Embedding an instructable

 Is there any way to embed an instructable into a website/blog post?

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Video embedding

Hi Is it possible to add, Photobucket to the webpages you accept embedding from?  I am having issues with a lot of the webpages you accept, but photobucket has been working great for me. I can make it work in the preview mode of building a video instructable, but when I try to publish it, it will not except the video embedding code. DFD

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Embedded Video

I created an instructable about 6 hours ago and can see it just fine but the embedded youtube video still doesn't appear.  Is something wrong?

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Embedding Youtube

Anyone having issues embedding TWO youtube videos in an Instructable? https://www.instructables.com/id/Automatic-Halloween-Candy-Dispenser/ "An error occurred, Please try again"?

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Video Embedding

When I paste the embed code from youtube and click save & preview, the video won't embed.

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embedded systems

Hai sir.i am a electronics and communication engineering student. i want to buiid embedded systems but dont know from where to start.i am thinking to start from reverse engineering of basic embedded systems like calculator,old mobile phones but i dont have knowledge on how to access the hardware,display etc.so please guide me how to know about basics and where to start from.

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embedding video

I am trying to get some video embedded in my instructable, yet nothing shows up. I have followed the same process of uploading and using the embed code per several of my other instructables, yet now it seems like it's just stopped working. my process: Upload video to youtube, wait for youtube to do its thing, copy embed code and paste into 'embed video' in the rich editor. While editing it shows the placeholder for the video, and the source code shows the right html for the video. When I preview the placeholder is gone and the text flash animation is displayed where video should be. Youtube setting is 'unlisted', which enables embedding. My other videos have the same settings and have worked in previous instructables. Windows 7 FF 3.6.10 help!

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Embedded printing

Some time ago I made a short Instructable on some basics of integrating other things with a 3D print job.I found some more uses that are not always conventional so to say.For example using an acrylic plate as the "bottom" layer and printing the rest around and on top of it, like a box with a clear bottom.Another nice thing I found is that quite often overhanging parts like hook type hinges can be avoided.Especially if said part needs to be really sturdy one could print it turned by 90° and with some support like an undercut add it to the print.Works really nice too is you want to have movable parts within your printed creation.I might have to do some print jobs next month and was wondering if I should add some more for another Instructable with proper instructions and examples?Anyone done some embedded printing based on my last Ible about it?

Topic by Downunder35m 5 weeks ago

Video not embedding

Just haven't been able to embed my youtube video into my instructable. I tried the using the embed tool i tried to copy/paste the youtube URL just can't figure it out. https://www.instructables.com/id/Analog-LED-Table/ videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brvqgpBtCr8&feature;=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm-iS0JIfpg&NR;=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb6kD6cpfI4&feature;=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UANbz7UUkUI&feature;=channel

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Does a video have to be embedded in youtube before it can be uploaded to instructables?

I created a video that I want to upload. Do I have to publish it to something like YouTube before I can publish it on instructables?

Question by CaryBrace 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Won't save embedded video

When I save my article, the embedded videos disappear.  They aren't saving for some reason. Is there a glitch with the site today? I'm using Safari on iMac.  I've tried closing and re-opeing my browser.  Tried re-starting the computer.  I've even tried starting a new instructable, but it's the same problem. Never had this problem before, so thinking it's a bug? Is anyone having the same issue today?

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Citing another, or two instructables.

How do I direct visitors of my instructable to someone elses? User RedHandFilms has a featured on about building a basking rock for a bearded dragon, I built rocks to submerge and grow moss. I would like to give RedHandFilms credit for inspiration.

Topic by gonar 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

my Instructable won't publish

Every time I click publish, it just takes me back to Edit again. Does anyone know why? Also, it won't let me embed video from youtube at all, I've been pasting it into the box where indicated and it doesn't help. 

Topic by sageqp 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Troubles embedding youtube.

I have used the code provided by youtube, and I can see that it has put a box in the edit mode of instructables, however I cannot see the video displayed while in preview mode.?

Question by ynneb 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Embedded video bug

I updated a video in my I'ble for the EL wire contest judging period. Now the video is gone and alas, I am not a finalist! Sadness :-( Whether or not the video had to do with the judging, it looks like embedded videos are not displaying from Vimeo. I tried a couple times with a couple videos and none will display in my published I'ble. (https://www.instructables.com/id/EL-Levitation-Wand/). Thought you'd like to know.

