Small Heating Element.

Ok, so I need a small heating element to reach between 200-365 F that can be powered by small batteries. Got any ideas?

Asked by Salty4 6 years ago

Low consumption heating element for cloth iron

Hi Folks, Please does anybody know anything about: Low consumption heating element for cloth iron? I have been informed tha there is a special heating element which one consumes less than 20% of a commom cloth iron. thanks Edson

Posted by elattavares 2 years ago

Home/Lab made heating element?

I am trying to construct a heating element, preferably out of nichrome, for heating a small box (24 * 40 * 13 cc). The box is covered on all sides, so the heat dissipation from the box will be very low, as per estimate. I think a 12V supply would suffice for the nichrome wire. The only thing is, I need to maintain the box at an ambient temperature of about 38 degrees. Any thoughts on how I could go about constructing the heating element?

Asked by Psyclops 7 years ago

looking for well controlled heating element.

I have a few small projects in mind that have come to a standstill because I lack one piece.  What I would like to get my hands on are small heating elements capable of temps between 80-400 degrees F that are as accurate as possible, preferably within two degrees. I have tried researching this online, but after browsing for an hour I was unable to come up with anything that would suit my needs.  I have considered buying a digital heat gun, but I can't find reliable info on how accurate they are and what range they have. I don't want anyone to think I am trying to build bombs or anything like that so here are two of the applications I had in mind. The first is my truck.  From what I understand those 'super chips' people buy to override the computer and add power typically change the air/fuel ratio.  That can be done by manipulating the perceived temperature of the air entering the intake.  My idea is to create a small housing around the airbox thermostat and digitally manipulate the termp in order to manipulate the A/F ratio.  My second idea not discussed openly, but I assure you it has nothing to do with the creation of weapons of any kind. Any thoughts?

Posted by TsarNicholas 8 years ago

shaping plastic bottles? Answered

I need to find a way to shape a rolled  finishing edge with a 14"wide top plastic bottle. I actually thinking about a stainless steel cone that I could heat up to reshaple the edge ....any idea how I could find...make/ do  such a thing?? 

Asked by terriradke 7 years ago

Electric Cooker Element Grey Dust

My kenwood cooker was sparking and deposited a grey dust inside

Asked by idlea 2 years ago

Amana TEA400-l dryer

I have an Amana TEA400-L dryer. I needs to replace the heating element part#61927.After taking the front screws out to open the dryer where is and how do I get the heating element out?

Posted by htech69 6 years ago

Electric heating source to boil water in a lightbulb?

Im for some sort of heating source to boil water in a lightbulb. I initially was thing an immersion heater but thy are too large.  which has lead me to thinking along the lines of building an external coil to do so.   Would this feasibly work? And if so how would i go about doing so? Any input would be a great help or any other ideas on how to go about heating are welcome as well

Asked by grags 6 years ago

Extracting elements

Me and my friends are having a competition on who can fill their periodic tables with the purest element samples for the least amount of money. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to get less common elements such as gallium, tungsten, calcium, sodium, etc.

Asked by pyrorower 8 years ago

Need Help With Battery Heating Elements!

I’m seeking advice on building a battery powered heating element, goal being 1300 degrees Fahrenheit.  I have a 4.8v 4200mah battery and Kanthal A-1 20, 26, 30 gauge wire, but am not limited to this material. The element will be a circle with a diameter of about an inch, similar design to a range coil.   Hoping someone can help me, feel free to ask any further questions.

Posted by HumanLightningRod 3 years ago

A preferred source for buying microphone elements?

I have a vintage microphone that is in pretty poor shape. The coil inside the element has broken off on one side and I would have to slightly unwind the coil in order to be able to pass the magnet wire back through far enough to reattach it. On top of that, the transformer inside the mic was wired in a very odd manner and someone has clearly tampered with it, so who knows what has been done to it. I am considering buying a new dynamic mic element and replacing the old one with it entirely. Can anyone recommend a preferred source for buying decent mic elements without having to but a whole microphone? At that, anyone know where to buy vintage mic elements?

Asked by randofo 7 years ago

Dilithium created and observed in the laboratory!

According to a news report in Physics Today, scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have confirmed the creation of element 114 first reported by Dubna physicists in 1999. As true afficionados may recall from the original Star Fleet Technical Manual (pictured), element 114 is dilithium, used to regulate the matter-antimatter reaction for warp propulsion. Unfortunately, with a lifetime of just a few hundred milliseconds, it's unlikely that crystals of element 114 will be produced any time soon.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Miniature oven

Please don't laugh but I am building a small working oven for my daughter and need a heating element that can heat it from 70 to 220 degrees celsius via a thermostat. I've found this heating element or and this thermostat but am not sure these are suitable and would work together. The oven will measure about 15cm wide x 8cm hit x 10cm deep but I don't have to stick to this.Any help or advice would be amazing. You're laughing aren't you? :)

Posted by gooseisloose 1 year ago

How to make a 12VDC 2Amp water heater(2 3 L)Which element to use.?

