Is it possible to make an engine that emits absolutely no sound? Answered

Can sound energy be converted to another form of energy that can be used again by the engine itself?

Asked by Jyothsna Vibhava 3 years ago

how do i build my own engine chamber?

I want to fabricate a new set of alluminium engine chambers for my vintage motorcycle and also i want to build a twin royal enfield, i have managed all the spares except for the engine chamber

Asked by vishwas99999 9 years ago

Need more information about this engine HELP?

I saw yesterday at the animated engine site the co2 engine      and really like it , and i would to make it using PVC pipes and wood , but i could not find more details and information for that model i searched a lot (results are other type of co2 engines) so can any body help me for more details and info as patterns and directions to make it. PS: i will mike one piston engine with a compressed air tank (could be a deodorant or gas spray)hhhhh

Asked by vwtm2006 5 years ago

International 345 v8 engine trouble? Answered

I have a 345 v8 international engine that will not idle. It runs fine if you rev it up but as soon as you take your foot of the pedal it will idle roughly for 20 seconds before stalling. I have put a new set of points in and also adjusted the timing correctly. What would be causing the engine to not idle. Also I have adjusted the idle screw and the place at which it will run is way to high for an idle so I can eliminate this as a problem. I have taken the top of the carby and can see that both jets are squirting as per usual. It has really got me confused this one. The only thing I can think of is vacuum advance but I can't see how it should effect it at an idle. Your help would be much appreciated.

Asked by legend4930 4 years ago

Ford Lover I just got my first ford.Got 2 blocks it stalled and now just turns over and won't start. Answered

It stalled right after I bought it and the a--hole said Not my problem.Yes he did say " it runs  great) .oh well live and learn.My prob. is it wont start, it won't catch.So I dropped the fuel tank took out the fuel pump and tested it runs fine yes checked filter ect. i then checked to make sure power got to the disconnect point yes but when the pump is reconnected no run.I am now at a loss as to what to do next .Pls. if anyne knows what to do or has any real Ideas me out. thanks for your time and have a great weekend

Asked by hiphoppe 6 years ago

Jet Engine Problems? Answered

I have been building a mini Jet Engine.  I have a VERY STRONG electric fan for the compressor.  Outer shell is made of sheet metal.  The fuel I have been trying to use is gasoline.  The intake is about 2.5 inches across and about 3 inches in it begins to close up to about 0.6 inch diameter where the air is compressed and mixed with fuel before being burnt.  The problem is that its starts but it explodes.  Is it too much fuel, to much compression from the compressor, to small of a diameter for the combustion chamber and exhaust or something else completely?  Haven't done much with jet before so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Asked by Electric Spectre1 8 years ago

how to build a bike with an engine?

I need advice about putting on an engine on a 12 inch wheel

Asked by valiantox5 8 years ago

how to build a bike with an engine? Answered

I need advice about putting on an engine on a 12 inch wheel bike

Asked by valiantox5 8 years ago

how to make a jet Engine?

Hi i wanna know how i can use nano tech to improve a jet engine?

Asked by paymanf 9 years ago

jet engines

Hey! i want to built a gas jet engine without the turbocharger! can u help me with combustion chamber and inside shaft ! and one more question! how to convert the power of a jet engine in speed!?

Posted by hreashi 7 years ago

Why wont my Stirling Engine Work!?

Ok... the thing will expand, but it will not contract. why is it not contracting??

Asked by Acepilot42 8 years ago

Why do people prefer the predator engine over others?

I wanted to get a Duramax engine for my go-cart seeing it has 16 -18 horsepower yet every video I watch on youtube they have a predator engine with 6.5 horsepower, which is better?

Asked by RubenG81 9 months ago

Knex hi-torque(?) engine idea

Right, i've just had a brainstorm what if you made a knex engine to power a gun, here is an picture of it, unfortunatly its in paint but ive just thought of it.

Posted by CrazyCHRIS!! 9 years ago

how do you know how many rpms your engine has?

Such as a weedeater.

Asked by TSC 6 years ago

can i unsieze a pocket bike engine?

It has been siting outside for a while, so water might have gotten into the cylinder [no muffler]

Asked by evilsci 7 years ago

Single Piston Air engine

Hi all, need help/ advice in designing a single piston air engine, It is part of a mechanical engineering course I am currently studying, the only parameters i was given are - Single cylinder with vertically displaced piston with rotation of the input shaft on a horizontal axis - free standing with an operating envelope of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm - accommodate a nominal piston diameter of 20mm - engine capacity of 6.0cc / 6000mm (cubed) Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

Posted by DavidO242 7 months ago

when making a rocket engine do you need to use pure kno3(potassium nitrate) or will any stump remover do? Answered

I need max thrust witch is why I'm asking,and if you know of an even more powerful engine mix be it liquid or solid please do tell.

Asked by dab2000100 9 years ago

do you have to fill gearbox with seperate oil to the engine oil and how on a mitsubishi carisma manual?

Do you have to fill gearbox with seperate oil to the engine oil and how on a mitsubishi carisma manual

Asked by 9 years ago

Lawnmower engine: What to do?

I just came into posession of a completely rusted through push lawnmower, & the engine supposedly works fine (I haven't tested it yet) I thought it would be boring to just make another lawnmower out of it. I was thinking maybe some sort of awesome skateboard-like vehicle? Perhaps an RC plane? What should I make?

Posted by SneakyRobot 8 years ago

how can I increase compression ...

How can I increase compression  in a small (5-10 hp) engine without buying a new piston or head?

Asked by qparker 8 years ago

Does anyone have ideas on a rocket mass heater / Stirling engine hybrid?/?

In the beginning stages of my research on different green technologies. these two would seem to mesh well with the correct engineering , but i haven't run across  any examples of it. Your thoughts? Maybe something new may come of this?...

Asked by ericb985 6 years ago

gsmoon scooter 33cc removing piston?

i got the tranny off pull cord off engine is apart but cant get the rest apart to get the piston out can anyone help

Asked by jjollimore 6 years ago

i need to know how to make a 2 stroke run backward?

I am converting a pocket rocket from electric to run on a weed wacker engine but, the engine rotates the wrong way. any advice on how to get it to run the other way. i am most confused on how to change the timing to fire at the right time going backward. thanks

Asked by sirchioi 8 years ago

Stirling Engine

I have a 4.3l v6 that came out of a s-10 pickup.  I was wondering if i could make it run on the stirling cycle? It is a 90 degree v6 so it should work, This is the only site i could think of to post this question on. I was thinking i would isolate the waterjackets to the right and left bank of cylinders then heat one side and cool the other. I am good with engines and am skilled in the garage. I'm just tinkering. Maybe run a generator with it if it runs. I have a welder, plasma cutter, ect and can use them. Just kinda throwin it out there...

Posted by qparker 8 years ago

Motorising boat

Any tips, please, on adding motor power to a 14ft Shakespeare speed boat hull without the high cost of a conventional outboard. I only need about 4mph for use on lakes and canals, so perhaps a lawnmower engine driving a paddle wheel or prop might do it, eg with a design like the fast boats in the Far East fitted with a car engine directly driving an outboard prop with the whole unit acting as tiller steering..

Asked by cfhaynes 9 years ago

Where can you buy 49cc clutch bell springs and clutch bell arms? Answered

I need three clutch bell springs and one clutch bell arm for a 49cc engine?

Asked by camping crazy 5 years ago

What cool things can I do with this box of model rocket engines?

I recently re-discovered this box of model rocket engines in an ammo can in my garage.  They look to be in great condition.  I don't have any of my model rockets, or any parts to build them.  I'm really wondering if there is something else interesting I could do with these.  Also, they are at least 20 years old.  Prolly still good, right? :/

Asked by arcraven 5 years ago

2002 impala intake manifold gasket?

Is it difficult to change the upper intake manifold gasket on a 2002 chevy impala?

Asked by jakerice 6 years ago

You need to watch this.

Http:// promised to bakenbitz that I'd throw it off a balcony but I couldn't so this was the next best thing.

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

is it possible to obtain pure concentrated kno3(potassium nitrate) in the us,legally?

Im making,well trying to make high power two stage rockets and need pure kno3

Asked by dab2000100 9 years ago

Converting a bike into a 50cc moped, any advice?

