10ER) jointly with the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) trade association. The 10ER non-profit organization is based in Montreal QC Canada and was founded as a part time project by the Angel A. group.

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E-Cigarette to fuel injector

I was just browsing the information on e-cigarettes when the thought hit me. Here we have a small electronically controlled atomizer, what better use can we use it for. One of the first ideas came up was to use it as a fuel injector for small model airplanes. Anyone have any ideas or remarks? Btw theres plenty of companies wanting to give them away because it creates a "bond" where you need to buy the refills from them. Little do they know that I like to re purpose "free" things

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E-Certificates for Contest Winners

I'm in currently in the second year of my Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering course & I have been a winner in a few contests in Instructables. I was recently updating my LinkedIn profile when I thought of an idea wherein Instructables contest winners would get E-certificates that they can include in the profiles. I'm sure companies which are hiring would show some interest in online contests held or supported by sponsors (such as Intel, Microsoft, SeeedStudio,Dremel, Formlabs, LittleBits, HP, Epilog, etc) on Instructables. I'm also sure a lot of people would like to showcase their achievement's on platforms like Linkedin,etc. If you agree or disagree(constructive criticism) leave your comment below and also leave your feedback/additions. Let's see if this actually becomes a feature on Instructables?

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Esquire's e-Ink cover

A friend writes:If anyone is interested in hacking the E-Ink version of the October issue of Esquire, here's some info. First, it's not available everywhere, but just in major stores like Borders and Barnes & Nobel. I got one at the Emeryville Borders. They have a display rack full of them.After removing the paper, tape, printed plastic and foam padding, here's what's left: (see pic)The PCB has 6 (!) 3V lithium batteries. It looks like one poweres the control electronics and the other five give 15 volts to run the displays. There's a PIC12F629 and some pads for in-circuit programming. There's also a couple of 4094 8 bit shift registers. There are two E-Ink display panels, but they're not general-purpose dot matrix. They have a small number of pre-patterned regions that can be made black or white. If you disconnect a panel from the circuit, the panel remains in its last state.It might be possible to open up a panel and put a different pattern underneath it (say, with a PCB). Might be fun.The PCB could be useful even without the E-Ink displays. You could connect a bunch of LEDs to it and reprogram the PIC. Not bad for $5.99 plus tax.I did later tear open one of the two display panels. You can remove the aluminum backing to reveal the connections printed in cunductive paint on the back of a pattern in conductive plastic. Trying to peel the conductive plastic away from the E-Ink active layer destroys the display, and releasing a tiny amount of E-Ink dust.It does look like one could cut the display into small pieces to possibly make small separate indicators. You'd need to retain the edge that connects to the clear conductive plastic on the front of the display.

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What is the solution of 'E' Waste (Electronic Waste like CDs etc)?

I want to reuse old CD's, Floppy & other type of Electronic Waste. Because they pollute our environment, these items are degradable. We have to save our Environment, Our People & at last Our Earth. Plz help me to do this. Thanks

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E-Ink (or LCD?) keychain fob

(or: one fob to rule them all)problem: too damned many keychain fobs for all the supermarket and other retail discount clubseach one is designed to be nothing more than advertisement on one side (store logo) and a bar code on the other.solution: electronic keychain that can be programmed to display a store’s logo and discount club’s UPC code. a small LCD might work, but would be difficult to properly scan with bar code scanner. plus, LCDs drain batteries whenever they’re on.something like electronic ink would work better. it’s more reflective, only uses batteries when changing the pixels, and the display only needs to be black and white, so why bother with LCD?(http://www.eink.com/)the whole thing could be really tiny, needing only the controls to scroll through the programmed UPCs, the display itself (maybe .5′’ x 1.25′’), a small battery and a mini-USB port (for plugging into a computer to program in the UPC codes).anybody want to build me one? my keychain’s getting a little cramped.

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i know very less about electronics stuff.can anyone leave me any e-book or any material/link on the net...? Answered

Being a mechanical engineering student, i have no idea about the electronics. if someone needs to make any RC robot then he should be aware of the electronic circuits(as i feel). so kindly guide me regarding this...

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Seal a leaking E-Cig reservoir window?

