Instructable not listed.

Hallo I can't see my Instructable in search result. I posted it three days ago. Why? Thank you.

Posted by enprog 5 years ago

Contest entry received but not shown

I entered an Instructable into the teacher contest and received an email confirming my entry, however the Instructable is not listed in my Recognition section of my profile or with the other contest entries. Thanks for looking into this.

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

No entry

Hey, I entered my instructable in the Design Contest 3 days ago. It still hasn't been accepted. Why? It's a meets all the qualifications.

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

Taking back the instructable?

How to take back the 30sec contest entry?

Posted by ramhardikar 8 years ago

My entry

I entered my instructable into the burning questions round 7 contest and it has not been approved yet, but other peoples instructables have just been added after i entered mine. I am a bit confused?? :@

Posted by DELETED_JoshM96 9 years ago

Unable to add contest entry to the contest

My instructable id/Make-Great-Cordage-Out-Of-Grass/ was made sperecificaly to be entered into the survival challenge. Howevever some weird glitch will not allow me to enter it. Can an admin or anyone with the ability please please add it to the contest Survival Challenge. Thanks

Posted by nepheron 6 years ago

Brunch Contest Entry Not Found

Hello, I hate to be "that gal" and I don't want to come off as whining; I just want the problem to be rectified. I entered (what I believe to be an awesome and imaginative) entry into the Brunch Contest. I received an email stating the entry was received. Entry was featured (so someone else thought it was awesome). But when I look on the page today (voting started today), I don't see my Instructable. I acknowledge that I have not received any email saying that my entry was accepted, but I don't see any reason why it would not. Can someone please help me out here? I don't mind coming in late; it is what it is. But, I think I have a good chance in this competition and I'd hate to lose out just because my Instructable was overlooked. Thanks anybody!

Posted by Susie_Q 7 years ago

Craft contest

I am a newbie here so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Are we allowed to submit multiple entries in a contest or can we only submit one? Thanks, Michelle

Posted by MissCrafty 9 years ago

Contest Entry

Uh, Hello. I tried to enter my instructable into the game life contest and it has been pending moderator approval for about 2 weeks now. I also entered it into Make It Real contest and it was entered the next day. Why is it taking so long?  P.S. The first time I tried to enter, it didn't work for some reason. I tried re-entering and it had been under approval for 2 weeks.

Posted by bagrisham 6 years ago

Why was my pocket-sized contest entry rejected?

I entered my instructable in the pocket-sized contest on 18 July. I got the confirmation letter, and now that 48 hours have passed, would like to know why it seems to be rejected. It fits in every pocket I have on ordinary shirts, skirts, jeans, shorts, jackets, dresses, sweaters, and bathrobes. The letter says I can correct it and re-submit, but I don't know what is wrong!!! Help!!!

Asked by melkdav 9 years ago

What Happened to My Instuctable? Answered

I have a question regarding an Instructable I wrote last week for entry into the Singer Kid's Craft Contest. After writing it and loading pictures, I checked it over and clicked on "publish". I even received an email thanking me for my submission to the contest. However, it never appeared anywhere. The child I did this Instructable with is very upset about this. She wanted to see her creation and the entry for the contest. Every time I check my profile, it says that I'm working on an Instructable. I tried to go back and re-publish it but it's too late. I even wrote an email to the Instructable Robot asking about it. Can anyone help me? I just want the entry to be in the contest and be able to get votes for it. Thanks!

Asked by Janinafrunzi 8 years ago

Problems entering a contest

Hello,I have noticed some time ago that when I enter an Instructable into a contest it doesn't work the first time and the instructable isn't listed as an entry even after a few days. I always had to re-enter and then it worked. Now it just doesn't work and that's it. I've entered my latest instructable three times between yesterday and today and nothing. I tried the fourth time now but I wanted to mention this already because there seems to be a problem. My instructable matches the topic 100% so I don't think it has been refused as an entry.