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Downloading embedded files

When I go to try and download embedded files in instructions that aren't first placed in a zip file, they are downloaded as .tmp files. Here's one example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-Cube-8x8x8/step8/IO-port-expansion-more-multiplexing/ The downloaded schematic file comes out as FHJASA2GICYB6DA.tmp with a URL of https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FHJ/ASA2/GICYB6DA/FHJASA2GICYB6DA.tmp. Any help? Thanks in advance!

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Embedding Howcast Videos

It would be really awesome if I could embed my Howcast videos on Instructables, but I don't see the option in the embed code list when I'm posting a video. Considering the excellent DIY nature of the Howcast site (steps and tips in video, etc) I would think it would make sense to embed them here... are there any plans to add such an option?Much appreciated, thanks!Alex

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Embedded video solutions

I'm working on a project that requires the playing of short videos based on some physical conditions. The microcontroller and more general electronic end of stuff I'm fine with. What I haven't yet figured out is the mechanics of the video player mechanism. I want to use digital video stored on removable media (preferably CF or similar memory card storage). The videos will have no sound, be black & white, and probably low resolution (640x480 being the max size). I had originally planned to use an embedded linux system (gumstix verdex or some such thing) hooked to a TFT display. With some software running on the computer, it shouldn't be hard to control with serial communication. However, I'm not sure how well (if at all) mplayer would run on the Verdex. Also, if there's a cheaper solution I'd rather take that. I guess this post is to see what my options are. I know there are mp3 decoders on a chip (like the STA013) that produce output that you feed more or less directly into a DAC. Is there such a thing as a hardware mpeg video decoder (or divx, or quicktime, or avi, or whatever?) If something like that existed, I could connect the CF reader straight through my uC to the hardware decoder and pipe it out directly. Either to LCD or CRT (depending on which signal is easier). So, does this exist? Is it feasible? Thanks,

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Embedded joystick in Laptop

Hey guys :) On November 22nd I had a bike accident in which I got my left hand caught in my front disc rotor and I lost my ring finger, pinky and top middle finger. I've had my middle finger and pinky reattached, but my pinky is permanently pinned so im getting it off anyways... Basically i'm an extremely avid biker riding trials, dh, freeride and slopestyle, My other passion is my computers and newly arduino and robotics. Im new to arduino though and do not have enough experience to take on this project (Plus the amount of morphine i'm on doesnt help either :P   ) Since I have no effective ring or pinky finger I cannot do my excessive gaming on my laptop (As any 16yr old...), For christmas I got a Razer Nostromo allowing me to game again but not very portable as I use and am getting a gaming laptop (Celvo P170EM) The laptop has 2 hdd bays, so I was thinking about using a PSP joystick in the left alt key space.  How could I go about connecting it to the motherboard or internal USB? To act as either analog or digital joystick?  Would this be able to convert into all games as a form of W,S,A,D keys or Arrow Keys? How expensive would it be? And what are the chances someone can make this for me and I can simply install it and solder it to the inside usb legs? Im not sure of how hard it is to build this into the 2.5" hdd bay, I'd prefer not to take up the whole bay and if even be able to keep whatever the minimal chip and wires in a space in the case. I know this is a lot to ask considering I cant do it myself and I do not have the laptop to say where good spaces are. But I would appreciate any and all help or ideas, thanks :)

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Embedding YouTube Video Bug

When I type in the URL for my YouTube video, it either says, "There was an error embedding the file," or, "URL not valid." Can somebody help me? P.S. The reason that this is in "Burning Questions," is because when I began to select the category to put it in, the category "Bugs," was not there.

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embedding walint slices in acrylic?

I make pine needle baskets and use walnut slices for centers.  I've seen the nut slices embedded in clear acrylic, as well as shells, but haven't figured out how to do this.

Question by osagetree 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Embedded Systems Using Arduino

Hello! I am a Filipina, Computer Engineering Student. I would like to ask for your help and also to seek ideas about the possible projects I can make in my Embedded System Class using Arduino. I'm eyeing "Biometrics Attendace System" as my project but I decided to look for a simpler project. Thankyou very much. :)

Topic by Rosas25 3 years ago

Youtube embedding not working for me? Answered

Hey- I tried to embed some videos on my instructable (here ) and they never showed. I used the video embed function and the embed code from youtube. I am on firefox version 3.6.10 if that helps any :) Thanks- Astroboy907

Question by astroboy907 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

help! embedding music in a post

I just entered the "I Made It" contest and I was trying to post an embedded code so that the song would play automatically. Of course, it didn't work! -_-  Any HTML geniuses out there? I have the codes that are provided by soundcloud. Here is my post: https://www.instructables.com/id/music-mashup/

Topic by yay its ami 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Embedding Videos Appears To Be Broken

I can't get videos to embed for this page: https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Mario-Bros-Warp-Pipe-Sound-Effect-Toilet-To/step5/Demonstration/ I've embedded videos before and I've tried several different links and two formattings of the iframe tag without success. Simply copying and pasting the embed link from youtube doesn't work.

