circuit diagram for a Epson cx4300 printer 9pin restter?

Looking to constuct a 9pin resetter for epson to921 series cartridge.Be carefull ,selling resetters for 9pin epson that are actually 7pin and dont work on 9pin devices.Thanks

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Epson/Acer projector (A/V Contest)

Hi... I just want to say, that i think that occurred a mistake ;x in in the part: Any Instructable project that relates to the categories included in A/V, including but not limited to home theater, speaker building, car audio, audio hacks, audio recording and playback, film, televisions, projectors, video recording and playback is eligible. Enter your A/V project and have a chance at winning an """""Epson HD Projector""""", Samsung HDTV or a sweet set of Koss headphones. says the winner wins a epson project, when the photo already shows an acer one... and in says: Three First Prize winners will receive an """"Acer® H5360 3D-DLP Projector""""" and an Instructables prize pack. so, i just want to help...i dont have much knowledge, i just want to help :D this is the best site ever! after all, i have a question: can i apply for a contest( Instructables Design Competition for being precise), even if I'm from Brazil?  

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can i make cnc machine from printer epson cx3900 and cx 4300

Hello evrerybody, i am new here and first i want thank all of you for all the great thing you make and present on this heaven and i wish all the best to the team of this site to get succes which they deserve for me i like to make defferent things and recycle everything i have to use it by other way instand to throw it away and for my qeustion is can i make a CNC machine ( vinyl cutter or somthing other )  from printer inkjet &without; arduino ? ( i have tow printers epson cx3900 and cx4300 and its both working but i dont need them ... i also have cd & dvd drives abd also floppy drives and old scaner and many other things in my stock ) if yes or no whats the easy way for the beginner to entre this domain, i have some experience in electronics and wood working and i think that i can make some works i wish to get your advices and thanks

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How to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge ?

I don't want to exchange a new Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge for my printer. So i want to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge by myself to save my money. But i haven't done that ever. i don't know how to do it ? Any idea?

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How Does A Chip Resetter Work

Hi, I would like to reset the chip of a cartridge that I use for printing so that I can refill and continue printing. There a resetters  available and I was wondering how thess devices work. Can anyone explain. In addition, If you know of a simple way to reset, let me know

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Epson Black Cartridge Chip re-setter hacks? Answered


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Epson CX 6400, does anyone have any information on the motors? Answered

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stepper wiring EM-463(epson)

I have 3 pcs stepper motor used Epson printers with code behind the EM-463 to find the color that how,, the plan will be created mini cnc .. tanks

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Any Chip re-setter hacks for Epson T007 Black cartridges ?


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How do I centre an image using epson 2100 printer?

 I want to print an image, using an epson 2100 printer, on A3 paper and have the image bang in the centre , or, to position it centred with a larger bottom margin? Thanks

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What can I make out of Epson stylus 800 inkjet printer?


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What to do with an IR sensor from an Epson inkjet cartridge? Answered

My Epson Workforce printer has ink cartridges that seem to contain an IR sensor.  It's part of the ink level sensor, I think.  It's on a tiny board the size of a fingernail.  Can anything cool or useful be done with this?

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SALT? What is the easiest way to get water out of Epson salt solution without contaminating or changing the salt? Thanks

I want to keep the Epson salt and get rid of the water. I want to use the salt again.

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Good use for old all-in-one printer?

I have an old Epson cx9400fax and was wondering if there was any nifty parts in there?

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My Epson Stylus Photo 900 printer won't recognize a refilled black ink cartridge. Does anyone know how to fix this? Answered

I put more ink into the black cartridge when it got low with a refill kit. The printer won't work and keeps flashing "black cartridge needs replacing" ! Is there a secret step I must do? The new cartridges have a thin film over the bottom ink hole, so I tried scotch taping it to simulate a new cartridge but that did not work! Help please !

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I have an old Epson,modG760A digital camera.My problem is I need a 3.4VDC transformer.

I have a 3.7 VDC wallwart that I think I can use but cannot find the right pin to fit.

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What to do with 2 bigs old printers...