HI, I want to make a 12VDC 2Amp water heater which can heat 2 3 liters of water easily.Actually i havent be able to find any perfect element for that once i torn my old soldering iron and got an element from that and i cut it into half and tried it but didnt get the result.Can anybody help me to make a perfect one.I m not got in electronics and stuff so kindly suggest me which stuff will be use to protect my wire from overheating or short circuts.Waiting for answers!] Regards, Muneeb

Asked by muneebakhtar 8 months ago

Easy/Cheap Heating Element?

Is there any way I could make a DIY heating element? Or, if not, is there anywhere I get get one on the cheap?

Asked by LiquidLightning 7 years ago

How can I make a Nichrome heating element style set up that will allow me to heat iron up from red to white hot? Answered

I am hoping to take the fire out of blacksmithing by using the same technology that turns nichrome wire into a heating element. I don't want to make a nichrome heater. I am hoping to have removable leads that will allow me to attach to whatever piece of metal I am working with and heat it up directly. Anyone ever tried anything like this?

Asked by LIBlacksmith 5 years ago

connecting peltier element to 12v car socket? Answered

I have 150W peltier element, and I plan to build a mini  fridge for my car, so I was wondering if its safe to just directly connect peltier element to 12v car cigarette socket with 2 in parallel attached cpu cooling fans (12v 0.15A). Can it be done, or any other sugesstions?

Asked by xtony666 6 years ago

Is it possibly to take apart a fridges Cooling element for use elsewhere? Answered

I am hoping to make a fog chiller for smoke machines. From the designs I have seen they have been using ice although this isn't very effiecient for the how I am going to use it. So would it be possibly to take out the cooling element from a fridge (I have one lying around) and use it to cool other things? All comments are welcome Thank You Oscar

Asked by oscarthompson 7 years ago

Keeping my equipment warm

Recently i went to take pictures in the middle of the night at Subfreezing temperatures and the front of my lens formed ice. so i need to keep the lens warm, there are many solutions but the one i thought would be fun to use is the use of a heating element. I found resistance heating wire, i would like to make an object that could fit around my lens and keep it warm. to prevent overheating i will use a microcontroller with temperature sensors to cut of the supply of electricity at a certain temperature. i just want to keep the lens at more than 5 degrees centigrade. I think my 12v lead acid battery will be enough for this kind of project. My question is how to do it, how much heating wire should i use? how much heat will it make? what wire should i use? Will it work? Any other ideas are welcome.

Posted by markosloizou 6 years ago

New Ball Machine Element

This is to show you guys a new ball machine element I invented called fireworks. It's also kind of a little teaser for my ball machine that is currently in construction, Project A.

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

intrikate knex

every one who like intricate knex items

Posted by knexinventer 7 years ago

Electric heating element conversion Answered

Does anyone know how to convert an electric heating element (the wire coiled around ceramic type) to operate at 500 watts it runs at 1000 watts at present

Asked by msw100 9 years ago

Any ideas for new ball machine elements/lifts/path separators?

Hi everybody! About one month ago I started the construction of a new ball machine. I'm not gonna tell anything about it yet, so don't ask for details ;) Well, I'm not making this topic just to make you courious. At the moment I'm out of inspiration. Do you have any new ideas for new elements/lifts/path seperators? The machine allready took approx 1/3 of all my parts, so I can still make it much higher. All ideas are welcome and will be considered Thanks, ~Sandroknexmaster~

Posted by sandroknexmaster 5 years ago

What to do About Shadowman39's "Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts"

     As you know Shadowman39 on December 17, 2009 posted his Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts, but as of July 2011 he has not updated his guide. In fact his last comment on instructables was September 28, 2011. And since then there has been over 15 new lifts. So I was wondering whether someone should post a new and updated guide with all the new lifts created since. Not with all the lifts on Shadowman39's guide, but all the ones created since. It could be called something like, "The Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts 2" or something like that. If none of you guys are up to the challenge I will gladly take on the responsibility, but first I want to here what you guys think.                      UPDATE Sorry guys. Sorunome says he has been communicating with RNB and Shadowman39 via skype. He says that RNB will continue Shadowman39's guide as soon as possible. So please don't post another guide. Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                            KneXtreme 

Posted by KneXtreme 6 years ago

where can you download element td for mac?

Can you download this version found ?here

Asked by Drafski 9 years ago

How to find hot side from a peltier element?

Hi how to find hot side and cold side from a peltier element?

Asked by sandy.12345 5 years ago

Pyrographics from heating element wire?

I wish to attach a piece of heating element wire to the two ends of a cord& plug directly into wall.  Wrapping the heating element in a pattern around a cane-stock; I will plug directly into the wall to burn the pattern into the cane. I'm not sure of size-limits for household 110 volt current. (I dont want the wire to burn up, or not get hot enough) Anyone have that info?  Thanks for your time.      