Topic by yardleydobon 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Troubles embedding Youtube video

I am using the embedd code that youtube gives, and when I insert it into the instructables editor I can see an outline of where the video has been inserted. When I preview the page the video does not display,not even an outline. Does anyone have any ideas of what is going wrong?

Topic by ynneb 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Problem wiht Embeding videos

I wasn't very sure if this was a bug report or not so I just made it a forum. For some reason instructables is not allowing me to embed videos. IT comes up with the window where I paste the embed code but it doesn't allow me to press OK at all. Is this problem happening to anyone else? I use Windows 7 Internet explorer 9 I hope you guys can help!

Topic by Tornado96 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Embeding OpenCV code to microcontroller

Hello everyone...I am doing a project based on arduino, opencv and rfid....i am using the rfid tech for access control, i have put a constraint such that one has to use both the cards(rfid) and face detection for him/her to be granted access....the code for detection is working and then arduino and other components are working, how to  i connect the hardware(arduino) to the opencv code> please help. thanks

Topic by suleiman.alinassor 4 years ago

Embedding Instagram Video Into Instructable

I was creating an instructable yesterday for the newest "Burning Questions" contest, which encourages submission via instagram video and vine. The issue is, these video hosts are not supported by instructables' video embed function.  When attempting to enter the instagram embed code (OSX, both Chrome and Safari), the iframe placeholder will appear temporarily, but will disappear when the instructable is saved or when the user attempts to publish. Only when uploading the video to an approved host was I able to post a video sourced from instagram.

Topic by thatkidwithayoyo 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Embedded video not working/playing

I have noticed for a week or 2 (maybe more) that when someone embeds a video (Youtube seems to be the main culprit) the only thing I see is the black video area with the Youtube play button in the middle. Clicking on the play button does nothing except push you to the next line on the page. Yes, the cursor says that it is active/available to do an action. I use Win 7 Home 64bit and IE8 (don't laugh, I don't laugh at others for their choices). An example of an 'ible that does this is R-KAid Redelux. Scroll about 1/2 way down for the video. Even looking at the source code, I get the same problem if I copy and paste the video link in a new window. Here's a snippet of the code: Here´s a video of how the machine actually works: And here's the direct link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/WghZEalbddw which does the same thing, ie nothing. Is it Instructables or is it Youtube? Seems to be the YT code and if so, it should be stated which style embed code to use that works. ie, check "Use Old Embed Code" on Youtube's site. In this case, it would be: Lastly, is it my choice of browser? Possibly. Thanks for looking this matter over, Qa

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embedded computing system and embedded program?

Embedded system is combination of hardware and software that perform some specific task I don't understand what is meaning of embedded computing system design 1)both embedded system and embedded computing system are different or same ? same question 2)both embedded software and embedded are different or same ?

Question by vead 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What is List and Queue in Embedded Programming

Hello What is List and Queue in RTOS Programming. what is use of List and Queue routine in RTOS. Generally list means number of tasks. and queue means number of task run in queue   

Topic by vead 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

I embedded all my videos.

Hey Guys, I thought I'd let you all know that I have embedded all of my videos now. (Rejoicing) Yay! Also, from now on my videos will be of a much higher quality, as I recently got a new camera. All for now. IaC

Topic by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Embedding a Second Video in a Video Instructable?

I'm trying to embed a second video into my video instructable. I'm guessing that because it's a video instructable it is limited to the one main video and no other videos can be embedded? https://www.instructables.com/id/Optimus-Prime-Transformers-Costume/ You can see I've been trying, but I guess that's my question: is there any way to embed another video?

Topic by alexthemoviegeek 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Embedding metal into glass, can it be done?

