The EL wire Contest seems expensive and how many people actually have EL wire?

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Propane expension

Does anyone know of an extension for a 1 lb propane tank that features a hose that ends in a pencil torch nozzle for more agile, fine work?

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way to identify projects with expensive tools

I wish instructables that required tools and machinery that aren't in the average workshop - like 3D printers and Laser Cutters - had a badge or something on the thumbnail. so i wouldn't get all excited to view the steps and get to ";psf design in your 3D printer...".  since i don't have a 3D printer nor do i know anyone who does. doesn't have to be fancy, something that would indicate "simple tools" "power tools" special tools" and "heavy tools".  it could be an option that the poster could use, or not.

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overuse a cable (wire)? Answered

I was reading an online review for a $995 HDMI cable on bestbuy.com The guy said that the more you use a cable (i.e) the more electrons pass through it the more it degrades the cable. its this cable AudioQuest - Diamond 3.3' High-Speed HDMI Cable - Dark Gray/Black http://www.bestbuy.com/site/AudioQuest+-+Diamond+3.3%27+High-Speed+HDMI+Cable+-+Dark+Gray/Black/2383276.p?id=1218324437192&skuId;=2383276&st;=hdmi&cp;=1&lp;=3 Is that true or does he just want to justiy spending 1000 on a cable?

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Can you melt a diamond? Answered

The title says it all.

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Any cheaper way to find out voltage Answered

Other than a voltmeter. They are like $200 and I don't want one that bad.

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Instructables is worth over 1million USD!

According to this website Instructables is worth over one million USD!How much do you think Instructables is worth?

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Quadcopter without expensive ESC?

Well I am new to quadcopters so please forgive me if I am wrong. Well I am set about to build a quadcopter and was doing a bit of research on the internet and most of them were telling me to get ESC for controlling the speed of the motor. I want to know if I can substitute it with something cheaper which basically varies the output using pwm input from the microcontroller(something like opamp) Another question is about motors ,is it a must that I should get brush less motors We'll I have two options Brush less 1500Kv motor for about 30$ each Normal 24000rpm 12v motor for 6$ each So which one is better and if brushless why so. Apart from that how much would a completely finished quadcopter wiegh (approx weight)

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An alternative to expensive grinding stones

For some people buying a decent grinding or honing stone is a lifetime investment.Prices of over $500 for a single stone of a very fine grid are not uncommon.But what about the average Joe who just needs to sharpen a knife or tool every now and then?If slicing and dicing is not your living than investing in a set of diamond plates might be better than getting a set of stones.But there are limitations, firstly their size and then how long they last.The later is really important if not used correctly as even diamond toold can be ruined quickly.In some case these small sharpening tools are hard to handle.The bigger plates can still be a pain if they don't come with a proper mount.Well, and if you forget to clean them after use and put them in a dry place it will be quite hard to remove the rust.A nice alternative I found is sandpaper, specifically sandpaper on a glass plate.Good wet and dry sandpaper is available from almost gravel to a 10.000 grid, above that you might have to make a special order.In general the finer the grid the more you pay due to the ingredients.I use a glass plate from and old scanner as they are both heat proof and really strong, window glass is not recommended here.The glass is covered with strips of kapton tape for the ease of later cleaning.The tape is then evenly covered with a contact glue, preferably the spry king to get an even cover.Same for the sheet of sandpaper.I try to get the glue over the glass edge a bit and to have at least two sides of the sandpaper going over an edge.Just to have an area to work close to the edge without risking to lift the paper off.Once a sheet is too worn I place the plat in the oven for a few minutes so the glue softens and peel the sheet off.If too much glue remians on the tape I replace it before I put a new sheet on.Of course you need a bunch of plates although it works fine with two different sheets halfing a plate.The thing works best under slow running water, so use your tinker skills to come with a suitable frame and water supply ;)But even with just a spray bottle it is a cheap way to replace a costly stone, especially if you do require a bigger surface area.

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What are the "Cost" and "Difficulty" sliders in the publishing section for? Answered

When you publish a new instructable, there are those two little sliders labeled "Cost" and "Difficulty". What are they for? They aren't even labeled! How do I know how difficult "Difficult" really is, or how expensive "Expensive" really is?

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Need to polish tan leather fashion boots.

