can someone explain this for me?

In the picture of the schematic there is + symbols and i dont know where to connect them, specifically the 10M ohm one, can you lend a hand?

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Article in the NewAScientist: Science in the media: Put up or shut up

Science in the media: Put up or shut up25 April 2009 by Kathy SykesMagazine issue 2705. Subscribe....For similar stories, visit the Comment and Analysis Topic GuideMOST scientists want to see more science and technology in the media, but we're making life hard for ourselves by forever criticizing each other's efforts or denouncing journalists and film-makers for not portraying science in ways we approve of. While healthy debate can improve science communication, I think we could all shut up a bit, and stop the more rabid criticism altogether. I include myself here....If you're still troubled by how others communicate, why not spend less time ranting and get out there and communicate in ways you do like? Blogging is easier than ever, for example. Or if you prefer a more hands-on approach, in the UK or Europe you could enter NESTA FameLab's "Talking Science" competition ( Alternatively, your nearest science centre, science festival or local media will welcome offers of help.ARTICLE Link: The NewScientist

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Can Anyone Please Explain This To Me ? Answered

I saw this video of a guy who made a metal iron man suit with pop up pieces, he said there was no programming done. I don't know how to program and i am to busy to learn but i would like to know how he did it ? I know his armor isn't to good but i want to know how he did the shoulder pieces. It says he just used motors. Please explain or give me a video or photo tutorial. Please and thank you (:

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So THAT'S where they preview my images...

I'm not sure why this occured, would any one else know?

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Person to explain how my circuit works

This is my circuit, I need person to explain me how it works, simply. I'll pay

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Can someone explain logarithms?

Seeing all of the other math Instructables on here, I was surprised not see one on logarithms. I just want to learn beyond my mundane curriculum. Thanks.

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some ones going to have to explain this

Hey so far from the understanding i have of furry is its people dressing up and doing each other in animal suits im not trying to affend anyone  just curiosity pushed me to ask and here it from ...a group of furry's im positive theres more to it ;p please get bck to me and excuse my spelling much msn  

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Explain Schrodinger's cat, simply.?

Explain, as simply as possible, please.

Asked by PKTraceur 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

can anyone explain the working of piezoelectric materials?

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is there a website that explains robotics?

I need to know more about, well everything envolving the assimbally of a robot.

Asked by Mr.NHRA 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

SEAR System

Can anyone explain how they work, and what else would be considered a NON-BLOCK TRIGGER.

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can any 1 explain me abt delims and token in batch files???

I need some explanation on tokens and delims command used in batch file. CAn any 1 explain it in detail please

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Can Someone Explain The Game 'Conkers'

I've seen variants of the game on different UK shows, but never knew how to properly play it. Could someone explain to me how its played, rules and such? An instructable would be much admired. :D

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sir please once more explain how to prepare the motor in 'No-Solder, Funny Robot in Minutes'?

Sir i searched in instructable website simple and cheap robot . then i opened no solder,very funny robot in minutes' but there was a problem in preparing the motor so please explain it once more

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Can someone explain about calculation of filtering capacitor for power supply in detail?

Plz explain about Vp-p, freq, Vrms, in DC ! because in power supplys, when the current pass through the bridge rectifier, it is rectified into DC current by the rectifier! I'm really confused about it ! Wanna Know in Detail!!!!!!!!!

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Can someone give me a link explaining what each part of a speaker means? Answered

I just want want a link that tells me how frequency, impedance, cone and sound pressure make a difference in the quality of a speaker. I also want to know what is the best possible in all of these.

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Robot Antics - Please Explain

I just found these!!! What is Robot up to?Actually, they're sketches for our next contest icon. Any guesses what that means?

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HOW to make a solar panel if possible explain it with video also in easy way? Answered

How to make solar panels step by step easy with video.

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can u explain me how a PCB is interconnected? how to give connections for my project? Answered

(i know how to connect using bread board)

Asked by b_vignesh 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Is there an explaination on here on what i need to do to make a 120V LED lamp?

That plugs directly in to the wall? I would like to know what all of the parts do. Thanks?

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One of the Largest Caliber K'nex Guns on this Site

Here are pictures of a knex gun I made that fires large knex rounds. It is hard to explain, so just look at the pictures. The notes will help explain.

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Explain the comments achievement to me?

I am confused. Is the comments achievement for when I commented on other people's instructables a lot, or is it because other people commented a lot on my instructables? 