Hello everyone im here looking for some answers on how to embed metal into glass. The end game is to embed a steel bearing into glass. I would say no more then the thickness of a mechanical pencil led

Question by erik hansen 5 months ago

Tips to minimize error on embedded projects

Hey all, Over the past long while (5 months of freetime or so) I've been hard at work on an embedded electronics project for fun. However, I keep running into stupid mistakes where I frankly should've known better. Sometimes it feels like there is a gremlin or some other sentient force whose only goal in life is to make sure my project fails. Anyhow, because of this, I ask: What suggestions do you guys have for things to do to help minimize stupid mistakes while undertaking projects (particularly embedded projects involving PCBs, though general project guidelines are also welcome). Thanks, Purduecer

Topic by purduecer 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Simple embedded point-of sale system

Hi, I am currently thinking about making an embedded point-of-sale system, with a fixed price, i.e. no computer, just a microcontroller that subtracts a specific amount from the card being used as payment. The money would be stored on the card itself i.e. no centralized database. Currently, I do not have a preference regarding the type of card to use i.e. whether to use an rfid card, a contact smartcard or a magnetic card. The magnetic card seems the cheapest, but most examples seem to favor the contactless card. Therefore, I have two questions I was hoping you could help me with: ·         Which media offers the best security against duplication (as the money is on the card itself, I would prefer if the card was hard to copy)? Do some cards have, for example a unique, read-only-identifier, that would prevent any copying (assuming the microcontroller is pre-programmed with those unique ids) ·         Do you know of any example source code that would talk with the card reader, read the amount on the card, subtract a fixed amount and rewrite the new total on the card? For security purposes, some encryption in the driver would be helpful. For the embedded controller, I was considering the arduino, because it seems to be the most popular option (I am a newbie, I will have to learn whatever the microcontroller is). Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

Topic by MorrisVian 6 years ago

Embedding things other than video

Hi, I'm looking for a way to embed things other than videos into my instructable. Specifically, I'd like to be able to embed some code that I will host on Google Code (or if anyone has a better suggestion, I'm open to it!). Is there a way to embed things other than video? Right now the embed video feature isn't even working, but I'm hoping that will be fixed by the time I'm ready to publish my instructable. Thanks!

Topic by jptrsn 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Bite force transducer embedded in a gumshield

I am a quadriplegic and paralysed from the shoulders down. I am working on a project to allow me to control a go kart. I have limited use of my arms which should allow me to control the steering but I am trying to get another degree of freedom to control acceleration and/or braking One of the ideas is to use a piezoelectric type force transducer in the mouth to control and acceleration via an arduino or similar. The transducer would detect bite force and it would be converted into control signals for the throttle and/or brake. It would be embedded in a gumshield and it would be acceptable to have a cable coming from the front of it to the control System. I am wondering has anyone worked on such a project and could anyone point me in the right direction please. The gumshield may end up looking something like the image here.

Topic by greenonyx 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Bug: embedded YouTube videos on iPad

YouTube videos imbedded on instructible pages only provide audio.  The video is black but the audio plays as expected.  The pause stop and play function work normally.  Just a black video with sound.  Imbedded videos work on other sites like Make, hackaday, and hacked gadgets. I assumed it could just be my iPad, but I just did a restore to factory setting and am in the process of reloading data and apps when I noticed the videos still don't work. Thanks iMega

Topic by iMega 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Embedding videos in Step by Step Instructable.

Less than a month ago, I wrote my first instructable, and was able to embed a 10 sec. youtube video into my instructable. Since then, I have not been able to embed such videos because the embed button is no longer there.    The instructions for step-by-step tell you how to do it, but the embed button is not there.  Where did it go and when can I expect it back?  I think these little video's add something to my Instructable and I miss them.

Topic by craftknowitall 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Problem Embedding Vimeo Video, and a workaround

In the Intro section of my first Instructable I have a Vimeo video embedded in it.  I found that I could not get the video embedded with the normal editor.  When I would go through the normal embedding process, the editor would show nothing where I embedded the video, both in the editor and in preview.  I tried both giving it the full embed code (with tags) and just giving it the video URL. The workaround is to use the new editor.  In the new editor, I can embed the video, and the video shows up after I save.  But if I click on the Edit button to enter the normal editor, the video is gone again. Here are the 5 pieces of data you ask people to include in a bug report: 1. I'm running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit on a machine with an i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. 2. I'm using the Chrome browser, version 30.0.1599.101 m 3. The project I originally ran into this on is Old-School Arduino MIDI Sequencer, but I've created a simpler one to demonstrate the bug, called Bug #1. 4. Sorry, I didn't get screen shots 5. Steps to replicate: a) Create a Step-By-Step Instructable b) After giving it a title and a line of text, click on the filmstrip icon to embed a video c) In the box that comes up, insert the following embed code: The editor will show an iframe box.  (I've tried several variations on the iframe embed code, and none of them worked for me, even the simplest one with just the source URL.) d) Click the Save Now button.  The iframe box is now gone. e) Add some photos (so it will allow you to publish), and publish the Instructable.  The video does not appear in it. f)  Click Edit, and you will see the video is gone. g) Click Try The New Editor! and click on the Intro step. h) Click on +Embed i) In the dialog box that comes up enter: http://vimeo.com/78492158 Click on Preview, and then Embed.  An iframe box will show in the editor. j) Click on Save, and then view the Instructable.  It will include the video, which works with no problems. k) Click Edit.  The standard editor does not show the iframe box.  Click Save Now. l) View the Instructable.  The video is gone.