Greetings Comunity ill like to know what to do with 2 printers very old, they are Dot Matrix Printers one of them brother m4318 and the other epson dfx 8000 here pages of them: they dont work so i want to make thems something but dont know what, i was viewing the CNCs machines but i dont know much about programming or electronic (just made a pedal for mi guitar jeje) but ill like a cnc machine but dont know how where to start, well hope you can help me, and thank you all for this great site XD

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How can I get rid of the watercolor-paper texture when I scan a painting on my Epson Perfection scanner?

I used to have an Arcus II scanner and I don't remember the texture of the paper being so visible. Sometimes my illustrations fade to white on the border but the paper is still obvious. Thanks in advance. Garison W.

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Would like to confirm current rating of a stepper motor

I took of it off Epson printer/scanner (CX5200). It's rated at 42VDC (which seems really high) and 26 Ohm. I used formula I=V/R and got 1.6 Amps, which seems awfully big current for this tiny bipolar stepper motor (it moves scanner head). Am I correct with calculations or missing something?

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Portable Storage Drive

I have a Nikon D200 Digital SLR that uses a CompactFlash (Type I/II) MicroDrive and when I'm in the field I take lots of high resolution images that takes a long time to download through the USB port of a laptop. I would like to be able to just carry a self-contained portable hard drive (i.e. 2.5" hard drive in an enclosure) with it's own battery source and just be able to insert the MicroDrive to a card reader connected to the enclosure and download all the images of the MicroDrive without the use of a laptop. A commercial version already exist but they are very pricey like the Epson P-2000. Basically I want the same functionality of the Epson P-2000 but I want the option to use whatever size drive I choose. How much battery would I need to power a hard drive? Would I have to use some sort of circuitry to transfer the images from the MicroDrive to the hard drive with a push of a button? Does anybody already have any instructions on how to build this?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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How do you clean dried printer heads on a fairly new printer?

So I have an EPSON Stylus CX 5400 that will not print a darn thing. After test printing, running the "clean heads" function, and doing head alignment repeatedly, I called EPSON with my frustrated bafflement. To which they replied that my printer heads must have dried out, therefore the printer is shot, and they would be happy to sell me a new one. Which I think is nonsense - There's got to be a way to clean out dried printer heads, right? Or is this wishful thinking? I opened it up, but being the non geek I am have not figured out what the heck printer heads look like, and can't figure out how to remove the component where they must be. Is cleaning out dried up printer heads a pipe dream, or can someone tell me how to do this for this type of printer? I just hate to think of trashing a huge piece of electronics, and I would rather not buy a new printer. Thanks

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I need instructable images that I "Save-As" to go into Pictures Folder, NOT Download Folder by default

PC Question: Just recently, every image I "Save-As" goes into my Download Folder by default unless I manually redirect it to my Pictures Folder. Then the next image I "Save-As" goes into my Download Folder again. I want all images to go into my Pictures Folder. What am I does wrong? Could a piece of software from my Epson printer be causing this. Thanks for helping!

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high-powered op-amp standalone amplifier

I've been having trouble finding examples (on instructables or through google) of using a high-powered op-amp as a standalone amplifier, like the 2x10 watt or higher ones available at TI and such. Yeah, there's always the datasheet applications section, but those will only get you so far, there's always little electrical quirks and anomalies to account for that may not be obvious to me (as an undergraduate computer engineering major). If anyone could point me toward an article or two, or even better, an instructable, I'd be very grateful. Thanks. p.s. is that Epson ad crashing anyone else's firefox?

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RePurposing ex-expensive HiTech Stuff

, OK, this may now look really messed up, but here's the body: Hi, I have a few things I've loved and cherished over time that are our of service for one reason or another, and I'd really like to find some repurposing ideas for these wonderful techonolgies.  I have an ipod classic 80gb (broken internal ribbon cable, maybe hdd,; ipod touch 8gb (fried ..water damage), BB pearl 8100 Same: water damage and just old, used the hell out of it...: Epson inkjet printers, basic modern freeby printers that I never use because ink is too expensive.... So I love this site, and thought there would be a place somewhere for some dedicated repurposing of things such as these. If anyone can point me to this area of the site, if it exists, I'd be super happy and thnakful, and apologize for this messy post.. OK sorry, this may not come out well. Using google chrome. Can't see anything I'm typing into the message body!!. Hi allHi allHi alls 

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