Hi guys, I have a 7's Electronic Cigarette with a reservoir window to check how much juice you have left. I absolutely love it however I've noticed over time that they start leaking from the window as if they weren't sealed very well. What I would like to do is seal up any holes in mine because the replacements are $15 and it can add up. The outer casing feels like aluminum, and the window is just some type of plastic. Ideally I'd like to still be able to see through the window. Any suggestions? Here's a link to the product: http://www.my7s.com/hybrid-vision-one-kit.html

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Haptic Feedback Meditation (E-Meditation)

Hello, I am a 17 year old electronic hobbyist. I am in the process of making a "Haptic Feedback" meditation device. I give the whole project story here. If you are just interested in the final project you can skim or skip to the "Testing" section. THE IDEA Many months ago (when i was not so knowledgeable about electronics) I had an idea. I wanted to be able to see my thoughts as I thought them. I was obsessed with the idea of this and the thought of what would happen( imagine holding up a microphone to a pair of speakers). I could imagine myself staring at my own thoughts (or a colorful representation of them) for hours. I imagined it to be a "New Generation" of meditation. I drew up a few sketches of what this would look like and.. I hit a wall. At the time. I knew absolutely no way to do this. I just knew it was possible. I put the project on the back burner. CONSTRUCTION Six months passed and I had gotten better and better at electronics and micro-controllers and such. A month ago, I started obsessing over it again. I did some internet searches about this type of technology and all the gibberish started making sense. Not before long. I had ordered the parts for it. It cost me a good 100 dollars in birthday money. But it was well worth it and i do not regret the purchase's at all. The three main pieces were a Micro-controller(arduion uno), a brain-wave reading headset(from an expensive childs toy) and a 7 inch by 3 inch RGB led panel( a fancy panel that makes different colors and patterns). Despite knowing a little bit about electronics I was out of my depth, yet still addicted to the project. Long story longer, I had tested the three pieces of technology and they all worked beautifully. With my limited supplies i busted open the headset, made some solder joints, plugged it into the micro-controller, plugged the micro-controller into the computer, and plugged the brain reader into me. Someone before me had already made sample brain viewing  programs in the processing language for these kinds of projects and i downloaded it. I turned on the program and flinched as i turned on the headset( being plugged into your laptops battery can be a tad unnerving). I was looking at a graph of my brainwaves in a system of line graphs and bars. TESTING This was exciting stuff. I sat there for perhaps an hour just staring at my brainwaves shortly noticing a pattern emerging from just simply staring at even the brain reading program. I noticed the more I stared at my brainwaves looking for the next sudden jump or dip. The less they did. In other words, actively TRYING to move my brainwaves, almost completely nullified them. This was very interesting. I took the device and my laptop to my school To get an accurate sample, I allowed any and everyone who wanted plug themselves in to go right ahead. As they messed with thier hair to get it to fit right and turned it on. What was seen for a few seconds was a (what I consider healthy) measure of brain activity. Everything was jumping up and down at varying levels. But after the subject began staring at this dance. The brain activity shrank and shrank until little was left to be observed. Occasionally depending on the situation the subject would then get bored with the lack of activity and try and make some sort of small talk. It then showed a small rising in overall brainwaves that was immediately crushed by the subjects attention toward the screen. In the initial planning, this was the last possibility I had considered. With accidental electrocution being higher on my list of possibilities. The grandiose plan of mixing my thoughts and ideas in front of my eyes shrank. I was loving every second of it. I then later plugged the panel into the device and began writing code to make it react the way i wanted it to. I had programmed the panel to display the color blue when meditation was high and red when attention was high. Purple would occur during a balance of the two. I then took out my computer from the equation as a reader and decided to see what would happen by just watching these two stats work themselves out on a color panel. I got similar results. When I was actively attempting to meditate while simultaneously watching my level of meditation it was an unwavering red. Deep breaths and glances away from the panel would bring purple to blue colors. Then I tried something completely different. I attempted to radiate unconditional love for my brainwaves. I accepted them for their want to be attentive and alert. And embraced them with as much sincerity as I could. The panel turned purple and stayed blue for as long as i could keep this state up without wavering. "Wow" i remember remarking. I may have created the worlds first "Unconditional Love bench press". And your up to speed. FUTURE I have some ideas for the future of this project but I have caught myself in a mental enigma. How would one meditate to the thoughts of their meditation without their monitoring of the brainwaves getting in the way? Or have I missed the point of meditation which might be to have no thoughts? Ideas and suggestions would be great. I would love to hear what this community would have to offer to this device. Input on meditation? Input on the technical stuff? All is welcome.