Topic by vanceg 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Instructables embedded on your website - UPDATED!

Last December I wrote some PHP to enable Instructables users to embed a live list of their Instructables on their website or wordpress blog with a navigation bar to organise by views, comments, rating and name as well as pagination. It proved quite popular but broke when HQ updated some code on member's profile pages. Well... i FINALLY got round to updating it this weekend. I've uploaded the fixed code to the Instructable. You can learn how to install it and download the source in the Instructable, or see it working live at this page on my website. I thought I'd post the update as a forum topic too so that anybody that subscribed to me for the original Instructable would get notified of the update. Enjoy!

Topic by Jayefuu 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

embedded video don't show up in the preview

I embedded a youtube video in my instructable, but it won't show up in preview or when I click preview instructable.

Topic by njakol 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Feature request -- embedded links vs. PDF

Can the links embedded in the text be reproduced in the PDF's? Even a chart at the end would be nice-- like: (pretend this is formatted correctly)TEXT | LINKElec-Trak | http://www.elec-trak.com/farm supply | http://www.agrisupply.com/default.asp and so on.Thanks,James

Topic by Scubabubba 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Embedded Youtube videos missing - blank space

Www.instructables.com/id/Lithium-Rain-Radiant-Beacon-of-Righteousness-Blin/  Previously embedded youtube videos are missing.  There is a blank space where the video widget should appear in the instructable.  2 videos are missing.   I also had embedded a video as a comment in forum topic "Why" and that embedded youtube video no longer appears.  The comment appears as a blank space. XP, bug appears in IE and Safari. update: FIXED. I needed to uninstall flash player and install latest flash player.  Security settings to allow video to run only on external programs seems to have been reset/changed in IE8 browser options.

Topic by caitlinsdad 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Post what features, functions or changes you would like to see when using Instructables.com