Posted by Creative Mom CZ 2 months ago

register as a class in school for Arduino challenge?

There is a motivated group of students that would like to enter as a class to the Arduino challenge.  Is there a way that could happen?

Asked by hsbtech 6 years ago

Food Science Challenge closed, even though it's not midnight on May 7th yet??

To whom it may concern: The official rules of the Food Science challenge state that "Entries for the Contest must be received by Sponsor by no later than 11:59 p.m. PT May 7". However, I am unable to enter my instructable even though it isn't midnight yet!! It is currently about 8:30 p.m. PT, so I should still have 3.5 hours left to submit my instructable. I've entered instructables last-minute for contests like this before and I haven't ever had any issues, so why is it different this time?  Could somebody please let me know if I'm missing something, and if not how should I go about rectifying this issue and getting my entry in on time? I'll also be sending this to, but that email takes several days to be answered so does anyone have a better method of getting in contact with Instructables staff quickly and easily? Thanks in advance,  Chris

Posted by oswaldonfire 6 years ago

how or can i enter an already published instructable in to a contest that is relevant to it...if so how???

For example if a LED challenge came up and an old instructables i have is fitting to the challenge can i enter ir or must i go through the motions and re-submit it

Asked by mcommane 6 years ago

Gift exchange (Prodigity)

(I'm having difficulty posting this in the gift exchange, sorry if I miss-posted) Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to all the great gifts and 'ibles people are going to make =D I'm willing to make anything circuit board related, preferably digital i.e. analog. Though to see if I'm not getting over my head here I would like to hear what you would like to get if I were to make your gift. Thanks :) My skills include: Medium level of electrical engineering Here's a link to my featured Instructable: What I'd like to make for someone: ANYTHING circuit board related I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone: Small, medium and large I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Yes What I like: - Eco-friendly stuff (solar, wind, recycling, independent from net etc.) - Electric guitar stuff (e.g. Tape echo with cassette recorder, pedal, portable amp etc.) - Musical instrument (ranging from carrot ocarina to synth, pretty much all) - Lockpicks - Tools to help with soldering (Clamp, fume extractor, homemade liquid flux etc.) - Rain - Light (Lamp, wake-up light, visual feedback for email etc.) What I don't like: - Anything fragile (I like big, chunky and/or sturdy) - Fluorescent lamps I absolutely can't have: Fluorescent lamps Type of thing I'd love to receive: Anything from the 'What I like' list would be cool. Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Sure Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Confirmed Let the DIY commence!

Posted by Prodigity 8 years ago

Lamps and Lighting Contest Entry Problems

Hi, I'am having trouble entering my instructable into the contest any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted by Khaleel123 4 years ago

3D Design Contest

I posted an entry for the contest on the deadline (Oct 12th) and would love to see it up for voting... is there a problem with the entry?

Posted by rwinscot 5 years ago

Contest entry rejected, why?

I entered the Playwood contest with a little playwood Icosahedron but the entry was rejected. Tried an Email to the support but from the forum replies it seems good to ask here too why it was reected... The contest states made from plywood, I used plywood and wood glue. Other entries don't even use any playwood, instead particle board or even MDF. Can someone please explain why particle board and MDF is fine while using plywood gives a rejection? I'm not desperate for the contest just totally fail to understand the reason for the reject ;)

Posted by Downunder35m 2 years ago

Paracord contest entry not accepted yet? Answered

 Hi I entered my instructable in the paracord contest and never got a reply back. It meets all the requirements, but has still not been accepted yet. I have waited the 2 days (48 hours) but still nothing? is it  possible the people took easter off? any suggestions? 

Asked by your dog 8 years ago

Halloween Contest

I tried entering my halloween contest yesterday, and so i got an email, saying it would take at max 48 hours. I came back today, and my entry hasnt been entered. This is really frustrating, considering it happened 2 years in a row. Please help!