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Converting a Radio Flyer Classic Trike to an e-Trike

Hi. I've been looking at the Radio Flyer Classic trike for kids and realise it would be the ideal project to convert into an e-trike . Would welcome recommendations and best practice to do this . Component -wise , most important to consider ( slimline battery shape , throttle ( reverse feature) , fixed drive shaft ), front fixed foot holder. This would be my first project on Instructables and would love to document and share based on best feedback options adopted . Thanks!

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I want to buy E-books: Which online shop is good? Answered

I hope to get a good idea about electronics online shop,and hope can be cheaper! Thank you very much!

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Can anyone recommend some good books/websites on electronics and the like?

 I'm looking to get into tinkering and would greatly appreciate help in any form.

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What exactly is the use of Basic Electronics and Electrical as a subject when you are doing computer engineering? Answered

Well i've been asked this question alot of times that i am doing computer engineering and what exactly is the use of taking Basic Electronics and Electrical as a subject in the first year when you actually wont be needing it at all. Thank you guys!

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How to develop electronic differential for articulated rear drive e-trike using the steering angle in Matlab/Simulink?

One wheel at the front and two wheels at the rear,steering mechanism

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Hard drive magnets near electronics & TFT Screens ? Answered

Hi Folks. I recently bought an e-reader with a TFT screen, I am making a hollow book type case to keep it in & planned to use a couple of salvaged hard drive magnets as a closure. The idea is to encase the magnets into the pages at the open side of the book either at the top & bottom corners or just one pair at the center. My question is could the magnets cause any damage to the screen or the electronics of the e-reader? Please don't give me any over analysed answers describing magnetic field strengths I am making a book cover not a hydro electric generator, I don't wish to blinded by science I just need to know if there is a possibility that a couple of 2mm x 20mm hard drive magnets could do any damage. Thanks in advance for your sensible answers folks. Kev.

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Are there any guides for making my own cases for electronics projects?

I.E. a new micro ATX style case or case for a games console Especially clamshell cases! (Would love a crack at making my own laptop...)

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Hi All, Looking for electronic paper , just for the paper with usb connector, no monitor

Hi All, Looking for electronic paper , just for the paper with usb connector, no monitor or other accessories, I need it to be very simple paper but that should support colors?

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[Research] Electronics you redesigned or remade DIY for creative reuse

Do you have any obsolete electronics that you remade or redesigned for difference purpose of use than originally designed? We want to hear about your experience of DIY remaking or redesigning of an obsolete electronics. Please share it with us for us to further research on sustainable design by completing the survey located at the website below: http://www.wonderment.org/ewaste/ewaste.php We are researchers at Carnegie Mellon University studying creative reuse of domestic e-waste for sustainability. This study is intended to explore the experience of green activists of how they reuse, redesign, and remanufacture their obsolete electronics for purposes than originally designed.  Thanks! Sunyoung Kim & Eric Paulos sunyoung.kim, eric.paulos@cs.cmu.edu

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want anything destructive or useful, just e-mail me.. nytro glycerine/ tnt/ hacking/ pranks/ electronic/ got it all

 anything from  poison/ explosives/ hacking / killing/ non lethal/ pranks

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Is there a simple way to power both 6 and 12 volt devices from a 12 volt battery? Answered

I wired up my bicycle with a 12 volt battery.  The problem is, I have a Cree MC-E led which requires between 5 and 10 volts with a buckpuck.  One person suggested resistors to drop twelve volts to nine but that would waste too much electricity.  Is there a simple way to cut the voltage in half to six volts which would not loose power in the conversion process.   Cutting the power to 6 volts would be best because there are devices aside from the light requiring 6 volts which I want to install. 