The recent upgrades to this website caused some confusion as well frustration for those who though long requested features would be included.It seems that neither our code monkeys, nor those suggestiong changes and improvements are aware of the many requests and suggestions we made over the years.So let's help them out by posting what we think is bad, needs improvement or simply what we need to properly make use of this great website.Maybe within the next 3 to 10 years some might get implemented ;)I go first, shall I?1. DesignThe recent changes seemed to be solely target on people with little skills and using tablets / mobile phones.As common practise in standard forums all over the web the user should have the option to change a different layout based on the device he uses.Preferably with an automatic detection that can be overruled in the settings on the YOU pages.Someone on a small tablet will certainly welcome huge fonts and massive buttons.Maybe even the many "hidden" functions that only appear when scrolling or doing other weird things.But if you are like me and use a proper PC on a 4K screen this layout is not really usable at all.Nothing fits, nothing can be made to fit - all is fixed and pre-defined.If you really try to improve the user experience than don't block those out who started all this and still use a PC for most of their online needs!Adding different layouts is not really a hard thing unless you insist on custom made software to run all this here - than it takes efford to show you care about basic desing features!2. Forums and questionsUp until recently we had different sections for our forum topics.By far not enough but at least for most things there was a right place.Now it all one big mix of everything and still no proper sorting is possible.Topics/Questions that are a few days old wander down the list to be never seen again unless you love to scroll or follow only your Email notifications.Worst of all we now can't even see who made the last reply.The sorting inside is much better but still we lack custom sorting options or at least highlighting post/replies made after the last check of the topic.Not userfriendly at all, just much more complicated to find what you need - unless of course it was only done to get more topics and questions without caring what happens to them.3. EmbeddingAdding Links to other website is mostly fine but when it comes to pictures or videos I feel reverted back into the 90's.Everything must be done the way the developers here think is best.You want to explain something in detail with a lot of pics within your text to make it easy to follow and understand?Good luck as it will only work if you are fluent in basic HTML.A different font to really highlight something or even colored text? No way....Prefer to host your images offsite at a proper hoster?Again hope you know your HTML and that your hoster offers direct image links that are permanent...Time has moved on and user might not like to be treated as child and being constraint in the worst possible way.If someone want an image within the text then let him do so by drag and drop, better even to allow the text to flow around the image - really nice to explain an image with text on the side instead of at the top or bottom ;)The library is quite nice - if you like obscured filenames and no chance of sorting images by Instructables/topics/questions.Just the easiest way for the programming: by date with autogenerated filenames - back to the future ROFL4. EditingMade a spelling mistake in a reply or topic/question? Bad luck...Need to add some vital info to something you just posted? Why would you want to do that?Want to simply paste something you wrote up in Notepadd++ or some other editor? Great, if you like it all messed up...Even expecting to have editing options while writing is downgraded to less than what you Email client would allow for a funny bday greeting....Again: We are no longer in the 90's!You want users to be active and enjoy this website than give than what they started asking for many years ago!5. SortingAs mentioned before we need proper sorting options for replies, questions, topics...What is the point of having an active topic that runs down to page 4 or 5 of the list?Where is the most basic info in this list? Like who did last action, when did it happen?Why is it still impossible to quickly see the last replies/postings?With sometimes over 30 postings and even more replies it is next to impossible to find the stuff.If sorting options are above paygrade then at least iclude highlighting everything done after the last visit of this topic/question.And while at it, please give us back the forum sections and add some more ;)6. FeedbackAs said too many times: The developers/code monkeys need to find a way to communicated with each other and the users here!Can't even count how many times I heard things like: "We are working on it", "I will forward this to the developers", "We might include this in a future upgrade"....Seriously: What is the point of having (had) a bugs and feedback section if everyone now claims this all totally new and that nothing was ignored?Again to me it looks like "Let's do some majoy changes as my kid struggles to use this website on the tablet, while at it let's also hide some features and functions without announcing any changes we make!"It is confusing to say the least and I fail to understand why this website should be only optimised for people who can barely use a mobile device.Some of the users here might actually want to be able to have modern features that do beyong big buttons and oversized text.7. Featuring and contestsWhen I started here a featured Instructable was something that was standing out from the rest.Only in a few cases external links or certain providers of parts where present.Now even totally incomplete and impossible to follow Ibles find a way to get featured.Same for stuff that was done (better) at least 20 times before.Some spelling mistakes might be fine but if I struggle to understand what the user was writing I wonder how whoever featured it figured it all out.It often seems all that counts is a catchy header and some nice pics on the first two or three steps is enough :(But lately far too many "Instructables" are popping that not only get featured almost instantly but also only exist to advertise for a product or service - usually even indicated by the "username" behind it and the "homepage" linking to shop...Desperate much for money and not even honest enough to clearly indicate the advertisements or to push them into an advertising section?Similar story for contests :(Every now and then I get an invitaton to help judging a contest.Considering I only get to see the runners for the finals I often wonder how they got there.Some entries that (at least in my opinion) really stand out are not even in the list, instead I get some crappy ones with little efford for the workmanship or presentation - just a catching title and some nice pics.And when going for counters I see another problem:Some of the entries get featured and of course attract much more attention this way.I think it would be only fair to leave all contest entries untouched until a contest is over.It is hard enough to understand how the selection of winners made it into my ballot but copies, bad stuff and so on should not make it.And the fair go with featuring would mean the hits for an entry are not faked by being featured - feature it when the contest is over1 ;)And no, I don't try to insult or offend anyone here, just being honest and direct.Angry? Sure.Disappointed? Of course.Why? Because it could have been all soooo much better if someone would have cared to listen....

Topic by Downunder35m 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Lost embedded images when editing as non-premium member

So i went to edit an old ible which had a lot of embedded images, just wanted to change one or two lines but because I wasn't a premium member when I edited it, I lost all of the embedded images. I have now redeemed a premium membership and in the process of fixing the images, just wondering is there a different way to embed images other than how is described here so this wont happen again?

Question by Roboro 10 months ago

Can my photo instructable get features if I embeded a video in it?

If I embeded a video in my photo based instructable does it have chances to get featured

Question by robot1398 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

The idea of including the embedded files when downloading instructables.

I recently obtained a Pro membership after my second ible got featured. I tried downloading ible (while at the coffee shop) to read it soon at the house. Unfortunately, the ible was downloaded only as a pdf file and the embedded arduino codes, fritzing and pdf files was not downloaded. Isn't it a good idea to download an ible in zip which will include the pdf ible and other embedded files? What do you think?

Topic by milcarlsandoval 3 years ago