Posted by yellowdude8 7 years ago

Trying to enter Halloween Costume Contest but email keeps saying Halloween Decorations?

I'm trying to enter one of my Instructables in the Halloween Costume Contest, and it keeps being sent to the Decorations one instead. I don't understand why this is so - I've made sure I was on the Costume Contest page and not the Decorations one, and yet the emails sent to me confirming my contest entry keeps saying "Decorations". Can anybody help me with this please? I also fear I might have double clicked the button so my entry might have been sent multiple times... is this okay...?

Posted by TheFirewalker 4 years ago

Spinner/fidget contest entrie

I am asking for some help, as I can not seem to enter my intructable into the fidget contest. I designed my spinner and published it today 7/8/2017 as an instructable, but it would not let me enter that specific contest. I could enter others. I went back into the instructions and as far as I can tell I did everything the way that it said I should. Any help would be appreciated. I manually added it to the contest but it has not shown up on the contest page, and it also now shows 2 instructables that I created that are the same. Thank you in advance for your help

Posted by DonW19 1 year ago

How do you enter the Singer Instructable Contest?? Answered

I can't seem to get past the official rules. I need to know where to send the pictures or do I downlioad them and email everything to you. If I do, where do I email it to? If it's not by email, please give me an address I can mail an entry to. Thank you, Janina

Asked by Janinafrunzi 8 years ago

Reposting an Instructable for a contest

I do not know whom & how to report this to so i decided to write it down & post it in the forum, yesterday i was browsing through "make it youth contest entries" & saw someone reposted an instructable to change the date & be able to enter in the contest,look it for yourself He simply changed name & all the content still matches to his other instructable . i would not consider it as a fair practice to repost stuff so you can enter a damn contest the rest lays in your hand's Regards Bobblehead Einstein

Posted by Bobblehead Einstein 5 years ago

Farewell - Jules Verne's fiery demise.

Europe's first Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Jules Verne successfully completed its six-month ISS logistics mission today with its controlled destructive re-entry over a completely uninhabited area of the South Pacific. Following a final deorbit burn at 14:58 CEST which slowed its velocity by 70 m/s, the ATV entered the upper atmosphere at an altitude of 120 km at 15:31 CEST. It broke up at an altitude of 75 km with the remaining fragments falling into the Pacific some 12 minutes later. The words and pictures are from the ESA website, but I got first notice from SpaceWeather.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Clean a computer mouse

I recently mad an instructable and entered it into the contest. i am pretty sure it met the requirements of the contest. check it out and comment either on here or on the instructable itself if you think there is any reason for it not being accepted yet. it might be still pendin but im not sure

Posted by EPL 9 years ago

Can not enter contest,message says my instructable was posted before the contest started

I am trying to enter the father's day contest with this, But I keep getting a message that says my instructable was posted before the contest started. When I was posting the instructable the toy contest and epilog contest had the same message. So I published the instructable and then I tried to enter the contests. The epilog and toy contests worked fine but the fathers day contest continues to give me the same rejection message.

Posted by artlife 5 years ago

Updating Contest Entry date ?

How many date  Contest Entry ?2 days or one days ?

Posted by Niraj.Deshmukh 5 years ago

Contest Entry Bug Report

The page with the listet contests shows different entries, then the page of a single contest itself. My own entry to a contest raised the number in the contestpage itself, but not in the overview page. Furthermore my entry isn't even visible in the contest page The same happens with the number of views on any instructable

Posted by NagelmaierP 11 months ago

Instructabes contest entry not appearing?

I entered my instructable in the arduino contest but I cant my entry on the entries page when I try t reload the page still no improvement I am using winXP with google chrome

Posted by Bot1398 6 years ago

immediate contest entry?

Is it possible to change the moderated contest entry process? I think it would be better if we could enter a contest on a probationary basis when we post an instructable. That way viewers can vote on recent instructables. If the instructable doesn't meet the contest criteria then the entry is cancelled, no harm, no foul. It seems that there are times when contest acceptance is slower (weekends).

