Engineering Career Choice ??? Renewable Energy/ Electronic Answered

Hello I have a big choice with my career. I am not sure what to choose between electronic and renewable energy engineering. Could you please help me if you can. Thanks

Asked by mechatr0nix 6 years ago

project for mechanical engineering student? Answered

I am preparing a project on the topic "necessity is the mother of invention".i am a mechanical engineering student.can anybody give any ideas about what could be done on this topic. i am supposed to register the project unitl 12th plz u ppl hurry ?

Asked by coepian 7 years ago

Any good books to read for getting started with mechanical engineering and electrical engineering?

Hello. I was hoping that you guys could give me some advice on good books to read. I am looking to get more into electrical and mechanical engineering. Any books that you would think would help me the most. I would be very great full for your guys help. Thanks

Asked by cooldude01 3 years ago

Engineer needed for custom PCB project

Seeking an engineer, experienced in creating files (Eagle .brd or a set of Gerbers) to be sent off to DorkbotPDX. We are looking to modify an existing PCB design for a 24.mmm coin cell battery PCB breakout (similar to to work for a smaller coin cell battery. This is a contract position with a budget. Email with links to examples of your previous work creating custom PCBs and a brief description of your experience.  Additional details about the project will be provided to qualified candidates. Thank you for your interest. Azellaco New York, NY

Posted by Azellaco 6 years ago

What do you think about Electrochemical Engineering?

Hey there. I been doing some research on degree paths, and the Electrochemical Engineering degree seams relatively new. Not too new, but still, not many places in my country that seem to offer this degree.

Posted by electric_blacksmith 4 years ago

I want to go to college to be an electronics engineer, how can I learn more about it before college?

I'm in high school right now and have decided to be an electronics engineer, and thought it would be best if I started to learn more about electronics to be more prepared for college. I know about basic circuits and such, but that's about it. So I was wondering, is there any good and easy ways for me to learn?

Asked by mr.chair 6 years ago

UG level chemical engineering projects (having some ICT relation as well)?

We are a group of 4 people. Must have some ICT (information and communication technology) relation. Should be cheap (in terms of cost). Not to complex for us to understand (as we are 1st semester students). Should be challenging (requires hard-work).

Asked by Shirjeel001 3 years ago

Electrical Engineering Schools

I want to go to a good electrical engineering college. I've been looking at schools like Georgia Tech, and University of Michigan Ann Arbor. I'm leaning toward Georgia Tech, but which college would be the best. My Reach is MIT, considering my scores are high enough. So if I magically get accepted to all electrical engineering colleges, which should I go to?   My potential college list: Boston U Bucknell U Carnegie Mellon U Cornell U Franklin W Olin C En Georgia Tech MIT Miami U Oxford Penn State U Park Polytechnic I of NYU Rensselaer Polytec I Stanford U U Calif Berkeley U Illinois Urbana U Michigan Villanova U Virginia Tech All offer Electrical engineering and rank in the Top 100 based on various US surveys and ranking list for Graduate Education 

Posted by monkhm 7 years ago

Yanosuke Hirai

Here's another one of my occasional notes on Engineers  and engineering ethics. Yanosuke Hirai Hirai was responsible for insisting on the design of a sea wall which prevented another Japanese reactor being destroyed by the 2011 tsunami, and also for ensuring that, as the sea recedes sharply AFTER a tsunami, that the water intakes were placed so that cooling water could still be maintained.

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

SImple heads up display circuit? Answered

Hi, i am a sophomore in a small town in eastern Oregon. I need help, a lot of it, in building (from scraps or anything found) the simplest circuit possible to connect a non-webcam camera to an lcd screen from an old cell phone. I have little experience and i know i shouldnt start with this, but dont give me crap for it. I can learn to do things easily but need to build two circuits like this for a helmet i am building. If you people could get me direct help or if there is an engineer floating around i need help. I am planning on becoming an electrical engineer and want to start here. Please either help or point me through the right doors. Thanks. P.S. my budget is kinda low but i can pull it through and ask favors.

Asked by budhaztm 6 years ago

how can i design a rubber band pawered launcher?