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Photography Contest

I just submitted an instructable for the Photography Contest and it was not accepted and I'm not sure why? It explained how I used Photography in my art? The Instructable is called LEAF PRINTS, Perhaps it is because I explained the process as beginning with mono PRINTS instead of Photo PRINTS? I thought I explained how I discovered creating the photographs? Help me understand! Best, Susan Cirigliano

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Need explain of this jfet schematic please?

Hello . i need help with this jfet shcematic .How to caculation thi gain of the jfet , and how to reduce the gain ?? Thanks in advance! sorry for my bad English!

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what is "arduino?"?

Please explain briefly, and include an example

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What is the substitute of irf630? Explain the substitute with reasoning.Explain why it matches with irf630.

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3 year old explains Star Wars in 90 seconds

This is just too cute. The video is of a 3 year old little girl explaining Star Wars very entertainingly. She mentions "a garage sale, but with robots" and explains that "the shiny guy always worries". Oh, and she warns not to mess with Darth Vader - he'll get ya! As she says, it's an exciting movie.I must admit to having never seen any Star Wars (so I can't vouch for its accuracy) - but hey, after watching this video, I don't need to! :D

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How do you explain yourself, as a maker, to people outside of your community?

Seriously, you've been asked this over and over throughout the years. If you've ever tried to explain to a family member or friend what you do in your spare time (or for work), you've run into this question. How do you explain being a maker, crafter, hacker, builder, tinkerer, or whatever your self imposed title might be? Have you found something that tends to work, or do you still fumble with different explainations every time you get asked this? Either way, please share how you describe what you do to people who are so removed from your community that they just don't understand the usual, "I make things" response. Watch on YouTube More info can be found on the blog.

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Smileys =) =D :) :D

Title explains it all.

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Can someone please explain to me what a Axial Inductor do?

Axial Inductor- i have a couple of these things, but have no idea what they do.  they look like a resistor.  can someone tell me what are they used for.  thanks

Asked by trinidadmike 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

yay for eric

Picture does explain

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I want to download a pdf of a product as shown on the side.

It seems impossible to download a product or what is exposed on the side. May be I di something wrong allthough I was logged in. Please explain how I can download-copy somethingg explained on the site. Errie

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PIcaxe servo? Answered

How to i control a servo with the picaxe can someone explain in detail i saw in the command section the servo and servopos commands but didnt quiet get it can someone plzzz explain it to me ang give a eg code for making a servo move from side to side .

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Can somebody explain this to me?

Is this legitimate? I find it hard to believe they are giving a way things like Ipads and macbooks completely free. So what is up with this? What info do they need to give me this free stuff. Thanks.

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The feeling of waves? Answered

How do you scientifically explain the feeling of still being in the waves at the ocean or the wave pool after you've left the big blue?

Asked by Fizzxwizz 9 years ago | last reply 3 months ago

Please explain Theo Jansen Mechanism?

We all have seen the Theo Jansen Machines and they are JUST AWESOME! I'm trying to build one. What is the the theory and mechanism behind Jansen's machines? Please explain. [Unicode Symbols for your convenience: Degree= ° , Half = ½ , Third = â��, Fourth = ¼, Three Fourth = ¾ , Integral = ∫ , Differential = ∂, Delta = Δ , Square = ² , Cube = ³ , Square root = √, Cube Root = â��, Infinity = ∞, sum = ∑ , Therefore = ∴, Because = â�µ,]

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Can someone help me by explaining how to open up an Compaq Prespario CQ60? Answered

I was wondering if someone could help me on explaining how to open up a my compaq presario CQ60. The thing is that the fan noise is driving me nuts and I can't stand the fact that every time I play a game my fps drops. So I decided that it was time to open it up and give it a clean. Thank you all

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What will happen in the year 2012

Here is the best thing I found about what will happen in the year 2012. page explains what will or could happen on that date. read the rest for a full explanation.

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Patch information Contradiction...

Well...This image should explain it...I'm like.."Huh?"

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viewing ilibles

Could someone explain when viewing a instructable ,Some words are highlighted in red .

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How do I explain to my Significant other, why I should go to Maker Faire in Queens again this year?

I mean, when I mentioned it recently, she reacted:  again? Why do you need to go, again?

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Can you explain ?

Hi ! Why it say: "become ProMember to download PDF" ? So, I am ProMember: I have payed for it and now that! I don't understand what's the matter of ... Have you an answer for that? What can I do? Thanks to read me. You can answer me at my adress. Bye!

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Why you picked Arduino? Answered

Can you explain why we have to pick Arduino?

Asked by iam_maker_leo 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago