worst customer experience

Has anybody had a real bad experience with a customer? or a customer with an employee? So i was once worked at an ice cream parlor.A woman says to me in Spanish and the only word i recognized was chocolate (there's actually two chocolate flavors, regular and chocolate pecan ) so i gave her the pecan one ...she tastes it and she threw it at me, (lucky for me i had to do the long shift). On that same day another woman showed up and asked for chocolate pecan in broken English and i asked waffle or cone (people never specify waffle or cone) she gave me a dirty look and i gave her the cone,she throws it down on the ground, Being the only one there and I had to mop it up, some customers are yelling at me in spanish (later i figured out it was bad words). So by the end of that day i had about 5 people throw ice cream at me 2 were adults and 3 were kids. But i didnt quit because of that it was because the manager keep making me work on days i had school

Posted by CyrusII 10 years ago

99 things you should have already experienced on the internet?

It's a link to another site, but how many of these have you seen?L

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Your Experience with a Car Dealer

I am looking to hear about people experiences with auto dealerships,both good and bad.

Posted by carbuyersplan 7 years ago

Job, internship in Indonesia

If you want to travel and have a good internship, job. Chek it. www.internship-indonesia.com Any question just ask or send request.

Posted by tim182 7 years ago

Just stopping in...

Hey everyone! I haven't really been active here on instructables for a while (I still do check it daily though!). I have been using a bunch of other forums lately (AndroidCentral, XDA Developers, etc...) and I have to say that instructables, BY FAR, still has always been the best forum experience for me. The community, the forum layout, the community, the "Public Profile" page, the community, and, oh, did I mention how awesome the community here was? I would like to commend everyone here for making instructables one of the best websites around. Great job! -Kcls

Posted by kcls 6 years ago

I had one of the most amazing experiences today on my way to work.......

I decided to walk to work (it is about 7 - 8 city blocks {sorry I know that doesn't help those that live outside the USA, um, about a 1/4 mile?} long walk). This was the first time I had walked to work since my surgery on June 9th (for those that do not know, it was a double bypass). Before the operation, I would sometimes get a late start and would push it a wee bit to get there on time, and end up huffing and puffing (many times having to slow down because of it and some pain) before I got to work. Today, I started out feeling so good, I pressed it pretty hard to get there in record time. I was barely breathing any heavier then I had when I started, by the time I got to work. I can not say enough good about the therapy I received and and the exercise I continue to do to keep this wonderful state of being going. I was literally amazed ! I was also glad that, on Oct. 4th, I was able to give back a little to the therapy and research facility by going on their 4 mile walk. Not to brag, but I was able to raise about $355 dollars for the cause. My spirits are peaked right about now :-) AHA site

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Why can't Instructables make a "shortage of resources" contest?

Not so much is this the question above, as it is a request. Throughout my life on instructables I have MAYBE seen one or two 'ibles that don't require massave amounts of experience and or resources. Neither of which I have much of. Nor do I have money to get resources. My real question is "what great 'ibles are there that don't require resources" although I would like the topic question to be answered also. Please help me out, my creative mind is exploding with Ideas, but I don't have much to work with.

Posted by Buzzsushi 8 years ago

Instructables Show & Tell event in Chicago, Nov. 18. 6pm - 9pm

Calling all Instructables folks in the Chicago area! We're going to be having a Show & Tell event tonight in Chicago at the Craftsman Experience. We'll have tables to show off your latest creations, food, drinks, and a few giveaways to thank you for coming out. It should be a lot of fun. If you're nearby, come over to show off your latest projects or just to see what others have done. Would love to see you there! This is an all ages event and totally free. If you can't make it, check out the live feed below at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST for some interviews! Show & Tell event page on Facebook

Posted by fungus amungus 6 years ago

Improvement-impaired dude needs book reccomendations!

My boyfriend would like a book on home improvement for his birthday. Here's the thing: I normally handle all of that stuff and have a couple of yard sale books that I love. He refuses to look at them. He wants his own book. God love him, the dude can't even change a switchplate. Any book recommendations that are suitable for beginners yet, um, manly? Thx!