This is a design project that i must do a rubber band powered launcher. the launcher must be able to reach a target 0f 2400mm from origin and it must be in the form of a vahecle

Asked by rulph 7 years ago

How many resistors do I need to use for this configuration? Answered

I am soldering 5 standard Radioshack LEDs together to a 9v battery. How many resistors should I use and where? Should I go Battery-resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-LED-Resistor-Battery? Or something else? Thanks. :)

Asked by sciguy77 9 years ago

Help ! Auto CAD, Turbo CAD - What's best ??

I need a good CAD program. Have no experience in using CAD, but need something that will aid me in putting up a better wind charger tower (farmer, dependant on off grid power), need also to be able to design meshing gears and perhaps PC board layouts. The internet is so full of advice (read sales pitch) that I am frankly baffled. Come to think of it I also need the earth, but can't afford it. Need advice please

Posted by Karroo Oakey 9 years ago

I m currently doing my final year project in ME, i wanna ask abt what project can i do about centrifugal pump?

I m wondering what can i do about centrifugal pump, either its improving its design or doing experiment about it or do some research study about it ?  I seriously have no idea what can i do about it. but I just popped up with this topic in my mind, n I wanna do something about it. But i not sure what exact aim or purpose shud my project be, I need help in this..  Can anyone provide me with some guidance & suggestions ?  Ideas........ needed !  Thankx so so much if anyone is willing to help & able to help me ! Its very urgent actually. I need to submit my proposal n final year report in a short time. I wish i can finish it on time.  =)

Asked by JesusLoveMe 5 years ago

>_< Specifications... i needz them.

So... about six months ago i moved into  new place.  it's great, but the previous tenants kinda trashed the place.  they left loads of rubbish around and were generally horrible to the house.  The previous tenants did leave a few things that are kinda nifty.  First, they left tons of PVC pipe. i have something like 20 ft of 2 inch pvc pipe, 15 ft of 3/4 inch pvc, and 10 or so feet of 1.25 inch pipe.  the second thing they left was an above ground water filter.  The owner's manual to the pump can be found here online: This got me to thinking i could setup a little hydroponic rig in my house. I have a hallway window which i'm too cheap to buy a blind for, and letting a bunch of plants cover it over appeals to me.  However, there's some problems.  The owners guide is critically lacking in any sort of technical specifications and all the info on the web just relates back to the pool pump being used as such.  Sooo... if anybody knows anything about what kind of performance can be expected out of this little dandy, let me know. 

Posted by Qcks 6 years ago

Electrical Engineering Project Suggestions

Kindly Suggests Electrical engineering projects for second semester of Undergraduate.

Posted by Ali khann 4 years ago

Engineering on a mac? Answered

Can anyone recommend some CAD or CAE software for mac, I love mac dearly but i need some engineering software. 

Asked by Douglerful 7 years ago

Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering? Answered

What are the primary differences between the two? Which is a more rewarding career path? Which major is better for someone who wants to get a broad understanding of engineering? Is it feasible to get a double major?

Asked by Chikpeas Brother 4 years ago

Biomedical engineering

Hi, My names Tom and I need a team of experienced engineers, biomedical engineers and programmers to try and design different biomedical devices. This will be a NON profitable team, so it would be more of a hobby than a job. But I will take anyone that thinks they will be helpful. Get back to me soon if your interested please, this would also be a great idea for students at universities or collages that want more experience. Thanks Tom

Posted by tommy7243 4 years ago

What's so hard about electrical engineering? Answered

I enjoy a lot playing with electronics and making new stuff, and I also understand electronics very good and am determined to do electrical engineering no matter how hard they say it is. I just don't understand what so hard about it, some people say it's the complex circuitry involved in it and some say that its the math in it.

Asked by Wisaam 5 years ago

Getting kids interested in Electrical Engineering program

Getting kids interested in Electrical Engineering I am starting an entry level program for High school students in Electrical engineering. This program is going to be run in the upcoming summer. I believe it is going to be over a course of one month in July. I would like some help from you guys. I am trying to come up with list of topics and activities to cover with them. This is what I have so far. Voltage, Resistance. Explain different components and their functions Have a few activities with the components that I will introduce. So does any one know any topics I should cover and different activities that would supplement the topics.

Posted by DELETED_kclv1988 10 years ago

Should I stay with engineering?

