how much fuel does a 250cc engine consume per minute? Answered

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Wisconsin AEN LD 2 stroke 9.2 hp engine?

I've just got hold of a rail section car with the above engine fitted. It had not been used for a couple of years but we managed eventually and started playing. The problem I have is it travells in one direction well but in the other direction it 's hard to start and looses power. It also over heats  I would say it has something to do with the mag and timing. Can someone please help.

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I was thinking that what will happen if we arrange inlet & exhaust valves on the piston (spark plug remaining on cylinder head)? i think that may be by using metal foam on the cylinder head the knocking of the engine might decrease. please assume that somehow i use proper mechanisms for valve timing & they dont have any appreciable effect on the piston. just consider that the weight of the valves is added to the piston. i was wondering that this might increase the efficiency of the engine because suction will take place more slowly (so it will near a reversible process, so efficiency will increase) & force of the explosion will be better. please you ppl; if anybody can give me satisfactorily explanatory answers, do reply! :)

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how would I create styrofoam? Answered

I am investigating th' lost foam casting technique and one of th' problems is th' surface texture of carved foam ! I know that large scale mfg's of cast alloy parts make foam patterns by injecting foam into a permanant (female) mold and then use th' foam pattern to cast th' part !  This gives th' cast part a very fine finished surface with no need of  machineing (except for fitting to another component ) I'd like to know how they create and manage th' foam !

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Increase compression of an engine Answered

I am hoping to find a way to increase the compression of a small.18 radio control engine. I was wondering if applying high temperature epoxy would work because it will go on the sleeve rubbing against the piston or holding aluminum foil with the epoxy. 

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i would like an idea on how to build a steam engine model for my grand son to do.?

Grandson is 7 and loves steam trains I would like to have instructions on how to build simple small one that works

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Jet Engine Help!!! how to make a safe jet engine that works on diesel ??? can it attain the speed of 90 kmph ????

I am planning to build a jet engine . i want it to be safe and powerfull  ... please do help me in suggesting a method!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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how can i make a physical model of engine working on water?


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Quistion about Turbine Jet Engine intake and pressure fans , Answered

I have seen and checked several Instructables on Turbine Jet engine and I am trying to make my own,On a Turbine Jet Engine intake and compression fans ,are they connected directly to the axis ( Shaft )or they just revolve about it separately ? also please any info's about the fan's angle for each one, are they the same or opposite one another.?? Many Thanks in Advance

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how to improve a RC JETCAT speed or power?

Help me any body plezz

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A better search engine and learning more about bi-color leds?

You have nothing on using bi-colored, 3 lead or 2 lead, leds.  Is this because you don't have any info or your search engine is lacking? To me a search engine should search for the item your looking for with the request "ONLY".  For example, if I'm looking for info or projects and am looking for "bi-colored led", then the first thing I should see is something with both "bi-color" and "LED".  Makes sense, then you can do your search for either "bi-color" or "LED".  Instead, I get LED projects, how to use leds, untangling rgb leds etc.  So, I love your place and the information, but  I don't really want to see every word on the planet with an l, e or d in it when I want one item to start, led.  I'm not software literate enough to write it myself, but I'm sure you guys are smart enough or know people who are. This simple idea could revolutionize search engines! Thanks for listening, Dave Mitchell

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get me articles regarding mems technology?

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Calling everyone with small engines experiance! (Video update)

Ok I decided to rip into my tractor today because I was bored. I knew if I ripped into the actual cylinder that it would probably look pretty horrible with the way I drive my tractor. Needless to say I was right... I want someone to tell me what I can do with this!! I have it sitting open like it is in the pictures right now and I don't wanna put it back together until someone looks at it!. Also, how do I check that the valves are working right? Can someone PLEASE look at this asap?? Also does anyone know what I could clean the cylinder top and the cover with?? Would varsol paint thinner be a bad idea because of the gasket??

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Where to find 2 stroke engines?