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Need a little help with a survey

Hi Folks, I'm putting together a concept paper as part of starting a business, and I could use a little help with a market survey. If you have an interest in electronics and have a couple of minutes to spare, please check it out below. I am an electronics hobbyist myself and I know what I would want in a parts store, but if you could help me find out what you would want, the I can make it better for everyone. Thank you in advance, Tim 1) Where do you normally buy electronics parts? a - online retailer b - online wholesaler c - local store 2) Is electronics your main hobby, or part of your main hobby such as: a - Scale model R/C b - Scale model trains c - Electronics d - Kinetic art (or similar) e - Other __________________________________ 3) How often do you buy parts: a - Weekly b - Monthly c - Every few months d - As needed 4) Do you normally buy parts... a - all at once for a particular project. b - for the component, and then chose a project that uses it. c - as you come across a need for it. 5) Do you normally buy: a - Finished products (ready to use) b - Parts kits (needing assembly) c - Individual parts (your own design or other) d - Sub-assemblies (ie: radio links, motor controllers, etc) 6) What level would you say your ability is: a - Beginner (I know what a capacitor is) b - Intermediate (I know what a microcontroller is) c - Advanced (I could build my own time machine if I could just get a flux capacitor) 7) Please rank the following in order of importance, with 1 as most important: a - Customer service b - Price of components c - Ease of use of website d - Projects and tutorials e - Other ________________________________ 8) Would you purchase products from a website in Canada? Y__ N__ 9) What is your location: a - Canada b - USA c - Europe d - UK e - South America f - Other _____________________ 10) What age range are you a part of: a - Under 20 b - 20 to 30 c - 30 to 40 d - 40 to 50 e - Over 50 11) Which option below best describes you: a - Student b - College/University student c - Working hobbyist d - Retired 12) Are you: Male __ or Female __? And finally...What would you like to see in an online electronics store?

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Circuit Design Help

Trying to build a simple circuit to power a small pump while the sun is out. Here are the specifics: Solar Panel (60 cell mono panel) Open circuit voltage 36.4V DC, Short circuit current 7.96A. Pump 12 V DC, 9A max Using E=IR ,  R=E/I, (36.4-12)/7.96 =  3 ohms Power = V(sq)/R = 24.4/3 =198 watts  I purchased a resistor that meets these requirements and hooked everything in series. (Solar panel lead to resistor, resistor to pump, and pump to other solar panel lead. The pump does not turn on when the panel is in the sunlight. I measure the voltage coming out of the panel and it is within specification. I also tested the pump by hooking it up to a car battery and it works fine. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? thanks!

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Mini heater plan , what electronic componenet is better for the job? Answered

I have free energy coming from a wind gen and I like to heat the house with it. What do I place inside a metal box with a fan to blow out in to the room...24/7 a: resisters in correct wattage b: 12v heating elements for a car c: 20 voltage regulator can dissipate good amount of heat d: a peltier e: just simple car light bulbs what say you, need this by asap, it's cold here and I am anemic thanks

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Whats the best portable media device? Answered

What do you guys think is the best portable media device. Im looking for something that I can watch movies on, play music, read e-books, games, any other kind of gadgets.

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hey guys i m particpatin in a solar boat race competeion nn desprately need ur help. heres d link for competion rules

Heres d link for competion rules :   http://redirectingat.com/?id=487X782&url;=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.techfest.org%2Fcompetitions%2Ftorque%2Fsolarsplash%2F i dnt hv n e practical experience with solar engines. i bought my self a 4700 micro farad cap and trying to build with it. can any one tell me how can i increase the tripping voltage for ic 1381 .. i have 1381 c   and its trpping voltage is very low 2 volts .. how can super capacitor help me ?

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Can anyone recommend an online resource for very entry level IC and general electronic design?

I've taken classes that go into theory and the mathematics behind it, but what I'm looking for is how you go about designing for a task.

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couple of questions about recycling E waste proccess??