I am currently in the 2nd semester of my freshman year of college (University of Northern Iowa) as a physics major. This fall I am planning on transferring to Iowa State for computer engineering but I am starting to have second thoughts. I have always liked learning about technology and building projects (currently robots) and I can't imagine any major other than engineering. I got a C in calculus 1 and physics 1 and am currently taking physics 2 and calculus 2. Physics 2 should be fun (finally get to electricity and circuits) but I am worried about calc 2. I've never been a math genius; does this mean I'm in the wrong major? I guess I am looking for some advice on if I'm in the right major.

Asked by Arya42 3 years ago

Engineering Class Suggestions

I'm part of an Engineering Club at my school and we're looking for future projects that just explore some ideas of Engineering in general. We would like to come up with our own ideas at some point, but for now, a lot of us are inexperienced, so I thought I could come here and find some stuff. So far, we have decided to build a bunch of Stirling Engines and use them for miscellaneous things, but after that, we have no other ideas. Could you guys come up with some ideas (possibly your own or ones that you have done), that are similar to this idea of teaching the basics of making things and stuff like that? Links would be helpful. Guidelines: Because we do this at school, there are certain rules that prevent us from bringing large knives and laser pointers on campus. Power tools and exacto knives are OK, though (IKR?). Also, because we are students, we have to scavenge around for materials, so unless it's less than ~30$, we might not be able to do that either.

Posted by jaxter184 5 years ago

Old Engineering Exercise

Hello all! I was just looking through various Maker projects, here and elsewhere, and was reminded of a collage engineering exercise I was told about growing up.  Apparently, they don't do it any more.  My education is only up to an Associates Degree in Drafting and Design, and I never got this at that level. This exercise (near as I can remember) consisted of a student being given a piece of aluminum (I think) and a set of files, a caliper, and a few other small tools.  The student then had to turn the piece of aluminum into as near a perfect cube as they could, using only those tools. Has anyone out there heard of this exercise before?  Maybe done it themselfs? Namely wanted to through this out there, see what people thought.

Posted by ProfCoppersmith 1 year ago

Piston heads- simple easy designs/ light materials?

I'm looking for an apropiate design soloution for making my own stirling engine piston heads. I plan on using O'rings for the seal and joined them to piston arms which in turn are connected to a crankshaft...please advice Once I'v built I'll upload pictures/tutorial (over the next few month)

Asked by dubpunkdub 6 years ago

Is reverse engineering illegal?

Is reverse engineering illegal? Well, if you then go on to sell your version? For example, in an upcoming instructable I'm modding some electronics, well, without revealing my instructable here's an equivilent example: Lets say I buy a little robot at the store, it has motors and the case and everything. Only problem is, it runs on AA's and you want rechargable batteries. Also, the wireless module for some reason is external and is super ugly and annoying. You crack open everything and you find that the needlessly large circuitboards only have about 20 (somewhat) easy to find components that adds up to like 2 dollars. Following traces, you recreate a schematic from the PCB (already did this, that was fuuunnn :P). Now you reengineer the board (still same schematic) so that it's much more compact, you've added a little charging circuit (and correspond boost circuit, replacing a couple of AA's with a lithium ion), and you made it all fit inside the robot (no wireless module just hanging around outside the robot. Now, essentially the schematic is the same, but you've added stuff like the boost circuit and charging circuit. You've also added a few customizing features that make it more special (adding LEDs, microcontroller, cough cough etc.). Would it be illegal to sell a board/kit (incase other people want the board and can't solder smd to good) for people to modify there own robot (same model etc.). Also, the schematic from the reverse engineering is very similar to an example circuit in the main chip's datasheet, and a few other parts are common sense (like some resistors here and there, LEDs, a few extra filtering caps), so the company's circuit is nearly identical to the datasheet, is this illegal to sell?

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

How to measure distance with a contact microphone?

Hey, I`m trying to create a project about echolocation, so, I´m gonna use contact microphones, give me some ideas mates. PLEASE

Posted by JoséG100 2 years ago

UK internship (no longer) available

Anyone interested in a northern UK based internship ? We are an engineering design company, with many areas of expertise in electronics, software and mechanical design and manufacture, and our current crop of interns are returning whence they came.   We have some amazing projects coming up at the moment which will eventually look great on anyone's CV.  This is an entry level position, for which we will pay expenses only, for a suitable applicant to gain access to our tools and knowledge. We aim to have fun along the way. Internship available for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, starting Mid-September or later. Steve

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

What is the best place to get low cost pcb boards?