 What do I do for break lights and turning signals? I'm very technical minded and good with electrical logic, but I don't know the laws/regulation surrounding that area (but I DO know they are required). I've taken driver's training, so I know all the laws/signs ect... I'm looking for advice from people who've done this before. Have you run into any problems? Catches? I have very little idea what is needed to make a gas powered motor to work. How to you take care of a 2-stroke 50cc engine? How do I mount it to my bike frame? should I look out for something in particular when I purchase an engine? Oh, and I live in Michigan (if there is any notable laws here, I plan to go to the secretary of state soon)

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

TITLE- ALTERNATIVE FUELS can biodiesel and ethanol completely replace gasoline and diesel as alternative fuels?

What are the byproducts of combustion of ethanol and biodiesel? what are pros and cons of using biodiesel and ethanol as alternative fuels?

Asked by sayaleechavan007 6 years ago

can we use the magnetic attraction and repulsion in petrol engine? Answered

Instead of using compressing of gas using  combustion and passing gas and using spark plugs ..... shall we use a dipole magnet in the place of spark plug and and a magnetic piston with a pole on top side.if we rotate the magnet at the spark plug place ,when the opposite pole comes down .......the piston due to attractive force goes up and when like pole comes up it will get repulsed and goes down by this crank can be rotated.this is basically based on the principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion........ i am just a college student its just an idea that came into my mind......please say whether it is possible or not...

Asked by Ramadossk 3 years ago

Carburator swap? Answered

I was wondering if it would be possible to put a different era carburetor on a 1952 Briggs and Stratton model N? The current carburetor is shot and don't want to shell out $100 for a NOS carburetor. So my thought was putting a different era carburetor on it but din't know if it would would work or if it is a good idea?

Asked by Ghost Wolf 3 years ago

My timing belt broke recently, i replaced the belt, replaced the valves checked the pistons and all in good order.

With all that in order the car does not start and makes a weird sound like a vacuum cleaner , so no compression. What can be the problem and can this be restored ? Please help. Polo Playa 1.4, 2001 model

Asked by dagai 1 year ago

1986 F150 302 EFI

.wont idle correctly, under throttle it skips, loses power like it's starving for fuel.  I've replaced, idler air control motor, ignition coil, cap and rotor, fuel tank, high volume fuel pump, plugs and wires and fuel pressure regulator.  Could it be the distributor itself or does anyone have a solution?

Asked by deej333 6 years ago

Can you run a 50CC dirtbike motor with the clutch bell open??? Answered

I am trying to fix a dirt bike motor but don't know much about them I want to know if you can run the motor just to test it without putting the springs back on the arms of the clutch bell and without the cover and gearing installed. 

Asked by camping crazy 5 years ago

making solar boat using 4700uf capcitor to store energy to drive motor but not working

Making a solar boat model in which i hv designed a ckt in which i am using a 4700uf capacitor to store power but it is not capable to drive motor even for seconds when power is off pls suggest some appropriate methods to increase my storing capacity in minimum charging time i hv also tried 10000uf cap but not working with that also pls help

Asked by bestads27 8 years ago

Jet Engine Question. Combustion in engine just used to expand air?

Lately I have been researching Jet engines. I once heard that the gas combution process was just there to expand the air being sucked in. Is this true?

Asked by Kalrag 7 years ago

A cheap gas turbine jet engine.

Where can I find a cheap priced rc or small gas turbine jet engine?

Posted by koolsk8ter111 9 years ago

Gas engine bike fit Answered

Can I put my gas engine in the back of my bicycle. I bought it and even though I measured(not good enough it seems)it will not fit.

Asked by mphillips13 6 years ago

How to make a "Preferance" Search Engine.?

Is there something to make a search engine with? Where people can put in what they want, like >50 in, and the products shown will all be greater than 50?

Asked by Batryn 8 years ago

what is a good engine to use in building a high speed go kart? Answered

I need 2 find a good engine 2 use for building a go kart. I would like to know horsepower ratings, and if i should use gasoline or electric engines. If an electric engine, then what type of battery i should use (lead acid, LiFeP, etc..)

Asked by Pablo1656 9 years ago