Ok ladies and gents Im thinking about setting up a business recycling ewaste, computers, TVs etc. before you go and say its not worth it, i understand where your coming from but every small operation ive seen looks for one thing (normally gold) anyway im looking for a faster way to actually pull the PCB apart, so i can get at the gold pins mostly. I was thinking something like a BBQ, with a fume cabinet on top, at a low controlled heat to melt the solder (that can then be recycled) thoughts? secondly im looking for a place i can recycle capacitors, i know there are none in Australia but if i remove them, vacuum seal them, box them and then send them to america for being recycled (i dont mean to send our waste to other places but i really don't want to go and dump them here) lastly the copper tracking on the board is there a way to get this off? i know they are made with chemicals but is it possible to get them off and recover it?? some further information, this is not my first foray into business, i am not looking to get rich quick, my planned production place is a business where we fix electronics (battery chargers, golf carts, forklifts etc) my main aim is to help the community, maybe make a dollar or too and basically clean up. thanks guys

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Electronic bagpipes! Any ideas about how to make one?

I've tried making electronic bagpipes by gutting a cheap electronic keyboard, but it really doesn't seem to do the job. I only need a one octave scale (in the key of C the notes would be C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) plus one or two drone notes tuned to C preferably one and/or two octaves lower than the first note of the "chanter". I even have a small keyboard with a bagpipe setting that might sound pretty good if I could figure out a way to set it up. If using the keyboard is not feasible, is there any other way to come up with what I'm looking for? My electronics skills are next to nil, but I'm willing to learn.

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Some doubts: Lilypad Arduino, Accelerometers and E-textiles

Hello all! First of all, I'm a brazilian undergraduate Design student, and I'm very new at developing electronic projects (specially with e-textiles). I'm currently working on a malleable hand-held interface for my graduation project, and have been posting its development at this website: http://theinstrumentproject.tumblr.com/ Well, I've come up with the attached simplified schematics (just to communicate my needs and current intentions), and some questions raised from it: About Arduino and the schematic: - Will the raw data of the whole schematic (5 accelerometers to lilypad to bluetooth) be fast enough generated? - a frequency of 10 "readings" per second should be enough for what I intend to do with them. * - How much power will the schematic consume? Are three 20mm coin cell batteries going to do the job? In how much time would they be drown out? * About soft circuits and e-textiles: - What is best to transport data and power through this interface: conductive fabric, conductive thread or even a really thin wire? - It is important that it could be folded, twisted and very resistant through time. - Could you indicate any kind of textile more suitable for this application? - It should be just a little stretchy, and very resistant. - Any ideas of how should I protect the components from damage by rough hand manipulation? - Any advice about sewing the whole application? (*) The main components: - Arduino Main Board: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9266 - Lilypad Accelerometer ADXL335: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9267 - Bluetooth Mate Silver: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10393 Hope someone here can bring me some light to these problems, but any kind of help, opinion or critic is welcome! Thanks!

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that piece is this?

Eu quero  construir um  Arduino  e preciso de um  regulador de tensão  entre as peças  que eu tenho esse  é o mais  semelhante ao  que  encontramos  na internet

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Where would you host a collaborative, open-source electronics project

I have an idea for an open-source electronics project, that would involve some fairly simple hardware and some initially not-too-complicated software. I think it's an idea that could have a significant impact on a lot of people's lives, if it works, and it's a project that would work a lot better if I could attract some collaborative help. Now if this were a software-only project, I'd look at creating a public repository on github, but since there's a hardware aspect, I'm not so sure that'd work. Does anyone know of a free project hosting site that's oriented towards electronics hardware, that includes blogging and forum functionality?

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Need help to build my first Electric Motorcycle

Hi, I'm new to this e-Bike technology. I need help from the experts to figure out some details for my electric motorcycle. Here are the parameters of my motorcycle I've planned for : 1) Gross weight of the bike : 140kg + 100 kg (passenger/rider). 2) Wheel diameter : 18" (or 20") 3) Max speed : 180 kmph. 4) Max distance to be covered : 260 km (in a single charge and upto 95% of the battery (charge) usage at a constant speed of 100 kmph). Now, please let me know about the following details: A) Motor-BLDC (its power, torque, watts, hp, rpm, etc.) B) Battery Pack (Watt-hour/Amp-hour/Volts etc) C) Sprocket Ratio and number of teeth for both motor sprocket and wheel sprocket. Please reply.

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how do you make an EMP? Answered

How can you make a little EMP, only strong enough to disrupt (not destroy) electronics? i would be nice if re-usable, or pocket size.