I want to start with low quantities, I only need 2 layers, and all of my pcb boards will be relatively small. Most important, I'm on a pretty tight budget.

Asked by sciguy77 9 years ago

Job Opening: Instructor & Teaching Assistants for BlueStamp Engineering

About The Program: BlueStamp Engineering is a summer program in New York, NY, Houston, TX, and San Francisco, CA where high school students individually build engineering projects. Students select and build a project of interest (e.g. solar powered electronics, robots, GPS devices, mini wind turbines, etc.)with a motto of "learning by doing". Students go through the entire process of making the devices and support their work with full documentation. Projects have a wide degree of difficulty, from electronics kits customized designs. Please visit our 'Meet The Students' page  to see what previous students have built.  For detailed information about the 2013 program, please visit our 'Info' page. BlueStamp is looking for independent, motivated, kind, and technical people to join our 2013 staff.  We will hire one 'Lead Instructor' and two 'Teaching Assistants' in San Francisco for part-time summer work. Strong performers may be offered the opportunity to take on a more prominent role as the program expands. Position Responsibilities: -All staff will assist students in creating their projects.  This will include teaching engineering techniques and concepts, tools and safety, technical documentation, and troubleshooting methods. Instructors/TA's will guide students to ideas, approaches, and sources of solutions without "just doing it for them". -The Instructor will be responsible for guiding class everyday, ensuring students meet project requirements on time, and supervising the TAs. The instructor will also engage students a month before the program begins, spending 2-8 hours per week over phone/email to help students select a project and order the required parts. -TAs will supplement the instructor's experience in guiding students as all 3 staff members will come from different engineering disciplines. -Where qualified, staff will give lectures and lead discussions regarding topics of student interest (e.g. Alternative Energy, Electronics, Automotives, Entrepreneurship, World Challenges, etc.) Candidate Requirements: -Education and practical experience in one or more of the following three areas: (1) Electronics Hardware, (2) Firmware/Software, (3) Mechanical Design and Drafting. -Extensive experience with building, designing, and troubleshooting devices or prototypes for school, work, or as a hobby. Applicants should be able to showcase and discuss, in depth, any of their projects. -Skilled in troubleshooting problems and using the engineering tools of their discipline. -Experience teaching/leading students (e.g. instructor roles, youth camps, tutoring, mentoring, etc.). -Ability to think and act quickly on a project to identify solutions that can meet goals on a rigid, aggressive schedule. -Desire to share the excitement of designing and engineering with high school students, while motivating students through the challenging and frustrating stages of prototype construction. -Excellent communication skills, unfettered honesty and integrity, and the ability to work with minimal supervision is a must. -Be the type of person that can "Get Things Done" Program Logistics: -Class meets Monday-Friday for 6 weeks for 4 hours per day starting in San Francisco on 6/10, Houston on 6/17, and New York on 6/24 (excluding 4th of July). -TAs will be paid $13 - $16 per hour, Instructors will be paid a stipend of $4,000-$5,000.  All staff are paid as a contractor and are eligible for a significant performance-based bonus. -Each class will be made of 10-12 motivated students who have passed a rigorous application process. -All staff must pass a background check. To Apply: Submit a resume to our 'Contact Us' page.

Posted by dyoung41 5 years ago

Did i broke my brand new battery?

I bought a brand new 12volts 12amps battery and use it to charge my phone through a car charger but i made a mistake and reversed the connection of terminal, did i broke my battery?

Asked by EmanA36 3 months ago

Why did the duck go up? Any theories? Skip ahead to 4:57. What he refers to as string appears to be an elastic material. He pulls up and it goes up. He pulls down and it goes up. The video is supposed to be about electrostatic toys.

Asked by Vorenus 7 years ago

Fun (Techie) Question(s)...(will be continued if there is interest) This is #1:

Engineering problem: The problem is to take an extension cord (you will have to figure the gauge at some point), and wire in 2 more "sockets" (for plugs) in series or in parallel, plus 3 neon bulbs in such a way that they only light when something is...#1: plugged into the corresponding socket &#2: the something (appliance, light, etc) is turned on, in other words, when that portion of the circuit is closed. The cord will be for very light rated appliances or bulbs. Nothing beyond a kilowatt althogether. Specify extension cord wire gauge and anything else needed for the project and it's necessary rating / part number. And most of all, have fun....and don't over think the problem ;-) OK, I blew it.....I knew I had created a similar cord to the one I described, and finally found it....only it doesn't do what I said it does. I merely had Neons that come on when the cord is plugged in.......this is what happens to your memory as you get older LOL.