I have a pair of Steve Madden (very expensive) knee length, platform fashion boots. They have never been worn, but they have been moved several times. They are made of a regular smooth leather, but have some light scratches (which look lighter than the rest of the boot). I want to polish them for resale, but don't want to have the scratches turn out dark. Please advise, M

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Rip-offs from designers

We've all seen it, and for a lot of people, it's why we're here: simple, neat, easily-executed ideas presented as high art or grand design, and sold at jaw-dropping prices. The latest example I've come across is these coat-hooks.  Cut from brass and stainless steel, they are going to be "launched" at the London Design Festival but Visuallyod. A launch event.  For coat hooks? Cut and bent from a bit of brass sheet? I shudder to think of the price as well - there's no price on their own website, but they charge £490 ($750) for some sticks cast in pottery and tied together with old string. Anyway, rant over (for now).  What examples of rip-off design have you seen?  What examples have you copied? EDIT: Sudden thought - even if you haven't made them yourselves, what are your favourite examples of Instructables recreating designer rip-offs at budget prices?

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Inkjet $$$ Ink. Why so expensive?

Whats the cost of inkjet ink? 1000/gal?  could somethin else be used? whats so special about the stuff? and could we run lemon juice thru for invisible ink?  or a UV  ink?  or foodcoloring?

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RePurposing ex-expensive HiTech Stuff

, OK, this may now look really messed up, but here's the body: Hi, I have a few things I've loved and cherished over time that are our of service for one reason or another, and I'd really like to find some repurposing ideas for these wonderful techonolgies.  I have an ipod classic 80gb (broken internal ribbon cable, maybe hdd,; ipod touch 8gb (fried ..water damage), BB pearl 8100 Same: water damage and just old, used the hell out of it...: Epson inkjet printers, basic modern freeby printers that I never use because ink is too expensive.... So I love this site, and thought there would be a place somewhere for some dedicated repurposing of things such as these. If anyone can point me to this area of the site, if it exists, I'd be super happy and thnakful, and apologize for this messy post.. OK sorry, this may not come out well. Using google chrome. Can't see anything I'm typing into the message body!!. Hi allHi allHi alls 

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Living in a box, living in an expensive box...

Four Europeans are in the final stages of selection to be locked into a series of sealed boxes for a year and a half. They are competing for two of the six places in Mars500 - a full-scale simulation of a short-stay Mars mission (a year and a half each way, a month on the surface - don't get me started on how wasteful that is...). The Mars500 facility, which is located on the IBMP site in Moscow, comprises four sealed modules. The total interior volume is about 550 cubic metres. There are no windows. The walls in the living quarters have been covered with a wooden panelling to make them feel slightly less austere. Looking after the participants' needs will be a mission control-room sited just outside the containers. But the experiment's designers are determined to make the training exercise as realistic as possible, so they will introduce a time delay in communications after two months. Because it can take about 20 minutes for a message to travel from Mars to Earth, it will take this amount of time in the simulation also. Message delay The crew and their ground controllers will send text messages to each other and then have to wait for the replies. It means there can be no real-time conversations with friends and family - and, in moments of crisis, it will mean the crew will have to make crucial decisions themselves. I think the biggest test will be the social side - how will six humans, no matter how well-selected, deal with having nobody but each other for years on end, and being in each others' faces twenty-four hours a day? Could we end up looking at the first murder in space? BBC Story ESA article Institute for Biomedical Problems

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Amazon's very expensive cable, and the comments for it.