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August 2013 Build Night with Jameco

NO SPACES AVAILABLE **If you are interested in being directly notified about future build nights fill out this form. You will receive an e-mail when the events are announced in the forums. If you have signed up for a past build nights you are already on our announcement list. Instructables is sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. Each month is a different theme and we will send you materials to run a workshop at your space. In return your space will post Instructables from your build night. AUGUST BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with Jameco, a leading electronic components distributor, for our August 2013 build night. Sign up and we will ship you an electronics package that includes: Standard Timer Single 8-Pin 555 Chip (10) Resistor Assortment, 540 pieces (1) Breadboard 3.25x2.125 (4) Battery Snap, 6 inch (4) Battery, Super Alkaline, 9V (4) Grab Bag of Electronics Components (1) LED Grab Bag - assorted colors and shapes (2) Details below (please read all the information). HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Host a Build Night: pick a night in August (any night) to host the build night. At the event build projects using parts from the Jameco electronics kit. Post 3 Instructables: post 3 Instructables using the electronics from the kit. You are not limited to just these components, but projects must include parts from the kit. Projects can be as simple or advanced as you like. Anyone from your space is welcome to post an Instructable that counts towards the 3. These Instructables must include a link back to Jameco’s website. (Not posting these Instructables may affect your chances to participate in future build nights). Brownie Points (not required): after the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about your event. Include pictures, stories, etc... Here are two examples from the May build night: Noisebridge and Makers Local 256. We may even feature your photo on the homepage. SIGN UP We have no more spaces available for our August build night. RESOURCES: Instructables Technology Chanel Jameco.com Instructables App (for documentation during the build night): iOS and Android

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Power steering motors?

Does anyone have experience with brushless power steering motors? As I understand it, they follow & enforce the steering wheel motion. How is the power rating? I assume there is gearing and electronics involved, but it might be part of the package... Might this be a useful motor for an e-bike/ scooter or a motorized wheelbarrow?

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Build Night Jameco en The Inventors House

El pasado jueves 24 de Agosto se llevo acabo la segunda Build Nigth en The Inventor´s House patrocinada por Instructables y Jameco En esta ocasión decidimos realizar la build night durante el día, para ser precisos a mediodia, nuestra intención fue que la familia se reuniera para hacer inventos con electrónica, El evento comenzó a las 12:00 hrs. se coloco todo el material electrónico en el centro de las mesas, varios venían preparados con material extra como cautín, arduinos, GPS, Xbee y algunos tutoriales visto en internet. Lo mas genial de todo fue que contamos la presencia de niños, papas, jóvenes y de hasta la TV local!! Que hizo un reportaje Enseñamos un poco de electrónica a pequeñas niñas que encendieron su primer led,  varias personas tuvieron su primer contacto con la electrónica y crearon geniales proyectos. Para ver todas las fotos tomadas durante el evento no olviden visitar nuestro album de facebook Estamos listos para recibir el material de la próxima build night de septiembre patrocinada por Lumi Sin mas, gracias a Jameco e instructable por la experiencia, saludos desde Aguascalientes, México.

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Conductive Paint in RadioShack!

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that our conductive paint pens are now available in RadioShack stores across the US! (and online too) If you're not already familiar with what we do you can think of the material as a paintable wire (but there is a lot more to it than that). Check out our new group page for some of our Instructables or you can take a look at our site for more info about the material and applications. Can't wait to see what everyone gets up to with it!

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How can I make a sustainer for an acoustic guitar (working on the principle of an e-Bow)?

I mentioned acoustic sustainer because I have been told it is easier to build than an electric sustainer. I have been told that piezos can be substituted for a normal mag p/up, then use a monophonic coil driver and the amp/preamp and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to even string response. But I have had difficulties with the PG Sustainer thread instructions, particularly for acoustic guitar. There are various amplifier and preamplifier circuits available, but I am a complete novice to electronics. I have a more knowledgeable friend who is able to work from circuit diagrams, but I need to be very clear about what I want him to do, and need also to be able to access the components. Thanks in advance for your help.

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electronic ballast flyback driver...can i wind the wires around the primary of the flyback?