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

3D Modeling Program?

I have some ideas for a project I want to build, but I'd let to sketch it out in 3D form and create a model. Are there programs that can do this? I'd prefer free ones, but I guess I can shell out a few bucks if needed. I basically just need somewhere to put my thoughts into a 3D design so I can view what I'm actually building.

Posted by freethetech 7 years ago

What resistor(s) would I use for this LED?

What resistor(s) would I use for this ( UV LED? I'll be using 3 of them in a row with a 9v power supply, would I wire it to be battery - resistor - UV LED - resistor - UV LED - resistor - UV LED - battery? Or something like battery - resistor - UV LED - UV LED - UV LED - battery?Thanks!

Asked by sciguy77 8 years ago

I need a ratchet mechanism for a 1/4in square spindle. not a clue where to get one. any help? thanks.?

I'm looking to turn a 1/4 in square ended spindle with a shaft which contains a ratchet mechanism. The ratchet mechanism will be contained in a shaft at 90 degrees to the spindle so as to allow a turning of the spindle through a fraction of a revolution before returning to start. The ratchet shaft would be permanently and securely fixed (bolted?) to the spindle and allow a reasonable amount of torque.

Asked by Phil11 9 years ago

Confusion about transformers, specifically planar ones and how they work?

I'm trying to eliminate the need for a large coil transformer (120V, 60hz, AC to AC). Now I know very little about transformers but I've been researching planar transformers (for their low profile nature and weight savings) however they only seem to come in AC to DC variants. All of the reading I do about transformers state that all they do is change voltage through inductance. Why and how does a planar transformer change incoming AC to DC with out a separate rectifier?

Asked by tofunater 5 years ago

physical and electrical engineering. what is a good thing to start with?

I am thinking about getting into amateur physical and electrical engineering. is there anything i can build, read, see or explore that would either spark an idea or get me some experience? (robotics, model-making, circuit boards) or even kits that you could suggest, involving that sort of thing. thanks

Asked by shiboohi 9 years ago

Using "Phun" to simulate mechanisms

I'm not an engineer, and don't have access to Autodesk / AutoCAD, so I've been using Phun to simulate mechanical design.It's not strictly valid in an engineering sense, but it works pretty well for roughing out ideas. The polygons were created in Inkscape, then converted to Phun scenes with SVG2Phun. Some objects won't translate (like grouped objects), so it's necessary to simplify (hence the two images from Inkscape.)

Posted by gmoon 9 years ago

Which engineering discipline is most worthwhile to major in? (mechatronics and nano included) Answered

 I am a student from Canada and I enjoy math physics and logic in general, some programs have a specialized 1st year so I'm wondering which discipline would be most useful in terms of enjoyment career options and pay.  So far I'm leaning towards Mechatronics at Waterloo and Mechanical at UBC and Queens (for those of you familiar with Canadian Universities) 

Asked by ducktape1 8 years ago

What are some resources I can utilize to teach myself the basics of engineering and mechanics? Answered

Being adept in this kind of thing certainly gives one an edge in innovation by a wider range of what is physically possible to create. I am currently a high school student with no intention of earning a formal degree in mechanical engineering in the future, however, I do take a keen interest in it and would love to become knowledgeable enough to successfully, safely, integrate it into my inventions. I'm wondering how many of you actually have a background in this field and if not, how did you manage to teach yourself?