Asked by smallludwig2 2 years ago

Is there a permittivity and permeability table of the elements? Answered

I've found permittivity and permeability tables of the common metals, but none with all the elements. I know they measure them.

Asked by Vorenus 7 years ago

Elemental LED talks DIY

Elemental LED hosts office DIY Challenge, names Instructables as their source for DIY inspiration and help Elemental LED recently posted an article about their office DIY Challenge to see who can create the best LED projects. You might remember Elemental LED as the sponsors to our summer LED Contest.  The video talks about Elemental's place in DIY culture and why sharing creations on Instructables is important. In the video you can see some of the projects they created during their DIY Challenge party, they also mention how Instructables is their place to come and get inspiration and guidance for their creations. The video includes footage filmed at the Instructables lab, and appearances by our very own Bilal and Carley! via Elemental LED

Posted by mikeasaurus 5 years ago

guide to k'nex ball machine elements

Hi there! I noticed how hard it is to find elements for your k'nex ball machine. So I decided to make a guide so you don't have to waste time searching for elements! So, if you have made a ball machine with new elements, please tell me and either post a link or attach photos so I can add them to a future instructable!     K'nexers who have given me permission to do this with their elements:       Sandroknexmaster

Posted by www139 3 years ago

How can I get powdered elements.

How can I get powdered elements. using only equipment found at home/not hard to get/not from e-bay, ones I'm interested in are alluminum and iron oxide (rust), any others which are useful in fun projects would be appreciated?

Asked by azaana 9 years ago

How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? Answered

Hi everyone! Are you ready for a new piece contest? I hope so, because it has arrived! Here is my only question for you: How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? You can only enter one answer, that’s the only important rule. Prizes: 1st place: 1 year pro memebership and a patch 2nd place: 6 months pro membership and a patch 3rd place: 3 months pro membership and a patch 4th place: a patch 5th place: a patch The contest closes Thursday, 8 August 2013. Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ___________________________________________ Results! Here are the official results: Grand Total: 30674 pieces! Ranking: 1st gargamel602 (29467)                 1 year pro memebership and a patch! 2nd hunter999 (28500)                      6 months pro membership and a patch! 3rd iceng (28374)                                3 months pro membership and a patch! 4th iloveknexforever (27562)             a patch! 5th collinjo12 (27000)                        a patch! 6th knexknexknexknex (26750) 7th coolananias101 (35000) 8th Blue Mullet 2 (25000) 9th Sorunome (24000) 10th Shadowman39 (22342) 11th KneXtreme (18002) Thanks for participating, if not thanks for watching! ~Sandroknexmaster~

Asked by sandroknexmaster 5 years ago

Making a 120 volt heating element/general heating element info? Answered

If anybody has some general tips/calculation about wire thickness, length, material. Im not even sure which way to adjust. If I make an element that doesn't get hot then I either need to make the element wire thinner or shorter, right? I'm trying to make a 20-50 watt element. Variable would be nice. I have a multimeter. seem to be having trouble getting a steady reading on lengths of wire for some reason. 

Asked by avocadostains 3 years ago

How to make a heating element? Answered

I need to make an ajustable heater element. Here are the outlines/ Specs for this. Power 120v from wall Heat range needs to be between 70F to about 300F Heater will be attached to a 1in dia pipe and will be melting plastic. I have no clue how to go about doing this. I need some help with what components I need to buy, how to hook them up and what type of wire is the best for the element itself.

Asked by TWMCNANEY 6 years ago

New KNEX ball Element

I have found out this new element that works at high speeds better. When it turns I recommend you keep a guardrail below. This is better when this is high up in the air because it will get more speed.

Posted by rexdino5 9 years ago

How can I make a USB driven heating element?

How can I make (if it is even possible) a heating element that runs off usb, and produces enough heat to burn a (tiny) piece of wood to the point of producing smoke?

Asked by lisley1 5 years ago

what would be a good way to run a spiral stove element on 120v safely? Answered

I am going to make an electric smoker and want to use an old stove element as the heat source i just need to know how to do it safely and reliably.

Asked by Jordan Dyck 6 years ago

Removing hair dryer heating element

Request for help:  Does anyone know how to remove the heating element from a hair dryer to have it only blow cold/cool air?  I've opened it up and there are a lot more wires than I expected.  I have just enough electrical knowledge to be a little bit above dangerous, so I thought it would be best to ask for help.  Thanks!

Posted by WaffleM 5 years ago

What is the best smallish enclosure for a coffee maker type heating element?

I'm wanting to start a project involving the use of an old coffee maker heating element. I don't know what type of safe enclosure to put it in to keep it separate from the wood fixture it will be attached to. Any ideas?

Asked by jimjobe 8 years ago