Http://www.amazon.com/AudioQuest-K2-terminated-speaker-cable/dp/B000J36XR2/ref=pd_sim_sbs_e_18 I was flipping around on Kotaku, and came across a page talking about the MASSIVE rip-offs involving HDMI cables. I read the article and found this link in the comments. This is a $9,000 audio cable from Amazon. I went down to the comments (mostly to see if some idiot bought this), and found some interesting comments. And by interesting, I mean I fell out of my chair laughing.  -------------------------------------------------- Some comments: " We live underground. We speak with our hands. We wear the earplugs all our lives. PLEASE! You must listen! We cannot maintain the link for long... I will type as fast as I can. DO NOT USE THE CABLES! We were fools, fools to develop such a thing! Sound was never meant to be this clear, this pure, this... accurate. For a few short days, we marveled. Then the... whispers... began. Were they Aramaic? Hyperborean? Some even more ancient tongue, first spoken by elder races under the red light of dying suns far from here? We do not know, but somehow, slowly... we began to UNDERSTAND. No, no, please! I don't want to remember! YOU WILL NOT MAKE ME REMEMBER! I saw brave men claw their own eyes out... oh, god, the screaming... the mobs of feral children feasting on corpses, the shadows MOVING, the fires burning in the air! The CHANTING! WHY CAN'T I FORGET THE WORDS??? We live underground. We speak with our hands. We wear the earplugs all our lives. Do not use the cables!" - By Whisper ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "If there is one cable I would whole-heartedly trust to my Chimera-hunting needs, this would be the cable. No other cable has the tensile strength to properly and efficiently garrote a lycanthrope, asphyxiate an Esquilax or even gag a mermaid. Last week, using my trusty AudioQuest K2 (retrofitted with lead weights, bright orange latex paint and a generous coating of crushed glass stolen from the window of an abandoned church at midnight), I managed to snuff 3 golden unicorns in swift succession!  Pros: Quickly tears through scales, fur, bone, and adamantium with ease  Coils and uncoils from hip holster (optional) quickly and quietly  For a product fabricated from 1,000 Onyx Dragon fetuses, the price is unbelievably reasonable!  Cons: Shipping from the R'lyeh took far too long  Doesn't come in 10' lengths (which would be perfect for hydra, cerberii and other multi-headed creatures)  After every use, I can feel 6 ounces of my soul slipping from my core into the ether. But this may be due to the fact that I prefer to work without gloves. YMMV.  Overall, I would recommend that any hunter buy one, nay, two, of these immediately, and experience the difference that upgrading to the K2 will make in your next quest!" - By Valannin "Pantheon Outcast"

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Voyager or Venus?

What would you rather have, The Voyager (cell phone) or The Venus? (cell phone)

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what is a cheap alternative to an expensive animation desk?

I'm looking into animation tables and supplies but they all seem so expensive, I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative.

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I wonder if this can be hacked, paper is expensive. Answered

This seems like a great idea, I guess it's the digital equivalent of the classic polaroid but you have to buy expensive paper to go in it.

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Create awareness of a particular diet choice...

What would make the world a better place...depends how you define world, and your benchmark for what distinguishes better place.  This contest suggests things that would improve home, neighborhood, society, and planet.  I have an idea that would improve all of the above! Health: Personal back story:  Growing up I drank a lot of pop.  It was not uncommon to polish of a 12 pack of soda in a day or two, and this would happen regularly.  For the last fifteen years I've consumed at least 2-4 liters of cola per week, if you average it out (probably closer to ten).  Thats a conservative 2000 litres of cola.  At ~120 grams of sugar per Liter, that works out to a whopping 240 KILOGRAMS of sugar.  Now, were my parents terrible?  I don't think so - the knowledge wasnt out there that us kids were being fed a high sugar highly addictive substance that really messed with our bodies.   I can personally account that I had a terrible sleep schedule growing up, and I can directly attribute it to sugar/caffeine.  Unlike many friends I know I managed to stay skinny and somewhat 'in shape' through hyperactivity.  The artificial insomnia destroyed my school scores - as I spent a lot of time very tired in class, not paying attention - and was even suggested to go on medications to 'fix' how 'weird' I acted.  Most all of my child teeth and adult teeth are full of fillings where I had cavities - and I can't have cold food touch my teeth because I have almost no enamel left.  Consider now the direct economic cost of this:  At an average of a dollar per liter - multiply by the number of 'addicted' heavy user kids out there, and you have yourself a staggering amount.  I'm not alone.  I know lots of friends with similar stories - some less fortunate with serious health problems like diabetes and bariatric problems.  Economy: The high fructose corn syrup industry has halfway destroyed the cane sugar market in many third world countries.  Soda machines all over, often in schools, rape the pocketbooks of young persons for a product they don't need.  Pretend for a moment you are a drug dealer gang boss.  Now imagine you can put a legal salesman in most every school, "free".  I don't need to explain the rest of the story. Society:  Soft drinks are not 'evil' - they are an enjoyable vice that when taken in reasonable quantity aren't that harmful.  Therein lies the problem - they are marketed as the be-all and end-all to be happy, thirst quenched, and popular.  Couple this with the fact that they contain high levels of two of the most addictive legal substances out there:  Caffeine and glucose.  Our nervous systems don't stand a chance. Environment:  Frankly you'd be surprised how much carbon dioxide comes from the soda industry - that fizz goes somewhere after you *kssshk* open the can.  High fructose corn syrup is bad not just for your body but for the environment.  Some areas are very good at recycling, but still others are brutally abysmal at their three R's.  Many COUNTRIES in fact don't recycle at all.  That's a LOT of plastic and aluminum ending up in the environment, to be there long after we are gone. My proposal:  What I want to see is awareness campaigns of the health risks of being a heavy user - in conjunction with warning labels similar to what the tobacco industry has on their products.  I want to see their huge profits going into the community (like in this contest - more of it!).  Make companies accountable for their products. photo courtesy freefoto.com