Asked by orangejuicedisco 7 years ago

Which 3d modeling and engineering program

Hello all, I am new to 3d modeling and printing. Before I go and buy or build a 3d printer I would like to start 3d modeling. Out there is chaos. I mean there are over 15 programs that do 3d modeling. Each  friend I ask he uses a different one. So I need some help. Here are the requirements: 1)Software must be good for 3d printing 2)I don't care if it is hard to learn (if the results are good and the possibilities are endless) 3)Must be  also engineering  compatible (e.g I would like to build a suspension, or apply heat to a model and see what happens,  or apply pressure at a specific  point and see what happens) 4)Cost is not a problem,because my boss is paying 5)I have windows 7 64bit 4GB ram Thank you all

Posted by DJman230 3 years ago

Thermodynamics for Highschool

So, I work at a science center and we have our annual Engineering Olympics coming up and we've been brainstorming something about thermodynamics. The general format is 6 teams from different highschools in the area are given a task to complete from one engineering discipline, such as construct windmill blades to achieve the highest amperage from an attatched motor or insullate a container of water with random materials to prevent it heating up when submerged in boiling water. This year, I haven't really found an idea for thermo that really excites me. Thermo isn't the easiest thing in the world in highschool, and since we're dealing with kids from different schools, we have no way of knowing how advanced they are. So, any ideas of a project to test their thermodynamic mettle?

Posted by Dinkum Thinkum 9 years ago

School course of study?

Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but I am looking into going back to school. I would like to be in an industry where I can learn how to make things like robots, and electric cars etc.. I am sure these things will require more then just a basic degree but I would like to get started in the right path. The problem I have is, would these fall under mechanical engineering or would if be electrical engineering? I like the idea of building something from concept to final design where I learn the hardware as well as the programming skills to make the device do what I want it to do. So can someone tell me what course of study would be best? Thanks, Jester

Posted by Jester_boy2 8 years ago

Where do you go to find multi-disciplinary reference material in engineering?

I read this article about the conductivity of carbon nanotubes, and I had the most awesome dream about a space elevator. In the dream it had 2 cables instead of one, and just ran the current through the cables. Anyway, I was sure someone else would have thought of that, so I checked for some reference material. There was a decent wikipedia article which brought up a question. How does current flow affect the yield strength of a material?

Asked by Vorenus 8 years ago

Ceiling Fan for a Theatrical Production?

My theater group is doing Guys and Dolls for our spring production, and our director wants to have ceiling fans in a few of the scenes. Is there any way to create prop fans that can hang from a fly rail and rotate, but without being electrically powered? Thanks in advance!

Asked by earningmyimaginears 5 years ago

Enclosed horse pen? Answered

I am looking for a cheap and relatively simple design for an enclosed horse pen ( like pictrured below). the pen is already exsisting and we just need to build a roof for it. the diameter is 29 feet and the roof will need to be able to support up to 3 feet of snow or be angled enough that snow can flow off. Nmearly anything helps Thanks, Zach

Asked by budhaztm 6 years ago

How do I get started in Electronic Circuit Engineering? Answered

I have been teaching my self the basics of Electronics in the past month and I think that I am far enough along that I want to start teaching my self what goes into a circuit.  I understand the fundamental stuff, the basic parts and pieces and now I am trying to find some books that explains a circuit.  Take for example a 2 transistor LED flasher. I can build this circuit from memory and is simple enough and you can find many diagrams of it on the web. What I cannot find is someplace that explains step by step the processes occurring that make it actually flash.  The above mentioned circuit is simple enough for me to understand what is going on, but I am not talking about that one circuit in particular. I guess what I am after is a guide that teaches me how to read what a circuit is doing, and for what purpose a component is needed for in a circuit. I hope I was clear in my question, I wasn't really sure exactly how to ask. 

Asked by atrumblood 6 years ago

Complex whirligig?

I want to build a 7 propellor whirligig, but theres one catch. Each propeller sopins in the opposite direction from the one before it.Simple enough, Except for one catch. I want all of the propellers to be conected to a central shaft. I think I've figured a way to do it , but it may not be the most efficient way. If you don't have an idea for how to get it done, here is another question.The way I've figured, the propellors "float" abover the gears, but that way they will fall off. Any ideas for securing the propellors for minimum friction?

Asked by RGoI 7 years ago

Can I have a quick hand putting this simple circuit together?

I've begun to try to put together this circuit myself. I have all the parts, but I'm horrible at reading schemas. I've failed 4 times now, and only managed to get a little movement from the motor once. I've read a couple tutorials on reading schemas, so I know most of the symbols, but actually putting them together is a whole new deal for me. I'm trying to get a photo cell to regulate the power of a motor without starving it of power. Could someone please give me a bit of direction as to how I solder the parts together (i.e. solder resistor to the left lead of the transistor etc.)? Thank you for the help. :)

Asked by sciguy77 9 years ago