Posted by artlife 5 years ago

Instructable not entered into contest, Garden Contest, as it is not open for entries.

When I try to submit a previously published 'ible I get this message "Instructable not entered into contest, Garden Contest, as it is not open for entries. Successfully published your Instructable" Help? Jonathan

Posted by macgeek 8 years ago

Is my contest entry going through? Answered

I recently posted an Instructable for two contests two days ago, and it still seems to have not gone through. It does meet all of the requirements for both contests, yet I do not see my entry on the contest entries page. One of the contests ends in a week, and I am getting a bit worried that the Instructable won't make it before the deadline. I have read the answers some are giving here at Instructables, such as waiting for 1-2 business days or waiting until after the weekend or after major holidays, but I have not received any email or confirmation that my entry has been accepted for the contest. Should I be concerned, or should I just wait a few more days (since it's still New Year's)? Thanks!

Asked by fluffylicious 6 years ago

Why can't I enter a contest?

I wrote a new Instructable and wanted to enter it in the Flower contest but when I click Enter now! the only eligible entry is another one I have already entered.

Asked by Creative Mom CZ 2 months ago

Has this happened to anybody else

Hey. I published my instructable, and entered it in the pocket sized contest over a week ago. There's no reason it wouldn't be accepted, and I even got an e-mail telling me my entry was accepted. So why is my instructable nowhere? I looked through every single page of recent, rating, views etc and it isn't anywhere. Hell, even when I type the exact words into the search (of the title) it doesn't appear. Has anyone else had this problem?

Posted by nonickname 9 years ago

Gift exchange entry

My skills include: reusing old stuff to make new stuff, cooking, baking, knitting, sewing (these last 2 at a very basic level) What I'd like to make for someone: a wallet made out of a coffee bag (not my idea, copied from an instructable here) I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): S I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: yes What I like: alternate uses / creative ideas What I don't like: I do not like stuffed animals. I absolutely can't have: nothing Type of thing I'd love to receive: anything is fine Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? No. My country of residence is USA. Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Yes, I am 34 years old.

Posted by sufairlie 8 years ago

Why can't I add my In distructabe to a contest

I have an existing indistructable and cannot add it to a contest please help ..I am unable to add it when I am editing or on my indistructable front page it is not listed ..Any thoughts

Posted by jade7272 11 months ago

Not able to enter instructable into contest

I am not able to enter an instructable I recently publsihed into the Sound Hacks contest...When I click add to contest, I dont see the Sound hacks contest in the list I published it after the contest was started, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted by vishalapr 5 years ago

Did I do something wrong?

Maybe I forgot to click on the "Health by Design" button when I published these two instructables? It was late and I was pretty tired. I can't think of any other reason why these instructables on how to deal with eczema wouldn't qualify: Bleach baths and other cheap eczema remedies Extra special fancy cream for eczema

Posted by belsey 8 years ago

Constant problems saving instructable for contest tonight. Anyone else??

I've been working for the past few hours on finishing an instructable to enter in the Make it Glow contest.  I've been having constant problems with the editor locking up and getting "Failed to save" errors all night.  Most of the time the editor sites for a while and eventually allows me to save but more then once now the editor has completely locked up and not saved a good portion of what I had done.  I'm rushing to get this knocked out but it's making it a little difficult. (I know... I probably shouldn't be trying to finish and publish last minute but there's only so much time in a day:) ) I'm just curious if anyone else is having any issues and if there's anyone with any suggestions.  THANKS!

Posted by jon0tron 4 years ago

My Grand Tournament Entry TDAP (new* Official TDAP)

Alright for lack of a better name for now this is just TheDunkis' Assault Pistol. It's a compact pistol made specifically for war. I did make a video but I can't upload it using my mom's computer so...yeah. Anyways they're three things that make this the almost ideal war weapon.1. It's compact. Usually no wider than the average person at the age of...I don't know I'm skinny so probably a 12 year old lol so it should be easy enough to carry around as a secondary weapon.2. High Cap magazine. It holds I think around 25 green rods. I know green rods aren't the best rounds but typical wars happen in homes where distance doesn't count as much and for bigger battles it would be more of a secondary weapon.3. Removable magazine. It's based off of Zak's from KI. It clips in and out really easily but it's really sturdy so it should never fall out even if you're shaking it around.Alright so as I figured the gun wasn't enough to make it through. I still wanted my own assault pistol that works though (I'm hoping that we shift over from side arms to these as they'll be easier to make original). This is based off of the original in some design like the handle. It uses what I believe to be the first slanted and open magazine for blue rods. Why slanted? Simple three reasons. 1. It looks kind of cool. 2. It acts as a hand guard. 3. It's keeps it compact so it's not sticking out but it also feeds ammo towards the front more so that it gets more power. That's the main reason anyways. I have plans for this gun if I keep it around anyways. This is the simplest design with no special details or anything but I'm hoping to make a smaller and larger version with extra features. For example the larger will most likely shoot yellows possibly with a removable magazine and a stock. The smaller will use white rods maybe with a slide and maybe with the magazine in the handle (although with a similar open mag style. I figured it out I just need to figure out how to connect them).Here's what I rate this new version compared to the old one. *newer version1. Size Efficient. 4/5 It's compact but not as small as it can be. *4/5 It's pretty much as compact as it will get but you could make it ultimately smaller.2. Power and Range efficiency. 3/5 At the moment it's about average but I havn't really perfected the firing system. Sometimes it doesn't even fire well at all so I have some work to do. * 4/5 It's a whole lot better now. It's decently powerful for its size but obviously not a sniper or anything.3. Accuracy. 3/5 I haven't honestly tested it a lot yet only enough to know that it fires but by the time I'm done hopefully this should updated to be a 4 even though it's more of a CQC gun. * 4/5 I tested it a couple of times and it hits very close with the sight I'm using. Still not perfect.4. Easy, fast loading. 5/5 With removable magazine that is super easy to put in and pull out this is one of those "as good as it gets" in the fast loading department. * 3/5 Ugh this is where it fails. The good news is that it's still pretty to load. All you need to do is push blue rods through the barrel. No need to be precocked nor do you need to hold the pusher down just push the blue rods in and down. Should hold about 10 blue rods maybe more.5. Handling. 4/5 pretty standard I guess. The handle ain't bad and the trigger is smooth enough. So far the gun doesn't work the way it should but that will be fixed before I'm done obviously. The magazine area makes for a good forehandle when not using the shroud. * 4/5 Still pretty standard expect I traded around a couple things. The angled magazine does not make for a good foregrip. It works but I don't care for it. The handle is the same but the back was changed to be a little more comfortable. The trigger works better.6. Cocking. 3/5 Not super bad and not super good. I'm not sure if I should put a slide on or not. * 3/5 same old same old.7. Looks. This is another one of those love it or hate it things but I think it looks good all but the support on the bottom which I put on for more of function than looks but I do think the gun looks better with it. * I'm not sure which I like better. I struggled with the looks on this one for awhile and tried adding a lot of pieces. I finally ended up getting rid of pieces instead until I finally got what I wanted. I think this version looks better good.8. Reliability 2/5 So far I'm not going to lie the gun isn't the best but like I said it ain't working right by the time I'm done I'll make sure it's working 99.9% 5/5 The only problem so far is that sometimes two shots try to go at once and they just fall out from the friction. It only happens if you don't load the ammo right. Edit: Fixed updated design doesn't jam anymore.9. Other features. +1 (judged on about how good the extra features are. Anything that doesn't fit above will be included in the score which will add the amount of points as a bonus into the final score) It has a simple rail nothing to special and a simple mock silencer shroud for the barrel with a forehandle. I think it makes it look better but bigger. * +1 this version doesn't have anything super special. The best is the open magazine which I figure deserves a +1 on it's own considering how useful they are.God any other ideas for my newer gun? I'll probably want to post but I also want to work on a Master Sword V2 really soon and I need all my pieces for it. I might go out and buy another bucket soon but if I don't then this might go by by. I'll try getting a video as soon as I find what I need for the camera>computer hook up for videos. How do you think it would compare to the BBKWG and Spiff (along with the other APs those are just the most popular)?