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What is the difference between expired and new film? Answered

I am looking to buy film for my new Polaroid cheaply and have found expired film to be much less costly. However, is it risky taking photos with expired film? Will they come out differently or not even develop at all? Does the date it expired matter?

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Why is life so expensive? Why is freedom not free?


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where can i buy paracord (not so expensive)?

I want to make a paracord bracelet of ACU camo green (i think dats da name) n burgandy....but idk where da heck 2 get da cord at

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Why is the ATtiny85 more expensive than the ATmega328? What? Answered

I only need 2 I/O pins, but if I can get it cheaper with the 328 then why not?  Can anyone find the tiny for under 5 bucks with shipping?

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Is this lion battery bank expensive? 150AH @12-14v

I was thinking about how much would cost making a lion battery bank with enough amps/hours to feed a car audio system (stereo + sub amp). Since this setup would drain around 25-30AH I definitely want a battery bank with around 150 AH capacity to get at least around 4 hours of music at max potency. Woulds this be so expensive? I know that lion batteries are getting cheaper and cheaper, but any idea about how much would this cost? I have made a research on ebay and amazon, I could not get an average idea, and considering many brands lie about the specs, I better first ask here to hopefully get some references. Thanks.

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Is it worth the added expense to use nitrogen to inflate tires? Answered

I bought a new car last week and while doing the final walk around inspection before leaving the lot, I noticed the tire valve stems all had green caps. I asked the salesperson about them. She informed me that the dealership refilled all of their new cars' tires with N2. And then she rendered a rehearsed pitch about the benefits of N2 vs. air, less leakage, little tire pressure change and so on. By that time I just wanted to get the hell out of there and go home. I started thinking about the N2 issue today and after checking around, I found that it is very difficult to find places to refill the tires with N2 and those that do have it charge $5 to $10 US per tire for a refill. As of now, I plan to refill the tires with regular air when needed and throw the green caps away. My question is, does anyone have any real world experience with N2 inflated tires and any bits of advice or information to pass on. Thanks

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what if i use household materials to "carry hydrogen and oxygen on its normal state? Answered

What if i instead of using expensive materials and building cryogenic systems to store oxygen and hydrogen...    I use electrolysis to separate oxygen (Negative) and hydrogen (positive) from water and store it in a water bottle so that i have a portable system of hydrogen and oxygen so that i can use it a few minutes after its "extraction".   

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What software is the easiest and least expensive to learn Mandarin Chinesse?

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What is your favorite electronics instructables (preferably not too expensive)?

Self Explanitory. What do you think?

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How expensive is it for a trip to jamaica for 6 people for about 2 weeks?

Question by Amanda101 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to run a DC motor on electric bicycle, without an expensive controller?

I hate to buy an expensive $400 controller that will control the speed of my electric bicycle DC motor. Is there any way I can avoid it? I want to feed the motor a variable DC voltage from a battery.

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How do I make an airsoft grenade thats not to expensive but works?


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card making scor lines with out expensive scor pal?

Question by fkim99 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Where can I find the least expensive plast'r craft type product?

The product is used for making masks or casting other shapes.

Question by 9 years ago

who can teach me how to play guitar without expensive lessons?

Question by Amanda101 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

what is the best research proposal which is not so expensive for a computer related study?

I'm looking for a project proposal which is all about technology

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Projector Light Bulbs are too expensive, Lets make an LED based one!