I have a electronic ballast and a flyback . I am having problems finding the primary coil pins of FBT because i dont have a multimeter. so i was just thinking that can i wind two ballast Vout wire around the flyback primary (the metallic structure , or whatever you call it) there are total 6 wires on the E-ballast. two are for input and 4 for output. the output wires are in sets of grey and white wires.  I was thinking that i will take one grey wire and wind it around the fbt primary(metal thing) and then connect it back to white wire. is this correct? also can i wound a feedback coil from the other 2 wires? PLEASE ANSWER....................ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED. : )

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Ho do I pick an LED driver?

I bought a few cree XP-E LEDs and I'm very confused as to what drivers I should buy. This is my first electronic project so I'm a bit confused. I do know that for high powered LEDs, constant current is the only way to go but I have no idea how much I need. These are the LEDs I bought: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CREE-XP-E-XPE2-12W-4-Leds-Colorful-Red-White-Green-Blue-LED-Light-20MM-6V-12V-/221887486794?var=520780573872

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DIY Instructables Handbook

I just had a great idea, different instructables people should make different handbooks for different subjects that they are good in. Those types of books at stores are usually really overpice and have a ton of information that you'll never use and just makes the book fatter. I'm personally making an electronic on, fitting 4 pages on one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, making each sheet of the book ~3.25" X ~4.5. If you make one please upload a pdf file so that others can download it, cut it, and assemble it to have a crafty pocket refrence!This is the table of contents of electronic book (so far):TABLE OF CONTENTSFormulas....................................Definitions andSchematic Symbols....................Conversions................................Prefixes.......................................Resistor Code.............................Capacitor Code...........................Inductor Code..............................AWG Specifications.....................General Electronic Tips...............First page:General outline:E=VoltsI=CurrentR=ResistanceP=Watts (Power)L=InductanceC=CapatanceG=ConductanceOhms Law: E=IRPower Formula: P=IEResistors in series: Rtotal=R1+R2+R3...Resistors in Parallel:Rtotal=(R1-1+R2-1+R3-1+.....)-1orstill working on it (and the subscribts and superscripts didn't translate too well, but you get the idea.If you have any formulas that you want me to put in the electronics reference then post a comment!Some topics for references could be:WoodworkingConstructionCookingRadioetc.

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Effective learning

These days, internet is being used considerably by students as well as by the teachers. I think, moving towards electronic books and materials will help the students to learn better.Huge amount of college funds are spent on books and other study material. In addition to this, they have to be carried all around campus. The relationship between students and the existing study materials is getting difficult. So it makes sense, for the teachers and students alike to look for alternatives.Taking a step forward in this direction, I have started using electronic flashcards in my classroom. We use a website called http://www.funnelbrain.com to create electronic flashcards which includes video, photos,audio and text related to the study materials. It creates an environment for students to have an interactive experience and also with its collaborative approach helps students memorize and learn better.

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Led light Panel Help!!!!!!Please

PLease help im not a novice in the world of electronics i .e i went to college,although many years ago. Im looking for a the easiest way to wire 200 leds into a light panel...... ie 200 led's in 50 x 40 there 3v leds What be the best way to wire ie,what power suply do i need,resitors etc Please advise thanks jim

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How to look like a pretentious jerk

Include this in every single email you send "CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in this electronic message is confidential and intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this e-mail or any of its components is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please "reply" to the sender." The terribly funny part is my coworker attaches these to the most mundane emails, this one from a reminder of a meeting tomorrow. But the real kicker? his email ends in ocfl.net, as in orange county government, which means ALL his email is public record under the sunshine laws. People are tards.

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LED lights

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Repurposing a cell phone Li-Ion battery for a project?

I have a quick question. I made myself an electronic cigarette that runs off of AAA batteries. It works quite well, it has a heavier hit than those commercial e-cigs like Blu. The only problem is, probably because I keep smoking it like a regular cigarette, the batteries don't last long. There may be another underlying reason, but I'll deal with that later. I have three 3.7v Li-Ion batteries laying around that I used to use with my HTC G2. My question is: could I repurpose these batteries as a power source for my e-cig? I've seen some articles on repurposing them, but they don't exactly explain the method. Does it only require making the positive and negative contact as noted on the battery? So...out of four contacts, I'd only be using the two?

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