I am looking to find small 2 stroke engines for cheap/free. I am not sure where to look. The side of the road, craigslist,and ebay have been of no help to me. I need something between 40-50cc and would like some god places to look. Thanks guys!

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Can I buy scrap from a scrap yard? Answered

Well can I? Like engines and stuff and  motorcycles.

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Hi my name is Izzy. Was wondering if some one could give me some pointers at buiding a jet engine??

More spacific what kind of injectors do i use? I have a 61mm turbo out of a 6.5 cummunins. It's a VGR turbo. Any way, i am a welder, pipe to be spicific. and i know i could build one with just a little help.! And mt kids think this is really cool as so do i. So your help would be greatly appreciated.

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How do I throw anything far and fast? Answered

I am building an artillery, and I need any method of propulsion, may it be electronic or mechanical. Only don't make it too complex as this may be my first (or second) instructable. Please post any answer.

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hyper drive?

Is it possable can i bulid one just a thought maybe plasma jet engines

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3X Gasoline Engines Sniff Vapors and Burn Water

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? How can water possibly be turned into a useful fuel by just burning it? Sure we can use hydrolysis to separate water into its hydrogen and oxygen gases, and then burn the hydrogen gas as fuel, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Believe it or not, jet engines do it, they have used water to enhance engine thrust, so why not have IC-engines do the same thing? There’s a catch here, since only vapo-engines ( ) are capable of performing this trick successfully, they must first be introduced into the design mix. Since IC-vapo-engines burn very effectively they run hot, and water would be used as a better alternative than injecting extra wasteful fuel to cool down the engine as is done in today’s engine to prevent knocking. Why don’t we just inject water in today’s engines you ask?  Because they run so poorly already, that the water would extinguish the IC-combustion process. In technical jargon this is known as the ability for an engine to burn lean with an air-to-fuel ratio greater than ~15. Today’s engines can’t sustain a leaner combustion than ~22  without extinguishing themselves. By adding water droplets we further increase this ratio to unsustainable conditions. Unfortunately, this wasteful, richer burning keeps the engine running better by keeping the fuel cooler. In contrast, our vapo-engine is capable of burning unbelievably lean ratios of ~30+. Lean combustion means almost no pollutants and virtually green combustion exhaust products of only CO2 and water. No catalytic converters necessary here, as opposed to running today’s rich engines with their unavoidable polluting exhaust emissions and heavy reliance on catalytic converters. So the irony here is that since IC-engines already run ratty, let’s waste a little more fuel and run richer just to cool down the engine. This prevents engine knocking (the dieseling of an engine due to unwanted, poorly timed, premature combustion) which occurs from the pitiful amount of fuel that does vaporize and burn correctly. Sadly, engineers have cleverly learned to waste fuel for the sole purpose of keeping our IC-engines cool, above and beyond the engine’s normal water cooling system. It gets even better, as the richer the engine runs the more we need to rely on expensive catalytic converters to keep exhaust emissions in check!  Vapo-engines also require cooling, even more than today’s engines, but their advantage is the capability to burn very lean. So instead of ridiculously injecting extra fuel to cool them, like today’s engines, we inject water droplets mixed in with the injected fuel vapor. The water droplets perform three functions; 1) they reduce excess fuel consumption, 2) they cool the engine walls to prevent pre-ignition and knocking which provides better combustion, and 3) they enhance the fuel-vapor detonation force created on the piston from the expanding superheated steam which further helps engine performance. So in a way we are burning the water to generate steam power like a locomotive.   

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Making a go-kart

Hi, I am going to make a go-kart in my holidays. I am going to do it using the body and wheels from an old three-wheller buggy. I'm planning to have a search around scrapyards for a smallish engine. Whats the best way to get the power to the wheels? Is there a gearbox on all engines? I think I will use some disc brakes off an old bicycle or motor bike if I can find one. thanks glynlowen

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simple steam engined cheap steam engine?

Simple an

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Zenith 68-7 Bendix Carb Help? Answered

I have been working on my Wisconsin AENL engine for a project (A bike or now I am thinking maybe a racing lawnmower) and I had it running since I re-built it, however, it was running a bit off, so I cleaned the carb.  Afterward it wouldn't run.  I did not adjust any of the settings on it, and I can put gas in through the spark plug hole and it fires, so I am sure it is the carb.  I have since moved the settings (Idle and high speed jet) to see what would happen, but I have kept note of where they were set.  Usually I have no problem fixing engines, however, I don't have as much experience with these engines or there carbs and thought it a good idea to seek some help before proceeding. Thanks

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what drives the compressor in a jet engine? Answered

Does a motor or something drive the compressor in a jet engine.

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how to make a physical model of a jet engine?


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Renegade Teenage Engineers

Now this is a collaboration.

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Electrical Engineering Project Suggestions

Kindly Suggests Electrical engineering projects for second semester of Undergraduate.

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how to build a bike with an engine?

I need advice about putting on an engine on a 12 inch wheel

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how to build a bike with an engine? Answered

I need advice about putting on an engine on a 12 inch wheel bike

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What should I study to build turbine/jet engines also airplanes?

Well, I wanna build an rc airplane with turbine engine powered and anther with jet engine powered, what should I study at University to build things like that, Is the Mechatronics engineering specialize in that?? thanks!!

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Jet Engine Question. Combustion in engine just used to expand air?

Lately I have been researching Jet engines. I once heard that the gas combution process was just there to expand the air being sucked in. Is this true?

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Is it possible to have a piston engine run backwards and generate electricity?

Such as a one-piston lawn mower engine.

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how to make a jet Engine?

Hi i wanna know how i can use nano tech to improve a jet engine?

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jet engines

Hey! i want to built a gas jet engine without the turbocharger! can u help me with combustion chamber and inside shaft ! and one more question! how to convert the power of a jet engine in speed!?

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Engineering on a mac? Answered

Can anyone recommend some CAD or CAE software for mac, I love mac dearly but i need some engineering software. 

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Is it possible to make an engine that emits absolutely no sound? Answered

Can sound energy be converted to another form of energy that can be used again by the engine itself?

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lego steam engine

Enginethis isnt my site but here are instructions for a lego steam engine

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how to make the dc engine move two ways?

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Steam engine model made entirely with glass!

Here is a beautiful model of a steam engine made with glass.

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A cheap gas turbine jet engine.

Where can I find a cheap priced rc or small gas turbine jet engine?

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Is one hp on a engine the same power as an average horse? Answered

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Can I use fuel prepared for a 2 cycle engine in a 4 cycle engine? Answered

I wonder if it is safe to use the fuel prepared with the 2 cycle engine oil in a 4 cycle engine lawnmower.

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can you help me build a jet engine? Answered

I want to build a jet engine and i want you to help me

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Pocket Jet Engine

Where can I find The metal pen barrel and parts, for the pocket jet engine?

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which 3d game engine should I use?

Hello, I want to make a 3d game (in c++ or c#, I'm not sure yet which one i'll use) so I'm looking for an open source 3d game engine in c++ or C#. I've found some engines like irrlicht, crystalspace3d and ogre3d already, of those 3 I like irrlicht the most but since there are hundreds of engines available I'm not sure whether this is the best one. which one would you suggest and why?

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How do i make a pvc engine?

I want to make a pvc engine that will not explode but just to push,my idea is to make a snow sledges that can use this engine

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Cheap Jet Engine.

What Jet engine can I build for $50-$200 in price? And that is small? it could be any type of jet engine, I just want to start building one.

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I have a lawn mower engine and dont what to do with it thats fun

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Connect engine to alternator, will it run?

I have a new diesel 3 H.P engine and an 80 amp car type alternator, 12 volt. A, will the engine run the alternator at full output to charge batteries? B, Can I fit a bigger pulley to the engine? Regards Brian.

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