The idea is very simple PRojector Bulbs last average 2000 hours and cost $500 plus dlls. Lets make an LED based projector that will last at least 15 times that and cost under a hundred.With these: http://www.lumiledsfuture.com/products/line.cfm?lineId=2And this instructable:https://www.instructables.com/id/Power-LED_s---simplest-light-with-constant-current/Yes, light issues due to wavelength variations are expected as well as fan issues but all is needed is an old projector and +/- 10 high power LEDs and lots of instructa- bility.I am currently hunting for a damaged projector to experiment with...Please feel free to commentCheers!

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Is there any way to make "perforated" paper without having to buy expensive equipment?

I wanted to make a notebook (using scrap paper from the recycling bin), but I also wanted it to have perforations so that I could easily tear the pages out.

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Good overdrive pedal? Answered

 Not too cheap, not to expensive.

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4-STROKE OUTBOARDS are the only ones sold here, and they are quite expensive $1,000-$2,000

My son and I have always wanted  an airboat. However, the price of these Yamaha outboards are out of reach for us. I grew up with a 6 1/2 hp Johnson, but I guess those type outboards aren't available anymore. Are there less expensive motors available for this project? Thank you, Judy

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Batteries Are Expensive, Who is using both Solar and hydro/ wind turbines at same time?

Hello, Let us use "Solar, Wind, and Hydro" all at same time. I am working on development projects in Togo, West Africa, I have a room there by the year in two locations. The solar panels are cheap enough, but for the cost of one good size battery I could build a wind or hydro generator. I do not see many setups where solar during the day, coupled with water and / or wind at night. Obviously harnessing the water from a river is the most stable. If seems sort of short sighted to only use solar, why not do all three, Solar, Wind, and Hydro at the same time, and slow the need to store electricity, because in my opinion, the batteries are the problem, the big problem. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham hhttp://www.hobotraveler.com/blogger.html https://www.gofundme.com/andy-hobotraveler

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How long does it take for a child from a western country to pay for the expense of their up bringing?

Just assume that the child is not forced to pay their parents for their upbringing. In other words I want to know when the accumulated expenses equals their income earned from their job.

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Countertop alternative: Any way to cover an old formica countertop without all the demolition and expense? Answered

Oddly arranged kitchen, want to improve the countertops without a lot of expense as a get by for now solution until we can afford to rip out the entire kitchen and start over or move.

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could anybody recreate this?

Can anybody recreate this?well, help me recreate this(they are very expensive.)this

Topic by ledzep567 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Does anyone know a way to make quality lead shot without buying an expensive shotmaker?

I have looked into buying one of the Littleton Shotmakers sold by Burgess Bullets, but if anyone knows of a way to make fairly consistent shot without spending $375 plus an additional $50 for each different shot size I would love to hear about it.

Question by nmhunter 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Do I "Have to" use an expensive li-ion charger for li-ion battery packs?

Overview I am building a 7.4v Li-ion battery pack (7200 mAh) with a PCM of course and i usually use my li-ion / liPo charger but i was curoious if their was another way.  Details this battery pack will be installed in a portable gaming device and i want it to have its own wall charger. But i dont want it to take 6 hours. Ideas I want it to be reliable and I want it to charge fast. Most li-ion wall charger units for 7.4v only charge at 1.2A max, and charge at up to 8.4V. (And are like $25+) PCM can handle much higher, up to 8A rate Batteries are Rated up to 3.5A rate Ultimate question If I purchased 3 regular everday wall chargers, rated at 7.5V @1A (for $5 ea) and ran them in parrallel in a nice  enclosure running one charging plug, (hypothetically it "should" rate; input: 120V, output: 7.5V @3A).  Could i use this to charge the for-mentioned Li-ion 7.4V 6400mAh battery pack in just over or around 2 hours???? Or is this not feesable for some other reaon???

Question by supramp 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how to make t-shirts?

I wanted to make t-shirts with text on it that would last but not be too expensive.

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

New to LEDs, need to wire lots of them

I've never worked with LED lights before.  I'm putting on a show and I want to have lots of little points of light in space in a dark theater.  I'm talking hundreds of them.  I considered fiber optics, but that started looking way too expensive.  Is it possible with LEDs?  Is it expensive?  How to I learn how to do it?

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