Posted by Arsonista 9 years ago

Xbox 360 "New Experience"

The New Xbox 360 experience came out on Wednesday. What do you guys think of it? I am still ajusting to where everything is, but it looks really cool. Post your replys. Thanks, N-Striker

Posted by SeMi_AuToMaTic 9 years ago

Thought experiments

A short video from the Open University.  Enjoy.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

What is a good student research experiment?

What is a good experiment i can perform for a school assignment, it can be on anything except plants, it also needs to be fairly cheap

Asked by lordhazzard 9 years ago

Can we perform only one experiment at a time with single Arduino? Answered

With single Arduino , is it possible to carry out 2-3 different experiment . Or with one Arduino one experiment at a time .

Asked by Chinmaya Naik 1 year ago

Experiment For A Science Assignment? Answered

For my school assignment i need to design and carry out an experiment such as testing diferent ferlilisers on plants. I need some thing like that but it needs to be more complex. Any ideas?

Asked by signposts 8 years ago

First Experiments Add More LED's? Answered

I don't really understand what code you need to type in for the the first experiments add more LED's

Asked by VesaB 1 year ago

experimenting? Answered

Your course appears interesting. But can we learn without a 3d printer initially?

Asked by ravindram1 1 year ago

Art Experiment

Klara.be (belgium art radio/channel) did an experiment with Belgian painter Luc Tuymans (who's paintings go for million usd). What if you take art out of its usual context and expose it in the street? Would people even notice it?

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

FreeBSD: an O.S. - Has anyone any experience with it ?

I was curious if anyone out there had any experience with FreeBSD an O.S. for X86 based machines?

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Experiment : Double Slit

Hi !I tried to reproduce the Double-Slit experiment with a cheap red laser-diode (Below are various results obtained from some variations of the experiment ... (with a double slit, with a pinhole, with a thin wire, and with a hair (and also with a single slit who gave almost the same result than with a hair))I also tried to reproduce it with an other source of light (and got electrocuted). But so far, I'm not satisfied by the results I obtained with the light bulb, and I failed with the sun.Do you have some experience to share about this experiment ?Do you have successfully reproduced it with an other source of light than a cheap laser diode ?

Posted by chooseausername 10 years ago


This is just a test. I plan on coming back when I have more time to test out this site.

Posted by chris clementi 10 years ago

I need help with Guitar Hero World Tour!!!!

Today I got Rb2 and GH4 For Xmas. I heard the rockband drums work with gh4. So, today I tried GH4. The orange note was still there. If you don't get it, then what I am trying to say is that GH4 Drums have 6 different notes: Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange, and Purple (Bass). Rockband has 4: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange (Bass). Usually when you play the RB drums on Gh, you see the original 4 colors (You cant see bass till you hit it). But I saw 5. I couldn't hit the extra note because I didn't have an orange pad... PLEASE HELP

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

Experiments with large capacitors, what can be done with those big "car audio" capacitors? (1.2 Farad size.)

If you were a "mad" science teacher, what experiments would you show your classroom of students? We're looking for a WOW! factor here, something memorable. Parameters for this experiment include (1) large capacitor such as a 1.2 Farad capacitor, and cheap or easily found parts to demonstrate experiments. Trying to avoid items that cost much or require lots of time and effort. (Building a Tesla coil would be an example of something that takes too much time or work.) Thanks Instructables community!

Asked by DIY-Guy 9 years ago

Has listing your Instructables authorship / creatorsship on LinkedIn helped get a job?

I decided to add my Instructables experience from creating and authoring on my LinkedIn profile.  Has anyone used their Instructables experience to get a job or move up in areas like technical writing or education/training.  I'm sure the content of the instructable will provide experience in a related field, but I am interested in the writing and creation experience that goes with it.   What has been your experience, good/bad?  

Posted by hegure_ryu 3 years ago

Sweaty Experiment

I am currently doing an experiment to survey human sweat paterns, for purely timewasting reasons, and becuase I am curious of the results. What I would like you to do is put on a fresh pair of socks, then a pair of wellies, and then time (roughly) how long it takes for your ocks to start getting blotches of sweat. Once you have done that, post on this forum: your age, your gender, and your name if you wish, to give you credit. Please help with my little experiment. :)

Posted by sboy365 9 years ago

Eteyo T862++ Experiences

Hi, I have noticed various youtube videos of people using the Eteyo T862++ but could not find any reviews about this product.  I am pretty tempted in getting one myself but was wondering if anyone else has experiences with it.  Thanks in advance.