Posted by TheDunkis 9 years ago

Contests Entry Error 404

When trying to enter a contest by clicking on the + Add to Contest(s) button (under author options), both tqwerty and I are getting the same error: ERROR 404: No contest found! We're sorry, the URL is either incorrect or no longer available. Other things to try: * Search

Posted by Hello Kitty 7 years ago

What should I do if I see that a member is cheating in a contest? Answered

There is a contest I want to enter, so I looked at the current entries. I see that one entry is using an image from a blog.  I have every reason to believe the blog does NOT belong to this member. - The member does not have a link to the blog in their profile. - The name used for their entry is not the same name as on the blog. - The materials and steps have been changed from the published blog. I don't want to wrongfully accuse someone of cheating, but if they are, I'd like to do something about it. At the very least, the rules state that; "Entries must not have been published prior to the Start Date" - In this case the entry was previously published. Can someone tell me what I should do? * Post Question Note * - There really should be more than one "best answer" option, because in this case I did receive a lot of help from Kiteman, and wanted to acknowledge that here. Kiteman went above and beyond to help out with this. (He'll be receiving a patch from me shortly).

Asked by canucksgirl 6 years ago

My Costume Picture Entry

So I was hanging out with some buddies of mine in my spartan costume...betcha can't guess which one is me. My costume consists of: Helmet - Cardboard shape, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Bicycle helmey pads inside. Shield - Cut plywood, with a cardboard lambda, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Polyester straps are riveted/gorilla glued on the back. Cape - Scarlet cotton fabric with polyester straps to keep it from choking me. Beard/abs - Mom's eyebrow pencil...If you have experience with spirit gum, use that and fake hair, unfortunately, it didn't cooperate with me. Pantalones - If you're feeling frisky, wear a speedo, if not, brown shorts are acceptable

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

K'NEX war log entry 3

Sorry, i forgot last weeks. 10/18/09 The KI army has gotten fiercer.  A lot fiercer. They are building MASS amounts of guns. They hire outsiders such as people who never heard of K'NEX guns, but heard of K'NEX. I think it is because they have such a small army. I have switched my BR-18 to a BR8 because i needed a lighter gun. I just carry a bunch of ammo around. My current weapons are: BR8 Oodassault V3.3 T.B.O.S O.S.S.R I've got a pouch of ammo for each. My vehicle for transporting and gun storage has broke down. I called a repairman to fix it a hour ago. It should've taken 10 minutes. 10/19/09 The IN army woke up to a attack on our camp. Everybody grabbed all the ammo and thier best guns and got out and fought. I was truely fierce. The medic team was all out and, suprsingly, a lot of people got bandages and started recovering. As for the KI army, Thier medid slacked out, so thier still are people limping off the field.

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

I published my Instructible too early. Can I still enter a new contest?

I published an Instructible and then two days later a new contest was posted that fits my project very well. Is it still possible to enter this new contest? It doesn't show up on my eligibility list.

Posted by DIYJRAY 1 year ago

are international entries acceptable?

Are international entries accepatable in summer yarn contest?

Posted by creativegirlz 7 years ago

Are international entries allowed?

Hi, I'd like to know if international entries are allowed for this contest...

Posted by syribia 8 years ago

can't enter contest even though instructable not published

I'm trying to enter an instructable into the woodworking contest but it says I'm not eligible. I confirmed that i hadn't published already so now I'm very confused. Can someone help?

Posted by cowmanpoke 7 years ago