Posted by milaswp 3 years ago

How can I have an out-of-body experience?

I don't know any gurus to ask.

Asked by Packers Widow 9 years ago

What experience level should I have? Answered

This does say it is a beginner course, but what, if any are the prerequisites of this course. Is it truly beginner?

Asked by camerondon 1 year ago

Cold fusion experiment

I have reproduced some experiments on Cold Fusion. not as a source of energy but how to blend a wire of iron from 2mm with less than 2 ampere or obtain gas fuel from the water and graphite (coh4) without using dozens of amps.Do you think may be is interesting to do an instructabels to the matter? are not my nventions!I have same video of this experiment on my youtube channe http://www.youtube.com/user/alessiof76 Almost all in Italian language.. but with a little explanation also in EnglishThe power supply that i use and the experiments can be dangerous.. I would not like someone to dye !

Posted by alessiof76 9 years ago


Hi, I am a researcher and I am interested in the piezoelectric qualities of certain materials, specifically quartz or bone and wondered whether anyone had experience of passing sound through quartz/crystals/animal bones? Is it possible to use one of those material to carry sound? I know that glass windows can be used as large bone conducting speakers, just wondering if anyone has any experience of this? I haven't done any hands on experiments myself as I am still at the research stage. Any advice would be appreciated and a big help! Thanks

Asked by Maudiema 1 year ago

Transformational experience for Instructables Artist-in-Residence

Instructables' Artist-in-Residence Mario Caicedo-Langer is pretty hands-on. He can make a robot out of anything, but was intrigued by the 123D suite of apps. I asked him to document his experience here... http://blog.123dapp.com/2013/04/transformational-experience-for-instructables-artist-in-residence It's pretty cool - the next step is printing the robot in one print, while still having moveable joints.

Posted by andrewt 5 years ago

Any DIY Smartphone Experience?

I recently stumbled upon this interesting piece of hardware: http://www.compulab.co.il/x270em/html/x270-em-datasheet.htm And I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it, and whether or not any of you were able to build a functional smartphone. Thanks a ton!

Asked by Michael.JosephII 7 years ago

anybody experiment with zero point energy?

I have alwats thought there was usable energy in magnets but have been assured that there isn't. Still can't accept it.

Asked by boogiemann 8 years ago

Dried bean experiment need help or ideas

Greetings,  My experiment, I heard that taco bell makes their re-fried beans out of a bag of dry mix. Im am not sure how true this is but wanted to see if I can make my own mix. My first experiment is to see what happens if one grinds up dried beans and try to cook them. The problem is I don't know of anything that can grind up a dried bean. I did find some grain grinders but I don't know if they are up for the task and the cheaper ones seem to break easily based on the reviews.   I suppose I could bash them between a couple of rocks, but experience has taught me that the part I want to keep will most likely go flying.  Any ideas will be appreciated 

Posted by Bard 4 years ago

Ant Work, spectacular toy based on NASA experiment

This Blog Rules featured an article and some fantastic photos of a toy based on a NASA experiment with ants. It's the coolest looking ant farm I've ever seen.  http://www.thisblogrules.com/2009/11/ant-works-spectacular-nasa-experiment.html#

Posted by Culturespy 8 years ago

has anyone experimented with a homemade gunnite (concrete applied with air pressure) machine?

It cant be too different from drywall texture spray rigs.

Asked by firehazrd 9 years ago

Has anyone here had experience with Quirky.com?

Hi Everybody, I stumbled on this website that can take an idea to production in an community forum. www.quirky.com/ Has anyone had experience with this? I'm considering it, but it's $99 dollars to submit an idea into the system. I don't want to just throw that out or get ripped off.

Posted by robbtoberfest 8 years ago

Does anyone have experience with the micRo v1 or v2 from LumenLab?

I'm interested in buying one and would like some opinion on quality, etc. Thank you.

Asked by mintyg 8 years ago

Does anyone have experience with ear lobes pierced to 14g that have closed up? Answered

Do they ever close up fully? Pics would be great.

Asked by Flashflint 9 years ago